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Media Toolkit for Visionaries

Daniel James Scott, Startup Engineer

Media Toolkit for Visionaries

Daniel James Scott, Startup Engineer

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13 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. One Sentence Bio

    • 3. Short Bio

    • 4. Long Bio

    • 5. Headshots

    • 6. One-Page Media Kit - Draft 1

    • 7. Appearance Tracking

    • 8. Authorship Tracking

    • 9. Honor Tracking

    • 10. Media Tracking

    • 11. Philanthropy Tracking

    • 12. One-Page Media Kit - Draft 2

    • 13. Final Media Kit

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About This Class

Visionaries change the world. Their audacious dreams improve our lives. And if you are reading this, likely you are one. Sharing your gift with the world, however, is step one. Entrepreneur and educator Daniel James Scott guides you through how to present yourself to the media, build your credibility, and track your successes. By the end of this class, you'll have produced your first media kit, inspired your audience, and prepared yourself for communicating your vision with the world.

Meet Your Teacher

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Daniel James Scott

Startup Engineer


"Getting Tampa Bay's name on the map." - TechCrunch

"Making a tremendous, positive and lasting impact on Florida's economy." - US Small Business Administration

"An accomplished entrepreneur, one of the region's most influential business leaders." - Tampa Bay Business Journal

Daniel James Scott is an award-winning entrepreneurship educator who led three Florida-based startups to exit.

In addition, Daniel is a co-author of three books on entrepreneurship, serves on the Editorial Board for the Experiential Entrepreneurship Exercises Journal, and is quoted frequently in regional and national media.

Daniel lives in Tampa, FL with his wife and two children.

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1. Introduction: My name is Daniel James Scott, and I've dedicated my life to helping visionaries like you changed the world. As an entrepreneur, educator, author and investor, I've seen firsthand the power of telling your story through earned media. However, I've rarely seen a visionary prepared to do so with the premeditated, pre prepared media kit. As of today, I intend to change this forever in this court. She'll have produced your very first media kit, inspired your audience and prepared yourself for communicating your vision with the world. As part of your project, you acquire your headshots, craft your biography, track your successes and shape your public persona as a proven expert in your chosen field . Most importantly, you'll be in a position to control your message, going forward with the necessary tools to continually and consistently shape your brand. Without further ado, let's begin our work. 2. One Sentence Bio: The first and arguably most important element of immediate kit is your biography or bio for short. Today I'm going to share with you a framework that will culminate in a long form bio that could be used in all situations that you will encounter. Your bio should contain three elements. The first is a simple sentence, intentionally less than 140 characters containing five elements. First, your name second a verb describing what it is that you do. Three. A noun describing who you do this for. Four announed describing the end result and five and adjective enhancing the impact of that end result. Let me share with you mind as an example, Daniel James Scott sparks visionaries to become revolutionary catalysts. 64 characters Tweet, herbal Speak herbal with one bright for this exercise. If the source could be your friend, however, keep it simple and conversational. Strong. One Sentence bios encourage further thought and consideration by the reader. The best compel a reader to ask a follow up question like Wait, What for? How would that work? Or why have I not heard of this before? Take a moment using the provided template and draft your first sentence. When done, please share with your peers for review and feedback 3. Short Bio: the second part of your bio should lead with your current sentence. In addition to three or four more sentences, the result will be your short or intro by speak to what you're accomplishing now, what you've accomplished previously and any honors or notable unique wins. This paragraph should contain less than 140 words and be exquisitely well written and finally edited specifically. Keep in mind that these sentences air intended in part to be read aloud, keep the sentences focused and the punctuation frequent enough to allow for a reader to take breaths. Let me share with you mind as an example, Daniel James Scott Sparks visionaries to become revolutionary catalysts. Daniel serves as Theo, executive director of the Tampa Bay Technology Forum, one of the nation's largest technology councils, and on the board of directors for the Lines I Institute for Transplant Research, the Onley combined I Bank and Ocular Research Center in the world. Previously, Daniel's work its founding associate director of the entrepreneurship program It USF ST Petersburg earned him the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Outstanding Emerging Entrepreneurship Program and the Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Educator of the year award. Additional honors for his community leadership include being named the U. S. Small Business Administration's 50th anniversary State of Florida, Business Advocate of the Year and four time Tampa Bay Business Journal Up and Commerce Honoree. Now take another moment using the provided template and draft your short bio. When done, please share with your peers for review and feedback. 4. Long Bio: The final part of your long form bio should lead with your short bio in addition to three or four more paragraphs. Speak specifically to results in these paragraphs. Although the framework for the remainder of your bio is much more fluid and flexible, there are additional components. You should include with your BIOS first, your preferred or your will respond to name. For example, I respond to Dan or Daniel. Second, your name pronunciation. I recommend using Miriam Webster for this. I found it to be the easiest at a first glance and the most accurate third year social media portfolio or other links. Fourth, your testimonials. This is a topic will come back to later in the course and fifth and maybe most importantly , your contact information. How considerate. Get ahold of you. Using the provided template, complete your full bio. When done, Please share with your peers for review and feedback 5. Headshots: Let's talk about head shots the second part of your media kit. I want to make it clear up front that I strongly recommend using a professional photographer. And when you book your session, make it clear that your expectation is to receive numerous options for both a traditional headshot and action shots, which show you in your element doing what it is that you dio having a variety of both. It's important as accessibility and capability of a particular media sources. Own staff or contractor can be a crapshoot, and you always want to be presented in the best light. Even if a photographer is sent out to capture, you still provide the journalist with additional options from your stock directly a few pieces of advice. First, keep it simple. Styles come and go. You can absolutely capture your unique brand and stay timelessly classic. That being said, bring at least three outfit changes. Second, notify your chosen photographer that you will need your photos to be cropped toe a square. This will help them frame shot and help you when you're cropping your headshot to a social media box. Later. Lastly, when it comes to a variety of images, I suggest one close up, one full bust, one with your arms loosely crossed, one with you leaning up against a wall or fence or the like. One with you sitting one with you walking toward the camera and as many action shots as you can get after your photo shoot, please. Share is many, as you like with your peers for you and feedback. 6. One-Page Media Kit - Draft 1: At this point, you have everything you need to create your first media kit. Let's draft a 1.0 version now and share with our peers for review and feedback. Start by opening a blank document. Add your head shot in your short bio. Save the full variety of headshots in your long bio for your website or other medium. Be sure to include your links and contact information. Testimonials aren't critical in this phase. However, we will talk about those soon. Good luck with your first pass. 7. Appearance Tracking: Congratulations. At this point, you have a starter. Media get. However, your work is not yet done to continue. Please access the personal brand tracking template provided with this course. With this tool, you'll aggregate track your activity vital to telling your public story, including your appearances, authorship, honors, media mentions and even flatter. So let's start with the first half appearances. We'll want to track every public appearance you make in this tab, including keynotes, guest lectures, panels, interviews, presentations, workshops, etcetera. Specifically, we will want to track the date of the appearance title of the event. The type of the appearance meaning your role in the event event Name event, Lincoln Social, the organizing organization there, Lincoln Social and Information about the venue. Two additional data points are also going to be important for you. First size of the audience. That's how many people attended the event. No, I was very careful not to ask how many people saw you at the Iran's. The question is about the attendance of the event in some total. If you speak in a local Ted X and 1000 were attendants, that number is good enough. It's almost impossible to determine how many were in their seats to see you speak specifically second and often overlooked, part of tracking is gathering testimonials. Audience testimonials could be great, depending on who the audience is and their titles. However, a glowing testimonial from the event organizer is absolute gold. If the event was a recent thin search, your email. Often an organizer will send a follow up email to speakers thanking them for their participation as a start. A testimonial reading Thank you, Daniel, for speaking at such and such con is fine. Eventually, you gather tons of testimonials to choose from with appearances, along with the other four tabs. Google is your friend. Search your name to refresh your memory and gather details as we go along. 8. Authorship Tracking: second tab authorship. You may have never written anything, and that's perfectly fine. For the time being, this tab could be used to track any media you've created, including podcasts, videos and yet Stephen articles. We will want to track the publication date title Link, Media Outlet, like YouTube or medium and their Lincoln Social Ah, couple of items air specifically not included here. First views thes constantly change and are only important if the number is exceptionally high, which tends to be for most of us, maybe only one or two works we've created at best. Second likes loves retweets and the like. Maintaining a positive image online is important, although not necessarily essential to track. Plus, again, these change over time. As visionaries, we create big picture plans, content and dreams. Authorship is our currency. So if your list is currently empty, now is the time to start 9. Honor Tracking: third tab honors. Nothing provides social proof that you're an expert quite like honors. We want to track the honor or award date, title link, granting organization and their details. The most important, by far, is collecting a testimonial. Awards have dates and years attached to them. Testimonials last forever. If you're filling in this template with past honors, make sure to review the grinning organization's website and press releases regarding the honor. Many times, a glowing testimonial will be present about you or you and your fellow honorees. These testimonials could be powerful as they're from an organization, not necessarily Justin Individual. If you don't have any honors yet. No worries. However, there are tons of options available these days. Make a run at as many as you can. Even if you don't win, you're likely gaining exposure with a powerful audience that could help advance your cause . And if you're not a winner but a finalist still track it. Being a finalist is great exposure. Being a finalist year over year is gold. I don't watch soap operas, but I do know who Susan Lucci is because of her nomination's done in my head. I couldn't tell you the other actor that one 10. Media Tracking: fourth tab. Media being quoted in the media is essential to sharing our stories, ideas and points of view. We will want to track the publication date, title link, Media outlet and their information and the author and their information. I'd like to point out a few items as well. First gathering the social media information for an outlet and author is just the beginning . Make sure to share out any story that you're quoted in or covered in and tagged both whenever and wherever possible. Show that you are thankful for their work and that you're proud to have been included. Send to think you notice well. Second piece. If a photo or photos were included in the media, make sure that you not only track those links but download the images for safekeeping. You'll be surprised how many times you can really use those. Third, read the coverage again and pull up anything that could be used as a testimonial. You'd be surprised the number of times an article says something flattering to justify your quote in the peace. One trick that I've learned is to phrase my bio to read how I'd like others to refer to me . For example, if you'd like to be known as a visionary entrepreneur that include that verbiage just part of your bio overtime. Some outlet will print that line, and now you'll have them on record as referring to you with those words. Media can be tricky to go back and find, but Google News has a really fantastic resource in addition to their traditional search engines. 11. Philanthropy Tracking: last time philanthropy, I could almost hear you thinking Hate Daniel. If I was a millionaire already, I wouldn't need this course. But don't just think of philanthropy is giving away a lot of money. Think of it in terms of any and everything you do to help your community, including volunteering advisory boards, donating mentoring, etcetera way will want to track the date events of the Opportunity Link type of giving back the organizer and their information and venue, if appropriate. Giving back is important not only to help our communities and to network, but to demonstrate that we're committed to helping others, plus the media award judges and even event organizers like seeing community engagement in their applications in Media Kids. 12. One-Page Media Kit - Draft 2: At this point, you have the first version of your media kit. Plus, you have a tracking sheet for your personal brand with volumes of information or what will soon be volumes of information. At this point, it's good to step back and take another shot at your immediate kit. Remember back your original media kit included. Really? Just your short bio, your headshot, your links, your contact information. Maybe not a testimonial yet, but as you could, you can see over the last few lessons. Now you have everything that you need. Go back, revise your media kits work in some of your testimonials. Maybe there was a specific appearance that needs to make its way back into your bio. Maybe you wrote something that you're particularly proud of. That maybe you want to link out to is part of your immediate kid. Maybe there was an honor you forgot about. And now is the time to re include that honor into your media kit. Maybe there was some specific coverage where you've gone back and re read the article and said to yourself, This tells what I'm trying to say in two sentences and a quote. Maybe this is a testimonial I should be including in my immediate kit. Or maybe even there has been a stream of philanthropy throughout your history that really tells the story of how you're giving back in such a cyst ain't way that nothing is going to tell your story better than the work that you've done assisting your community using your original media kit. The provided templates for your brand tracking re complete your full immediate kit. When done, please share with your peers for review and for feedback. 13. Final Media Kit: So now we've acquired your headshots, crafted your biography, tracked your successes and shaped your public persona as a proven expert in your chosen field. However, we've done more work than the second draft of our one page immediate kit currently shows. So what do we do with the additional headshots, the long bio and the tracking information? We'll hear the final two components of your immediate kit. In addition to the one page sigil sheep you've created using your favorite document storage tool, I personally use Dropbox. Create a folder with settings optimized for sharing. Name the file with your full name, followed by Media Kit. For example, minus named Dana James Scott Media Kick. Place your one page sheet directly into this folder. Now within that folder, create another folder with your name followed by head shots. For example, mine is named Daniel James Scott. Head shots Any time you or your company sends a press release or engages in the media include the line media kit available upon request, and now you have a comprehensive media kit ready and available for anyone who asks. The final piece of the puzzle is using this information to promote yourself and this is where your tracking sheet could be of tremendous assistance. Personally, I have a WORDPRESS powered site at sparked catalyst dot com. Please feel free to reference my site as an example. When you move forward, your long for bio can be a page on your personal promotional website. So can a collection of your published articles and media mentions and speaking engagements and honors and philanthropy. You'll note that I don't publicly display all of this information, although I tracked it all because of shaping a specific narrative on my site. Just Aziz you will with your site when complete. Share both your media kit and website with your peers here in the comments section for review and feet back. Congratulations on completing the course and all my best to you and pursuing your vision, yeah.