Membership Site Masterclass: How To Set Up A Website That Will Bring You Passive Income

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    • Membership Site Masterclass


About This Class

MASTER CLASS OBJECTIVE: Learn advanced strategies to create easy instant membership sites to generate revenue & increase customer value

  • How to set up a membership site for free in just a few minutes
  • How to make money from selling memberships
  • How to get free content for your membership sites
  • How to get people lined up to join your membership site
  • How to keep your members month after month

6 Advantages of Creating a Membership Site

There are many ways to make money online and although a lot of the so-called online entrepreneurs make it all sound so easy, some methods work better than others.

In my experience the most effective way to succeed online is to create a product that other people need or want and which you can sell via a website.

An online business model which has worked for me and a lot of other people is to have a membership site or mini membership site.

By using an online membership model you can generate a steady stream of income with a relatively small amount of traffic because your members are quite often recursively paying you for the privilege of accessing your content/service/product etc.

Below I’ve outlined 8 major advantages of owning your own online membership site.

1. Membership Sites Can Generate a Consistent and Reliable Stream Of Income

As mentioned earlier, when you are offering a product, or premium content or service through a membership site, your customers are paying you for the right to access your content for a fee.

Quite often the most successful membership sites start off by offering tremendous value in the form of free content. This helps in building a large FREE membership base and quickly earns the trust of the members who have already been acquainted with the quality and value of the products which are being offered.
Thus building this base of loyal members makes it much easier to offer “premium” paid content in the future which also secures a steady stream of income.

2. Membership Sites Are One of The Best Ways To Implement Internet Marketing Strategies

We mentioned earlier how a membership site can lay the foundations for a loyal customer base which is quite often based on trust.
After all, when people sign up to become members of your site whether it be a free or paid membership, they are entrusting you with their email address and their time and money.

For instance when people sign up as members of your site they are usually doing so because they are specifically interested in what you have to offer.
Therefore your membership base is the most targeted and fertile ground for your campaigns. As long as you don’t overdo it, you can more easily convert very well when offering future products and services to your members due to the targeted nature of the audience.

3. Membership Sites Are Fairly Easy To Set Up

Many people quickly get overwhelmed when they think about setting up something like a membership site on their website.
However, setting up your own online membership site isn’t really that difficult especially since the advent of WordPress as the most flexible and easy to use blogging platform and content management system (CMS).
You can now get a range of premium and even free plugins which are usually very easy to install and you can your membership up and running within hours or even minutes.

4. You Can Grow Your Site and Membership Base By Applying Social Media and Web 2.0 Technologies

In most cases when you start building your membership site’s audience you are in effect also creating a small community.
Therefore you can foster a good relationship between the members themselves and you by making it easy for them to communicate with you and themselves.

One way to increase your membership base is via the use of various social media methods which you can tie into your site in the form of widgets and plugins.

This can also allow your members to share their experiences with other non-members.

The internet has changed the way people communicate and social media and other online communication methods are proving to be an extremely effective way to market and build a successful business.

5. Membership Sites Allow You to Share Your Valuable Content Yet Minimize People From Easily Stealing It

By offering your content via a membership site, you in a sense ensure that only those who are interested in it will have access to it – simply because they went to the effort of signing up and/or paying for it.

In the world of the internet nothing is 100% safe from being stolen or copied but spammers or other shady visitors who want to steal or copy your material will be less likely get access to it because they usually will not want to sign up and pay for it.

6. Membership Sites are Easy to Maintain

As mentioned earlier, with CMS platforms like WordPress, the maintenance of a membership site is quite straightforward.

For instance updating and upgrading your membership or other plugins is fairly seamless and effortless with WordPress and you can add functionality very easily too.

Due to the ease of maintenance, you can afford to spend a lot of your quality time in creating the valuable material or products for your subscribers instead of worrying about maintaining the operation of your site.

A lot of successful owners of membership sites often run and maintain several sites simultaneously.






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