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Matte Painting Compositing in Adobe Photoshop Made Easy

teacher avatar Zenja Gammer, Digital Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Sketching Idea

    • 3. Replacing Sketch With Images

    • 4. Creating Shadows

    • 5. Creating Light

    • 6. Corrections

    • 7. Organizing File

    • 8. Creating Dynamic Lighting

    • 9. Adding And Blending

    • 10. Color Blending

    • 11. Adding Boy

    • 12. Adding Details

    • 13. Adding Dog

    • 14. Creating Mist

    • 15. Final Adjustments

    • 16. Adjustments In Camera Raw

    • 17. Creating Stars

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About This Class

If you want to learn how to bring your ideas to life with Photoshop, this is the class you need. Learn to create digital art/photo artwork with this class with digital artist Zenja Gammer.

From different photos we are going to create a matte painting, without doing the boring part of cutting out images. We use PNG files without a background so we skip the boring part. Join Zenja as he shares his process of creating digital artwork from regular photos. 

Using Adobe Photoshop you will learn how to:

• Drawing a sketch from an idea
• Replacing the sketch with photos
• Blending the photos in the artwork
• Creating lighting and shadows
• Brushing
• Color blending

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zenja Gammer

Digital Artist


Hello, I'm Zenja, an award winning digital artist & Photoshop teacher. I started using Photoshop 19 years ago, not realizing I was about to be hooked. From there I embarked upon a career path after earning a degree as a Visual Designer at the University of Amsterdam.

Just by spending many hours of creating in Adobe Photoshop for all these years, I was able to start several businesses which all require Photoshop skills. So it's a no brainer that learning this software can help your career path go many ways. And the good thing is, it's actually really fun to do. I create lots of personal artwork and post them on my Instagram.

If you want to learn more about creating art in Adobe Photoshop, watch my cour... See full profile

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1. Introduction: everyone. My name is Sonya and I am a digital artist. And in this glass I'm going to teach you how to make an idea like this come to life like this. So in this class, we will be first. We start by drawing a sketch off our idea. After that, we will change the idea to really images. And after that, we will make the real images blend together, change the lighting and make it although like a digital banding. So I think the name they call it now is mother painting. So you don't need to have any skills to paint because we're not going to paint anything. Just gonna brush a little bit if for the shop. So if you only have for the shop, that's fine. That's the only thing we need for this class. So you will learn how to make a rough sketch. You don't need joints, girls. So you just make a rough sketch off your idea. After that, we change the idea toe images, and after that, we start blending in just together and making sure everything looks like a real pending. So I hope to see in this class it's gonna be really easy for everyone to understand. Even if you're a beginner, I'm explaining everything really slow and you will understand everything until the end. So if you want to learn how to bring your idea to life in further ship, this class will be perfect for your guess. I'll explained everything and this will be very useful if you want to great stuff like this , so I hope to see in the class. 2. Sketching Idea: All right, let's open a furnish up and start with creating a new foul. Now the size I will be using it. Why it's criticized. Five. Enough space, the working. And this is the that mentions I'm going to use. So this is like two times the instagram ball size, but you can use whatever size you want. I just want to make sure something like this so I can upload this nice crib later on. All right, let's great a new layer here and select something Great. Dark rage press. OK, and now just take a brush. I used these breast. This is a general Russia for the shop and first thing I would like to do is let me make this a bit lighter. First thing I would like to do is to make a sketch of the idea. So I don't have, like, some sort of hell here, going a bit down like this, Just make it all gray and let's make another layer. And this time I'm going to select the same great but a bit lighter so we can see what's in the background, foreground and maybe one here like that. So if like, to heels. Here we can almost adjusted later on is just a rough sketch. Let's make another layer behind it. Make it lighter and in the background. I want to have some some mountains. So, in fact, just make like rough sketch of thes mountains. This will be a background for the mountains because he here it's just a rough sketch. It doesn't have to look real. Maybe only on this side like that, some mountains there now let's make another layer. And let's make it a bit darker because this is like on the foreground, but it above the layers. And here we want to create, like some sort of house. This will be a little house here on the hill. You can see my Jones skills are not so good. So it doesn't matter if you can job because we're not here to trial. We are here to make for the ship work, and let's make another layer. Let's see, speak something a little bit lightest. We could see this better, and here 1/2 like all right, that's difficult to see. Let's make this lighter. And he I wanna have flag some sort of Blaine plane wreck. It's gonna be here. This is just a rough sketch. So if this also plane you see here side of the plane and maybe some house there in the background, let's make this lighter Will be a little house. Maybe there may be some more in the back on, but to get the idea of what I want, this is fine for now. And I want o have, like, the moon here because I like to make much night artwork, so I can great beautiful lighting, maybe a moon here. So this will be our moon. And we're gonna create some nice ride Look like lighter reflections coming down from this morning. So if it like dead, All right, this is fine for the first sketch, and now we can start working on this. I will do other stuff. I will add other stuff later on. But this is just the basic idea off what I want 3. Replacing Sketch With Images: All right, let's start with replacing the sketch with real images. I want to start off with the grass first. Here we efforts are gonna click on this layer, and I'm gonna import Just drag the grass into Are for the shortfall. Now, if you just presented its fine, What I'm going to do now is Prince on the layer off this grass while without control or command to Mac. So if this election and make a mosque. And now we have this grace inside is hell. I want to make sure the grass is filled over this whole hill. So I'm gonna press conference Monte to resize it to make sure it fits this whole area. You want to make sure it doesn't go like this in the background, So I need to make sure the grass is everywhere and not the background itself. I'm gonna make this a little bigger. My dad. Now, let's leave it like this. And this side right side we can just brush on. I'm gonna press enter. Let's also do the grass on this layer. So I'm gonna import the grass again. Just traded here press enter without control or command to make ends this time Gonna select other side this one and make mosque. Now just make sure to do it on the layer off the grass. And he want to make sure digresses a little bit smaller than from the foreground because it's a bit in the background. So I need to make sure the size is right. So let me move this a bit here, Like the head. This is fine. All right. This side, I need to Brigitta bid. So let me first make this a bit bigger. Not the big, because we still want to have the right size. So let me rest. Arise this. So if you press right, mouse restaurants, layer, you cannot go here to the constantly. And if I just selected coincidental, make sure the opacity influence it on the and bring the hardness all the way down. And if I just make this big leg did selector well done, ault, or option of make click your mouse and select area and bring it to death side so we can extend this. Grasp it. Just make sure you don't see we're bedrooms. So just gonna click a couple times like that. You can also just bring hardness bit up. Just do a bit of a brushing toe Feel this area with grass Right now we can import our background. I have this image of mountains with moon Somebody go year to background importantes and see how they feel. Expresso Then first, flip this or is until so in the morning on the right side of the one. I could just make this a bit bigger just to make sure it fits. Day so composite might be a bit smaller Press control T You can resize everything in, but it exactly how you want. Let's just leave it like this for now. All right? We don't need this anymore. This is just for reference and also our house. Our house is already being g fell. So you don't have to waste time on cutting the mild, so that's really good. It's like the boring part off distorting. So this is our house and our house will be there like that. Let's disable this layer and put it somewhere there like that. Have like this I was going out of this frame and last but not least, our blame Brick, that will be here something like this 4. Creating Shadows: All right, let's do some shadow Brushing all this stuff needs shadows. It doesn't look right now. So let's start off with this house here. Let me create a curse layer on top of the house. Presidents only only affect the light under needed. And let's get rid of all these highlights, like dead. And now, if I take a brush just a normal soft round brush, you can see I can bring back some parts too light. I don't want to have it to light, so I'm gonna jumped off basically. And I'm just gonna brush, like, a little bit of this side. Maybe a bit here, because we have lighting coming from this moon. So we're gonna get some light of parts on on the right side here just to let a bit like that that much. Let's also do the same for the plane. Great. The curse adjustment layer on top of it. Presidents, and drop these highlights like that. And now just brush the top side lighter. See if lighting coming from this moon eventually dropped the metals here to get more interest in this. It's also what I usually like to do. Give it a bit more contest when it comes closer, toe the camera, that makes sense. And this looks fine. Now we can also do the same for the grass here bit. Let's also do is doing grace. Bit of brushing. Make sure pressed his button again and trapped the highlights in stud pushing some areas slider. So we have a moon here. So gonna get some light areas here? No, with rushing there. All right, so we get lighting from here. So this part behind this plane will be a bit darker because it's like blocking the light from this movie and eventually make the start like that, just like that. Not too much, just a bit darker. And let's also do the same for this grass here. Groups bring them down a bit. Don't forget this button unless or else it's gonna make everything dark and for decide, let's just make the upper site off the hill. Lied. And the other stuff, it's like going down. Think this looks fine? All right. Let's also breast some shadows, so the brush shadows. I'm just gonna let you do the plane first here behind the plane. So let's just make a new layer on the needs of the plane layer. And let's select a normal brush and bring the opacity all the way down to around 20% in the flow. Also, something like this. Make sure you have this off Trump selected with the hardness to zero, and if we now start brushing, you can barely see it. But it's better to start brushing. Click a couple of times to make this darker, shaken. Do this like how it feels better to do so instead of making it all black it once. Just do a couple of times. It's always better to do that. And now if this shadow is too much, you can just drop the opacity here bit to make light about that. I think this looks nice if it's dark like that, let's also do a bit off share a brush in here from this house. I forgot to make a mask on this house, and also until this doing, grandparents limited it really quick. Here, make sure to bring the opacity and flow all the way up again. So this grass, if you Bruce brought disgrace here, it's gonna look a lot more real because he how easy that is. All right. Let's also do this brushing here with a normal brush and bring the flow in a pastie all the way down again. And just gross a bit here on this side. Also in this part of that are close to the house. Get some darker parts. There may be a bit here. Give it. Should make the brush picker like this. All right. I think this looks five now. I can now just move stuff around the four months. Maybe I wanted, like, this work like that, but I want to see this movie. So just gonna move this a bit around and move on to the next chapter. 5. Creating Light: All right, Let's great some light effect from this moon here. So we get a beautiful lighting here. So for this, I'm going to click on this, sample the car from the moon and move this a bit to the left. So it's lighter than the original one. Like dead. Make a new layer and just use a normal soft round brush with zero hardness and capacity flow all the way. At 100. Let's make a dud. Move it here. And if a press controlled Monte can bring the free transform, you know, up in football don't hold down control or command to make select one corner. I can stretch it out like that. Let's take another corner so we can create like this. Hold on, hold to make a bigger and just what they dissipate. So it goes down like that. Now this is a bit too yellowish. So I'm gonna press control you and bring the lightness a bit and let's drop the opacity so it doesn't be toe light like that. You can see the difference it makes. Now we get nice lighting here on the top. Maybe a bit more. All right, Let's great another layer on the need that one. Let's take the skull again. Make it even more to white. And let's take the size of this moon. Yeah, and Chase Blood Monitor screen. That's also changed this one to scream and never can just recessed. It's a bit bigger, like Drop the opacity again and now we have some nice lighting. You can make this even bigger, maybe stretched out like that. Just make sure that make this will look a bit riel like dead, assume outbid. Stretch out these corners to make the area bigger, right? Let's not make us too big, just a bit bigger so it doesn't look like the sun, but some mood lighting. Think this looks fine on Just drop the best bet here, so don't do this too much. You still need to see the bone there. Think this looks fine? 6. Corrections: All right, now, we can do some highlights here. So I have this house here. I think we need to make some areas darker. So I'm gonna create Curse Layer here and give it a bit more interest like that. Just take the middle part to bring this down slutty like that. It's do the same for this plane wreck. Let's make a new gross later on top of that one. And bring this a bit down. So we have a bit more contrast in this plane like that. And now I can adjust the background a bit if you like. This looks a bit messy, this grass here in the background. So what I'm going to do is I'm gonna slick this layer and move it a bit around to make this look better. Let's me close this. You can see here directly. Looks better than it waas for. Move this around the fighter. Nice. But let's do it like this and you can eventually move this whole thing around if you want. Maybe this even look better so we don't ruin the few off the background. Let's do it like this and also moved this one a bit around. Just make sure to unlock layers so you don't move the whole thing, but only what's inside it. It's tried toe resize this and build dead, and now I can just impressed this part back again with the close them to to fill this up. Just make sure toe press on different areas so you don't see better off the same stuff going on. I think this looks fine, and now we need to make sure this area is a bit darker because I think it's to light now for the assaulting. So this is this layer where we made it darker. And let's just make some areas darker, like here because we won't see that much light at night. So let's just only make these area lighted on the side of the moon and also the topside off this hill. I'm gonna drop the opacity so it doesn't get to life and the same for this. Let's make this big line like that 7. Organizing File: right now, you can see we get a lot of layers in our file, so it's time to organize things a bit. It's actually better to do this from the beginning, but I didn't do that. So let's do it now before we get too much layers. Let's put things in folders with this that just make Folgers and give it names. So we can just just each folder where we want to change something. So this will be a foreground, dressed just like both layers for downshift and click on the folder. This is our grass. This is our background gris Think it was Oh, no, it's not. This is a big ground grass, and this is a foreground Grace grounds with press. This is our house, and this is our plain brick plane. And let's put this also unfolded. Bases are light effects, and this is our sketch. I'm gonna It's like all these layers and but it's one folder. We don't need it, but I'm gonna save it to anyways, sketch that's just disabled that take us a year. Everything is now in folders, and it's really nice to organize things when you gonna create the big fell. And now you can see I could just select one of these folders and may be moved around the for want this house, like maybe there or something. So make make these folders too organized things before you move on with too many layers. 8. Creating Dynamic Lighting: so it looks all like nobody's lives here and stuff like that. So what I would like to do is to give this house light. So this is our House folder. Let's open that that one. Click on the last layer of it. Zoom in here and just select the polygonal lasso tool and make like this selection off the window. That's the 1st 1 after it's like this so we can get some other selections to this election . 2nd 1 also this one and the last one. So we have all these selections off these windows now. Now, if we take a color here and let's make something, let's see a bit yellow wish, but not to yellow. So almost like white yellowish like this. That's great. And you layer now and make sure this cooler is set is your background color. So, like this girl said, this background color here, and if you press control or command backspace, we can feel it color every year, like this life. But it doesn't look real right now, So what I'm going to do is give it a bit of her Goshen Blur. Not so much, just a bit. Maybe even listening there like really, really low like that. And now I'm going to create a new layer on top of it and select the school. Lincoln make it a bit lighter and bring the opacity and flow all the way up. Bring the hardness down. It's always let's make that first like that. And if you press control Monte, we bring up the Fritos from in, though if we hold down shift, we can stretch it like that, right? So if you have, like this long stretch and this we're going to use is our lighting from the rooms. So let's put this here. Janes of blend multi screen. Let's also try. So flight, sometimes off light, was better. That's the screen here, press control JT duplicated and just make four of thes control Command J with those. And that's how easy it is to make light. But it looks like we don't have a window there. So what I'm going to do is I'm also gonna create a window, and for this I'm going to use another image. So let's just take this one. This is also in the project files, and let's also select Theis polygonal lasso tool and let's make selection off this whole window like this. Just like this square with no press control or command. See to copy it and put it here above delays. Press right. Mouse covered. So smart object Press control committee to bring up the free transform and make it fit this window. So I'm gonna put this on all the windows, so we have, like, a real video. Now, if you take one corner, hold down command control, make reconstruction out bit like that to make this corners at the same place as the corner off the original middle. I did, and I can see where you know. But of course, it doesn't look real, so we can just select one of thes blend modes to make it fit. Let's see, maybe off label work, you can barely see it. We can also just drop the opacity. I think this looks fine. And I guess you we get a nice window that looks a lot more real than just the thing next to it. And no one could just disgruntled J two duplicated. Moving to the left changed the bid. So it fits this image. If you want to go really politicize into all these little details there. Press control J again duplicated again. Just make sure it fits the window with the corners. All the other stuff is is okay, I guess. Here, doing those a bit smaller. So I need to resize this. Don't forget to hold on. Control. When you take one corner dead, let's do another one for this one and make it a bit smaller to fit this window. And now I can see you get nice windows, but this looks a little bit, we're told. Make sure it looks real. I did. And now we can just let's put this in one folder and this is our windows. Now, if you want to make this look more realists, but also these into one folder, this is our globe. It looks like this goes a bit too much to me. So what? I'm gonna do this a bit smaller, Just a bit smaller like that. All right, because we have lighting in this room. Now we need to make sure the grass here is also lighting up from this windows. So what I'm going to do is great new layer and use the same color again. Let's change the blend. Multi off lay and just brush a bit here. So we get nice highlights from this. From this from this light that's coming out out of the house and keep it here. All right. Don't do this too much. You can drop the opacity with here so we don't do it too much. Now, we can eventually make like, these light beams from this window. Just don't go too far here. I just first like to go really far like here and after Inbursa parts away to make this look more real. We see that still bit here because this window, this house is now a new light source that we created. So we need to make sure the lighting it's right when we do this. So this parts will be lighter than other parts. And now I can just Bristol Bay the way because it won't go death for just like that. Think this looks fine? Just a bit of a brushing and that's it. And let's how easy it is to make this make a life 9. Adding And Blending: all right. This composite looks a little bit empty now, so you can really add a lot of stuff to it if you want. So let's add something else to it. Let's make a folder and call this car wreck. I'm gonna add this rusty old guard to this whole thing. So if you want you can it like a lot of different stuff through it? It all depends on how much time you want to spend on great in this. So I would add some year so it doesn't look empty. Let's flip this horizontal like that and just basically do the same step. Make a mosque here, use the doing grand brush and proces bottom parts away. So it blends in with the bottom here first, like dead, maybe a bit smaller. So it looks still riel. Just make sure you use like riel sizes. I think that's really important. And I've seen a lot of time. People don't look, don't use riel life size they mentions for the whole composite. So you can imagine if the house is here. The guard needs to be smaller than the house, for instance. Right. So if you once you have that just and a curse to it. The first drop all these highlights from it like that making dark Just make it look real. And you can just use black brush and click on the mask of it and just burst in parts light again. Did. So That's actually really easy to understand. The only thing you need to learn is to understand which parts need to be lighter. So we have the light from the right side, so the left side's gonna be darker dead. 10. Color Blending: All right, let's start with making the colors right. So we have, like, a night in going on. So when it's 90 won't see that much off these bright colors. So this grass here is too bright for this time of the day. So what I'm going through is great. A huge situation. Layer on top off the grass Now, in here. If I make sure the president's thing here, here, I can just job there situation of it. But I also want to change the color of it. So let me leave it first like this and move it slightly to the color off the light of this moon. It's bit like orange, so I'm gonna make sure disgrace isn't green, but it's more like this color. This fits the whole design better than that green. So moved a bit to the left. They get something that fits this lighting and after that, trump the situation a bit, so it isn't too bright, right? So now we have thes sittings minus 11 minus 23. Let's go to the other grass. It's still the same minus 11 minus 23 so you have the same color tones for that It's also dropped their scoring from this Garbrecht. Just go here situation. Let's drop the color from that minutes. Prove it's a bit to the left also like that. All right, this I think this car is a bit too. Lights are gonna give it a bit more contrast like that just a little bit. All right. And now we can do the same for the house. Let's do the house. This has doesn't have much earlier, so it won't affect this much. But I still like to have all this little things right. I can't even make a darker like that. Just dropped the lightness there, make it look more real. Think that's better. And that's also do this background here. It's like, really blue. Now I want to get rid of that blue. We didn't even change the background yet, so let's drop this blue. All right, let's not touch that one. Just that blue. Get rid of the blue. You could also make this darker. Maybe this is also nice. Let's make a duck like death now one of us at some contrast to this background. So I'm gonna create Cursi also in like this and bring up the highlights like that. Think this looks fine for now, We can always adjust it later. Let's drop the best of it. All right. And let's do this plane here. Let's see what we have to play in here. Your situation. This plane doesn't even have called the bird. Whatever. Let's just do it. All right? Right. Let's not touch this zero like that. And this is our lighting, so I'm gonna make sure this looks right. So, actually, this would be better to the end. But I like to have a feeling how the design looks during the process instead of at the end A bit like this, maybe drop it. All right, so call us are right now. 11. Adding Boy: all right, have this boy with the lamp here. I'm going toe at days in our design and make a smart object. Let's put it above all the other layers and make it fit this image so we can see here get like realistic size. I think it This is the entrance off the plane. It's probably like this size. It's making a bit bigger, so you so we can see him. And let's trends from this very simple. You can see here he has lighting on the front side, so let's make sure he also get lighting on the front side. Now let's just duplicate this layer Press control command. You bring up this U N situation and drop the lightness all the way down and go to edit transform. Flip this vertical world behind this layer Empress contract Monte. But it here hold on out and stretched out like that. So I get a little bit of a shadow from this boy and just drop the opacity. So you're for shadow from him. This makes it look more real and you can also add a mess Good and just used Gregan like only on that side, something like this would be fine. Maybe a bit more. Think this looks fine and I could see here on the bottom side if he really wanna go into details, let's make mosque and take a black brush and get rid off dead like there's like a wide line here, but you don't want to see like that. But it's really a small detail. But if you want to make everything perfect, you need to make all these stuff right. Let's also give this limp some glow. So what I'm going to do is select something in the wish, right, because so far brush and just make it that, like dead, it can change the to screen. Don't make it too big. Olympus has led big, so let's make this really small like a little limp. Here's holding. Let's drop the opacity. Think this looks fine? We can even give him a bit more contrast because if you look at the black area here, officer, it's lighter. Then, for instance, this black wanna make sure black issf like the same. So I'm gonna great curse and just trump these middles bit. And it's also une situation on him to get rid off there the color from it And I can see it blends a lot better together. Now we can put this in one folder so we don't ever messy far. And if you want to place it somewhere else, you could just move this around Issued if all these layers in this folder this is our boy eventually maybe place him here if you want, But I like it here like it's standing on top of displaying, watching. 12. Adding Details: All right, let's add some details today's composite so you can go really crazy by adding a lot of stuff in this. But if I'm going to do that, it's gonna take a lot of time. And I don't want to make this class too long. I think you get the point here. So let me add some couple of details that we flip this horizontal. So I feel like this composite is gonna look better if we have even more depth. Like there is some scrapie arts in front here. So something like this, and actually the only thing you have to do is to blend this with the image. So festival like I always did drop the highlights here. Trump met, also bit. It's close to the camera, so you want to make sure there is more interest in the image that's close to the camera. Next is to jump the color from it. It struck this really low, maybe even a bit darker, and just give it a blur for the foreground. You can use caution blood. It's fine. I did think this looks fine. Just blow this up. That's this in the folder. This is our foreground. This is so car four ground. All right. I have Tamar stuff here that c I have, uh, if some another rustic card, I want to add here. Not this one. This one, cause I feel like this area is a bit empty here. We can have some more stuff here and with me right there. This bit. Let's flip this horizontal. Make sure it fits the image with the right size. Maybe something like this, and just start bursting again like we did before. Just first. He's just here like it's in the grass. So if you want toe, create something really cool, you could find a lot of these images this search for rusty car and Rusty's objects, stuff like that own Google and it the word PNG after it. And if you do that, you can find a lot off different stuff that you could add to the whole design to make this better. The only thing you need to do is to make sure the lighting is right. So you can see here I make this dark first, and after that I can just breast supports lighter. We have lighting coming from that house. So I want to make sure bit lighter on this side. It's extra. Pretty much it stood like this. This is fine. And if you wanna make some shadows, this great new lay on the needed and trump the opacity and Flo really low and just brush a bit around it. Maybe in front of it we have a moon there, so I'm assuming it's gonna be big dark on the side also. So just little stuff like this, and if you breast too much just dropped opacity off the breath because I've seen a lot of times people brush shadows way too dark. It's even better without a shadow, then a too dark shadows. So don't do it too much. Just bid. And these, Besides, where there is no lighting just like that, I could see how easy this is to blend this in this image, and they can also drove the color from it. Let's drop some confirm it, and that's a That's our only thing you have to understand. For then images, lighting, shadows, an the color well and, of course, perspective off the image. But we have like this. He'll going up and down. So does it. really matter here. All this stuff can be from a different perspective. All right, let's also add this one. Some will bury. You could see it. This is really light. So we need to make this a lot darker and just find the nice, But so I'm going to do the same steps over and over with this. And if that I will add one more thing to this composite and that is a dark because I feel like when you have more life in it, like human stocks make brings it more to life. So not only this rusty garden stuff, but also the dog will make this more like a fairy tale kind of thing. So what I'm doing here skirts again? But he could see it's really lights are also gonna job midterms here first make this dark meat house down. And now I can just maybe not a place maybe here somewhere there to give it also a shadow. It's just way too light on the side of this this wheel thing. Well, barrel here. Just a bit shed of brushing, and that's pretty much it. There's nothing difficult about this, and even more if you really want to make this better. You can also do Dutch in Bern toe to make it fit better. But I'm not gonna do it because it's just a small teeth on this design. Alright, What A For a year I have another barrel here can also add this. Think it fits this Hold design, maybe. Let's see someone next to the house here. Also do some brushing again like dead. Just don't forget toe disable color dynamics when you do the brushing way with this grass brush and bring up the past. Need flow to hundreds again so you can really hide it in between the grass. Some curse again. Don't forget this weapon. So you only think that layer it's just leave it like that. Maybe a bit dog, but I want to spend too much time on this 13. Adding Dog: all right. This dock is the last little thing that our at this So I can start with, do some night of fixin do some missed stuff like that. So think this took Well, look nice somewhere here. I don't want to have him here because I feel like this looks nice, but the boys alone there, So even these little things, like the idea behind the planning, I think it's also important. So don't just put everything anywhere. Try to think off the idea behind the story off the whole, the whole design. So I think it would be nice with the boys. Like alone gives a bit more, more A fairy tale connecting to this image. All right, let me blend this big better. This talk needs to be like inside this grass. Just duplicated slayer control or command. You making black transform Flip this vertical. So we have a shadow. The light is coming from there. So when it goes here, it's gonna go a little bit like that. If you press control Thean, stretch out these corners to make it fit the right side. So this is a very fine. Make sure to put it under needed. So we don't make black areas on sided on the dog itself. Now, if I just apply this layer mosque look on this lame ass or if a great new layer and select bordelaise press control E, it's also the same. Got to feel the Blur. Had some cash blood to it, just a bit of a blur and drop the opacity. And that's pretty much it maybe a bit less never stretches out more. And if it doesn't look good, try different areas. Maybe it looks better if he somewhere there or something. You can see here looks a bit better when he's in the side of shadow. Maybe also some curse to make him a bit darker. So this is really to do every little thing right if you want to. But I'm just gonna do it quickly to show you how it works. Be a bit more shadow. You can also brush it away at the end. I did all right. I think this looks fine. I'm not gonna do every little thing here. It's gonna take a long time to finish this whole thing 14. Creating Mist: all right. Now we can do some missed brushing. I added thes mismatches in the project. So if you just open up, double click on them. If that doesn't work, just goto slick your brush first, then go here and click on purposes and import these brushes and that's it. And then you have this folder here and he can select different kind of Miss Precious. So usually I just go through them and select a couple of them. Now we need to make sure the breast sharing off the mistress in the background and not here . So let's make sure we do this in a new folder here. It's called This Mist and select one of thes purses. You can bring the person flow all the way up again, and now you want to select something, maybe a bit rage. Grayish mist. Just make sure to make a layer. Make it smaller because it's obviously in the background, not there and started brushing. Missed around. These areas don't use the same brush over and over just big, different buses every time you do this every two times, for instance, so if you're gonna do the same brush over and over. You're going to see better in in this mist and you don't want patterns. I like to click a couple of times before I actually use it so I can see what's better. So maybe five click here. I don't like it. Just press controls it or compounds it and do it over, because now you can see here. I don't like it because it's a bit too much for me. So I'm trying to find writes parts where it looks nice. So here we have lighting coming from the moon. So he gonna see it a lot more than, for instance back there. So let's just make sure we have a bit more miss the side of the moon, but me brush a bit more here. It can also do different colors. So we did a couple of thes. Now I'm gonna make a new layer. And just to call a bit, maybe, But Dr now do it again and select different miss brush. Let's see what we have here. Have a lot of these missed brushes. Sometimes you Donald miss brushes and they look like clouds. I don't like those. I like these. Just make sure to make this really small because may make to solve the look bit more real, like dead. Let's do another one. Just do a bit of brushing off these. It's really easy to create this kind of missed. All right, we have missed in the background. Now. The next thing I would like to do is to make sure it goes on the hill also. So not just in the background. I need to find the layer off these hills, this one in this one, that's what this one first and creating your layer on top of it so I can fresh also missed on this hell like that. So we get a nice blending off this background witness. Mr Goes on it. Something like that. I want to do it too much, just a little bit. We can also drop the best here, so you don't see too much dead. Let's also do here on this year. It's this layer and create a new layer and top off that one. It's also make the smaller again. Let's see, maybe drop the opacity here so we don't see too much just a little bit. Think it's the big No, just small this brushing like that, It's two bit there. We also need to do a bit in front of the car. Yes, I feel like scurries to visible now in the background. So this is our Harvick gonna make another later above it so I can do some mist in front of this car. So get all these nice details off this myth going around that and behind the stuff like that, Just like that? Maybe also there. All right. I think this looks fine. Gonna do a bit more. Could be also here. Still a bit more here. Here. All right. I think this looks fine. Maybe a bit here and now We can do even more missed, like, somewhere in the front. Gonna put this somewhere here so we don't have, like, only missed him back up, but also bid Here. It's here. Not too much, All right. And not once you have that missed. You need to make sure it isn't to my so I feel like it's bit too much now. So what I'm going to do is to slightly drop the opacity. Just the bid less off Cassity toe. Blend this better with this image, these are little details, but at the end, this will matter when we do the final adjustments. Let me with a bit less there. This one is way too much, I think, and even move this down if you want. Let's do this. Also bid less like that. I think this looks a lot better now. 15. Final Adjustments: all right. This whole design is almost American. Do final adjustments. For instance, this window here that we have here, the light that is coming from this window, the glow, this one? No, not that one, I think. When is it? This one? This is too much for me. So I'm gonna drop this to make this look more real, Like death. This looks a lot more real. And also this moon maybe a bit less of this if this one also dropped their best. If that make this still you grill like a real photo, No. Also do some highlights here, So I'm gonna create a new layer and pick something yellowish orange. And let's give it, like, bit of a missed here in front of the when they go like that. Because when you have missed, it's gonna be more physical where there is light. Just a bit of thes area. Stewart, give some more color to it. It's creating new layer selecting moment. Brush here, and I'm gonna create like this dot Here, change blood month off lay and see where I can create some nice colors. So here you can see, we get a nice yellow color come from this house. Now stretch it out like that. So this looks really nice, I think. Let's also do a bit here, but press console you and get rid of death color. Just a bit less collar. I think that maybe this is even too much gonna drop the best here. All right. I think this is fine. Now we can do some final blending toe this all I would eventually also this car here you can see here. It's good that we created all these layers because when you need to find something, it's really difficult. Now, even with all these folders there this I need to make sure the left side of this car is This is a bit darker. Has bit more contrast to make this look more real. Think something like this is a lot better 16. Adjustments In Camera Raw: All right, let's do some final blending to this. So we're going to do is I'm gonna rescue on the guns like the less layer here. Great. A new layer on top of that press command or control Paul Shift E. So we have, like, duplicated version of everything. So now you cannot change anything anymore. Make right mouse converters to a smartphone check and go the filter camera fielder and he we can do some nice adjustments to get us. All right. So you came arrive around. Filter might look a little bit different, but you have the same settings. This is just a less version, right, and here can do changes to make this better. So this is really something you need to train your eye for. I would increase the highlights here. See, we can bring down the whites a bit. Let's leave the blacks word of this and let's bring down the texture to make it softer. But we don't want to lose details, so let's hear. Make sure it looks right, right? Let's see, because here we can change the whole color. If everything let's not touch debt. Next I'm gonna do is let's see here, Maybe from drop this a bit. Midlist shadows, dark shadows. All right. Next thing is the curve fear that's increased. That's what it drop the mythos here. A bit like that for this final blending stage, you really need a good screen to see all these little details. Let's give it a bit sharpening. And if you move onto column mixer, we can get the colors right. So tried to use the sliders started from here. Q. And move them around and see how the change your image. So maybe you want something more orange. You can change that, but I'd like to keep this more like a real thing. So I'm gonna make sure it's still like a real Colors are not like this, but it's slightly trying to changes to make this look better. Going on to situation. You can drop a bit of this situation here. This is fine. This is the background. You can drop a bit of the blue. I did, and women INTs see. Let's drop these highlights. Think this looks fine. See if we can change these Not much happening here. All right, let's not touch that. One could also give it the bit of in yet to get more focus on the center of this image. All right, let's move on to calibration. And I think a little bit like that. Let's not do too much here. Or else it's gonna look, be it. This is also pretty nice if you want. Like, more like a fairy tale kind of thing. You can just change this one. All right? I'm gonna leave it like this and press, OK? I accidentally gave it. Where is it? Distortion underwent. Distortion, lived at zero. So this is fine. Conceded difference before after looks a little bit better, right? And next thing to do is to create occurs. We can eventually make this even better with me. Give it a bit more highlights. Then change the RGB two another color so we can get the colors. Right. So we have a night thing, so we need a bit off blue in this. I'm gonna slightly change these like that. Think this looks fine. And some final things like color balance. She will not change it a bit. I think bit more blue would make this look better. Something like this. Now, to get it all sharpened. You can do Montel shift again. Change the blend mode, vivid light go to filter all their high pez. And here you can slept like Don't go too much because it's gonna look weird. Maybe like 05 to see more details in this image or even less, but it's just a small little detail to make this better. 17. Creating Stars: if you like to add stars to your designed great new layer on top of everything, bring up the best inflow off brush, take the normal brush here and just make little white dots. And that's where you can create stars. And maybe this looks even better. She wanna create even more details. Just make sure toe make the brush off the star bigger and smaller every time you press. So sometimes you need to make them really small sometimes but bigger and just go around the whole converse off this guy. Just don't go on the area where there is land because sometimes sells receded. We'll even have star zone or mountains are you are Make sure all the little stuff looks right. Just click sometimes in that's quiet. You have some nice, beautiful stars. So thank you for watching. I hope you enjoy this class and out to sea on the next one