Meal Planning Masterclass: Create Your Own Meal Plan | Brad Newton | Skillshare

Meal Planning Masterclass: Create Your Own Meal Plan

Brad Newton, Bodybuilder, Vlogger |

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32 Lessons (6h 44m)
    • 1. Welcome To Meal Planning Mastery

    • 2. Welcome--Why You Must Do This Course

    • 3. Welcome--Why Should You Listen To Me?

    • 4. Getting Started--Weekly Progress Photo Guidelines

    • 5. Getting Started--Measuring Your Progress

    • 6. Getting Started--Practical Vocabulary

    • 7. Getting Started--Essential Resources

    • 8. Fundamentals--The Golden Rule Of Weight Loss

    • 9. Fundamentals--The Twinkie Diet Professor

    • 10. Fundamentals--Why Use Fuel Gauges In Planes (Analogy)

    • 11. Fundamentals--Weight Loss Vs. Fat Loss

    • 12. Fundamentals--Losing Fat And Preserving Muscle

    • 13. Fundamentals--Controlling Food Cravings

    • 14. Fundamentals--Meal Frequency And Weight Loss

    • 15. Fundamentals--Benefits Of A High Protein Diet

    • 16. Fundamentals--Protein Requirements

    • 17. Fundamentals--Carbs Are Not Your Enemy

    • 18. Fundamentals--Pre-Workout Nutrition

    • 19. Fundamentals--Post-Workout Nutrition

    • 20. Meal Planning Blueprint--An Overview To Successful Meal Planning

    • 21. Meal Planning Blueprint--Defining Your Outcome

    • 22. Meal Planning Blueprint--Finding Your Body Fat Percentage

    • 23. Meal Planning Blueprint--Cutting And Bulking Expectations

    • 24. Meal Planning Blueprint--Step 1. Calculate Daily Calories

    • 25. Meal Planning Blueprint--Step 2. Calculate Daily Target Calories

    • 26. Meal Planning Blueprint--Step 3. Calculate Macronutrient Targets

    • 27. Meal Planning Blueprint--Step 4. Make A List Of The Foods You Enjoy

    • 28. Meal Planning Blueprint--Step 5. Building Your Own Meal Plan - Part 1

    • 29. Meal Planning Blueprint--Step 5. Building Your Own Meal Plan - Part 2

    • 30. Bonus--Silent Calories & Tips

    • 31. Bonus--Managing Cutting & Bulking Plateaus

    • 32. Final Words--The Beginning Of The End

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About This Class

  • No more starvation dieting
  • No more cookie cutter meal plans
  • No more wasting hundreds of dollars on personal trainers (and have no results to show for)
  • No more food restrictions
  • No more low-carb BS dieting

If you want to learn how you can start losing 1-1.5 pounds of fat each week by designing your own meal plan around your favourite food, this course is for you.

Meal Planning Mastery is a Best Selling course on Udemy brought to you by Brad, an Australian Fitness Model Competitor with a Bachelor Degree in Science, and proven results.

Unique Snapchat Offer:

Add Brad on Snapchat (SeekFitLife) and he will give you one-on-one coaching and answer any questions about the course you might have. No other Udemy course offers such a service.

What You Will Get

  • 7+ Hours of Practical Strategy Videos
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access to Brad Newton (Fitness Model Competitor) - TOTAL VALUE $160 PER HOUR
  • Four Free Meal Plans (Downloadable) - TOTAL VALUE $240
  • Downloadable Recipes (Protein pancakes, overnight oats, and more!)
  • Freedom to eat the food you love and get results!
  • Scientific references included

What You Will Learn

  • How to take perfect progress photos
  • How to measure progress (tape measurements and fat calipers) - Downloadable Spreadsheet
  • Nutrition fundamentals (to understand meal plan creation)
  • Realistic weight loss and muscle building expectations for a natural weight lifter
  • What essential kitchen equipment you need to meal prep correctly
  • How to break through frustrating weight loss plateaus
  • How to have cheat meals without losing progress
  • The best pre-workout nutrition to have to make the most of your workouts
  • Meal planning lifestyle strategies (how to travel, eat at restaurants, and make progress)
  • How to design fun meal plans that you can stick to!

Join the community of over 3000 people in one of Udemy's Best Selling courses, take back control of your weight loss journey, and start getting results today. For the price of lunch, you will get lifetime access to this course and the instructor, who has used the strategies in this course to become a fitness model competitor. 

Join this course 100% risk free today!

Username: SeekFitLife





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Brad Newton

Bodybuilder, Vlogger |

Hey Everyone! Brad here.

I create fitness video courses to help you get into shape and travel vlogs to inspire your next travel adventure.

I have also won multiple fitness model/ bodybuilding competitions under a drug-tested steroid-free Federation. I’ve also helped thousands of people get into shape with my digital fitness courses.

I am also passionate about flying planes, drones, cinematography, and visual storytelling.

To read more of my biography, go here...

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