Maximize Your Day by Maximizing Your Time. | Darrin Brown | Skillshare

Maximize Your Day by Maximizing Your Time.

Darrin Brown, Transformational People Development Expert

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4 Videos (21m)
    • Maximizing my time with my mind (word that matter)

    • How to list, prioritize and rank my task

    • Keep 1st things 1st

    • It's all in the R's


About This Class

Today will be the day that you solve your time crunch and alleviate many of the stresses associated with getting the most out of your time. This course will provide learning that is highly practical and if you begin applying today, you will transform how you can maximize your time and results in every facet of your life. 





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Darrin Brown

Transformational People Development Expert

Darrin is passionate about developing and empowering people to strengthen themselves so they can become more effective leaders as they lead and develop others. Darrin believes that all people have special gifts and talents that once discovered and consistently developed, can lead to a continual transformation and life of abundance in their personal lives while leaving a legacy for the generations that will follow.

Darrin has a professional background spanning 20 + years as a Leade...

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