Maya Basics: Modeling an Isometric Environment | Michelle Kwon | Skillshare

Maya Basics: Modeling an Isometric Environment

Michelle Kwon

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7 Videos (44m)
    • Trailer

    • Planning Your Model

    • Setting Up Your Drawing in Maya

    • Modeling your Environment

    • Texturing with Vertex Chameleon

    • Baking Vertex Colors

    • Compositing your Final Image

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About This Class

Learn how to create a charming 3D environment in an isometric space. Isometric projections are three dimensional objects that are represented in a two dimensional space. This lends itself to a very clean, modern style used in various games and films. Some experience in Maya will be very helpful with this course.

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very good and informative class for making cartoony stuff in maya which is good for games and commercials etc.
Although I have 0% percent knowledge in maya, I am busy learning cinema4d. I found th topic intriguing and decided to watch. I learned a few things. And it was great to see the modeling happening in time enhanced view. Can I make something like this his myself. No. Was it inspiring. Yes Will I try a makeshift not a simpler thing. Yes
Sebastiaan Destellirer

Graphic Designer, Teacher