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Memories, Meditation and Zentangles ...

teacher avatar Jyoti Aggarwal, Art and Craft Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction!!

    • 2. MaterialRequired

    • 3. Meditation Session

    • 4. Project Work

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About This Class

Join this class to live the most mesmerizing moments of your life again.

This class is for EVERYONE!!

You can RE-LIVE your All SWEET memories again and can meditate while engaged in your memories.

In this session you will be able to feel more Relaxed and Rejuvenated.

This class is for re-living old memories and meditating.

You can draw even if you are not an artist.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jyoti Aggarwal

Art and Craft Teacher




 Hello, I'm Jyoti Aggarwal.

I am living in Delhi, India. I am an artist. I am doing art and craft from years now. 

I find my inspiration in my day-to-day life See full profile

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1. Introduction!!: many times we want to keep a lot of memories alive. We want to show our emotions, our thoughts on paper. But as many of us are not tree artistry field that we cannot show our emotions on since. But we usually forget that there are a lot of art forms out. So yes, even keep your memories alive. You can show your cuts on emotions on sheets even if you are. I'm I have a lot of members. You want moment. That's okay. Uh 2. MaterialRequired: there's quickly go through the material. We need any kind of markers you have. I'm going to use brush pens, any sheet. But just make sure the quality. I'm using a black sheet. Logan on the most important, the memory you want to live. I'm using my old earphones as a symbol off my memory. 3. Meditation Session: Let's start. There are my old earphones that I'm using as element off my masterpiece. You can use any other stuff that you have or you want to use. I'm cutting it according to the size of my sheet. You can use any size, off sheet and any size off material. Just make sure they're compatible first. Roughly set it on the sheet to know how you want based it on the sheet. After lining, I'm using my glue gun that I have already preheated toe. Raise these earphones on my sheet. Do it carefully and try to paste it carefully. Don't worry if some off your glue is visible on sheet recon. Simply cover it afterwards. Right now, just focus purely on pasting the element to the sheet way. Now I'm done with basting. Keep it aside for five minutes and let it dry. It's all set Earphones on our set toe the sheet completely. Now I'm using a simple brush. Men present handle around. You can observe the tip of the spear. It's like a brush. I'm using this because I like. It's fine and smooth texture. You can also use any other kind off art supply if you want to. Now let's starts and dangling around it, making Freehand girls on lines, decorating the sheet you can design in many different ways. Just try to design around earphones using radius batons, points, lines, shapes, illustrations on whatever you like. Does designing around earphones with entangles is ready? Relaxing Entangles are very much Freeman's for stress management and relaxation. You can take this activity more like a relaxing therapy. You can make any kind off lines in no particular direction. Moving freely in the sprays on doing what you like was entangling. You can simply feel like you are living your life. You are doing what you want to do. You're the boss. You make moves on New York mind. You have the power to make decisions on the most beautiful thing. Birds in tangles is that it has no mistakes. It means whatever you do is very much correct and will surely makers army on destination. Beautiful. You can for your imagination you can for your reality. You can, for your creativity. Just keep designing this relaxation On this reeling is the most beautiful thing about samples. Each stroke makes you feel more alive, more happy, more rejuvenated, more energetic, well powerful, more calm, more relaxed and more Lindell's in your life. Each call. Each stone symbolizes the situations off life, the circumstances of life on those dining deals. Riyadh symbolizes that touch our actions and our moms, using different colors in your world symbolize your happy moments. It symbolized what good you did toe others. What makes you happy? Who makes you happy? And what do you do to make others happy? Adding highlights to the existing cause symbolize how happy you are, how happy you managed every situation in your life. It symbolized that you believe in God. His moves, his thoughts on his deeds way, way and the end result shows how beautifully did it, how gracefully lived our life. Facing all the problems, I didn't forgot to add the sparked with moment off. My life I loved with all my mistakes on these mistakes makes my style off living life unique. These cars makes my cannibals complete. Yeah, you can go on and on meditating on relaxing allowance and hungers. You can create and list designs and entangles and can meditate for hours and hours. It is very much helpful for reducing stress on helps everyone to feel more relaxed and more 4. Project Work: Okay. Now here's your project. Do yours and tangle Meditative session Using any off your old memory. Click pictures off the end result and then share those pictures in your project section. If you upload your work on Instagram, do not forget to tag my account. Thank you for joining me. Keep meditating. Keep creating the by.