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Meditation through Pregnancy

Charlotte Fay, Helping beautiful people

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5 Videos (22m)
    • Introduction

    • Meditation Basics

    • Create your Space

    • Breathing Techniques

    • Baby Love Guided Meditation


About This Class

Meditation is a wonderful tool for relaxation and Pregnancy is an ideal time to start to meditate. Whilst Pregnancy is a wonderful time it can also be nerve racking or stressful too. In this class we will be looking at some basics for meditation, creating a space for you to relax and meditate, breathing techniques to use throughout your pregnancy and finally we will finish with a guided 'baby love' meditation written specifically for this class.





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Charlotte Fay

Helping beautiful people

Hello, I'm Charlotte, a Meditation teacher and Life Coach. However, first and foremost I am a mummy to a beautiful boy and wife to an amazing man. I live in a seaside town but absolutely love the countryside.

Back when I first left school I trained as a beauty therapist and although I enjoy helping friends and family in this area to this day it wasn't my calling. Since then I have taken courses in journalism to increase my writing abilities and also trained as a children's Play Worker ...

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