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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Use Meditation to Create A Better Book

    • 2. Avoid Writers Block and Let Ideas Flow

    • 3. Connect with Authors Past, Present & Future

    • 4. Meditate With Your Book

    • 5. Meditation to Connect With Your Characters

    • 6. Reading Meditation

    • 7. Meditation To Put Energy In Your Book

    • 8. Meditating On Book Sales

    • 9. Project Meditation

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About This Class

Mediation for Authors

Authors you put a lot of energy into creating the books you allow us to enjoy.  Many of you authors fail to see how much of a spiritual practice creating a book becomes.  Mediation is something you can put into your process that will benefit every stage of your book production.  

From the start Mediation can help you draw the right book to you to create.  During the process mediation will help you avoid writers block, connect with your characters, and craft an amazing plot.  Mediation will also allow you to connect with your finished book in ways that many that few others do.  Filling your book with energy and life.  Put Mediation for Authors doesn't stop there, now it helps you in your marketing efforts so that you can connect your book to the readers that desire it.  

This class will help you learn to use mediation in all these ways and more.  This metaphysical/spiritual power will give your book a leg up on the competition.  It is one advantage that is fair and simple yet powerful beyond belief.  Using Meditation in your book process is something that can give your book life for as long as you wish it to.  

Maybe your a little skeptical right now, and maybe you think this is unbelievable.  The key word is "Maybe" and while that word might make you think it won't work, it leaves you wondering what if it does work?  Believe me my friends it does work and once you see it work it and trust it, this power of meditation becomes stronger and stronger and stronger.  

So the journey is now open to you my friend.  Take this class and put meditation into your book creation and marketing process and see the magic for yourself. 

Peace and Love,

Rob Alex, Ph.D. 

Find out more about us at 

Meet Your Teacher

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Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D.

Powerful Fun Teaching


Dr. Rob Alex, Ph.D. is brilliant at coming up with outside-the-box ideas. He is currently creating fantastic courses available on around creative marketing and relationships. It's fascinating how the relationship skills he teaches to couples crosses over to authors and entrepreneurs with their relationships to clients and fans/readers. He had a spiritual awakening in 2010, which happened due to transcendent lovemaking experiences. This encouraged him to bring more spiritual perspectives into his work - metaphysical concepts alongside practical ideas. He teaches how to use ancient wisdom to expand your thinking while creating more personal life energy and how to direct that energy to develop amazing relationships (personally and professionally) and live the l... See full profile

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1. Use Meditation to Create A Better Book: welcome to meditation for authors, where we're going to take you on this journey where we're going to put meditation into your entire book process. Now we're going to start out with creating a better book using meditation, and this process starts even before your book is created. We're going to start the meditative process before you even put the first word out on the paper. So I want you to take time before you start writing and allow quiet time for amazing ideas and information to come into your mind. This will bring some amazing stories into your head. It'll allow you to reach out and grasp stories that are out there now. We want to continue this on during the outline process, so if you're an outline ER and there's some people out there that don't like to outline their book. But if you like to outline your book, you need to do the same process throughout the creation process of your outline and go in and meditate on specific areas of your book. Now, another important thing and another important part of meditative process is to visualize the cover, as we all know covers air so important to our books. You need to visualize what you think the cover will look like. Allow your mind to drift and physically see the cover of your book before you even start writing. I know that sounds a little crazy, but if you have a working title, visualize what that covers going to look like. And now you might make tweaks along the way. But get that initial visualization down through meditation. Now your characters also your character creation, is going to come in during this meditative process before you even start writing your book . So be open to what characters present theirselves. Um, see what kind of accents they have. Make note of their physical appearance. Make note of anything special about them as they come in through your meditation and you'll be surprised they'll be like a casting call of characters that will come in through your meditation into this process. And then, lastly, during our meditation, we want to allow for plot development. We want to allow amazing things to come in things that might not even be of your mind, that just all flow into your into your head and I'll be like Oh my gosh, That's a great plot, and you'll be surprised how many of those come it Now? How do you meditate? The easiest way is just to sit in a quiet location, a quiet space. Allow your mind to drift. Try to clear out all your thoughts from your mind. That's the easiest way to do it. There's there several other ways to do that. Some people like to have some soft music playing in the background Other people might like , huh? Some harder musics of music that they like. But whatever works for you. But the big thing is to quiet your mind and to allow all distractions out. So that's great. Information for your book can flow in. 2. Avoid Writers Block and Let Ideas Flow: now, another important thing for meditate the put meditation into your writing process is to avoid writer's block and to come up with amazing ideas, as we were talking about in the last video. But I want you to start this meditation process every time before you start writing. Most writers have a specific time frame that they sit down to write, and they know they're going to be writing at that time. But take 5 10 15 minutes and quiet that mind and allow the amazing ideas to come in and even ask for great riding to come through you at that time. Because, ah, lot of writers talk about how the writing just comes through them, that they're just the vessel. And we want to open up that connection for you now, once you also during this meditation to visualize your book unfolding before you like. The book is opening up and it and the writing is appearing on the pages because that's what that's how we wanted to flow. We wanted to be that simple of a process for you, and when you do that and when you visualize that that's what's happening, that's what gonna happen when you start either typing or um writing making notes for your book even go so far as to turn the pages of the book. So when you when you visualize a page getting completed, turned the page. This is especially helpful if you have a set goal of number of pages, as you want to write a day to visualize that many pages turning during your meditation as you go through the process. Now Writer's block is a serious thing, but medication can help this so much because our mind gets focused on one thing. And that's what I believe causes Writer Block were trying to force a situation. We're trying to force an outcome in our book and with meditation and clearing that mind and allowing the great information to come in from all kinds of sources. You probably will find out that your writer's block just kind of goes away on its own. Now, an important part that during this meditation of before you're writing your books is to pay attention to what you get. You might get something that you feel like doesn't even pertain to your book that you're currently writing at all, and I want you to take note of that physically. Take a note of that. Write that down after your meditation or stop lamentation right it before because usually what this is is another book that's wanting to come in to be that's wanting Teoh push its way to the forefront. I know of a lot of writers that have started a book and then all the sudden they had this amazing idea that comes forward and just, like, pushes his way to the front says Hey, we want to be written right now and they act on it And a lot of times it works out the best way possible. I hear so many authors talk about I've got a book on a shelf I was working on, but then this other one popped into my head, and that could happen for you to, and we don't want to just push those away and say, Oh, that's not important because that's not the book I'm working on right now. We want to bring that information in and store it, at least for a later date. 3. Connect with Authors Past, Present & Future: Okay. This is one of my favorite parts of meditating for my writing. And that is to content connect with authors from the past and the future on What I like to do is I like to go into my meditation and go to the great writers that I love. Oh, shows one of my favorite authors and I asked them for help on my book. I I This is so powerful because there is so much creative energy and writers authors have this amazing energy about them, and it doesn't stop when they pass away. Um, it keeps going. That energy is out there. And if you can tap into it Oh, my gosh, You can get some amazing help for your book. Now, you can also tap into living authors during this time. You know, it's authors like Stephen King JK rollings, amazing authors that have amazing energy around them. And do you think that they're going to be able to write everything possible in their lifetime that comes into their mind? No. Those ideas that they don't get time to go to are gonna be floating around out there and you can You can get some of those. As I said, they're they're very busy authors, and they won't have time to write everything. But if you can catch one of those ideas that's floating around out there in the spiritual dimension that was trying to get to that one of those famous authors Wow, what a great thing I want you to understand. This is not stealing. This is not stealing their work. It's not like you're going to their house and pulling out their manuscript is and running away with it. This is piggybacking off of their creative energy. If you, like an author, piggyback off their creative energy because they are the beacon for that creative energy, and when you meditate on them, you can tap into that energy. It doesn't have anything to do with stealing their work or plagiarizing anything that they've written. It is purely in its purest form, that creative energy that they have that you're tapping into. Um, and as I mentioned earlier, the past riders that are no longer with us isn't his physical body haven't told stories that didn't get published That didn't make it to paper, um, that they either just didn't have time to ride or they just kept putting them off. Those stories air still out there. And when you connect to those riders that have passed, you can maybe catch onto one of those stories and become, in a sense, that the vessel for that story to come through. Now this one's a little hard for people to grasp, though, but they're our future writers out there. I'm not under the time constraints in a linear fashion, and meditation allows me and anybody actually to connect with those future writers that are out there and you. This might sound weird, but they might be needing someone to lay the groundwork for their writing. Um, if you think about the great writers now, they had have a start somewhere there had to be a genre created for them. Or they had to be that first person that wrote a horror novel. The first person that wrote a romance novel, those that ground work had to be late. Now, obviously, those genres air out there in the world, so we're not doing anything differently with those but their sub genres that keep popping up there's interesting, Um, this of the sub genres that are always there that you might need to be laying out. So a future author can have a lot of success might not be your greatest work ever, but you have to listen to that message as it comes through through your meditation. 4. Meditate With Your Book: Okay, Once you have your book written, it is time for you to meditate with your book. And this is, ah, again difficult for a lot of people to grasp because the first thing you have to understand is that your book is alive. Once you have written your book, once it is in print, copy once. It's an e book form. That book has a life. It has energy all around it. So her meditation now focuses on becoming one with that book, sharing that energy back and forth between the two of us between the book and the author to really help that book Crow that might be. You know, the book might tell you in that situation with their its energy, that it might need a little rewriting. It might need some pieces attitude. It might need another edit. Um, and as far as that goes, you you need to put your energy into the book to because that's where the source energy for the book comes, you know, Ah, book where the author doesn't take stock in, it doesn't go very far. It just sets there because the energy is low on it. But what you want to do is you want to treat your book once you get it finalized in your very set with it and excited about it. You want to treat your book as if it's a fireball of energy. That means it carries your energy. That means it's like a meteor that is coming off a you out into the world, and I visually want you to see that in your meditation. That book it's just on fire. It is that hot and that exciting, and it makes you able to share it better with the world. And it makes the book more receptive to people out there when they know that fires behind it, when they can feel that energy and that fire behind it, people are going to look at your book a lot differently, so you need to make sure that you're totally behind them. Then, during your meditation, allow your book. When you're meditating with your book, allow your book to connect with the target readers that you have out there. Visualize your book, going out and sharing its message, sharing its energy with those readers that are out there because there are billions and billions of people in this world, and not everybody has to read your book. If you just get a fraction of Ah, hello fraction of 1% of the people out there to read your book. You could have a great great career as an author, So we want to make sure that the book is reaching out to those target markets that the books energy is going out and attracting those people that want to read it that have a desire to read it that would love to read it. So we want to visualize that through our meditation. And then, lastly, we want to create a bond between the author and the readers in the same fashion. We want the author to be the focal point of the book. Once they read the book we want. We want those people to want to know more about the author, want to know what else the author has written? Want to know, You know, just not be able to get enough about this author. So again, we need to infuse that book energy into the author and that authors energy into the book, and it's this never under cycle. I know it's cliche, the circle of life, if you will. But that's kind of the way this meditation works. Putting the energy into the book, the books, put energy into the author, and when you meditate on those type of things, you will be amazed at how much better you feel about promoting your book about sharing your book. And the book returns the favor. Remember that that book is alive. 5. Meditation to Connect With Your Characters: Okay. Now, another part of the meditation is to connect with your characters. Um, again, as we mentioned, very first off their that once you create a character, they they become a living, breathing entity, if you will. And so they demand your attention. At that point, I have often heard authors talk about connecting with their characters, or they'll be writing in the character all I'll call out to them and say, No, I wouldn't say that or no, I wouldn't do that. I would do this. So this meditation of connecting with those characters from your book give you a better understanding of those characters. It lets their life come through, their energy come through. So it's not just you thinking you know what they want to do. When that character comes to life, they'll start tearing, telling you through meditation what you should be doing and what you should be writing about them and again. Like I said, the characters will have their own ideas. The characters, when they come to life, will dictate how you write. They it will. You will be amazed at how they will work through your hand through your body through your mind and make you write things down on your paper that you might not have even thought of. And then you're just like, Where did that come from? Well, it's the characters coming through telling you what to do. Now that might all change your book. You might have, ah, beautiful plan at the start for your book. And as those characters start coming through, they might change it. But what you have to understand is they're changing it for the better. They're putting their personality. They're putting their heart and soul into this piece, too. And their heart and soul is a part of your heart and soul. So don't think that Oh my God, should changing my book. They're making it all different. No, they're they're making it for the better. In there next attention of you, um, they allow you to flow through them as much as you as you allow them to flow through you. Now another thing and this one's a little bit interesting is allow the characters to connect with the other characters in the book during your meditation, see how they interact with each other because a lot of times we just we step out of character. Um, when we're writing about two characters in our book and we don't really get the feel for how they would interact with each other. And during your meditation, you can almost create a movie in your mind of how these two characters would interact with each other. And it might be more than two characters, depending on how many characters you're having your book. But how would they interact with each other? Because if you know how people interact, some people, depending on who they're around, will act differently. Um, at that point, and your characters in your book need to do this to they don't need to all be oi. Act this way all the time because ah, lot of outside influences work on that. And running that movie through your mind can greatly help you with your character of element and just the inner workings of your book. Allowing those interesting pieces to come forward 6. Reading Meditation: now reading your book aloud is a meditation in itself. You can read it quietly to yourself, but that that, in my opinion, isn't letting the energy out of your book. It is not the meditative state I want you to get in. First of all, this is a proof reading. You can speak your read your book allowed in it, and it starts to turn into a meditation. Um, obviously you're looking for errors, and when you're speaking them, you can hear them. You can hear them besides just putting them in your mind. Because if you just read it in your mind, your mind knows what you want to say. But it might not hear it the same way. So we want to read it aloud. And this is self turns into a meditation as you speak the words you can start to see it flowing through your mind. But this also allows you to experience the flow of the book and to make sure that it the book is flowing perfectly. It's not got like, ah, you know Hey, I just jumped from one section to the other, and I know what happened in between there, but my readers don't understand that. So this meditation of reading your book aloud will help you start to feel the flow of the book and make sure that you do have a good flow to the book. And it's not just in your mind at that point. No. As you're reading this out loud, listen to the things that call out to you. If you read something and you're like how that doesn't sound very well or who I could change that it is the time to do it because you're during this meditative process of reading your book aloud, you will get thesis nudges. You will get these precious if you will, and that is your mind telling you and the forces beyond. And maybe those other authors that you're connecting to does change it. And I am a firm believer in listening to all that information. That is the time to change it. Um, you, you know, it's it's amazing how many of those you'll get, and a lot of authors will be like, I don't want to change it. No, if it if the book is calling for you as you're reading aloud to change it, the forces that be your mind, however you want to look at? If it's calling out to you to change something, you need to change it. Listen to your inner thoughts, your inner being the forces that be and they're doing what's best for you. And then another thing. Along with this is look forward slips as we read. Obviously we know what we have written, and you might take notice of any word slips like you use a different word or you pronounce it differently, or you start talking about another character or use the wrong name earthy. Take that the consideration, cause that's part of your meditative process. Something is calling out there. Something is telling you to. Maybe there's needs to be a change. Maybe you need to replace that word, But think about what you said and why it differs from what you have written down that could go a long way to improving your book, and a lot of people will just say, Oh, I just I messed up. I didn't read it right. I didn't look at it right? No, that's something telling you that something needs to be changed. So take those very seriously if you have those words, looks as you're reading and out lap now. This last part of the meditation is that if you can have somebody else read the book to you , it's where you can just lay back and relax and let the movie play out in your head as you're meditating. That is powerful, Um, but it's kind of hard to get somebody to come forward and read your whole manuscript to you while you're just sitting there chillin. So record it right. If you really want to make your book great, record it and then let it play while you're in that meditative state. Listen to it. Listen to your voice. Listen to how it's it flows. Listen to all the things that we talked about before here, but really dive into how it comes across when you're not speaking it, but you're hearing it even through your own voice. This meditation is powerful, and it should be done two or three times before your book is ready to send off. I suggest you know at least three times and seeing and catching those things because we don't always catch them all at the first time. But you'd be surprised how many things you'll catch when you do these simple things 7. Meditation To Put Energy In Your Book: Okay, now we're ready. We're ready to put our book out into the world and where we need to make sure what? The book has energy. It has your energy and you that you're feeding off the books. Energy. Um, the easiest way that I like to do it is just Teoh visualize. I'll even lay my hands if I have a print copy of my book or if I have on my device, I'll lay my hands on my device or on the book. And I will physically close my eyes and meditate on energy, going through my hands into my book, be it electronic device or the the hard copy. However you have it, um, Also, if you're doing on the computer, you can put your hands on the computer screen to do that. This is a transfer of energy. This is putting your heart and soul into the book. Not that you haven't already, but this is a more metaphysical approach to putting that energy physically into that book. We wanted to go in there. It is basically Ray Kiefer books. If any of you know what Ricky is its energy healing practice, but it's laying your hands on the object and allowing your energy to make it as strong as it possibly can be. And that super powerful. I've not heard a lot of people talk about this, but I know there's a lot of authors out there that do that. Ah, lot of authors that are very spiritually focused, very metaphysically focused will do this quite often. And then another thing. You can redo this process, this meditative process of, you know, putting your hands on your book for when you have a negative review. Come in because if you're an author, you're gonna have a negative reviewer or somebody's gonna talk badly about your book. That's part of it. Again, I go back to There's billions of billions of people in this world, and they're not all gonna like your book. Nobody's not. Everybody's gonna like your book, but this is another thing to go through that ray key process of putting your hands on your book and healing your book for when somebody does give it a negative review, for when somebody does talk badly about it because you know that is one person's opinion and we don't need to dwell on it. and you as an author does doesn't need to dwell on it. But it also doesn't need to be gumming up the energy of your book. So make sure you take the time to meditate on your book and sue that, if you will, whenever you get a negative review or somebody talks badly about your book and then on the opposite side of that, we want a power up our book. We talked earlier about it becoming that fireball, and that's part of this is part of that process. You have your book. Imagine the heat coming off your book, the energy coming out of your book, matching it flying open and that people are excited to read. You have to visualize that in your head. That's part of your meditation. Uh, the book just flying off the shelves, people loving people cheering to get people waiting in line to get it. Put that energy in your book because you know that's almost that law of attraction approach to it. Have this meditation is toe make it happen before it actually does? No again. We want to create that star energy. You want to treat your book like a celebrity. It is your baby, if you will. It is your, um your amazing work of art. And we want to create it like that. So treat it like a star treated very special. Talk about it often at parties. Don't be. Don't be shy about it. This is something that you've done amazing. And we can start that process in the meditation and start putting that star energy and our book Imagine being at a party talking about your book. Imagine being an event, talking about your book. Imagine being on television talking about your book. Start this process now and these things will start to come true for you. 8. Meditating On Book Sales: now, Obviously all authors want to have book sales. That's well, you know, that's that's the ultimate, you know, to make a living off your writing. And that is powerful. And the meditation can help in this way. To I have used this practice for a long, long time of meditating on our book sales. And believe me, it helps so much first of all, understand that there's a lot of books out there. There's millions and millions of books out there, so you need to have an edge. And this is one of the ones that not a big majority of authors uses a meditative process of putting energy into the book for sales. Um, so I want you to sit down with your book. You know, however it is. If it's on it, he device are electronic device. If it's on. If if you have a paper back, we have a hardcover. Sit down and meditate on the book and the book sales physically picture in your mind. However, you check your sales, you know whether it's a check coming in the mail, whether it's going to Amazon and checking your stats, iTunes and checking your stats wherever your book is so imagine that those sales going up, I don't Don't get ridiculous. Don't expect to do ah, 1,000,000,000 sales. Be realistic about it. I like to use the gradual approach to book sales. It's like this week. I want to have 10 sales next week. I want to, you know, in a month I would like to have 100 sales and so on and so forth. I'm building your book up in that In that manner, I don't remember that money is just energy, especially as we're talking about, you know, checking your Amazon. I count. You never actually touch that money. That money goes into your account. You probably transfer through PayPal or another service into your bank account. You never physically touch that money. So it's just a flow of energy. And so remember that as you're meditating, that money is just a flow of energy and book sales air just a flow of energy as you put out something great in the world, some great information to people that energy is flowing all around and it can flow into your bank account. And why shouldn't it? So it focused on that. Meditate on that. And here's one that is difficult. And I've heard so puny people say, Oh, I have only sold one book today or oh, I only sold five books this week. That is the wrong attitude toe. Have you need to get excited over each and every book sale? Do a dance. Do you know? Give yourself a high five. Give your Brooke a high five. Get excited over each book sale because when you get excited over a book sale that puts energy in that sale and it attracts more sales and more sales and more sales. And remember that your energy around the book creates more energy around the book. So if you're talking about it at parties, if you're, you know, proud of your book, if you go to family functions and you talk about the book you're writing, if you go to the supermarket and talk to the store clerk about it and are excited about your book that is transferred into those people, those are the books that I want to buy. When some when I hear an author talk about the book and they're excited about it, it's just not the boring details of tell me what happens. But when they're physically excited about their book, um, you know, that goes a long way. That's the huge selling point right there. When the authors excited about their book, makes you want to check it out. And through this meditative process, imagine that energy that getting cited about your book, all the things that we've talked about, the sales, the creation of the boat get excited about it. This is a wonderful thing to do. So many people want to be an author, and you are one. 9. Project Meditation: Okay. I hope you have enjoyed the meditation for authors class that I put together here. Your project section that I need to tell you about is just basically to put a link to your book. But the cover if you don't have a link it but the cover to your book put the link to your book. The Amazon link. Um, even just the title. If you're if you're still just working on your book, put the title because I want to give you my energy to I want to meditate on your book and help you achieve the goals that you want. So if you would be so kind as to drop your book, um, your link to Amazon or just your book title in the project section it will give me the opportunity to meditate it on during my daily meditations and give you all the energy I possibly can for you guys to have amazing career as an author. So thank you again for checking out this class, and I hope to talk to you all real soon. If you have any questions, just hit me up, and I would be happy to answer them