Meditation For Beginners | Practice Over 7 Ways to Meditate!

Jason Gandy, Quantum Course Instructor

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13 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Meditation for Beginners Trailer

    • 2. Introduction to Meditation

    • 3. What Is Meditation?

    • 4. Benefits Of Meditating

    • 5. Types Of Meditation

    • 6. Guided Meditations Overview

    • 7. Sound (nada Yoga) Guided Meditation

    • 8. Mindfulness Guided Meditation

    • 9. Breathing Guided Meditation

    • 10. Affirmation Guided Meditation

    • 11. Mantra (om) Guided Meditation

    • 12. Singing Bowls Meditation

    • 13. Binaural Beats Brainwave Meditations

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About This Class

Have you tried meditating, but can't seem to stop your mind from wandering? Are you confused at which meditation method you should be practicing? 

Do you need simple guided meditations so you can decide which meditation method works best for you?

Welcome to Meditations for Beginners | Learn Over 7 Different Ways to Meditate!

If you have been looking to begin meditation, but not quite sure where to start, then you have arrived at the right place! Here you will be introduced to the transforming world of meditation. We will discuss what meditation is, the benefits of meditation, and go over many different methods to meditate. Follow along with step-by-step guided meditations for each style, so you can know exactly what to do and focus on. 

In today’s hectic and busy world, it is extremely important to take some time to focus on your mind. Daily life can be very stressful while trying to manage work, school and your family life. Stress is not only uncomfortable, but could actually lead to many mental and physical health issues in the future.

Meditation seems easy, but many people find it difficult because they are not meditating correctly. Meditation is not just sitting for an extended period of time while thinking of nothing. Although this may be possible by the highest level of meditation practitioners, it is nearly impossible for the mind not to have any activity. So if you’ve had trouble meditating in the past because you couldn’t stop you mind from thinking, there’s hope for you yet! Your mind is supposed to think, but you must know how to focus that thought during meditation. This can be achieved using any of the meditation methods we will practice in the course.

Meditation allows you to set some time aside each day to calm your mind, and reset your brain from all the negative thoughts. In this course, you will learn many methods of meditation, as you follow along with over 7 styles of guided meditations!


You will be introduced to over 7 different ways to meditate, including:

  • Zen (Zazen)
  • Mindfulness
  • Singing Bowls
  • Binaural Beats
  • Sound (Nada Yoga)
  • And More!


*More guided meditations will be added to the course periodically at no extra cost to you!

I am glad to have the opportunity to help you begin your meditation journey. 

See you in the course!