Maximize Your Impact At Work: Identifying and Using High Performance Routines | Todd Warner | Skillshare

Maximize Your Impact At Work: Identifying and Using High Performance Routines

Todd Warner, Disrupting the Status Quo

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7 Videos (48m)
    • Intro

    • Lessons From the Medical Field

    • Interview a New Joiner

    • Interview High Performers

    • Lessons in Routines

    • Mindsets That Make Routines Work

    • Getting Better at Routines


About This Class

For decades, we have focused on performance at work in completely the wrong way.  Most individuals and organizations (big and small) spend their time obsessing about defining competencies and capabilities.  We celebrate and privilege abstraction over application.  This is not how work is done, and this is not what the high performers around you do! In this class, Todd Warner, founder of Like Minds Advisory, walks through some of his widely publicized work defining the Routines of High Performers.  The course is designed to help you understand the social system where you work, and identify and build stronger routines to make you great.  

  • The class is geared toward anyone trying to become great in their field.  It lays out practical projects to identify critical, high leverage Routines, and how to build out the differentiators that high performers put to practice in your field.  
  • The course is built from a series of articles that Todd wrote for Harvard Business Review, Chief Learning Officer Magazine, and Change This!, but delves into the “how to” of helping individuals identify and cultivate high performance routines.  





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Todd Warner

Disrupting the Status Quo

Todd works with Senior Executives to impact social systems and shift how work gets done. Todd has worked globally with Executives from multiple sectors seeking to transform their companies for almost 20 years. He started Like Minds Advisory (LMA) because organizations need to bridge the gap between the vision held by senior leaders, and what people actually do, day-to-day. LMA was founded with a view that organization's current approaches to learning and leadership development are ...

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