Maya Modeling Basics : The Coffee Table Composition | Nalini Kanta Jena | Skillshare

Maya Modeling Basics : The Coffee Table Composition

Nalini Kanta Jena, 3d Artist | Educator

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14 Videos (2h 9m)
    • Introduction

    • Modeling Table Top

    • Modeling Table Leg

    • Modeling Table Frame

    • Chair Leg Modeling

    • Chair Frame Modeling

    • Finishing Chair Model

    • Modeling The Bowl Using NURBS

    • Modeling The Cup

    • Spoon Modeling

    • Glass Modeling

    • Creating Paint Effects Flower

    • Organizing The Scene

    • Lighting The Scene

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About This Class

Welcome to Maya Modeling Basics : The Coffee Table Composition
This is the 2nd class of the Maya Modeling Basics Series. 

My name is Nalini Kanta jena, I am a Game artist & Educator. My goal of this Maya Modeling Basics series of classes is to take you from Basics to Intermediate level and then Advance.

This Class is for complete beginners who wants to learn Maya Modeling.
In this Class you will Learn


  • How to use Basic primitives for modeling
  • Using Maya Layers for efficiency
  • Using Pivot point smartly
  • Using duplicate special
  • Organizing the scene using Outliner
  • Using Curves to create geometry
  • Using NURBS modeling to create the Bowl
  • NURBS and Polygon integration
  • Using Paint Effects to create Flowers
  • Basic Lighting and Rendering the scene

After Completing this class you can do basic model such as basic furniture, Cup, plate, Flowers, Spoon and many Interior objects using Maya.
Keep an eye for the next Maya Modeling Basics series Class to learn further. Thank you for watching





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Nalini Kanta Jena

3d Artist | Educator

Hello, I'm Nalini.

When I was 10 years old everybody discover that I am a gifted artist because at a very early age of 10. I was doing clay modeling of Indian goddess without taking any training. I was a famous boy in our village and near by area because of my art.

I did that till my tenth grade then I joined B.K college of art and crafts, Bhubaneswar for my BFA degree in Applied art department. I competed that in 2008. Then I started my professional career.

Since then I ...

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