Meditation for Beginners, relieve stress, improve concentration | Dawn Summers | Skillshare

Meditation for Beginners, relieve stress, improve concentration

Dawn Summers, Artist, designer, maker

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4 Videos (14m)
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About This Class

A straight forward meditation practice particularly well suited to beginners.  Although this is a well practised Buddhist meditation you do not need to be a buddhist to do this.  In fact you don't have to belong to any religion or follow any specific belief system.  This practice involves focusing on your breath and is therefore very accessible for all people.  Meditation in general can improve concentration, reduce stress and help us cope better with the trials and tribulations of daily life.





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Dawn Summers

Artist, designer, maker

I have a long history of working in the caring professions and using arts and crafts as a medium to use in creating relationships with vulnerable groups. I also teach for the Open University where my speciality is around working with vulnerable groups.

I gave up working full time in this capacity four years ago and now work on a freelance basis in terms of working with community groups whilst working on my own arts practice which just keeps growing.

My website for surface p...

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