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Meditations for better sleep

teacher avatar Nina L., Shanti yoga

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tips for a good night sleep

    • 3. Meditation #1: Body scan meditation

    • 4. Meditation #2: Colourful body meditation

    • 5. Meditation #3: There is nothing you have to do

    • 6. Meditation #4: Harmony

    • 7. Final thanks

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About This Class

Warm welcome, everyone.

This is a short, yet effective course, which will help you to achieve better sleep. By changing your evening habits, you can really benefit a lot. Sleeping is very very important. Our brain function is much better, if were not tired. If we sleep enough, we are more productive, focused, joyful, concentrated and we look younger, too.

The course is split into:

  • introduction
  • tips for a better sleep
  • final thanks. 

Guided meditations will help you to relax on several levels and will have further effect. They will help you to relax, to calm down and rest your mind. When you rest your mind, then the body can rest, too. 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nina L.

Shanti yoga


My name is Nina, I come from Slovenia.

I’m a certified yoga instructor.

I’m learning a lot about traditional Chinese medicine and incorporate this knowledge in my classes. To point out and to enlighten the things which may help others. I also adore face yoga, so I mix it in my classes as well.

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1. Introduction : Hi, my name is Nina louder and I have prepared a short but very effective course about better sleep. I have prepared for meditations and also an explanation how to get better sleep at night and be more productive during today. I'll be very happy if you join me. 2. Tips for a good night sleep: Welcome to the course. Sleeping is very important. It's far more important than a lot of people think. A lot of people compensate their sleeping hours because they have to work. But when working they're not so productive. They are not so focused because they are tired. Being too tired means you are like being drunk. And this is terrible, right? So I have prepared a few tips before we dive into guided meditation because I want to help you on all levels. The first thing that you should do before going to bed is to relax. Do not watch any of the screens before going to bed. At least an hour before going to bed. Because you are getting the light into your head. You are getting the information into your head that will stay there during the night and they will disturb you. So doing the guided meditations, taking a bath, having com conversation with your family, drinking tea or something warm. These things will help you to relax to end your day in a calm way without any disturbances. Another tip that I am sharing is about the hormone called melatonin. When you go to bed, you should turn off all the devices and older lights. The lights during the night disturbed the production of melatonin, which forms only at night and help you to rejuvenate your body. Your body is not going to rejuvenate. If you have light, if you have those little linking glides from the phone, tv, and took computer, this is everything that doesn't belong in your bedroom. Very important thing is that during the day you are exposed to the light, and then during the night you are exposed to complete dark. So the difference, this is going to help you to form your melatonin to get proper sleep and to rejuvenate and to, to really relax. And this is the key. Another thing you should consider is the time when you go to bet. The best time for going to bed is around nine o'clock, so that by ten o'clock you are sleeping already. The deepest sleep comes from ten to two o'clock in the morning. So this is the deepest sleep, the most rejuvenating, the most Show relaxing face that you can possibly get. So staying up late, watching different screens. It won't help you. There is one more thing. Eating your dinner should be two hours before going to bed. You shouldn't go to bed with your stomach full because your body will be digesting. But you're abroad, you should rest. So think about it. Eat something light around seven o'clock. For example, vegetables, fish, something that is not going to feel your body. And, and you know, pizza is terrible. Your body will be digesting all night. You will be sweating, you will be waking up. So this is not a good choice. You should eat something light so that your body doesn't have to work all night. This tips that I'm sharing will help you on different levels. This way. You can also start losing your weight if you want to, because you are not going to eat heavy food. And you are losing weight while you sleep if your body doesn't have to work. Okay? You will gain more productivity because you will be arrested. If you sleep like eight hours per night. You will be more focused. You will be kind because you are going to feel well. And this will show, you will feel that and other people will feel that your family will feel that. You won't be so nervous you want to scream because you will have enough sleep. So we can dive into guided meditations. I will guide you, don't worry, you just listen to my voice and let's do it. 3. Meditation #1: Body scan meditation: Hello, welcome to my meditation. I'm sure it will help you to get rid of your stress and relax. Body scan meditation. Lie down in the corpse pose, Shabbat Asana. Your palms are facing up. Close your eyes. Bring your attention to your body as a whole. And relax. As you breathe in. Imagine your breath, how it goes from your toes all the way to the top of your head. When you breathe out. Imagine the processing and reverse, meaning you are breathing from the top of your head to your toes. Think about a top of the head. Relax. Now bring your attention to your forehead. Relax. Eyebrows, eyeballs. I leads. Relax. Relax your nose. Cheeks. Focused on your jaws. Release the tension from the upper jaw and lower jaw. When you do that, the mouth open slightly. The tank isn't touching anything. If you notice tension in any area after two breaths, just continue to breathe deeply into that area until it relaxes. Bring your attention to your neck. Relax. Your shoulders. Relax. Focus on your left arm. Under lags the whole arm. Hand. And slowly relax all five fingers. First, second, third, fourth, fifth. Now concentrate on your right arm. Lags the whole our hand and slowly relax. Or five thinkers who, first, second, third, fourth, fifth. Bring your awareness to your chest. Lags the chest. Do your heart breed? If a thought or emotion arises and distracts you from focusing on your body, that's okay. Just let it go. Think about your upper back area on to relax. Focus on your abdomen and release the tension. Breed. Observed the emotions, feelings, thoughts. If there are any, simply observe, don't charge. Think about your lower back area, your pelvis, and relaxed. And if you fail to scan of part of the body, don't worry. Simply bring back your attention. Bring your awareness to your left leg, your thighs. Your call. Shin and all five toes. Slowly breathe and relaxed. Focus on your right leg, your thigh, your cough. And all five toes. Slowly. Relax. Breathe in your toes. Finally, see if there is any tension left. Breathe and relax this part of the body. Imagine how your breath relaxes certain parts of the body. When you inhale. Bring the air from tos, to the top of your head. And when you exhale, let it go from the top of the head down to the toes. To conclude this exercise, slowly move your fingers and toes. Wiggle your ankles and wrists. Deep stretch with your body just the way you like it? No, slowly, slowly open your eyes and coming to the seated pose. Thank you so much for joining. Come on meditation. Come back whenever you need it again. Now must stay. 4. Meditation #2: Colourful body meditation: Welcome to my channel. This is a meditation called colorful body. Stand into Das and oppose the mountain pose. Fit together. The ankles are not touching. Your knees are straight, but not too tight. This is in the neutral position. Activate the belly. Roll your shoulders up and back. Open your chest. Let your arms be relaxed, hanging. Go slightly to the chest so that the neck is close. Your eyes feel your abdomen rise is when you inhale. Your abdomen lowers. Exhale. And tall. Colors have so much power. Dress in the colors of chalk crusts. Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit. Pinning all the time. Let's get to dress most beautiful chakra callers. I imagined a beautiful red color. How it's coming from the floor to your legs and up and up. Warm, intense, energetic. It makes your blood flow. Associated with passion, reality, and love. It embraces your legs, pelvis, and the lowest parts of the abdomen. It tries this up to the lower part of the abdomen. It becomes orange. To embrace the steel belly and lower back. It represents happiness, enthusiasm, creativity, destination, and encouragement. Desire. It supplies oxygen to the brain. It as the colorizes, it embraces the belly button and holds the upper parked. The stomach. Turns bright yellow, illuminates cheerfulness. Freshness. Joe. Gathers your attention. Okay. The yellow rises and when it embrace the chest, it turns into green. The color of nature and tar money. It symbolizes freshness and fertility. It indicates the safety in your heart. When the color rises, it turns blue. In the area of your throat and neck. It represents communication. The ability to express yourself and your wishes. It symbolize this intelligence, loyalty, sincerity, calmness, power to clean your body from the toxins and bad parts. That's the color rises. It embraces, defaced, and turns into a beautiful, gentle purple. It's associated with ambition and luxury. It gives you a spiritual clarity. Creativity, and wisdom. Yeah. As the color rises changes into a pearl white and braces the top of your head. It gives the opportunity of awareness of higher consciousness, connection, faith, bliss, presence in the moment. It represents goodness, purity, light. It is the color of perfection. Now feel how the waterfall of colors on top of the shut down. All your body. All the colors are mixed in a gorgeous rainbow. And your body is bathing in. It is getting more and more fresh. With every moment. Inhale deeply and exhale deeply and slowly. Spread your arms and inhale. I'm brace all the great energy. Exhale and slowly open your eyes. Thank you so much for doing this meditation with me. Come back whenever you need it again. Now musty. 5. Meditation #3: There is nothing you have to do: Welcome to my meditation. I'm very happy that you are here. I hope that this meditation will help you to calm down and relax your body. Let's begin. There is nothing you have to do. Down in the court. Shabbat. Ponds are facing up. Observe your abdomen, your abdomen, your eyes. When you exhale slightly towards the spine. Five deep slow breaths. You are lucky. You haven't the power and strength to take time. Right now you are taking your time. You are in the present moment. You're feeling warm. You are comfortable. You are peaceful. There is nothing you have to do. You are taking your time tuning your vibration. Other people's touched or popped into your vibration. But now you are with yourself, your beautiful vibration. You are breathing slowly and just simply are. You are breathing slowly and just simply r. There is something so special. And there's nothing you have to do. Gretchen, harmony, heater for yourself. You enjoy moments with yourself. Freeze. A five deep breaths. Concentrate on five. Now you can hear the sound from outside. Can slowly move your fingers. Of course, with grace. And on the right side I'm dressed for a while. Take our time. Slowly see easy pose. An hour. Thank you so much for joining my meditation. Come back whenever you need it again. 6. Meditation #4: Harmony: Hello, welcome to my meditation. I'm sure it will help you to get rid of your stress and relax. Harmony. Find a comfortable seated position. You can see it on the floor with your legs crossed. Strengthen your spine. The top of the head is turned towards the ceiling. Gene slightly to the chest. Put your thumb and index finger together to form a chain mantra. Close your eyes. Allow your abdomen to rise when you inhale. When you exhale, your belly button goes in towards the spine. Be aware of your abdomen and its movement. Too slowly. You can see harmony around yourself. How does it look like? Does it have a color, shape? Smell, or sound may be observed. Observe the space around you. The harmony in your heart. When we create harmony in the heart, we created also outside of our bodies. Fueled harmony in your heart. It's beautiful feeling, peaceful, powerful, joyous. It gives you strength. Breathe. Remember this feeling of harmony in your heart. Whenever you lose it. Take a moment and remember it. You'll learn how to carry it with you all the time. Now slowly, slowly open your eyes. Thank you so much for joining this guided meditation. I hope you feel well. I kindly invite you to come back anytime you want and feel it good. Again. Now musty. 7. Final thanks: Thank you so much for joining discourse. This really helps my work so that I can share even more of my knowledge. And I hope it has helped you to make sure you come back every time you need it, every time you need to relax. I hope I have given you some of the ideas which will help you to sleep better, to feel better, and to have a better live. Just the one that you deserve. Thank you.