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2 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. How to make weapon spawns

    • 2. How to make loot crates

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About This Class

Hi, i'm Matt and I'm gonna help you make better roblox games with Roblox Studio, incorporating scripting! Scripting is a fun way to make your projects function in insanely cool ways! Hope you enjoy!

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Lesson 1

Lesson 2

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1. How to make weapon spawns: Hi, guys. Welcome to my room. Black scripting course. And today we'll be showing you a basic function of how Teoh make a weapons bond. Um, yeah, let's begin. So the first thing you want to do just want to go over this model tab right here, click it. And do you know I'm a move around until you find this part button right here next to the right of rotate move, and you're gonna collects Que brought here. Well, someone a little roadblocks, que and first thing I want you to do is if if you want, you don't have to do this is no Purohit scale. And you could move it and make a little bit more centers like kind of square And yeah, so you can change. You could mess around here with, like, your color and everything. Make it all wacky. L choose teal or blue or whatever that is, Herman. And one of those things that you don't want you to dio is, um is fine. Is here Behavior Tab angered this? You want to check? Because if you don't just be able to push it around in a pet, it'll have, like, full physics applied to it. And I don't know if you want that or not. If you want to shoot, Oliver can. And I don't know how you're gonna do that, but, um, yeah, this will, ah, make it so it won't move back like a negative part. Like a tree or something you can't put a tree over, but yeah, So that's Ah, there. Now and now let's get into We need to be doing here in the Explorer when? No, Over here. You don't have that open. Just go, um, to view and find the Explorer thing. That's Yeah. Funny explorer. Right over here in the far left. And properties is also here if you somehow don't have this window and just make sure both, um are highlighted and that's good. So you see you go over here, it's here. What's floor window? You need toe go hover over workspace and click this little plus button. Start typing in folder and hit. Enter or click. It's and a new folder Apapa. You can click Ah, right. Click Click her name. You can change us anything you do anything you want called like weapons spawns is what I'm gonna do. It a second ago. No, I'm going toe plus again on this folder here. We're gonna type. Um, se Okay, Um, never actually don't anything here yet. Just grab this part that you made earlier. Um, you could drag it into weapons spawns. All right. So you can rename this anything you want, like weapons spawn. Look, let's just call this E. We're gonna be making another folder for this later. So I just called us equipped and spawn. You know, this isn't important on houses. You can call us whatever you want. And then within this again, we're gonna creating another item here called We're gonna type in script and you can click or enter is long is you're gonna have enter making sure it's selected on script because you don't want to get a local Scripture module script because those won't work. So your script, your review changes to a thing here. So this is Polly. The coding spices. Never used to go to space for your belly. Slightly familiar with this. I'm just gonna delete this hello world text and there. And I have a file here with all the cold you'll need to make this work. So Sadly, it's pretty big. So I'm not going to make you guys all hand type this just because it's pretty big. And I don't think you as I want to go through the entire work of doing that. So, yeah, I'm just gonna paste this in here. And here's your code. This is This is mainly that this is the code for for any weapon you don't actually have to modify the code to make. It spawned a specific weapon, which is really nice. So yeah, this, um, this is the main part. This is the main hardest part you guys gotten past now. Ah, don't worry about that and see how I feel about the script right here. Uh, equipment spawn and hit. Plus, once again, we're gonna type in, Consider your Asian, have to find it ghetto. Add a configuration to your thing here so we can make the cool down for how long? It is in between the weapons bonds within this configuration, but just called this configurations. I don't know if this but I think the script some here and sometimes in here, references, references it is configurations, and we don't want to have any problems Let's just admit that another very important thing right here is these values you have to making sure you get the right one. We are going to choose a number value, making sure it's not any of these other ones that will not work. Click it il pompous value. It's very important that you spell this and use the capitalization exactly as I am in this When I, um se, um, upon cool down So exactly like this you don't want it any other way or it will not work. So yeah, that's and I think that's about everything. I just Ah, no. One more thing, you guys. Well, I want to do I don't know if you want to make a custom. I did not reply. Do that later in the course, but that's a search up sort. Let's bring in a something cool like, uh, your sword or we could do a gun. Either one works that's being in Purple Laser Gun. This looks pretty cool. So let's just for organization shakes. Move this on top of this part. It won't do anything. If it's on top of here, it won't make any difference. It just really it just makes it a lot easier if when you're working around with a lot of stuff. So now you have this thing called spokes subspace gun or whatever your tools called legs. That's just a quick little warning. Guys, your weapon has to have this little tool icon. If it's like, if it looks, um, which let's quickly do something here. Don't follow this. I'm just using just an example. If you were to ah, each do something here. If it has this little bricks model, it will not work. You have. It has to be this little tool. So if you sorry if you find a really cool thing and it looks like that. But it has to be this that it has to be just the weapon. No, like step no, like stone or anything like this one has. Let's ah, we got that. Now we're gonna move this into our weapons sponsors group, and yeah, so we're gonna hold, hold, hold shift on your keyboard and select both of these. So they're both selected and go up to them hit right, click and go down to group. You're gonna like click This which will not turn it into one of these brick models I warned you about earlier. Ah, so, yeah, you can change the name of this to ah, like spawned one or whatever you want. This doesn't matter. And now you have a working gun. Oh, yeah. One more thing I wanted to get you guys know spawned couId on variable. You're gonna want to, Ah, making sure you go back to properties or however you get there and you're gonna wanna making sure you set that value to five or whatever. How light? How many seconds you want to be in between? The type player takes eight. The weapon, how long it takes before the weapon reappears. Do you want to set that? And that's about it. So just making clean up everything. Close your stuff, and now we contest it. All right. Um, don't worry about my graphics engine. I got it right now. This is just something I had to the world and I get pulled. Look. Cool. Now this here's your spawned, its spitting all cool. Like this. You just walk over it, you will automatically pick it up, and you can shoot it. Everything. But the coolest thing is your gun now reappears. If your gun does not reappear, check that You followed everything just as I had root. And if it doesn't just send me a message. I can help you with it. What? So thank us for awesomeness tutorial and I will see do in the next one E. 2. How to make loot crates: Hey, guys, welcome back to the, um, second episode of my relax coding course. So today we are going to be making a Luke rate sort of like this, but sort of like our weapons on Maidan last lesson. But, um, random. So you can, like, spawned it from a different or a file. Um, yeah, let's get started on that. So I'm a folder already created here for Luke Rates nothing. It though. Let's hit a plus. Let's add a part. We're gonna want to go right click again right here and insert part again. And from the position here caffee it's put here, paste it enter Just just just you have to that if you want to just put him in the same position. Ah, school here check anchored on both, and disable can collide. This will just really help with the systems in the future. Let's put this part is that part and call this one something like loot great, and this is where is needed to stay named part. And now if you go look great, we had a script then to move this, and that's if we can load up my new to pad file for today. Ah, this is the code will need if you have ours needed. No. Would find this you you don't know is actually in the description of the class. There's actually links with paste, then links. So go ahead and find those If if you don't wanna have to freeze the screen, look at all of us and type of down one by one and accidentally make a mistake. So, yeah, that is about it for our loot. Crate. You can of course, customize this as much as you want to make this look really nice, but for the purposes of this class of people, keep pretty simple. Let's happen here and let's work on it. And like that, it doesn't will spend. And it is this sort, so that that's pretty cool. Um, that's actually a brand him. So we could get a different one if they wanted to, because actually, random. So if you guys school down here all the way down to sever storage right here, can you open it there? Soared? One sword to in here knows they're both tools like last time. These are the two swords that you'd need Teoh make for for like this. You stories that you would choose from to get here. So let's see me over here. And we want oversteer sort. Now we can't just drag this in the server storage and leave it there. We actually didn't name it something like soared one. And you have to close to delete. The other sort would never confuse it. The so, As of now, you can only have two random swords. But I will figure that out in the future and and, Ah, fix it. So let's ah, just change both of these and change this to sword to the way we have a 100% chance of getting a different sword. No, for going here and Oh, but it's crucial that they're they're both called for Sort of one sort to, or it will not work so sick over there at the over here. Sort of this time. If we stop this play again, we have its chance of getting different Sword. Oh, no, not this time. One more time. All right, we got sort to which is this really sick looking? Some neon sword. So, yeah. Um, this is you guys can choose this to whatever your desire is for what is in there is long. Is that the tool? So just a quick reminder. A gun? These have to be named sword once or two for what you put in here. So, yeah, that's it for this tutorial. Thanks for watching guys. And I'll see you in the next one plea.