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7 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Our Reptilian Brain

    • 3. Our Paleolimbic Brain

    • 4. Our Neolimbic Brain

    • 5. Our Prefrontal Brain

    • 6. Conclusion

    • 7. Bonus: Interview with Gregory Caremans


About This Class

You probably heard about the 'right brain - left brain' theory. Well, forget everything about it. It's just not true. Recent studies show reality is far more complex and nuanced than that.

The NBA (or Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach) is a fascinating, innovative and multi-disciplinary approach born out of 25 years of scientific research. Discover how 4 brain structures are responsible for all of our decisions and internal conflicts.

Once you learn to recognize what part of your brain is active, you start looking at the world from a totally different point of view. A lot of things start to make sense.

What to expect...

This high quality course will walk you through the different brain structures, breaking down complex theories into easy to digest chunks of information. The narrative style is humorous, without overdoing it, as not to overshadow the fascinating content being conveyed. 

This course is an introduction to the NBA. For a more advanced course, please check some of my other courses here on Skillshare