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Meditation and Mindfulness | Mastery Mini

teacher avatar Parth Sawhney, Author and Success Mentor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1 | Why You Must Cultivate a Practice of Mindfulness

    • 3. Lesson 2 | Meditation for Beginners

    • 4. Lesson 3 | Counting Breaths

    • 5. Lesson 4 | Body Scan

    • 6. Lesson 5 | Noting

    • 7. Lesson 6 | Mantra Meditation

    • 8. Lesson 7 | Visualization

    • 9. Final Thoughts

    • 10. Thank You Message

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About This Class

“Meditation means dissolving the invisible walls that unaware has built.”

– Sadhguru

In this world of distractions and noise everywhere around us, we all need to develop a practice of mindfulness in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Meditation enhances our happiness and self-awareness, and consistent practice can empower us to lead healthier lives and ensure our well-being in every respect.

We are in the prime of our mental fitness when we are calm and mindful. Meditation is a life-changing habit to cultivate and to be practiced daily as it helps us become aware and stay in the present moment. Often, our mind is so used to distractions in the outside world that the mental clutter and our emotions and thoughts are not paid attention to. When we sit quietly for a brief time, we become cognizant of our inner world and what thoughts are swirling inside our minds.

A practice of meditation will help you develop self-control, and be instrumental in controlling your emotions and thoughts. It will help you get in touch with your higher self and the Infinite Intelligence that is present in all of us.

In this Mastery Mini class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Easily incorporate 5-10 minutes of meditation into your daily life.
  • Find inner peace and tranquility, no matter how jampacked your schedule already is.
  • Become more appreciative and attentive to everything in your life.
  • Distance yourself from negative emotions and live with greater compassion.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Parth Sawhney

Author and Success Mentor


My name is Parth Sawhney. I’m an author, storyteller and success mentor to high-achievers all around the world. I’m also the creator of Project Karma Yogi and The Daily Apple, where I share ideas, insights, and resources related to personal development, philosophy, success mindset and the human condition. 

My goal is to create a meaningful impact via my work and help people all across the globe live extraordinary lives and become better versions of themselves.

Every lionheart needs a mentor. If you are ready to embark on the success journey, I’m here to be your companion, your guide on the side, to help you get further every single day.

For more self-education and personal growth resources, please visit my main website: parthsaw... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, my name is parks a honey am an author, podcaster, and success mentor to high achievers. To my writing, podcasts, courses, and other meaningful creations, I enjoy sharing life-changing ideas and insights related to personal development, philosophy, success, mindset, and the human condition. My recent books include The Daily Apple to having the new normal and the way of the country. You and I also created a course called Stoicism 101 not too long ago. For more information and other useful resources, check out my main website, but it's ionic or calm. In this class, I focus on the subject of mindfulness and meditation. I discussed the basics as well as share some useful tips and techniques for beginners. If you're interested in becoming more mindful in today's, always kill you. Bullard have unsuccessfully tried meditation in the past, are looking for a way to be more focused and less distracted. And are wondering how meditation and mindfulness can help you achieve clarity in your daily life. In this class is for you. These sessions are for all levels and you don't need any prior knowledge to experienced before beginning the class. In this mastery many class, you'll learn how to easily incorporate five to 10 minutes of meditation into your daily life. Find inner peace and tranquility. No matter how jam pack your schedule, already, become more appreciative and attentive to everything in your diet. And distance yourself from negative emotions and left-click greater compassion and included some problems for reflection and writing and the accompanying video worksheet as well for your efforts. And make sure that the lessons in this mini class stick. I encourage you to ponder upon them and write down your unfiltered ports in adjoin. And so at those things discussed, let's get rolling right away. As you inside. 2. Lesson 1 | Why You Must Cultivate a Practice of Mindfulness: In this world of distractions and noise everywhere around us, we only need to develop a practice of mindfulness in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life. And the after in mind for all of our thoughts, actions, and the word tag me speak. We are in the prime of our mental fitness when we are calm and mindfulness, meditation is a life-changing habit to cultivate and to be practiced daily as it brings more awareness to our live. Often are minus2 used to distractions in the outside world and the mental clutter and our emotions and thoughts are not paid attention to. When he said quietly for a brief time, if you become cognisant of our inner world and what courts are swirling inside our minds. A practice of meditation will help you develop self-control. And we instrumental controlling your emotions and thoughts. And we'll help you get in touch with your inner being and the infinite intelligence that is present in all of us. Medication grains, focus and clarity to every aspect of our lives. Like working out. You may not realize its benefits instantly, but it may take you a few months or even years, clearly reap its benefits. In his book, 10%, your Dan Harris mentions how meditation is literally saved as light. He had a panic attack on national television and then of course you to better their lives and well-being. He started practicing meditation. You mentioned that maybe you shouldn't help him, not proper react to situations, but instead respond to them. And I feel the same way after having meditated for years now. I feel like I have an invisible shield around me. If something unfortunate happens to me or I get an unexpected blow. For instance, being badly rejected. Unlike previous times where it used to be built into my body and hurt me. Now I'm protected from it. Don't get me wrong. The pain is still there, but it has much more manageable. A practice of meditation comes with a wide spectrum of mental, physical, and spiritual benefits, such as reduced anxiety, a better immune system, increased focus and clarity, and a calm demeanor. Meditation plays an instrumental role in increasing our happiness and self-awareness and consistent practice can empower us to lead healthier lives and ensure our well-being in every respect. 3. Lesson 2 | Meditation for Beginners: If you're new to meditation, here are some useful tips that will help you get started in your meditation practice. Number 1, start small. As you been in the practice of meditating, start with meditating for one to two minutes a day. Once you find that easy, try meditating or five minutes. And you'll find that comfortable. Gradually extend the meditation time to ten minutes and beyond. In the beginning, the most important day is to cultivate a habit rather than the actual time you spend meditative. And the momentum gathers the benefits of meditation when harder. Even meditation for a few minutes every day will go along with Number 2. The first thing in the morning. Meditating after you wake up in the morning as one of the best habit to go to read. Not only etc. are polar entirety, but it also had to tap into your infusion and eNobe easily and effortlessly. Leaner during the day, they are laughing at the intestine meditation practice may become challenging your rid of volatility of our schedules as well as it may take a while to get into a deeper state of attachment and relaxation. Morning time, Heinz down is the best time to meditate without any disturbances or distractions. And we can read the maximum benefits out of our practice during those times. Very well to start our days on the right foot and embrace a calm demeanor for the entire course of the lead. Number 3, let go of expectations. They're all condition these days to get instant benefits annual report. But everything the same for meditation will be hugely disappointed. Not all meditation sessions will be the same. Whether you are a beginner or someone who has been meditating for a long time. Meditating is simply sitting in silence and watching your thoughts. It's not a one-stop remedy for the walls and challenges we face it some medium to get in tune with our thoughts. Some sessions will be great and we'll be able to detach and relax completely while they may struggle and get caught up and are taught during some. The best approach is to understand the nature of our minds and participate in a consistent practice without thinking about. Number 4, do it daily. There is nothing as powerful and self-transforming as a daily practice of meditation. When we meditate every day, not only do they become more aware and are able to enjoy the present moment, but we also experienced many mental and physical benefits. When you sit for a few minutes every day, we're able to tap into an experience are enough and tranquility and we may not get access to otherwise. A daily meditation practice keeps us grounded and anchored who consistently will be, which is strongly need in these chaotic modern times. In the initial stages, you can listen to guided meditations. They are like training wheels that will help you and practicing radiation and making it a daily habit. There are some great apps like headspace, Calm, and post unhappy old, simple habit and Insight Timer that can get you started on this journey. But the practice of meditation, it's best to understand the simple term that does remain a big enough, no law how many hours or days of making real accrued during our lifetime. Every session is a blank slate. When it comes to our mind. We can now become an expert in meditation and you can never do at home. Think of meditation as an experience, not a skill that you need to master, and so on about relaxing and noticing your thoughts. Nothing more than that. 4. Lesson 3 | Counting Breaths : There are different techniques that we can employ in our mediation practice. We can do that individually. Bind them based on what suits best for our needs. As we try different techniques where to find new ways to acknowledge and experience our thoughts and feelings, as well as enhanced positivity and wealthy insiders. In this technique, once we are settled without bringing our attention to our breaths, we don't need to change our breathing, but just observe our breadth and identify where the rising and falling sensations are taking place. You can focus on one area where you'll find it most prominent, beard, your shoulders, chance solar plexus region or bedding. As we observe our breath, we will realize that every bread has a unique nature. The quantity may be either slow or fast, short or long, or shallow or deep. And begin counting your grades as you inhale. One, as you come to, as you inhale, again, come three, and so on until you reach, and then start again at one. And keep repeating this process. Once you are comfortable with this and comes only when you exceed as we do this. And it's normal for part 2. So phase, once we realized that our mind has wandered, of, all we need to do is bring our attention back to our bread and begin counting from the number we left off. If you can't remember the number and we can let it go and again, start at one. What we need to understand in this technique is that as bread, as the object of our meditation, we're only observing it and in no way rushing or slowing our breathing. We are learning. We are letting it happen. Our its own pace and rhythm. As you train our minds, strengthen our focus. We may eventually be able to focus on our breath without counting. Irrespective of where you are in your meditation journey, you can always fall back to the accounting technique when you're focused during feel free to customize that counting technique based on what suits you best so that it's easier for you to count and focus. We can use this as a foundational technique to set ourselves up for a different medication technique. Every light or simply count our breads, that the timer goes off. 5. Lesson 4 | Body Scan : What is Cam can be used both as a mitigation by itself or as a practice for the preparation of another technique. It is I'm indispensable technique to acknowledge that different areas of our money and explore how each body part feels with curiosity and openness. Some instructors believe that one is scan is a powerful way to connect with their physical body. For this technique, where evil to draw our attention to different bonds become cognizant of the stress or tension that we are holding there and releasing. In a guarded body scan meditations, a person is instructed to pay attention with each body part one at a time, usually, usually starting from the head to tools. A duration varies depending on the nature of the meditation practice. This practice as fundamentally a relaxing one. And the aim is to cultivate and open, accepting and compassionate attitude towards different areas of the body. Studies have proven all if scan medication to be effective and overcoming desk and pain, reducing stress and elevating overall well-being. A short body scan is a great starting point for practicing other techniques as red as it helps him touching base with the body, acknowledging the sensations and feeling more rounded. This technique is an excellent process to getting clarity and awareness about the pain, discomfort or sensations are different. Body parts are going through and we usually feel to North is in our day-to-day life. 6. Lesson 5 | Noting: As you made it, we may get so inundated with our cones are feelings that we may lose awareness of our bread or our object of attention. Where again, awareness, again, we can simply note the nature of destruction, whether it was a TOD or feeling. And again, start focusing on the object of our meditation. Loading as Sakhalin and analogous to a CFO or a gentle placement of a federal, we need to employ noting only when we happen distracted so much that you have loans the awareness of our object of attention completely. As we applaud a distraction, they're able to create distance, let it cool and gain clarity about our color feeling factories. As you practice this technique will become acquainted with the habit of our mind and thus become aware of our beliefs and conditioning. Learning does not involve any analysis or judgment, but it is simply an observation of the distraction. We can use one. Labels such as thinking or feeling, will address the nature of distraction. Also, we can employ labels and acknowledge our emotions and mental activity. For example, happiness, sadness, fear of wiring, desire, or resistance. To know name. Not only are we able to re-establish the mindfulness up their mind wanders. But it also helps us maintain a non-reactive form of attention. 7. Lesson 6 | Mantra Meditation: This practice is an ancient one, originating in Handel and Buddhist traditions. A mantra is a syllable, word or phrase that has chanting repeatedly while meditating. There is a dual of this, of this practice. Repetition of our chosen Myntra as sound words are affirmations, careers are my base vibrations, as well as to cultivate mindfulness by using the mantra as an object of our focus. The first step is choosing a mantra that you find soothing and uplifting. To the, to the chanting of mantras, we essentially tap into their transformative power of sound. Everything in the universe as vibrational in nature, sounds have vibration and so do our thought and the cells in our body. The Yogi's and the mistakes further out that by sustaining a particular vibration of some for a long period, the nature of our body and mind can be influenced, Transform. We are all aware of how music and songs are normally able to evolve emotions within us and change our mood, but also help us in our healing process. In a similar way, sounds, words and phrases, a child EKG, rhythms as allies, definite speech patterns can have profound effects on our thoughts, emotions, and our physical body. Mantra meditation consolidates these elements with a purpose of cleansing, soothing, as well as transforming our body, heart, mind, and soul. A great advantage this practice is that by chanting her mantra, are able to override the mental childhood inside us and powering our mind and letting go of our thoughts effectively. Through consistent practice, our mantra become like keys or passwords and help us unlock different states of consciousness and hence dive into the best possible mindset for a particular situation or setting by tuning into the frequency of a particular mantra. But able to get in the receiving mode and an easier way and does improve our lives and our well-being. 8. Lesson 7 | Visualization : Visualization is a powerful tool to elevate our vibrations and well-being while we can visualize our desired future to accelerate our success. We can also use visualization to deepen our enjoyment of the present moment as compared to other techniques of meditation that are fastened in nature, visualization meditation and be considered as an active form of meditation. There are a few visualization says that when practiced can really help you reduce your worries and anxieties and become a kind and compassionate person. Here are some common visualization meditations, and you can practice on a daily basis. Loving-kindness meditation. This is one of the most formula and easily accessible visualization meditation is meditation involves phrases in measuring attention to feel and to activate our innate qualities of friendliness and compassion and lying dormant within us. It's about finding the allowed within us and expanding it outwards, opening our hearts and overcoming any barriers and biases. And B may be experiencing liquid sunlight. In this practice, we visualize that liquid sunlight and form an orderly nature. Always from the top of our head and further out our entire body is already any tensions and let's come forward. Insiders eventually all flowing from our embodied. In the end, we feel like expansive and relaxed if grounding us back to our internal plans to let's can also be done for inventory seconds multiple times a day to let go of tensions accrue during the course of the day. Expanding sun. This meditation starts with visualizing a speck of light inside us. And as we continue with our session, it keeps expanding within us, eventually spreading beyond our body, across our neighborhood, country, continent, and all over the world. In this way, we tap into the source within us and no job, well-being, love, and happiness, not only for ourselves, but for all the people around us. 9. Final Thoughts: A good enough enter meditation practice requires consistency and fade. It is a great way to step inside nor your thoughts and embrace your inner world. Maybe she isn't about doing anything in assembly about being. So just sit back, relax and be the observer. 10. Thank You Message: Okay.