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Mavic Air - Travel the World. Make Amazing Drone Aerial Videos

Greg Hung, Travel Videographer

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29 Lessons (3h 2m)
    • 1. Mavic Air Introduction

    • 2. Mavic Air My Favorite Filming Techniques

    • 3. Mavic Air Who is this drone for?

    • 4. Mavic Air Is it safe to fly your drone

    • 5. Mavic Air traveling with mavic air

    • 6. Mavic Air Go 4 App


    • 8. Pros and cons mavic air

    • 9. Mavic Air Stock Footage

    • 10. Mavic air hand take off

    • 11. Mavic Air Prep for your Flight

    • 12. Mavic Air Quick setup unfolding props and gimbal

    • 13. MAVIC AIR selling the drone

    • 14. MAVIC AIR poi

    • 15. MAVIC AIR Tap Fly


    • 17. Mavic Air Stock Footage

    • 18. Mavic Air and Asteroid

    • 19. Mavic AIR APAS

    • 20. Mavic Air Tips for Flying in Taiwan

    • 21. Mavic Air Droning in Osaka Kansai

    • 22. Mavic Air Flying in Malaysia

    • 23. Mavic Air Droning in Busan

    • 24. Mavic Air Tips for Droning Thailand

    • 25. Maldives Stock footage

    • 26. Maldives Survival Guide

    • 27. Maldives Filming Mission

    • 28. Nightlife Photography Aerial

    • 29. Mavic Air Summary


About This Class

The Mavic Air is the perfect Travel Drone for Aerial Videography. It has the perfect combination of compact size, technology, and powerful video capability. Learn how to get the most out of this drone and get travel tips with Travel Videographer Greg Hung. Greg has flown drones since the first generation model Phantom 1 in 2013 and flown around the world from Asia, South Africa, to Vancouver Canada. In this class Greg will share his Travel experience flying Mavic Air in countries like Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, and Malaysia.


1. Mavic Air Introduction: Hi, My name is Greg Hung and welcome to the Maverick Air Course. I think the Magic Air is the perfect combination off price performance and size, the perfect travel drone. And that's why in this course I'm not only gonna cover the fundamentals to film amazing aerial footage, but I'm also going to share my extensive and recent experience traveling and filming with Maverick Air in countries like Japan, South Korea, hi one Malaysia and South Korea that as self career And for those of you who don't know me , I laughed Corporate I t in 2011 after a 13 year career in Vancouver, Canada, and decided to pursue my passion of travel video business that took me over to Asia. It was a time off. Can sl ours GoPro's. Then we saw the first generation drones appear in 2013 with Phantom One and GoPro one. Now it's 2018 and we have this amazing drone. I have over 17 courses now online covering forces mainly in the travel video space from GoPro's stock footage, Mavica pro and even how to edit with final Cup Rolex I film my last course with Bells selling instructor Phil Evidence So if you want to learn how to film amazing aerial videos , you want to learn from my travel experience. You want a full workflow Not only how to film production in the field, but post production editing amazing four K aerial videos and to learn a bit on the business side. If you wanna take this beyond hobby too perhaps doing commercial work or monetizing on your footage, you're gonna love this course. You've come to the right place. So hit that enroll button and I'm going to see you in the course. Thanks for coming. 2. Mavic Air My Favorite Filming Techniques: all right now, I'm going to share some of my favorite filming techniques, but I'm not gonna talk too much. I also want to get out there and show you what techniques actually look like in the field as well as some footage from the drone. But let's just talk about quickly in a controlled environment. I like to keep it simple, Um, because when you're out there, there's other things that you can't anticipate like crowds and win. So I always try to make sure I covered the basic shots first. I like to get at least still shot 15 to 25 seconds where the drone is just hovering. It's still you frame the shot. Well, you've got the camera set up correctly, and I'll talk about that more in detail. And then I'd like to start to do things like side sweeps. Now for side sweeps and front sweeps. I prefer to put the drone into what we call cinematic mode. Now, in this mode, the drone is gonna fly a little bit slower, a little bit smoother that allows it to get more of this cinematic feeling. I also like to get a 3 60 pen now from this, I prefer to use the tripod mode. So these modes air found in the automatic or intelligent modes, and with the tripod mode, the drone flies a lot slower. It's going to turn a lot slower so allows you get to get a smoother pan if I don't have a lot of area to fly, meaning that I don't want to fly over crowds or building. So I have a limited area to fly. But I still want to give that feeling off. Movement. Tripod mode is also very good for that because it will slow down the drones flight speed so that you still get that feeling a movement. But it's not gonna move that fast. Another favorite shot that I like to get is Corinne Shot. So this is when the drone is just going straight up, and I like Thio added variation to that. I like to move up and Ford's at the same time, especially when you're first taking off or I'll get a Korean shot while I'm lining just to squeeze out a little bit more footage out of that, that precious flight time. Some other shots I like to get are the point of interests or an orbit. So if there's, uh, interesting building or interesting object that you need to circle around just, for example, a house or church cathedral, etcetera. This is what an orbit shot is good for, so basically would put the drone overhead. You would set up the heights, the radius and the direction that the drone is going to start circling around, and then you can start your orbit. No, I like this mo because once you have the drone in orbit yard, then freed up to focus on controlling things like the gimbal camera angle when you're usually flying, it's difficult to, you know, focus on flying the drone as well as making sure the picture is going well and joysticks and the gimbal camera. So when you're flying in any of these intelligent modes, it just frees you up another advanced shot that I've started to do more. You can do this either automatically. It's called the Droney, so the Droney is meant to film you in selfie mode. It's the drones gonna fly away pretty far and high up now. This is good, a good angle for getting footage off things like temples on mountains, because if you have something that's quite large, like a tall building, you don't actually need to fly close to it. So it's actually sometimes better to travel to the site. So if you're traveling to a temple on the mountain, for example, I did this for Doyce attempt in Chiang Mai. I actually traveled to the mountain, but then I took off from the ledge and I flew the drone away from the mountain in the temple. But I faced the camera towards the temple, so it gave that same feeling as the Droney. It's like a selfie for the object of interests of That's something you can try automatically. I prefer to do it manually. Basically, with this technique, you're flying away and you're flying up and you want to do it in a smooth way so that the picture is going to move smoothly and not too abruptly. So you want to keep things in mind, like the actual speed that you're going. You want to make sure that it's constant and you want to slowly build up the altitude. You don't want to jerk any one of those two movements. They're also Mawr advanced movements, you can play around with different combinations. For example, if I'm flying forward, I can also do a pan with the left joystick so that it's moving and the camera is going to pan left or right a little bit. Or you can play around with the gimbal while it's flying forward. You know, just add some advanced combinations you can experiment with. This is very hard to explain. Sometimes I think this comes after many hours of just practicing with the drone and getting a feel for how the camera operates. But the whole idea is to combine the different stick movements as well as the camera gimbal . One final shot that I like in my repertoire is called the Birds I shot. So this is when the cameras pointing straight down. This is a very easy one to get, but one that you might forget to shoot because you're so focused on shooting what's in front of you. So for this, you just angle the gimbal and camera straight down, and you can add a variation on this by moving up lawyer filming the bird's eye or moving down. Or you could do 3 £60 so there's a lot of different shots that you can get, and you can even add their party applications that allow you to do things like set up your flight path and set up the camera gimbal angle in advance. But for me, I prefer to do things manually while actually there, and not to make it too complicated. There's enough things to worry about, so at the end of the day, my mantra is, keep it simple, get the basic shots first, still shot the side, sweeps the front and back sweeps and maybe do a tripod pan. And then you can think about other things, like Orbitz or drone ease for etcetera. But it really depends on what you're planning to shoot, because sometimes different things need a different approach to filming great aerial footage off that object. That building or that landscape? No, it's a 3. Mavic Air Who is this drone for?: this video we're gonna talk about who is the strong form? Maybe you don't own the MAV a care or you have another drone or you're thinking about it. So where this drone falls into the dejar lineup is that, uh, this is one of the more portable drones. The most portable is the DJ I spark. It's a little bit cheaper, and it doesn't film four K video. This is where the Maverick air comes in. It's a little bit more expensive. It's a little bit bigger. Uh, some would say the design on this is better than the spark, so when you fold it up, put it in the bag. It's actually the same size. Eso. The big differentiator is the four k video, and because of that, it's a great fit for stock footage, stock footage, videographers, one of film, the highest resolution video. And perhaps they want to travel. They want that mobility that's also great fit for YouTubers. People who flogged and they want high quality video. But they also want travel. They want that portability, and they may have other cameras in their bags, so they need a drone that's not too big, but They also need something that can do drone ease that conform videos off himself or active track abilities off the drone to film themselves while they're moving to get those different angles. The MAV a care has technology that can do that also. It's also a great fit if you're vacationing and you have the budget to spend a bit more on a drone. The MAV a Care has the latest technology in here, and it's also fairly simple to learn how to fly. And because of the features like sensors, it has a bit of safety built in. I would say the deejay spark is maybe a better fit if you don't have the budget. But both drones are a great fit if you're vacationing and you want to capture those extra angles. Eso In summary YouTubers stock finished videographers. People that are vacationing You could even use this drone for commercial work. If you're a video production company and you wanna have a drone toe, offer that extra element if a customer needs it. It does film very amazing footage for the price, and it does do four K. But if you're just focusing on aerial video work, Maybe I would say, Look into the Phantom for pro Sary's, or maybe even inspire one or inspire, to which those drones are bigger. They have better cameras, sensors, so it just depends on what your priority is. But there's a lot of options out there for people that are looking to buy the drones, so it is a good time if you're looking to get into the drone market. 4. Mavic Air Is it safe to fly your drone: Hi. In this video, I'm gonna cover a general process for checking whether it's safe to fly. What are the rules or whether you can even fly your drone there? It's gonna be different for every city and information is going to change. So, of course, the first place you're going to start is by doing a Google search, and you're gonna get a list of results. Some sites that I trust are Tom's tech time, or I've seen U A V International. But I recommend testing more than one side because sometimes they're not consistent. Sometimes for more developed countries like Singapore or Japan, they're going to clearly state what the rules are. And sometimes those rules are gonna be different, depending on the weight of your drone or whether you're doing droning for recreational purposes or whether you're doing a four commercial purposes. Uh, you can also use drone APS. The DeGioia app will also list out no fly zones. If you click on the map just to expand it, you can see where those zones are. But for different cities, they may have a site that lists out a map where you cannot fly. There are certain areas with a lot of people that they will, ah, list out or more code on the map and you can't fly. Of course, airports government buildings are generally not allowed to fly. It may also be altitude restrictions. For example, I flew in Taiwan, and there is a hard 60 meter altitude restriction even in areas that were far from the airport, D. J. I app restricted me from flying above 60 meters, and they're going to be different zones. They're gonna be zones that are where the airport is. There's gonna be zones where there's a lot of people and they may be a secondary zone that's just outside that border where you console fly. But there are still restrictions. There may be APS for your city that you can use just to check on the areas that it's safe to fly and give you some of the local regulations. But it's always worth doing extra research for every city because it's going to be different. There is usually a government agency that's responsible for regulating aviation, and they may have rules as well. Yes, I know there's a lot of extra hurdles you need to cover in 2018. But if you want to get off those shots, it sure is worth it to do that. Research. Another tip I gave you is to visit your local DJ I store. If there is one because that's what they do. They focus on droning, so they're gonna be quite familiar with what the rules are. But you can also ask them for tips off where you can fly. And I did this in Osaka, Japan, because Japan generally is a very dense area. And they actually gave me an app, uh, that I could check on areas in Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka. I took photos of the areas that I could do and actually, uh, the characters were in Japanese, so actually had to get help on translating that. But because off that tip this information was not on the Internet. So maybe the deejay store has a bit extra info to cover your ground. Now, some countries actually require you to register your drone have drawn insurance. One example is Thailand, which is a tourist hot spot on the cover extra video in this because I actually went through the process off registering the drone purchasing insurance and, uh, doing that for two drones. So I'm gonna cover that Aziz Well, so I hope this gives you a starting point for checking whether it's safe to fly and where you can fly with a drone in foreign countries that you're not familiar with. 5. Mavic Air traveling with mavic air: it is great kung again in shining line this video to give you some tips for traveling and packing with your drone. Specifically the Medicare, which is the U. S version of the drone in 2018. I'm sure the judge is going to release a new one pretty soon. So the drone, first of all is very small. It fits into this case over here on very easy to set up. So what I like to do is I'll actually just bring the drone with me in this case, I travel with this backpack over here. Move this cushion. Show you. So I pop it, Plop it in there. Remote control. It's almost also as big as the drone. And these sticks you can unscrew, and you can fix them inside here. So since I'm gonna be traveling tomorrow, I'm going to take these off. I definitely recommend getting to batteries on speaking of batteries. A great idea to pack them on your carry on bag. You don't want to check those batteries in. They may stop you. So just bring with you mean these air high valuable goods. So I just popped him in there charger. I also bring with me. Just put it on the bag as well as my a cam, my lenses. I mean, these are the high valuable goods, so just pack it with me. Yeah, on And that's it. There's not Aziz. Many war ease as the bigger drones used to have a separate backpack for those drones because they're bigger. But it's a lot easier now with the smaller size. So you don't need to get specific backpacks that fit the drones anymore because they're so small. So yeah, really easy. I mean, that's it. Um, no, just some additional tips. I like Teoh put my laptop in the same backpack as well as my EQ I My Panasonic GH five My canon SLR So have everything in my mobile production. Kids, this backpack is me by sorority actually reviewed this backpack. It served me pretty well. It's the same design as the think tank back Cox, but it's cheaper. I think it was about 100 us for this backpack. Um, yeah, and when you're going out actually going out to shoot with the maverick pro, I like to carry a lighter back and I'll just do a quick check lists make sure that I've got charge batteries. I've got my mobile device, but the app I make sure I'm all updated on the firmware and bring my cable cable to connect the mobile device to the remote control. Oh, yes. And bring your remote control. Actually forgot my remote control once had to come all the way back. I lost precious time on a beautiful sunset. So nice to go through that checklist. The one thing I like with the magic air is that it has a gigabyte internal memory. So if you forget to bring a SD card, which is quite easy to forget, you always have that back up. And you can change that setting in the app. Just go to the camera area, click settings and there's a There's a spot you can switch from SD card to internal memory , but I just take a quick look at the back there where you can insert the card and make sure that I've got some space to record especially ready. Recording a four K pulls up very quickly. Okay, so hope these tips help you for traveling with your magic air. One last sip. I will give if you do have the budget. It's a good idea to get travel insurance to protect from any damage or loss while you're traveling but elected. I can't take this backpack with me, and I'll put it in the cabin right above. I like to get the aisle seat. So I always have first access, um, to the backpack so I could make sure that I get it quickly as soon as I had the parts and it's always with me, all right. If you like these tips, please hit the subscribe button from, or travel and aerial video tips for me. 6. Mavic Air Go 4 App: by their aerial videographers and pilots. This video we're going to cover the maverick Air DJ I go for my name is Greg Hung Oven Aerial video for in flying drones Since the first generation found to one since 2013 when I picked one up in Hawaii And this is the third successive video I've done off the APP tour, starting with Phantom Three Pro and now Maverick Air. So it's the same similar look and feel and I recommend that you have your drone on. You have the app install and you're connected to get the most benefit out of this video. So we're going to start off by opening up the deejay go for app and the format off this is I'm gonna cover the essentials off the app We're gonna go through camera view, which is the heart off this. How's it going? And let's just backtrack there. So we are in Can I lost in phone lump ore? Definitely Check this place out if you have a chance. So this splash screen here way have some stuff that I want to go over Aziz. Well, we will do that after things like fight records. Geo zones for my drone, the academy and a flight simulator is in. The academy will go through the editor Sky Pixel, and let me just go over some red band that's getting our attention in the top left. So there's an update available for your remote for your drone. It's going to try. Grab your attention there and a recommend you do this. When you have WiFi in a controlled environment like your home or office bottom laugh, it's showing us that we're connected to the drone. If not, you'll have to go through the linking process, which I have a video on. Basically, follow the instructions and press the button at the back off the drone to link its OK. But we're gonna go straight in to the app by clicking start flights, and I'm gonna go over in the clockwise fashion all the, um, stats, and then I'm going to dig into the menus, and then we're gonna go through the camera view. So let's get started. So starting in the top left, we see the yellow bar ready to go vision. This means that we don't have enough satellites, but we can still fly in a limited fashion using the vision sensors now normally would want tohave. A green bar that says, Ready to fly GPS. This means you have enough satellites. I believe it's more than 11 satellites and the barbell show green. That means that you can fly with fry. Fly freely with little restrictions. You can also see a red bar if there's a problem with the aircraft or you need to do compass calibration. Or maybe you need to apply a critical update. All right, moving on. We see Opti. This is the normal fly mode. If we flip the switch on the remote that says sport, you'll see that it's which is a sport mode, Sport Moaned, allows you to race with the drone, is gonna fly a lot faster and behave a lot differently. Opti mode is gonna be more controlled by default, and, um, yeah, that's only need to know, really. The ah Knicks icon is your satellite coverage, so we have no satellite coverage. I got the drones in the heart of my loft here, so blocking the signal, the other icon is telling us that the drone sensors air on and then we have the connection to the drone in the remote over WiFi 5.8 g. And we have the drone battery percentage 94%. A very important area to be aware of. Okay, just below. There we have our stats for video or photo. We can tell which mode we're in. On the right hand side, the red circle is for video. And if I switch to photo got very different settings, I'm just gonna set it to auto. For now. Don't worry. I'm gonna go through. I'm going to go through the section in details, so don't worry about that. I'm just gonna adjust the settings here. So I got a better picture, and then I'll take quick snap. I like I like the lighting that we have right now. Okay, so that big white button is to take a photo, or you can do it on the remote control right over here. And video is over there. And by the way, when you fly best to have the antennas facing up for best reception so that a signal comes from the antennas there over to the drone, and we're gonna cover the gimbal later. So on the bottom left, there's a wheel there. Not sure if you can see that, but on the app you can see the circle changing. Okay, What happened then? We got bumped out. You can see that circle moving up the ruler there. So if you move your dial to the rights, it's going to move the camera higher up the ruler line, and I'm gonna show you how you can enable your gimble to go to that high angle that I just went to. Okay, so let's get back to the stats there. So, uh, that's showing us or I so shutter speeds are exposure, so we are technically a bit overexposed. We're on auto white balance, and we are recording to J pack formats, and we have the ability to take 10,225 photos if we switch to video modes and gives ah slightly different stats for capacity. It's giving us the amount of time we can record because it's video. Okay. And again, I'm gonna go over the camera settings in detail. Let's just move on. So, um, on the right side, later on, we're gonna drill into this area where we can set are recording video size and how we can change from auto to manual settings. Let's just change this, though. So we've got ah, better expos picture. And below we have the preview button, the play, But it that's a lousy too preview the footage on your SD card. Or you can look at the internal storage on the drone. There's eight gigabytes of internal storage, so you might need to go in there to free up some space if you realize. Oh, you didn't copy the footage from the car the day before and you need to clear it up. Okay, we have the map on the bomb, right? We can expand that. Get ah, overview of the city. Que the bottom. There we have our telemetry. Or are stocks that show us the distance the drone is away from from you or the remote. This is, ah, important one to pay attention to. Typically, I don't fly my comfort levels about 300 meters, 3 to 400 but sometimes depending on the area might not even fly between one and 200 meters . Or maybe you're just gonna fly under 100 meters away from you. I'll start to pay attention to the altitude depending on where you are flying, that might be restrictions, but, uh, my comfort zone is between hundreds around 100 150. If it's ah, it's a really tall building and were allowed to flap to 200. I rarely fly higher than that, and we have her horizontal speeds. How fast the drone is flying vertical speed, how fast it's ascending or descending. And our VPs is telling us are It's a sensor at the bottom of the drone, so it's telling us we're 0.1 meters above flat surface. I believe bottom left is our radar, giving us the direction. This is useful if you you can still see the drone, but you're not sure which is which way is the front of the drone where the camera is? Because it might just look like a black speck in the sky so I can use the radar to help you out. With that, a pass has to do with enabling or disabling the sensors. You might want to just click on that or Google it just to make sure I'm not 100% sure. To be honest, I don't use this feature, but it has to do with enabling or disabling the sensors. Temperley, the Knicks icon, is to bring us into our intelligent modes. So go through these quickly, quick shots is where you can find things like drone ease. So these air, like selfies for your drone, it will record a short video and fly backwards and up pretty cool. We also have the asteroid shock, which will make the small world effect sort of like Have you seen some of those 3 60 pictures? So that's all in the quick shot. Active track will allow the drone camera to track you to get some selfie footage. The ah smart capture will do the same, but instead of video, it'll do photos, so you might have to make silly gestures for drone automatically Take photos of you tripod modes. I like this mode for doing smooth 3 60 pens or just pans with the drone while it's in the air. The drones gonna fly a lot slower while you're controlling it in try pot mood. And for this reason, this is a good mode to practice flying your maverick air while you're first starting out. Also, if you have a small area to fly like you don't want to fly over houses or or people, But you still want that feeling emotion? Tripod Mood is a good motive flying as well. Cinematic mode is gonna fly normal speed, but it's gonna fly a lot smoother when you're flying and you let go The sticks the drone is gonna glide for a bit before comes to a standstill. So this is a good setting to get cinematic footage and just allow them advocare to fly a lot smoother. To get that smooth footage top fly you can tap on the screen, the drone will fly to the target. I don't particularly like this mood. Point of interests will orbit around a building. Ah, an interesting object. I use us a lot to phone filming like a temple or an interesting building, and you can do things like control the radius, the direction that it orbits clockwise or anti clockwise. So those are the intelligent modes. I think these are really good, because when you're using intelligent modes, the drone is on some type of auto pilot, and this frees you up to focus on controlling the gimbal or the angle of the camera waltz flying all right. Next icon knock is returned to home. You can also do this manually or from the remote, but it's also a nap. But sometimes you know when things are Elektronik, your drone or your screen might be sticky, or you might get that annoying white dot. If you're using apple device, that's in the way, and you need to do something quickly. That's where you got the button on the remote to do the same function. Okay, the icon pointing up is for on Mac take off. So we click that it's going to give you one last opportunity to cancel. Or you can slide it with your finger to take off, which I'm not going to do because of inside. But this is good if you want to do a take off from your hand. This is what I will use this feature for. All right, so we've covered the basics. Now let's just dive into the menu. So we click on the status bar right there. It's gonna take us to the aircraft status, and we can click on the overall status. Now there's a problem. This is where the message will be. So it's reminding me I need to plan updates. Was clicking it again gives us or flight mode. So this is where it can change the maximum height we can fly to the maximum distance compass calibration. I spend a lot of time ah, doing a compass calibration, especially if you're in an area with a lot of magnetic interference. So the way to deal with this is you either might need to place the drone in another area nearby, or actually go through the calibration process or combination of the two. Worst case scenario. You could just pop out the battery, restart the maverick drone and find a combination off. Those three things will allow you to fly in an area. Okay, a Sfar is the calibration steps. Just follow the instructions. I'll try toe, provide you a video with how I do it. A compass dance, as it's called, I am used. The believe the computer of the drone so status is normal, just telling you a lot of status of the sensors. Remote controller mode. It's on mode to that's the default. That's what I fly in. But you can go in there and change it if you want remote controller Battery. 76%. You can customize some of the buttons on the remote over here. Um, but I just leave it. You can also sense your gimble aircraft battery and the conform mats, the SD card or the internal storage. So this menu is don't give you a good overview. Everything that's happening in drone. Okay, now we're going to look at the other menus. So in the top, right, we have the three circles or three dots. Sophie, top on that. General settings. This allows us to change the measurement units. I fly in metric, but this is where it can change the metric to something else I don't broadcast, but this is where you find it. Now, this is where you can able the video cash. If you want to store a copy of the footage on your mobile device and why would you want to do this? Maybe you want to use the editor, which I will show you how to use. If you want to create a quick video right after flying, you don't wanna bring the footage to your computer and edited, You know, that takes some time. So that's why I would want to enable this. And from here, you can clear the cache. You can set the sighs on the video cash on your mobile device. Someone just set to now. You can even record audio on your video cash. Okay, so that's general settings. Knicks area. This is where we can control the sensors. So most of the sensors are unable Bud fault. But there is a setting for horizontal off school avoidance in top flying and off school avoidance in actor truck. Okay, so I just leave those old on. I want all the sensors on now. This is where we can also adjust the extra buttons on the remote control We have ah, function button over there. Not sure you can see that or not. And there's an extra button beneath the the button to take a photo where you can customize this. So, for example, the function button. I could just talk and say that I want to set this button to give me the battery info. Okay. Next area is the WiFi settings. I just leave it on auto. Okay, this is the battery settings. So I think the normal battery warning is that 30% I like to bring this down and 20% because I like to fly uninterrupted. Once I hear that warning, I start to panic a little bit and I'm comfortable enough. I can bring the drone back in time, and I don't need that warning at 30%. But that depends on your comfort level and worst case scenario. The drone mavi gears and else mourn enough to calculate how much battery time is required to bring it back to the home points, and it'll automatically start bringing it back down. So you know that at the back your mind so you got different levels. Ah, safety built into the maverick, your No, you click on details. You can see the amount of times, battery's charge and serial number. Okay, let's click on the gimbal settings. Over here, you can change the gimbal modes. I typically just leave it on the fault. Just follow over here, you can adjust the gimbal. Calibrate it. Now here is a setting that I spoke about. It's called Extend Tilt Limit. This allows you to bring the gimbal higher than it normally is. See how high I can go over here. That's because that's enabled. All right now it is time to go through adjusting the camera settings. All right, so let's look on the right side. So we are in video mode. Let's just quickly cover photo mode and just want to let you know. My focus and specialty is on the video side, and because of that, I focus on getting video arm in the air, but I still want to get some snaps. So after I've positioned the drone, I framed the shock I've got in my video shots. I'll park this into photo modes. I'll just tap it on auto. I trust that the computer will calculate decent values and I put on my ND filter, especially if I'm flying in bright settings like outside and let the computer take care of the rest and then I'll just take quick snap. Okay, now, if we click on that menu underneath the white circle, we can adjust some settings so these settings apply. Overall, that's not a photo or video specific setting. You can turn on history. Graham. You can control the led lights on the arms. I always recommend having the lights on, especially at night, and I don't recommend flying like when it's pitch star at night. There's there's, ah, sweet spot when it's just after sunset, when you can still get good footage and it's still relatively safe. The fly. So keep that in mind. Okay, you can do things like and see flicker modes. Okay, so areas that I spend time in here is to format the SD card or the internal storage. If you need to reset the camera settings, this is where it is. Okay, let's click on the camera and look a photo specific settings so you can see here we can do Pan owes times shots, HDR single shots. So someone focusing on aerial photos might spend some time here can change the dimensions off the photos. 69 or 43 Image formats. White violence. Okay, you can even take raw photos. So I just changed minus 16 and nine and yeah, so that's on auto. And let's take another photo here. But we can also Justin manually. So if I thought that it is a little bit dark, it's bump of the ice. Oh, and there we go. Let's go over the video mode. This is where I can give you but more info. Let's go to the camera and start off with video size. Okay, so if you're going out to shoot some footage, I would recommend choosing four K. The highest resolution technically is his ultra four K. You have a choice of 24 25 and 30 frames per second. 24 frames is the cinematic setting. 30 frames is more broadcast. It's more like a sports broadcast type of setting. We have, ah, 10 80 p weaken, Select super slow, mo. So that's that's pretty cool or traditional HD 24 frames now, because I'm recording this tutorial, I don't want to take up too much space. I'm gonna record 7 20 p at 24 frames I 1st 2 HD HD 24 frames and back out there. Video four Minor leaving moth white balance on auto style sets to the defaults and the color elect to leave on Sonny de Sanni like it's called City like D on the on the Panasonic GH five. And, um, so this color profile will leave the colors more flat, last saturated, so you have more room to adjust the picture in your video editor. All right, let's click on the Icahn over there, so this allows us to adjust it manually. OK, so we chose 10. 80 p 24 frames, so the good starting point is to shut. Set the shutter speed 2 50 which is double the frame rate. Well, technically, it's 48 but fifties the closest. So that's a good place to start. Now let's pay attention to the meter below that. So that's a rule of thumb or more of a guide that tells you whether your cameras overexposed or under exposed. Oh, it's plus 2.3. Ideally, we want 0.0. So anything above zero means you're overexposed so we can adjust the I. So to bring that value down. Or I can put a nd filter on the lens, and that will probably bring that value down as well. So let's just bring it down one notch from Isil. 800 or 400 so you can see it's brought that down a bit. Let's bring that down. I so to hundreds, were still overexposed. So let's bring in Isil 100. We are still overexposed. A little bit more. You can see my lawn. She's trying out on the balcony? No. So at this point, we are the lowest ice. Oh, so I can either put on Andy Filter or I can adjust the shutter slightly higher. We do have a bit of wiggle room to adjust. Shudder, You know, 2 to 3 stops without losing that cinematic feel. So I saw 100. This is fine. And if I wanted to have Morrell emphasis on the outside background on my laundry and the city view, I could increase this shutter even more. Okay. Your recording and we can adjust these settings while it is recording. So let's bring it up to 100. Okay, so according to the computer, this is good setting, but it really depends. You have to use common sense. If I wanted to brighten up myself so that I've got better lighting, I bring up the ice, so bring it closer to shutter speed. 50. And there we go. There's more emphasis on me. And now the backgrounds blown out. Okay. I hope you enjoy that. Coverage of the up if you enjoyed it. I have other lessons I'm gonna cover on learning the mav a care from actually going out and flying it my favorite techniques as well as full workflow. Bring that footage back and editing your Medicare footage into an amazing video as well as give you a path. If you decide you want to take this as a hobby to more commercial work or get into things like monetizing your footage. If that sounds interesting, you're gonna love my course, which is a Siris of video lessons were going to do it inside as well as outside. I'll also go out into the field to give me some actual demonstrations. Okay, so if you enjoy that part, you can continue to watch. I'm gonna create other lessons on flight records, the flight simulator and editing the footage. This is all within the DJ. I go up. 7. DJI GO 4 FLIGHT SIM RECORDS MAVIC AIR: So let's click the dejar icon. We're now back at the main screen. It's just click on Sky Pixel. This is DJs platform. If you wanna share your footage, I don't. I don't spend too much time in here. Actually, let's go over to the editor. So this is a cool way to quickly make video. Now you can choose the make movie auto edit, which is cool because it's actually gonna take care off doing the cuts in the footage for you. So what do you need to do is just select some of your cash footage and just click creates. And just like that, it creates a 32nd video. No, not that. Okay to stop it, we can just click on the picture there so some alterations can make its limited. But you can change the music so I can make this in the sports theme, then immediately just plays again. Parts have been knowing, okay, so let's just saying that that part lining by the car, that's not what I want. I can adjust that by tapping on that clip and then it allow me to adjust that I can choose the portion of the clip that. I want to highlight the two seconds, so I'll just I'll just select that two seconds there and it. Okay. Okay. So now suggested my projects. So that scene of the car is now showing Skyland a lot better. You can do things like Adam opening title. We can enable a filter. Okay. And then when we're done, we just hit complete. It'll create a video really quickly. So that's quick and dirty. A good way to create something quickly in a share on instagram or ah, Facebook. I'm gonna cancel. The second option we have is to make a free form video. This is more manual work. So let's just select the same clips, okay? Or eclipse a slicked create. Okay, so we have a choice of music in top on the picture to play its Let me change the music. Okay. So you can trim the video clip by just using our finger on the frame there. If we click on the pencil, we can do things like adjusts the speed of the clip. We can reverse it, change highlights. So we have mawr options at a clip level, and we can click the check mark when we're done. We can add a transition by clicking on that line in between the clip. So I would just like to dissolve transition. We can also enable of filter. Okay, lets just choose warm. That's I'm a warm guy and we can add opening title. I'll just call it Thailand's done. Okay, this is actually a 29 2nd clip. That's way too long. I want to keep you waiting. Okay, so let's just take a look at that transition. Okay, so let's say I want to trim that clip and then they once this to play back faster. When I tap on the clip and click on the speeds and speed it up by, it's three times there. Click check mark enable of filter. I'll choose warm. Same for this is well, we'll choose warm. Just trim the clip quickly. Just creating something quick and dirty here and adds transition in between all clips. If you want to move along the pro Jack, you can do it just below the video. Okay, Lawrence, I think I've created Ah, quick project there. 20 seconds. Law. Just take a look. So again, you can also create something pretty quickly from a mobile device to share out. And this gives you a bit more manual control off controlling the cuts Speed. Here we go. And then when you're done, you can click complete. All right? I don't keep you waiting for that. So I'm just gonna back out. But that's how you can edit your footage in the D joined. Go up. All right, snow, let's cover the flight records quickly. So flight records is going track All your flights between different drones. I had the chance to fly to different mavi gears, and you can see there's different names there. And I could see the different amount of flight time with each drone. So I spent more with this one, and you can see all the flights I've done. Eight This sense traveled the amount of flight time altitude, and this is pretty cool. I can see some of the photos I took cashed on the mobile device. Okay, so that's flight records. We can scan the cure code on drone. Maybe I want to do this if I want to connect their craft. Uh, the academy? Uh huh. We come here for the flight simulator, and there's also some useful tutorials like how to attach propellers. But we're here for the flight simulator. This is a great area to come to if you want to practice. Okay. It just had to make sure that I was actually in the simulator and not the real thing. Okay, so we're in the flight simulator? No. And you can take off manually or automatically. So it's just to auto, and I could swipe there, but we could also go manually, press down on both sticks and Preston inward, turn on the propellers up on the left, stick to lift off or take off and then from hair to move forward on the right stick. Press up to go forward and press down on the rice stick to go back and press right on the right. Stick to go. Rights left on the on the right. Stick to go left and to go higher or go lower. Use elastic. So bringing up to go higher and to turn the drone arounds anti clockwise. Bringing stick all the way to the right and just hold it there for clockwise. Sorry. Antiques. So for anti clockwise, hold on the left. Stick left or clockwise. Hold elastic all the way to the right. It can also practice using the camera. You can take some video or photo. You can also control the gimbal. But I would just come in here just to get a feel for the basic controls and then practice your landing by pressing down on elastic when it gets close to the ground is gonna pause for a second because of the sensors. But if you just keep holding it down, it'll override that. And then land. Okay, so that's the flight simulator. Let's click on the dejar icon to back out and get back to the main menu. Okay, we've covered academy find records. Find my drone is a new feature. If worst case scenario loser drone tap on that triangle, you can get the coordinates or turn on the lights or make it beep. Keep in mind that I think this feature will only work if as long as the batteries on. So you have Ah, very limited time. Let's just say if your drone crashes until you lose battery power and lose power to the drone. Geos owns this is gonna give you a map. It's gonna take you to D. Jai's site so you can access this from the website. It's gonna tell you the area you're in with Navigare and just point out restricted zones, which are usually airports or government buildings. But that's just the starting point because you also have to check with certain buildings or properties if you need permission or not. So this is a good starting point to do that, paying them back up there. So that covers the DJ. I go for up in some decent detail. So again we covered the actual camera view we covered in the camera view. We covered the central functions as well as the menus going through how to set up the camera manually, give more controls. We covered the flight academy flight simulator. We did the video editing function, and we went through the fight records. So we covered a lot today, so hope you learned to lock. And again, if you enjoy this, I make this video available free. But there's a lot of other video lessons and content in the Maverick Air course, so I hope to see you in there if you're interested in learning more from me learning how to do some of the flight techniques to get amazing footage. Learn from my travel experiences with the MAV a care in countries like Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, how to do entire workflow from not only in the field but in post production. And if you're interested in taking this from a hobby to commercial work and monetizing on your footage, I will see you in the course. Thanks a lot for watching. 8. Pros and cons mavic air: Hey guys, just break Hung here here to give you the pros and cons of mave, a care I have filmed in Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan. For the past months, I've been on the road, spent a lot of time with this guy, So let's get started. First thing I love about it is the size. It comes with a nice carrying case, and it allows me to travel between countries. And then when I'm in the city, I can use a smaller day pack like this guy to fit it in with my GH five camera, my main camera so I can film for the day. I also like the charge of the Comes With the Maverick Air has got two USB ports so I can charge my mobile devices with one I'm using for my DJ. I go app as well as my smartphone eso. That's very useful charging times very between 45 minutes to an hour, and depending on how you fly, you can get 15 to 19 minutes. The image quality on this thing is amazing films up to ultra K four K 24 30 frames per second. And, um, I was filming a lot in the cinematic mode. I love that it has internal storage. I believe it's a gigabytes Soviet. Forget your memory card. You can still fly. And so those are the pros off the maverick air. Let's talk about the cons. I found a lot of compass errors, and maybe it's just the sites I was going to. So I had to do a lot of compass calibration. Um, and I corrected those by just changing the spots, doing things like ticking the Badri out, resetting the mavi gear. But I found a lot of those also found some reception errors, especially when getting beyond ah, 300 meters. But it could have been the way I was using the antennas. First I was flying like this but actually went to the deejay store in Osaka on they said I should have the antennas like this so that improve things a little bit, and I was using the remote control with the iPad using the dej I go for. No, let's talk about another problem flying in the wind, especially when I went to high up in the mountains and heavy winds. The maverick area doesn't do too good, but the drone is smart enough to tell you that it's too indeed, not state the flying and would actually try to line itself in those unsafe, windy conditions. So, um, yeah, nice feature on the drone. Another problem is the shrill the noise that the drone makes. It's still very loud and probably the largest downside for me because the noise is annoying for other people if they are around and it definitely attracts unwanted attention. Little small thing is that the limitation is ultra four K. It's not full four k, so it's not for 096 times 2160 but that's not a deal breaker, because customers are not making a big deal about it yet. Ultra four K is good enough, and the image quality for the video is great. So those are some of the pros and cons I found with flying with the MAV a Care in Asia for the past month and stay tuned for other tips. Travel, video tips from the cities and deep diving into Medicare. Hit that subscribe button of this sounds interesting and thanks for watching 9. Mavic Air Stock Footage: in this video, we're gonna talk about stock footage for your aerial footage. Your drone footage. How can you monetize in it? And why should you get into it? So I've been doing it since 2015. This is when the technology for four K started to be introduced in the cameras. They had really good gimbals and I was at that right time, the right place where there wasn't a lot of rules and I was ready in Thailand. So I got to travel to countries like Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand and build up my four K aerial collection very quickly. Now what is stock footage exactly for those of you don't know And how could it benefit? You? Will Stock footage is a business model that allows you to license video footage, and it just so happens that aerial footage is, ah high demand category within stock footage. I mean, you can do stock footage with regular cameras with models, but drone footage or aerial footage is a little bit harder to come by now. We are starting to see cameras like the mav a care in 2018. I mean, this course is about mave a care where the cameras were smaller, but they're still powerful, so technology is advancing fast, and so it's a great time to get in the stock footage. It's gonna lie to trouble freely without having a big, bulky drone. And your advantage with the maverick air is that you're very portable, but you can shoot high quality video now for stock footage. What often happens is you shoot clips between 10 30 seconds long. It's a benefit to shoot it at the high resolution, so four K. Because these sell for more now, you can price clips from 1 to 200 us for four K clip, and usually agencies will down skillet on Mackley. So the customer wants HD that can do that or four K if they want. And depending on the agency, you may get 30 to 50% off that sale. Now, not every single clip is going to sell, but if you have that money shot or it's just ah, great shot that's gonna fit for the customers project, then you could sell hundreds of dollars for just for doing that one aerial video clip. You can do things like establishing shots of landmarks. You can do shots off models doing sports with the aerial perspective. You'll need of model release for that type of shot if you have a model in it. But shots with people in a do tend to sell quite well. And now with the drone, you have the freedom to do a whole variety of shots that you can't do it. The regular camera, like one example, is doing the point of interest orbit around a person, or you can do a higher perspective. I didn't shoot with someone on a bicycle flying backwards as they were going forward, and then I flew up, flew up on backwards to get a really nice shot that I would never be able to get with my Panasonic GH. Five. So there's a lot of freedom with stock footage, creative freedom. You can shoot what you want. You want to try shoot stuff that gonna be commercially viable that sells. So think about what you see in commercials. Think about establishing shots in movies. But this business model has a lot of potential, and I do have an online course if you do want to deep dive and learn a bit more about it and you want to learn work, flows for the agencies and do this on your own to fast track your learning on it. It's a great way to get a side income. It's being one of my primary revenue stream since 2014. It allowed me to have living in Thailand. I used stock footage to earn anywhere from 500 to 1500 U. S a month. So I'm really thankful for the business model. It's a bit more saturated in 2018. More people are getting into this, but they're still opportunities there. And there are services that are starting to allow you to outsource a lot of the leg work and because one of the downsides is the key wording and the strategy issues multiple agencies so it can get a bit cumbersome. But if you use some of these platforms that allow you to elsewhere some of that work, it does make it easier. One of the platforms I'm currently trying is called Black Box, and, uh, they allow you to upload your footage, find someone to help you keyword, and then the platform will allow you to publish it out to multiple agencies of wants So it is getting any easier in that sense, so I definitely, uh, one way to monetize on your footage and one way to build up a side income, maybe even pay off your drone many times over. So again, I have a course on that on your Demi. It's called thestreet British Masterclass. I also have a basic class, so check those out if you're interested and Ah, yeah, I hope this was helpful. 10. Mavic air hand take off: Okay, The icon pointing up is for on Mac take off. So if you click that, it's going to give you one last opportunity to cancel, or you can slide it with your finger to take off, which I'm not gonna do because of inside. But this is good. If you want to do a take off from your hand, this is what I will use this feature for. If you have a choice between manual tick off and taking off your hand, always choose the manual. Sick off. What I mean by manual take off is that used. The sticks on the remote control take off, but again, because of the grass, it's on even the propeller blades. They're probably going to get stuck because when the magic ticks off, it leans, tilts back a little bit, and then colors are gonna get stuck. So some tips to do the take off from your hand is too. Hold its on the sides. Make sure your hands underneath the level propellers hold it as far away as you can from your face and above your face. And what I'm gonna do is click on the icon on the top left with the arrow pointing upward, and then the last thing I need to do is just slide to take off. 11. Mavic Air Prep for your Flight: in this video, I'm gonna cover some general preflight tips. These are things that you should cover before you go Well, for your first flight or even just every single flight. The first thing you want to do is make sure that you've got everything charged up. So that means your remote controller, your batteries. You also want to make sure that you turn on your drone while connected to the remote controller to make sure you have the latest updates. You don't want the drone to tell you you need an update when you're out there in the field . I've even heard sometimes if you don't have a new appropriate update, it's gonna prevent you from flying. And you don't want to do that while you're actually out there is gonna take a hit on your mobile data plan and you have to do things like turn on your hot spot on your cell phone. You don't want to do that while you're out. So it best to do that while you're at home. Just turn on the drone and make sure that your linked up to the remote controller okay. Before I go out to fly, I like to just review the shot lists. I like to make a list of the places I plan the film at, and I like to put those on Google map and just set them as a favorite or label it as a place I want to go this way. I can clearly see where all these sites are in the city so I can plan up my time a bit better. And the times I'd like to go out to film our sunrise and sunset. That's gonna be different for every city. But if you do a quick Google, you can figure those out. You also have to factor in travel time to the actual filming site. So whenever possible, I like to book a hotel or an Airbnb that's going to be as close as possible to the site I'm gonna be filming at. Or if there's gonna be a lot of sites, I'm going to book my Airbnb as close as I can to the primary attraction. This means that you have less travel time is gonna be easier and you, especially when you need to wake up at 5 30 in the morning and you know, you just last time You have to get there, the better. Now I like to have a quick checklists just to make sure that I've got everything that I need. Of course, he wants to make sure. Remote controller, your batteries are charged. You want to make sure that you've got a couple of SD cards, I'm gonna cover the SD card that I use. I'm just gonna flash up, um, image of it, but SanDisk extreme 32 gigabytes. These are pretty good value. And they can write four k video pretty good. And I like to get the adapter so I could also use these memory cards for my Panasonic huge five, my primary camera and ah nd filters these air. Very good for getting the ideal cinematic settings. These air like some glasses for your drone. I'll create a separate video on the ND filters. I want to make sure you have your mobile device and the cable for that mobile device. 12. Mavic Air Quick setup unfolding props and gimbal: Okay, We're gonna cover the quick set up for the MAV A care. I've got the mav a care in the bag here on first thing we gotta do is take it out of the case. And this is what it looks like when you've folded it up so quick set up. We've got the legs that we have to open out from the drone. We have to take off the gimbal cover. We have to make sure that we've got a memory card. Sometimes you have to link the remote controller to the drone. We have to open up the app, set up the camera in the app, and I'm gonna cover the app in detail. But I'm just going to cover the actual physical set up off the drones. So let's get started with that. So, with the drone when year unfolding it, I like to take the back legs off first. It's pretty hard to remember sometimes, but you'll get the hang of it. Just do it a lot. Okay? So take off the front legs and then I like to set up the landing legs. So these fold and unfold Knicks. I would take off the gimbal cover. So this is actually pretty tricky to put back on, but to take off, we're gonna just pinch the two tabs there and slide it forward. All right, Now, while we're talking about the gimbal almost gonna teach you how to put it back on, because this can be tricky. Now, this part here, we want to fit 90 degrees. But we want to make sure the camera lens is not tilted up otherwise and might scratch it. So I'm going to just press the game, will cover in like this, and then we just need to press that tab up until clicks. Okay? So one more time, I'll do it from a different angle. Make sure the camera itself is not tilted. Make sure it's 90 degrees, and then look at that tab. Just press it in, okay? I need a look at it. Okay. Press in and click up to close the gimbal cover. All right, so let's talk about the memory card. So the memory card is at the back, so you can put the memory card in there and then close it when you're done. If you have a new remote controller and you haven't linked it to the drone before. When you try to connect, it's gonna ask you to link up. So what you need to do is press this button, which is going to be lit up when the drone is on eso. I just want to show you where that button is, because it took me quite a long time to do it. All right, so let's just cover how we fold up the drone, so this is a little different. The order of operations is front legs first. So when a tuck in the front legs and then we're gonna bring the back legs in, okay, and then the propellers are not going to be perfectly straight, so I just click it in. So it's straight. And then in the case, you'll see that there's actually a specific shape that's gonna fit the head of the drone. So we put it like that and close the case. OK, so that's our quick physical set up off the mav a care. So I'm gonna cover some things in detail, like linking up the remote controller, setting up the camera in the app, opening up the up and doing up tour 13. MAVIC AIR selling the drone: Hi. My name is Greg Kong. I'm an aerial videographer. In this video, I'm gonna share the process of how I sold my Phantom three pro drone. I made a decision earlier this year that I wanted to sell my phantom three pro drone. I bought it in 2015 from D. J. I and I pretty much had already filmed the course on it. I film footage from pretty much all over the world, and it was starting to lose value because newer models like the John Maverick were released and I knew the Valley was this gonna continue to decrease. And if I wanted to sell it, this was the right time. And I actually want to upgrade to a Dijon maverick. And so that was the reason why I wanted to sell it once I made the decision to do it. Then I created a posting as next step and I'm sharing with you the actual potion that I used at first, I put it on Facebook and it took some time to create the first set of copy. But it was able to reuse that copy and the photos so that when I made the Craigslist posting in Vancouver. It didn't take that much time in some destinations. Facebook used Camel groups are good place to post it. But in Vancouver, I know because I'm from here that Craigslist works, and I put it on for, I think, about a week and 1/2 and actually here it says exactly 15 days ago. And so I got the title here, France or three Pro. I'm putting the condition and try to be descriptive as possible. So mine came with a hard case, so that's an extra plus. I was offering a free lesson. I think it's important to have a good title and important to be as descriptive as possible . I'm selling my fans and three prone, pro drone purchase from D. J. I. Why, pretty much what I told you. I also have the electronic receipts. That's a bonus, and I listened out what's included on your so we had the backpack under dollar value. Lanyards drop updated firmware, 16 gigabyte card, two batteries, charger, filters, propellers. It's very important to list exactly what is included. Otherwise, the person or the customer may come back to you and ask these questions, and that takes time going back and forth. You could do the customer favor by listing everything else and understand what each item is worth approximately. For example, the fountain drone comes with one battery, and I think that's worth 100 U. S. 120. Us and I listed out to batteries. So I know that you know those two batteries of worth approximately $200. In addition to the drone, the backpack doesn't come with the drone. That's an accessory. So have included that as well, as well as Andy filters. Okay, let's talk about pricing. How did I come up with that price? Well, I think the price depends on your market. And to get an idea of the market price, you have to look at existing prices. The first place I would begin is to look at what is the existing selling price for this brand. New and I went to stores like Best Buy and London drugs, and I think they were selling for 1000 Brand new plus you have to add in tax, which I think is another 15% and then you think about Okay, so you have used this for two years. You have to decrease the value because this is not a brand new drone, and this is not from a large store. I'm just selling this direct and so you have to discount the value. I regionally price that higher, close to closer to 800 Canadian. And I think I got an offer for 6 50 and I was struggling with that price a bit. I thought it was a little on the low end, and what I did is I decided to bump down the price from 800 to 7 49 and see if I got any interests. And sure enough, I think it was a day or two after I did that. I got a phone call in the morning and I had a geologist that was actually using drones for his work, and so we made an appointment to meet up. He asked me a lot of questions about my drone, and he wanted to see my YouTube channel. I'm not sure if he wanted to see my work or just to build up some trust, because a lot of this is on trust, especially that's through Craigslist. The buyer wants to know a bit more about you. So they're comfortable purchasing from you and eso. I give him my YouTube channel, and we made plans to meet later on in the day after work so he could just do a test flight to make sure that the drone worked. And so we met up. We went to a nearby parking lot just to fly. And his son is an experienced pilot. So he flew around the parking lot, just tested out, tested the camera, tested the motors, tested that it flies, okay, took some test photos. And then after they were satisfied, then I got paid in cash. So that was it that covered my sale. And, uh, this quickly look through some of the photos here. Maybe this might give you an idea. Something you could do. I posted photos of the drone, not just the drone itself, but of all supposed to the photo that have taken with the drone and in a different setting just to given idea. Maybe, maybe just to inspire someone I don't know. There's a lot of different ways to do this, but hopefully this helps you. If you decide to sell your drone 14. MAVIC AIR poi: these modes. So point of interests is one of the intelligent modes you can enter, and it's gonna orbit around an object or a point of interest, something you're interested in circling around. I use point of interests a lot because the orbit shot is unique and especially if you're traveling, you may see some really majestic Buddhist statue or some amazing building, and you want to capture it in a way that looks unique and amazing. So, of course we've got our standard aerial crane shots. But if you really have an amazing building or structure, it's hard to beat the orbit. So some tips on doing the point of interest, our first to get up in the air, and then you can enter the point of interest, mood some decisions you have to make our your height, your speed, the direction that you're going. Are you going to go clockwise or counterclockwise? And then you need to decide on your radius. How wide of a circle do you need? So some tips here, I'm gonna show you a video out in the field, but it's a lot easier to explain it now. When we're in the studio is to just get up to a reasonable height, the height that's higher than the structure. You want a film, give yourself a comfortable radius and then just start your orbit. So Wallison its orbit, you want to make sure that it always has an equivalent distance between the object and your drone. One other decision you need to make is the camera angle so you can control the camera angle with your gimble while it's going in orbit so you can get the ideal shot. I'm going to share some footage I made of the Big Buddha and Paquette. This is one of my favorite point of interest shots. I do have to let you know that I actually use 1/3 party app called Lee Chee to get this shot. The advantage off a program like Beachy is that you can pre program the points that you want the drone to fly in, and it will automatically make the adjustments on the camera gimbal. This is more advanced stuff, and I've actually had no luck connecting the Dijon maverick to lead she. I believe it is supported, but because of that, I'm not able to fill many lessons on that I do have lessons for the Phantom and there are courses by Lauren, said Marini. Phantom Film School If you want a deep dive into this, so let's take a look at some of the footage I've just got with the point of interest mode using DJ, I go for app. I'm right above of interest. So increase radius Chris them increase speed of it. Adjusting the gimbal. I really need to go higher further away. Radius is 20. Just make that 15. MAVIC AIR Tap Fly: eight. This is Greg Hung in this video. We're going to cover the top fly intelligent mode feature for the maverick Air Drone. Top Fly allows you to basically top on the screen, and it will put the drone in ah, autopilot mode, freeing you up to focus on controlling the camera. So that's a nice feature. It also reminds me off another mode that is missing in the MAV a care it's called waypoints . With waypoints, we plot the points and record those points and allow the drone to fly on that path. The only problem with that is it would eat up precious battery time to record those waypoints so I can see the top fly, allowing us to sort of do that. It's not able to fly on such advanced past. But if you just wanna do things like fly forwards fly backwards, it allows it to quickly set up the mav a care in an autopilot mode and allow us to focus on the camera. So how do we set that up? First we have to get the mav a care in the air and then we're getting going to intelligent modes and we're gonna go in the top fly. So I'm just about to set up the mav a care and having some errors for taking off. Now, usually restarting the drone will fix a lot of these errors just as a side note. If you do run into these types of issues, which you will with Navigare, I also recommend testing this mode in a very open space. For the very least, be prepared to hit the stop, but in which you will see on the left side off your app. Or you can hit the pause record button on your remote if you get worried that the drone is automatically flying into an object. Okay, so I'm gonna take the drone off. All right, We're going to look for top fly, and you can see we have the four modes, their board backward three, and coordinate. The first thing I'm gonna do is set the speech, so I'm gonna hit Ford first, and basically you're gonna top on the screen. I'm gonna set it to slow speed. Okay, we're ready to try out the four top fly. So we're in the air and we look at the go flashing just above the horizon. line, we top it again and the drone begins to move forward. And at this point, we're free. Teoh, control the camera. So take advantage of that. To free yourself up to focus on getting better camera shots to change the top line modes we can tap the icon with the up arrow, which is the icon for top life Ford. And we're gonna enter type fly backward. No. So, as you can see, it's the same idea that we're gonna fly backwards and we can control the camera while doing this experiment with different movements while flying backwards, for example, I can fly up and still have the Medicare fly backward to gets a different cinematic shot. Okay, the next top line mode we're gonna try is called free. So this is going to have the MAV occur, Fly to fix point. But we have the ability to turn the aircraft. Well, it's moving in that direction to get a shot that I referred Teoh course lock pan. So I'm gonna demonstrate here, we're gonna fly forward. But I can turn the aircraft to the left while it's flying forward, get a nice cinematic shot, and if we tap back. If it's falling forward, it's going to pause the drone wild in this mode. I also want to point out that you're free to fly left and right. The drone will continue to fly in the direction that you topped The last tough, like what we're gonna cover is coordinate. So it's gonna fly towards the chosen destination at a constant altitude and then hover. So this is a bit more precise. You have to talk in the zone where those grid lines are so simply, I just stopped there and it goes towards that direction. And you see, I tried to top above the zone so it didn't work. So now I'm gonna tap in the grid zone. And if you try to move the drone, Walt in this mode is gonna break it out off its automatic flight. Here's another example. It's either counseled so personally for me, I can see myself using the free mode and the Ford mode. Maybe if I want to capture a scene where I want to focus more on the camera and I want to do course lock, pen 16. MAVIC AIR ACTIVE TRACK: Hi there. Welcome to another video. I want to introduce Raj, my friend and partner. In this course. The rock is gonna help me demo the actor truck feature and you'll also see him in the gesture. Mo Video lesson. We're gonna demo Aftershock, which is a feature basically, where the deejay maverick camera will follow a subject or object or an animal and the three different modes. The 1st 1 is trace where? Well, draw a box around the subject than D. J magical. Follow it. The seconds is called profile, which will do the same thing, but from the side. The third is spotlight where d J Magic will stay static. But we'll still follow the subject as well as the camera. So let's get started. All right, we're ready to begin and write off. We have a compass error. I think this is because of the rocks. The stones. We can easily correct this by placing it on grass. Just the tip. Make sure the grass is not too high because the maverick legs are only on one off the one pair of the propellers and you don't want to get the props stuck in the grass so we're ready for take off now and now we need to put the remote into P mode, which is the default. So that's non sport mode, and we have to position the maverick so that we can get the camera on our subjects. And then we're gonna turn on active truck in the intelligent mode and I'm tracing a box around Rosh. But you can also just tap the subject if it's a person or animal Mavericks supposed to be smart enough and here we have a lock. This is the trace mode, and I'm just starting off at a slow speed of 3.1 meters per second. And you notice the off school avoidance icon just above there is on. And we can still just the drone height, side movements and control the camera. Keep in mind, you can enable backward flights so that if Raj walks towards the drone, it will move backwards. The Knicks variation off Doctor truck Trace is the orbit, so we're gonna go through the same steps until we see that ruler and we can either pull it left or right, so we put it to the right. It's going to go counter clockwise. You can see those icons giving us the guidance there. And I just said it at 44. I'm raising the heights because I see some trees up ahead of Raj, and I don't want the Maverick to crash into them. And so it's just orbiting around Raj while he's moving. And this is just the very slow example. This is pretty cool because you can have someone on the bike or skateboard and have it orbit around someone Notice the radius is a lot larger. Now it's set to 74 and you can also use the remote control sticks to control the orbit. But I just set it on automatic over there. Okay, we're now gonna transition over to profile mode. And so we just got to get the map begin position again to get a lock. So just stop the current doctor track to set up the Act of track 12 fall mode. So I'm just gonna lower the drone and set a lock because this mode is going to follow Rajah from the side and it will keep a certain distance between the drone and the subject, which is Raj. So we're just tracing the box around him, and now he's beginning his walk. We can change the height and we can move it back. There is no obstacle avoidance in this mode, so you can see that by the red icon there, right above telling us that obstacle avoidance is not in effect. Rogers is taking it easy here. I asked him to run, but he wasn't willing. But I think you get the idea over here and coming up. We're gonna see some trees. And just as a test, I raised the height of the Maverick and I wanted to see if Maverick was smart enough to track him when he was in the trees. So look for the message subject lost. So there's your answer. Mavica is not smart enough to track a subject if you get lost in trees or bushes or somewhere where the camera can't see the subject anymore, Okay, we're going to transition to our last active track mode. This is called spotlight. So we're gonna go through the same steps here the set, the lock, and in this mode, deejay maverick is going to pretty much stay in a position and then just change the aircraft direction so that the camera can keep on the target so I can see the maverick up there pretty high in the sky 11 meters high, which is actually not that high. And it looks like we lost her lock. So I'm just going to redo the lock, go but lower. So we're 5.2 meters high, all right, I got the law there and Rogers is taking a leisurely walk. We can adjust the height over here way. We can also do some side movement, but it's a lot slower. And I believe if you press up and down on the right stick, the camera's gonna move on an axis. But always trying to keep the camera on the subject so you can see Rogers walking towards me. I'm over there, and that covers the final mode spotlight. Just as a final tests, we trying to do spotlight on this dog over here, and it didn't work out. It could be a combination off the dog shits moving too fast, and we didn't get close enough, But we didn't speak to this dog owner, so we didn't want Teoh interfere and get too close. But you'll see here in these examples that tests don't work. So just to summarize after track, I think there's a lot of potential here for very creative cinematic shots. I think that if there's moving sports like Rollerblading, cycling or skateboarding, you could get some pretty cool shocks where the drone is following you or you could even be going towards it. And it's flying backwards and you can even add in the orbit that we demoed in the actor track Trace. You could probably get away with just doing this with one person. I would recommend to just stick to the trace mode where you have some obstacle avoidance, but I still think there's always gonna be an element of risk. So perhaps it's good to have at least two people if you're gonna do proof. All modes. The spotlight Moon is fairly safe if you have it high up in the sky, and I think you should try to experiment with this. We did some basic tests here, but I've seen some people do have truck on the water with boats. You've done it with Segways. You could even do it with the car, but that increases your risk. But this is a pretty cool, intelligent mode that will allow you to get some really sweet cinematic shots 17. Mavic Air Stock Footage: in this video, we're gonna talk about stock footage for your aerial footage. Your drone footage. How can you monetize in it? And why should you get into it? So I've been doing it since 2015. This is when the technology for four K started to be introduced in the cameras. They had really good gimbals and I was at that right time, the right place where there wasn't a lot of rules and I was ready in Thailand. So I got to travel to countries like Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand and build up my four K aerial collection very quickly. Now what is stock footage exactly for those of you don't know And how could it benefit? You? Will Stock footage is a business model that allows you to license video footage, and it just so happens that aerial footage is, ah high demand category within stock footage. I mean, you can do stock footage with regular cameras with models, but drone footage or aerial footage is a little bit harder to come by now. We are starting to see cameras like the mav a care in 2018. I mean, this course is about mave a care where the cameras were smaller, but they're still powerful, so technology is advancing fast, and so it's a great time to get in the stock footage. It's gonna lie to trouble freely without having a big, bulky drone. And your advantage with the maverick air is that you're very portable, but you can shoot high quality video now for stock footage. What often happens is you shoot clips between 10 30 seconds long. It's a benefit to shoot it at the high resolution, so four K. Because these sell for more now, you can price clips from 1 to 200 us for four K clip, and usually agencies will down skillet on Mackley. So the customer wants HD that can do that or four K if they want. And depending on the agency, you may get 30 to 50% off that sale. Now, not every single clip is going to sell, but if you have that money shot or it's just ah, great shot that's gonna fit for the customers project, then you could sell hundreds of dollars for just for doing that one aerial video clip. You can do things like establishing shots of landmarks. You can do shots off models doing sports with the aerial perspective. You'll need of model release for that type of shot if you have a model in it. But shots with people in a do tend to sell quite well. And now with the drone, you have the freedom to do a whole variety of shots that you can't do it. The regular camera, like one example, is doing the point of interest orbit around a person, or you can do a higher perspective. I didn't shoot with someone on a bicycle flying backwards as they were going forward, and then I flew up, flew up on backwards to get a really nice shot that I would never be able to get with my Panasonic GH. Five. So there's a lot of freedom with stock footage, creative freedom. You can shoot what you want. You want to try shoot stuff that gonna be commercially viable that sells. So think about what you see in commercials. Think about establishing shots in movies. But this business model has a lot of potential, and I do have an online course if you do want to deep dive and learn a bit more about it and you want to learn work, flows for the agencies and do this on your own to fast track your learning on it. It's a great way to get a side income. It's being one of my primary revenue stream since 2014. It allowed me to have living in Thailand. I used stock footage to earn anywhere from 500 to 1500 U. S a month. So I'm really thankful for the business model. It's a bit more saturated in 2018. More people are getting into this, but they're still opportunities there. And there are services that are starting to allow you to outsource a lot of the leg work and because one of the downsides is the key wording and the strategy issues multiple agencies so it can get a bit cumbersome. But if you use some of these platforms that allow you to elsewhere some of that work, it does make it easier. One of the platforms I'm currently trying is called Black Box, and, uh, they allow you to upload your footage, find someone to help you keyword, and then the platform will allow you to publish it out to multiple agencies of wants So it is getting any easier in that sense, so I definitely, uh, one way to monetize on your footage and one way to build up a side income, maybe even pay off your drone many times over. So again, I have a course on that on your Demi. It's called thestreet British Masterclass. I also have a basic class, so check those out if you're interested and Ah, yeah, I hope this was helpful. 18. Mavic Air and Asteroid: Hey, this is great Kung in this video, in a demo, a fund mode, it's called Droney. Droney is gonna fly backwards and upwards and center in on the subject, which is most likely going to be you or your friend and then after on a demo and asteroid. So both these modes are found in the quick, shocked, Intelligent Mode menu, and there's a lot of other shots there. But I'm just gonna demo these two. Make sure you have a lot of space and then hopped into the intelligent mode Quick shot menu . Select droney the distance you want to travel, and then you need to point the drone's camera towards you. You can see there that I misfired over there because I wasn't close enough. So here I'm about 9.8 meters and five meters high and drew box around myself. And then I tapped Go All right. It will automatically record the video and then fly up. It goes pretty quickly, so if you need to, you can hit on that stop button on the left or the record or pause button on your remote. To break it out of this mode, I'm gonna damn with some asteroid shots, which you can also find in the quick shot menu. Basically, select asteroid. It's gonna fly in some designated spots, automatically make sure you've got a lot of space, and then it's going to stitch together a very cool video that looks like Small World. Basically, there's not much to configure here, so I'm not gonna cover that. But here, some asteroid shots I did over Malaysia and Thailand. 19. Mavic AIR APAS: welcome. This is great Kung. And in this video, we're gonna explain and go through the advance Pilot Assistance system. Hand Navigare. It's really hard, remember? So let's just refer to it as a house. So this feature is gonna help guide the maverick. When you're moving forwards or backwards, it's going to automatically use the sensors on the front and the back off the maverick to steered the drone out of the way. Good for areas of woods where you want to get unique shots that you're flying smoothly, Fords or backwards without jerking left or right. So it's really hard to do manually. And I've just set up this test here in the park. My very first time, I was scared to crush the mav Akin Teoh a concrete barrier. But I felt a bit more comfortable doing this in a wooded area. So we're just gonna set up the camera here on 10. 80 p to enable the A past future, you need to be in the air, so you need to take off your maverick verse and then to enable it. The icon is on the left side. See that triangle there that says a pass when enabled is gonna be highlighted. Blue. Okay, so I'm just setting up drone here, lining up with the tree, and I clicked a pass. It's just going to give you a quick warning and explain what it's doing. So are left and right. Lightspeed is gonna be reduced and you can see it's highlighted Blue. Now all you need to do is move forwards or backwards and let the maverick air technology do its work. So there we go. It avoided the tree there, but I was actually aiming for the tree, so it's pretty neat. You can just continue to hold forward on the stick. Now remember, there are no sensors on the side. Talk on the MAV a care so it is possible if you fly the wrong angle. Maybe the technology might not work, and there's still a risk of damaging your drone. So I will be careful when doing this. But hopefully seeing this tutorial. See, we're just going for the tree there and it makes a left turn. But it's still flies forward so long as you get really unique shots that you wouldn't be able to do manually, and you can also do this backwards as well. So I was just saying that hopefully I can inspire you to try this feature out and lose the fear. I mean, I understand that you know, you don't want to lose 1000 U. S dollars on your drone by crashing it into an object. Why would you need to do this? Well, this technology enables you to get new cinematic shots that navigates past objects. So maybe it's stock footage. Or maybe you may be doing a video for client where they need this unique shots. So it's a good filming tool to have in your arsenal. Okay, as you can see there that we landed, we got a message from me. Passing conditions are not met, actually worked up the courage to do another test. This one is a bit more advanced. We got some more trees to navigate around and they're skinny trees, so even better. So I encourage you to experiments, tryout, flying forwards, flying backwards and enjoy the footage. And I'll show you some B roll to see what actually looks like without the maverick controls in the way 20. Mavic Air Tips for Flying in Taiwan: can going to share some travel and droning tips for Taiwan. I came in through the Taipei airports and definitely recommend getting assume card with unlimited data. I got mine with Taiwan Duggan dot That's the how they pronounce it in Chinese. Or I think it's called my phone and some cards really cheap. That will really help you out when it comes to getting around. And, um, I use the website called flyer me dot com. They have a really good map that list out the zones that you can fly. Taiwan's very detailed when it comes to the altitude restrictions. So referred to this map a lot. They're different borders within Taipei City, where you can absolutely not fly because they do have to airports, the Italian airport and the Songshan Airport. A Songshan airport is quite close to the city, so you definitely have to take care when you're choosing the locations to fly. Okay, so, uh, getting since city you can take the MRT. They actually have a train straight from the airport to the city and you can use the MRT to get around. I used the you bike as well. You can rent thes you bikes allows to get around very easily and cheaply. It's a lot of fun. Taxis air Also cheap. No, I know what you want to know. Where did you get that Type? A one. A one shot. Okay, so let's talk about where I based myself. First, I stayed in the shiny area. This is close to Taipei. One a one. I recommend staying in a hotel to stay in a nicer building, but my goal was to stay close to the Shang. Sean area translates to elephant hiking trail So this is a short 30 minute hike up to the mountain to get great views off Taipei one a one and the city area, and you can actually fly a drone in this area because it's a little bit outside the city. I recommend the fly early in the morning because at sunset there's just too many people to fly a drone. Some other areas that I fluent in Taipei were vato hot springs, so this is further out in the city about a 40 to 45 minute trip. It's called sheen vato, so they have really nice hot springs. So nice nature setting to take some footage. You can also go to damage way. This is closer to the ocean a little even further out. You can combine your trip to bait Oh, and dumps way to get drone footage of both locations. So Taipei is quite a dance city. It's quite a lot of rules, so definitely referred to that map and enjoy the Taiwanese food. I recommend beef noodles and dumplings now. I also filmed at the second largest city in Taiwan, called Kaohsiung. Now, to get there, I recommend taking a high speed train. You can buy tickets from Taipei Main Station, which is where I transferred when coming into Taipei based myself near the pier to Art Centre. This has a lot of nice scenery, and it's by the harbor. There's a lot of attractions that are nearby, so I recommend renting one of the bicycles you can rent to flying some good spots to fly in and get some nice footage of the peer to arts center. Aziz well as the 85 sky tar, which is the tallest tower in Ghoshal. I did take off at the Glory Peer, not me to get some great footage off the sky tower and the Love River is one of the famous attractions in that city as well. But you cannot fly near the convention center or anywhere near the sky tower, so mobilised tips help and definitely try out those beef noodles. 21. Mavic Air Droning in Osaka Kansai: But here some tips for flying in Osaka. So suck is a huge city. They refer to his Kansai area, and, uh, I based myself in Osaka, so I could also travel to the other smaller cities like Kyoto and Kobe will suck. Uh, it's actually very hard to fly, but they do have a DJ. I store there so you can consult with them. Or if you have any drone needs or things to buy, you can visit that DeGioia store or you can go to Big Camera. I use the same SIM card that I got in Nagasaki, but I recommend you get one at the Osaka Kansai Airport. It will really help you to get around, especially if you know locations that you want to get to. You can punch them in with Japanese characters that you copy and paste into, and they'll help you get there. The train system is very complicated, but it is efficient. It will get you to where you need to go without expensive costs off taxis. So I based myself at Shin Osaka, nearest Shin Osaka station, because Shin Osaka Station allowed me to get not only to the airport travel within Osaka, but allowed me to get to Kyoto and Kobe very quickly for a day trip. Now I'll talk about Kobe. Um, I tried some of the famous Kobe steak, but I also wanted to get an aerial flight off. I flew at the Shin Kobe rope way in Kobe. So this is a a cable car that will take you up to a very high viewpoints. And from there you can access Ah, hiking trail that you can get a great badges point of Kobe and actually looked on the map. This is one of the few areas that you could take off and Kobe and you can enjoy some craft beer while you're up there and enjoy the Kobe steak while you there and suck. It is also one of the specialties, but I didn't have enough time. One more fruit tip I'll give you is to try out the wag. Ooh, burgers. We'll talk about Kyoto. Kyoto is a very beautiful city and only had a chance to visit. Uh, just a little bit of it. But the area that I did fly at is called the Fushimi Inari. Tyisha. This is where you have those those are famous red shrines. There's Ah, famous hiking trail, and there's a lot of tourists. So to get a flight off here, you will need to go up on the hiking trail, and I found hard to find viewpoint there, and that's where I managed to take off because a lot of Kyoto you're not actually allowed to fly the drone. So definitely check on that trying area. I'm sure there are other areas that you could fly, but this one was up on the mountains. So also gave a nice aerial view. So those are some of my tips for flying in Japan, Kobe, Kyoto and we'll sucka. It's a little bit harder fly because it's a more dense city. But Japan's very beautiful great food, definitely a great country to visit. 22. Mavic Air Flying in Malaysia: It's great hung here and I wanted to give you some tips for flying your drone mapping care in Malaysia. I flew with my Phantom in prior years in Penang as well as the island of Langkawi. Now for Langkow is a beach island so pretty liberal to fly there, you can get some really nice sunsets in Penang. They also have a nice beach area called but to for any so recommend to try that out. Very nice Purple rosy sunsets in Georgetown. It's UNESCO here to Juries will be careful. I don't recommend flying right in Georgetown, but you may be able to find some parks where you can fly and get a view of Georgetown as well as the ocean in the background, which just looks pretty nice. I've flown off the rooftop of my condo before, got away with it, but security did come up one time and said I couldn't fly there. But then he changed his mind and he wanted to take abroad. Yes, a bribe. So cigarettes and some cash to let me fly. So it's up to you. If you're comfortable with those gray areas, those situations Qala employees, you're probably gonna want to capture the Petronas Towers in the skyline, and your first thought might be to go to KLCC Park, which have done in the past. Security will probably stop you because it's private property. Now you can fly just outside KLCC Park. That's a little bit cheeky and it is the downtown area. So I recommend coming out to park area like this. This is taught swinging park where you can still see the skyline when you get up there get , you know, above 90 meters, you can see a pretty good view of the entire Skyland on the towers. And um, yeah, it's a bit safer. Not as many people. So I put the name below in case one of fly here to caves. I try to fly there and security stop me. So I don't recommend that flowing off the condom rooftop in Kuala Lumpur and Bangsar area. So decent view. But the views block there. In general, I think it's pretty liberal. The flyers long is use common sense. I think the height restriction is about 120 meters, maybe 150 but around that range and just use the general rules, the good thing is that the airports quite far from downtown, so you don't need toe war about that. Hope these steps help you for flying your drone in Malaysia. 23. Mavic Air Droning in Busan: okay, I'm gonna share some tips for flying in South Korea. I flew in Roussanne, which is the second largest city where Black Panther was filmed. Definitely recommend getting a SIM card. I think the company was called Katie. The public transports Very good. So I can take the trains into the city. And if you need to take a taxi, those air not too expensive by there I based myself at Guang Goalie Beach at Airbnb and when golly has some really nice view points is a nice beach. There is a view of the bridge and the ocean, and it's a great place to get some aerial filming done. There are some other beaches. Hung Day was one of the busier beaches, so maybe not the best idea to film over there. But there's a quieter beach called song song Joan Song. Young Beach was a little bit quieter, and I ask permission to the locals to fly in fact assets song Young Beach at a rooftop bar and actually let me take my drone off the rooftop, which was a great place to take off in that area because there's a lot of people on the beach I also went to the GAM Chan village, so there's some really nice colorful houses around there. I also took off from the rooftop at a cafe. After asking permission, you'll find the locals are quite friendly. As long as you're giving them some business, they will let you have access to the rooftop, which is a great idea to take off your drone to make sure you have a private location to take off in line and not be disturbed by local people that are curious about the drone. So I recommend checking the sites Tom's Tech Time or You Evie International. If you do a Google search for the drone laws just to get an idea off the height and distance restrictions, I believe it's around 150 meters and standard stuff. Don't fly in your airports. Government buildings and keep line of sight fly. During the daytime, you'll find these are more or less the standard things, but once you're on the ground, could be a different story. So these are some of the places I flew without any hassles, and it's a great place to get some great South Korean food, and the locals are friendly, so enjoy flying in South Korea 24. Mavic Air Tips for Droning Thailand: his video. I'm gonna share some tips for filming in locations that have actually flume AdvoCare and very recently, and um, yeah, check out the itinerary. I'm going to share some of the actual locations that I filmed, as well as places that have stayed an additional travel tips. So let's get started. Let's start off with Thailand. Not actually created a separate video where I talk about the registration and insurance for drones in Thailand. Rules have changed quite quickly since 2015 2018. There are more rules, so definitely check that out first. Now, if you decide to fly, I recommend taking advantage of those beautiful islands. So what are some islands you could go to? You could go to a hotel, co pinyon or Koh Samui. I went to Phuket Island, its largest island in Thailand, and I based myself in an area called Koran. This is in the southwest off Duquette's. It's a relatively quiet area, and it has a long stretch of beach that you can practice flying. I practice flying the sports mode of mave. A care just flew as fast as I could, and that's a great place to do it. A tip. If you're traveling to Thailand is to get a SIM card in Bangkok, you can get one from Yeah, yes, that's the company I recommend and that will cover you for all the destinations in Thailand . Now, to get around in Pu Cat, I recommend riding a motorbike taxi or renting a place that's walking distance to the beach . This is gonna lie. It's freedom of movements. You can throw them advocare in your backpack and go to a lot of different destinations. Now I tried to go to the Co PP the famous James Bond Island from the movie The Beach, and you're actually not allowed to fly there. That's a heritage site. I believe in Thailand, and I wasn't allowed to fly there. But I have seen people get away with it, but at the beaches, they're fairly open. Go during the sunrise. You should be fine. Some other places I went Teoh. Also in the Southwest are Kata Beach Kata noi. You can go to the very south of Paquette at night horn and prompt kept cape. There's some really nice locations there, but I'm sure if you do go to put can you do have a motorbike. You're going to find some really nice places to fly trying. My Thailand is in the north of Thailand. Overy Low cost city very friendly people. Very slow pace. There are a lot of temples in Thailand and the famous mouth and temple called Doyce attempt . Now your SIM card is gonna work here. You can also use grab taxi which I would recommend over riding a motorbike. But if you're comfortable riding a motorbike, it's gonna give you freedom of movement. Now, my experience in Chiang Mai was that it's a good idea to us the people in charge off the property if it's okay to fly. Maybe that's thesis a cure ity person or maybe just the customer service window, because they got a little annoyed in my experience just flying recently, even if you have the m P T C drone registration and insurance. I showed that to them, I think is a good idea to keep it on you when you're going out to fly. But sometimes they just don't care. So if you do have a tie friend, even better, we went out to Doyce attack and I was about to fly the drone off the ledge away from the temple. But I still got told to bring the drone down. But my friend spoke Thai, and after she spoke to them in Thai, they let me fly the drone, a choice attempt temple, which is a place I would recommend flying in the mornings. It's probably the most famous temple in Chiang Mai, and a really majestic setting with the temple in the mountains also flew off the rooftop. I stayed at the Astra condo and the Airbnb. It has one of the highest viewpoints, and by flying off the rooftop you have a private space undisturbed with the cart. There's no car traffic, no more bike traffic. So it's a great way just to get a nice overview of the entire city. In the Old City, this is a popular air. Chiang Mai is very congested, and I was able to pull off a flight at the I believe it's called Thea Kings Monument or Victory Monuments in Chiang Mai. This is more of a quiet area, so was able to get off a flight there. But if you fly over temples, sometimes they do get get upset, so don't take that personally, there are a lot of places in the mountains that you could fly. Just be careful because there is an airport at Neiman, which is pretty close to a lot of the city areas and, uh, other than that used her common sense and enjoy flying in Thailand. 25. Maldives Stock footage: 26. Maldives Survival Guide: you guys Greg going here in the Maldives, and I'm gonna share some knowledge bombs with you. I never thought I would have a chance to come here. I remember when it was in my MBA and I had a friend called Mohammed, and you showed me some photos off these bungalows by the ocean. You know, that typical resort image. And I always thought it was too expensive. And here I am. So stay tuned. I'm gonna cover. Ah, Lotso got my notes here to talk about all the essentials costs, getting here, Getting around what to eat, Uh, visas. A whole lot more. So stick around. So how about getting into the mold deep? So I flew from Bangkok from dawn long airports and Air Asia now has low cost flights to the Maldives. You can also get low cost flights from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I think I paid about 8000 much support our flights and that got me into the airport. So once you at the airport, eyes very important. Teoh, make sure that you have a plan to get to your hotel in the Maldives. As I found out, how is over 1000 islands So you know, I was like, Where the heck do I start? Well, if you're like me, you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars a night on the hotel. I recommend you start off in this island. It's called Ma Fu Xi My Fu. She has now opened up to tourists. It's considered a local island, but it's just a regular nice beach island. But in the past, small deeds has been tied to these really expensive looking resorts that are really expensive. So that's my first tip book, a hotel in Ma Fu Xi. That's M double A. F. U S H I, and you can go on a Goethe. I booked hotel called Sunrise, but there's other hotels. You can look that there's Connie. This is the biggest one on this island. There is also Triton's, which is a pretty nice one, and these costs about 60 us. Tonight's pretty comfortable got WiFi hot shower, air conditioning, a spacious room, a comfortable bed in the balcony on free breakfast buffet, which has been really nice, very comfortable, and with the hotel they will range for your transport from the airports to, um, Mabuchi Islands. I came in late and actually, the weight of the airport a long time. Um, now, the airport is quite expensive because I guess they're catering to the majority of the tourists. They're coming here for the resorts, so just be where it is. Expensive looking, expensive food, expensive massage. I think Sim card plans are a little pricey as well, but ah, still reasonable. Uh, so anyways, the hotel will arrange for transport. I took a speedboat here, takes about 30 40 minutes, 25 us one way, 50 us round trip and its people trip. It's pretty comfortable. It will get you to this island. And the staff at the hotel greeted me, and we took a five minute walk to the hotel. So that's really important. Just to make sure that you can get from the airports to the right island to your hotel, and then you can start your journey, um, to wait a long time in the airport. So make sure you have those times is only a set number off speedboats that come here. If you re stuff on the Internet, they will. I I thought it was super expensive to comment. Speedboats. Maybe that's a private speedboats to make sure it's a shared speedboat. You can also take the fairies. It's pretty cheap, but I think you're gonna take have a long ride to the island. So just forget about that idea as faras visas a za Canadian. I don't need any particular visa, but definitely look it up for your country s. Oh, that was really nice because some of these countries in Southeast Asia require you get a visa beforehand. So that was really nice. The actual immigration process was very smooth, very fast. And you see my blog's footage? I just took this and my backpack, and that really made things a lot easier, especially getting through the dawn long airport where I could just go to the kiosk, check in and skip those huge lineups and just traveling light has been really, uh, really made this trip a lot easier. Okay, so let's talk about cash except US dollars, so bring us dollars. They also have their own local currency, especially on this island that might give prices in the local currency is cold mold devi in rafia, so you can add that on your XY currency based Think it's one U s dollars. 15 nvr think it is s Oh, yeah. Bring us cash now. Things are not actually that expensive here. I'll give you some sample costs. So hotel 60 us. And if you want to get a meal of the restaurants, get spaghetti Bowl neighs for about $56 had an Ailey American over three us and actually over there at the arena, they have a dinner box, 15 us awaken eat. So things are quite, uh, reasonable care compared to what I expected. You could do tours which also talk about, uh let's just make sure I'm covering the basics first. So I did get some car, but like I said, you can get one from the airport. I think it's $15 is the cheapest plan before gigabytes, but you don't need it. The hotel's 12 WiFi. Some of the restaurants have WiFi, and you're not going to be doing a lot of commuting around. This island is pretty small, and if you're just booking excursions from who she which is named the game here, you're basically using this island, which is nice itself. But you're taking excursions like snorkeling to go see the fishes or going to the resorts which are fancy. Go there for a day, then you come back to love who she So everything that you need is available at your hotel or within walking distance. So you don't really need a SIM card. But do you want to? It's there. Okay, uh, local speak decent English, and they're very friendly, and it's very safe here. You can even walk around at night s. So don't worry about that thing around. You could just walk Ma Fu Xi on any of these tours or excursions. You need to take speedboats. And that's kind of part of the tour price. It's a really comfortable speedboat. Uh, yeah. So things are a little bit different than your typical Southeast Asian trip. Where is the movies, by the way itself off India. I think it's self of short. Lanka on Duh. Yeah. I mean, the Maldives are group of islands that I think they're sinking a little bit every year, so you definitely don't want to wait on it the whole time. Staying at is only being in business for eight months, so I think it's still early days here on my sushi and when I was thinking about the Maldives and when it was researching for the Maldives eso confusing because thousands of islands and I thought was so expensive. So hopefully uh, this video will really help. You have formed a lot of log material on. Hopefully I can watch some of those logs, but this one is just all about getting the information over to you. Okay, So what can you do? What do you do here? Well, I can lay on the beach like this. Murofushi, Uh, you can walk around and it z really nice because there's not a lot Tropic. There are some motorbikes, and you can walk around the island and just enjoy beach island life. It's very chill here is not a party islands. There's no alcohol allowed on local islands. You can go to resource to drink alcohol. There is a boat off the food. She I heard you can pay Tiu have some drinks. But you know, I treated this vacation like I wanted to get away from alcohol. I just wanted to focus on my filming. Oh, yeah. I wanted to kind of disconnect myself a little bit. I slot access to WiFi the hotel. But I don't want to carry around a sim card all the time and check my messages. It's actually been kind of refreshing. A nice digital detox s. What else can you do? So first, the second day, um, I looked at the excursions, um, from that's what they call them here from my hotel. And I went on a snorkeling trip, half day snorkeling trip. I got the GoPro here. It's holding the time lapse on. Uh, yeah. Did 1/2 day trip. We did some circling with the turtles. Some angel fish. I got some amazing footage. We went to a sandbank, have lunch. I was able to take my drone off. And if you're a drone, er Maldives is a great place to do it. There's formal zero. Hi, uh, powers with electrical interference except each. Like this island has one high electrical tower. I think it provides the internet and telecommunications, but other than that, it's Yeah, I flew over 1.4 kilometers because the signal so good. So if you're drunk, you will love it. If you're you know, the GoPro, you will love it. You're gonna get awesome footage here definitely bring a GoPro or a camera that could film underwater. You definitely want to do some water sports here. I've seen some people dio kind ing. I've seen some people. Um, I've seen some jet skis. That's amazing. Sunset over there. I should be filming that that direction. What else can you do? I've done all day. Uh, all the shark bay snorkeling. So we saw some sting rays. We fed the sting rays. We saw some nurse sharks. Yes, they are safe. And they're big and saw some dolphins. But I couldn't get close enough to film some footage of it, but I didn't see them swimming in the ocean. Just beautiful here. So pristine Good food here. Um, good selection of food. Western food, Italian Thai Indian food and pricing is pretty reasonable. Okay, um, I think I've covered a lots. So to get back to the airport, you can book a transfer from your hotel. It's 25 us. And, um yeah, I think that covers the basics and definitely bring your camera because it's, uh, as beautiful as you seen in the photos. And hopefully I can give a news angle on how beautiful it is with the different footage that I have. If you're interested in how I feel in the Maldives putting together a filming assignment where I show you the gear and high used gear, and as well as all the logistics and planning that went into getting this amazing footage. So I really hope you enjoy this video. And hopefully I can open up Maldives to more people that thought it wasn't possible. If you do like why China will really help if you click the subscribe button trying to build up my channel and film or travel content. So let me know if I'm doing good thing I can do more of this. See you. 27. Maldives Filming Mission: Hey there. My name is Greg Hung, and welcome to the Maldives, working whole day. This is some new content that I'm filming. Please let me know. Find this useful. I wanted to design this for videographers that travel a lot that want Teoh become more business minded to get more business savvy as a trouble videographer. Learn how to create great footage while you're traveling with multiple cameras and to learn to create content with a purpose and to create content on a budget in mind. Eso some of the objectives off this Maldives trip was to get stock footage so footage in four K resolution in the air using a drone underwater using a GoPro and on the land, of course, to get, you know, high part footage. I also wanted to create content for an online course or GoPro six to upgrade my existing you Demi course and also to do some exploration and to scalped oldies has been, for a long time, thought of as in exotic, expensive destination. Andi, I thought this was actually an opportunity for me. Teoh actually visit there and see if what I thought was true was that it's now become accessible to regular choppers. And if you're based in Thailand for any elective time, you'll know what a Visa run is. So the oldies is now an option for visa run other than the wall travel countries like Vietnam and Cambodia. Eso What are some of the gear that I used for this trip? I try to travel very lights. I brought the Panasonic gauge five for high rez videos to do four K slow motion and also full four K as well as getting some really good stills. Also brought the GoPro six as the weapon of choice for underwater to get new resolutions underwater. So four K with 60 frames. Aziz well, as super slow mo with HD and also get some stills. I bought my Navigare drone to get four K drone footage. Okay, go pro six. So what are some of the accessories I brought on this trip? Brought a red filter. So you want to do this when you get to deeper water levels to get the natural color correction. Otherwise, to get this over over the turquoise greenish look, I brought a second battery because even with go pro six, the battery life is still sucks. It's still like under in our depending on how you use it. But it is a lot better than in past GoPro's, but always good to have a second battery. It takes a long time to charge, I think, about an hour and 1/2 maybe mawr. I brought extra memory cards. I brought um, yeah to 64 gigabytes, something I got 3 32 gigabytes enough for the trip because I didn't bring a laptop. Also brought a carbon fiber pole. So this was used for extra reach on the GoPro and also to give it stability to prevent the micro jitter that you get from just holding the GoPro in your hand. And also a power bank. Teoh, actually power of my smartphone, which has the APS for GoPro and E J. I. And also to charge the GoPro itself for snorkeling. Um yeah, so brought the GoPro to film snorkeling underwater video and also use the voice activation feature, which is available on GoPro five and six for things like selfie photos My A Camp Panasonic , Jaish five. I think it's important to have a camp to to get the highest quality video footage that you can, and also something with a flexible lens and detachable lens where you can either get lenses and zoom in or even change the lens, depending on your purpose. For this trip, I brought my nd filter because very bright in the Maldives, something want to bring in bright conditions. I brought my microphone, brought a live mic because I knew it was gonna be recording some video content there. And I want a good audio. Brought plenty of memory cards and a small camera bag. I was shooting in full four K. So four or 96 by 2160 and all for four Cave at 60 frames. So the content a shot with this is the GoPro course shot some blawg material. Aziz Well, as stock footage, something you also want to consider is a good smart phone. I'm using the shall me read note five. Right now on, I think your smartphone can get overlooked. Why is it important? Because you're using your smartphone for the ops to control these devices, I use them for the GoPro to set up the camera. It's a lot easier to adjust the settings from the APP I also control my drone with the Japs , so that's really important. Before I was using an iPad, but it was just a bit bulkier. It was just nice to get one device. Teoh control the drone with a Z Wallace. I can now cash the video footage from the air right onto my phone for quick sharing on social media. It's also good to get those opportunistic shots like if you're just out and you see something interesting sometimes I don't want to reach my bag and set up the GH five. Just get to snap something with your phone so it's good if your phone can already take good photos and videos. Also filmed some course contact with smartphone. Believe it or not, it has a built in screen recorder. So if I want to show how you do things from the act, I can just use a screen recorder to record directly from the phone. The video quality is actually pretty good. Full HD or even higher, I think. Okay. Hotel. Um, I had in them oldies Waas Sunrise. I think it's important to have a comfortable hotel that can has good facilities, allows you to charge your devices has good power, good WiFi and laws. They got a good night's sleep. You don't want a room that's very noisy or uncomfortable so that you're ready to go the next day and really enjoy your vacation or get good content. It's important to get a good location. So this location was in the north off the Ma Fu Xi Island, very close to the beach. So I was able Teoh gets, Ah, Sunrise footage just a two minute walk away, go for some drone shots and then come back and charge my batteries. So it was adopted as a good command center to charge my batteries, go out for filming and then come back. The hotel is also good for booking tours. I was able Teoh book some snorkelling tours through the hotel, and the staff were really nice. Actually, some of the staff on these tours allowed me to get really good shots off me using the GoPro underwater, which is you know, that Save me from hiring someone to follow me around underwater. Okay, let's talk about how ah safe costs on this trip and how maybe some ideas for how you can save costs on your future trip. So rent versus buy proposition. I wanted to bring the GoPro sex because it's still, I think, the best choice for professional underwater unless you wanna get dive housing. So in this case, I was able to spend 50 us versus 500 us because I just don't go on many underwater trips. Renting made sense in this case, so save some money there took the bus to the Bangkok airport instead of taking the taxi. Taxis often have hidden highway toll fees that you can't control. And then there's Tropic. I didn't get a SIM card while in the Maldives it's quite expensive, and I had good WiFi at my hotel. Plus it was sort of a digital detox, so I didn't wanna have some court access all the time. Sometimes it's good for your sanity to have a bit of a break. Um, after the trip, some of the goals that I had was to put this content to use to create YouTube videos, planned to have a podcast and have enough content to produce a GoPro six course. And I'm even fooling this now, which was, you know, as a result of the trip and to produce stock footage. So, um, the trip doesn't finish once you come back as a content creator, there are further things to do. So what were some of the other benefits from this trip? I made contacts with some of the local scuba divers that are actually really good at taking photos and videos with Go pro. Like I said, I got some B roll shots, which you'll see in the further slides and in my my local network with my friends. They're now seeing me as the expert for Maldives eso I'm Sina's they authority in my social network. This is also a good chance to take a reading break a reds Airbnb book, the story of that on the plane digital detox. And I also use this as a strategy session. So I always try to use the time that I have Even you know, that downtime you have in your plane. Teoh, make sure that you're doing something towards your business. And also, you know, I hope, because Maldives is still considered an exotic, expensive location that creating content tied to this location adds additional value to the company brand as well as my video collection. Eso Some of the videos I've produced or plan to produce with this footage is their survival . Moldy Sky Video, which is already online on YouTube. So this is a 12 50 minutes. Flog so one of the it's a dual purpose video. So, um, purpose one is to inform people, give them information that they want to travel to the trip, the other purposes to showcase my B roll, which is also one of things we do. A license video footage. So it's also showcasing the footage that was also shot in that video. Also plan to cut stock footage from the raw video from this trip. So there's different types of video. There's entertainment, you know. Stock footage is B roll where it can create content to inform s. What can you learn from this? This mini course or this video? You can good to have a budget and goal on your trip. So you're not just going on vacation, you know, to spend money and do nothing. Um, it's good to have a goal to create value. So how you can create value. You can create content for stock footage or courses, depending on what you do. You don't always have to follow the crowd. A lot of the crowd goes to well known destinations like Vietnam or some reap things that are already while blogged about in this case, I found out that, you know, the air flight seem reasonable. There was enough. Not a whole lot of information that, you know, I thought, comfortable taking that wrist. So I think sometimes you have to have the courage based on the information available to take that risk and be that first person in your and your friends circle or your social network to go away from the crowd. Otherwise, you're just being like everyone else. It's good to know your strengths and weaknesses. In this case, my strength is Aiken, full video. I've got the gear. Um, what I didn't realize is when it came to filming footage of the dolphins, I wasn't fast enough to keep up with them, and I couldn't dive deep enough and I don't know where they were s. So in this case, I realized the local divers are a lot better than this. It's good to know your strengths and weaknesses as they travel videographer and to be more business savvy. So I hope you see, get some ideas of how to think about more of the business aspects is Ah, videographer. As you can see here in the image, this is a mind map. So this is a exercise you can take to put some of the ideas in your head into visual flow charts. That helps you just dump some of the ideas that you have into something more visual that you can play with. So this is, ah, app that I use is called simple Mind is anything but simple. That's good for strategy. So that's it's, um I really hope you enjoy this, and if you like it, let me know. I can create some more And, um, yeah, I hope you can help you on your future trips and, uh, I think Mawr business minded. Thanks for watching 28. Nightlife Photography Aerial: Hi. In this video, we're gonna talk about Ariel night videography and photography. So a lot of the current drones, the current generations of drones in 2018 from $1000 to $1500 they have a fixed lens and currently the app Atran that fixed lenses F 2.8. So after Queen eight is decent for low light performance. But it's not great. And because of that, I recommend that you arrive at the destination. You plan to fly ahead of time. The best time to take those photos or those videos is just as the sun is setting when is not too bright, but its not too dark. So if you shoot your footage when it's too dark, then you're going to get some noise in the picture. It depends on the type of drone that you have. I've heard that The Phantom four Pro for the Pro Sumer is probably the best camera that you can get. Of course, you can get DJ I inspired to where you can change out the lenses, but that's beyond the scope of this video lesson. We're talking about a lot of the drones like Matic Pro or Medicare that has a fixed lens camera that comes with the drone. So if it's a 2.8, I like to set my video settings up on full four K or ultra four K, depending on the drone 24 frames per second shutter speed 50 and then the is so it depends on the lighting situation where I am. But of course, you want to keep that as little as possible while monitoring the app and make sure that there's enough light in there. Look at the light meter to make sure it's not under exposed to make sure it's not over exposed. And ah, good to keep your bird in the sky as long as possible because the sun does set very quickly , and the picture that you get from a minute two minutes will change very quickly. So try to keep it up there as long as you can. A good idea to bring an extra battery. So as soon as it lines, if there is still an opportunity to take footage, you can get that drawing up there as soon as possible because you're gonna get so many different colors within that 30 minute period, just before sunsets and after sunset. Now there have been times where I have flown at night, and I will say that if you take aerial photos, there's a higher chance that they will turn out better than the videos. So take your videos first and ah, this little battery power and there will be situations like there was the Chiang Mai Lantern Festival that happens at night and you want to capture those lanterns. But the video is going to be a bit too noisy. But if you snapped those photos, there's a better chance that they will turn out well so that photos will turn out better than videos. When it comes to darker conditions and pay attention to your time of day, bring some extra batteries. Take off that nd filter and you can try those recommended video settings that I told you. Now what I like to do for video is to take all my video shots first, and then I have to switch it to photo mode. You can do both at the same time. So after those videos air done, I'll switch over the photo mode and because I don't have a lot of time. At that point, I want to make sure the drone can land safely. And there's so many other things to worry about. Like your GPS satellites, your batteries. Maybe people are disturbing you asking questions. I just like to set it on auto and snap some photos. You can get some great stuff on the automatic settings and ah, just get those shots and make sure they're framed correctly. And, um, yeah, you can also double check in the preview how those photos look Okay, so I hope those tips helped you for some night aerial videography. Photography is a great niche to be in aerial footage is already wearing a self. But once you start to get into night aerial videography and photography, the air is pretty rare up there, so to speak. 29. Mavic Air Summary: congratulations on taking them, Avigdor. Course. I hope you learned a lot. I enjoyed making this course love flying the maverick care. I didn't think I would be getting back into droning, but here it is the perfect travel drone, and it's not that cheap. It's quite an expensive hobby, so I hope that you will take the course. You will learn how to make amazing footage and you will follow. So my ideas to starts earning some income and paying off this drone. Like I said, I think this is the perfect travel drone. And while I haven't been to all the cities in the world fly, I think as a drone er today it's gonna be challenging. There's gonna be some hurdles that you need to learn how to navigate to get off that, shocked to not only figure out the rules but figure out where you can actually fly. And then once you're in the city, where can you actually take off safely and get amazing footage? So hopefully I've given you framework some ideas of how you can do that in other cities, and if not, you can follow my itinerary for places that I've already done it and replicate or do something better than I have done for. And, you know, getting into paid work with your drone would be great. I think the MAV a cure is a good complementary camera to your A camp to get those extra angles. It's also great for stock footage for filming four cake footage. And, um, I hope you get to edit some of those videos, whether it's in the DeGioia app for sharing or in final cut Pro X or your other video editor and mix it in with your other footage to make it more interesting. Now, if you're interested in diving deeper into final cut Pro X if you're a Mac user, I've got a really comprehensive course on that that I produced with best selling instructor full of inner that's also on your Demi and also have other courses on travel videography starting in online video business Filming with Panasonic GH five A lot of travel, video and business focus courses and travel and video have in my life for the past five years, so this is my specialty. This is what I live and I don't think anyone it's very going to be very rare to have the experience that I have. So I hope you benefit from my knowledge that have passed on in these courses. So thanks a lot for taking this course. If you want to check out some of my free content, you can hop on to YouTube. My channel is chic Fil Yage Group. If you're interested in the life, sell off, living abroad and doing video making their lipping out of that hop on to digital nomads in Asia. YouTube and I also have instagram wreg hung show dot com and my website Sheik Riad productions dot com. Thanks again and good luck and happy Jeroen e.