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20 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Übersicht über die Kursreihe

    • 2. Logische Aussagen

    • 3. Logische Ausdrücke

    • 4. Negation (NICHT, NOT)

    • 5. Negation - Beispiele

    • 6. Konjunktion (UND, AND)

    • 7. Konjunktion - Beispiele

    • 8. Disjunktion (ODER, OR)

    • 9. Disjunktion - Beispiele

    • 10. Exklusiv Oder (XOR)

    • 11. Exklusiv Oder - Beispiele

    • 12. Übung 1

    • 13. Übung 2

    • 14. Implikation

    • 15. Implikation - Beispiele

    • 16. Äquivalenz

    • 17. Äquivalenz - Beispiele

    • 18. Rechenregeln I

    • 19. Rechenregeln II

    • 20. Übung 3

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About This Class

Herzlich Willkommen und Guten Tag!

Die Reihe "Mathematik (auch für Informatiker)" umfasst viele Themenbereiche der Mathematik, die im Umfeld von Schule und Studium relevant, vor allem klausurrelevant, sind. Die Reihe besteht aus insgesamt acht Teilen:

  1. (Aussagen-) Logik (dieser Kurs)

  2. Relationen und Abbildungen

  3. Matrizenrechnung

  4. Lineare Gleichungssysteme

  5. Graphentheorie

  6. (Binäre) Bäume

  7. Vektorräume

  8. Lineare Abbildungen

Die einzelnen Kursteile bauen z.T. aufeinander auf, so dass behandelter Stoff aus vorausgegangenen Kursteilen als bekannt vorausgesetzt wird.

Welche Themen werden in diesem Kursteil behandelt?

Wir werden uns im Kursteil "(1) Aussagen-Logik" mit folgenden Themen beschäftigen:

  • Logische Aussagen

  • Logische Ausdrücke

  • Verknüpfung logischer Ausdrücke

  • Äquivalenz und Implikation

Im Verlauf des Kurses werden verschiedene Beispiele und auch Aufgaben zur eigenen Bearbeitung angeboten. Zu jeder Aufgabe wird ein schrittweiser Lösungsweg aufgezeigt, so dass Du diese Aufgaben als Lernkontrolle und Klausurvorbereitung nutzen kannst.

Was bringt Dir dieser Kurs?

Kurz und knackig: Dieser Kurs bereitet Dich auf Deine Klausur vor. Natürlich ist jede Klausur anders (und meistens auch neu), aber das Grundprinzip ist doch immer gleich, oder? Weil sich weder die Mathematik noch die Informatik dahinter ändert. Und die lernst Du hier!

Auch kurz und knackig, was dieser Kurs NICHT ist: Eine Garantie, dass Du die Klausur bestehen wirst. Lernen ist etwas sehr individuelles, das muss jeder selbst erledigen; so, wie es für sie oder ihn am besten ist. Aber dieser Kurs kann Dir dabei helfen!   

Also, was meinst Du?

Ich denke, wir sehen uns im Kurs! Bis dahin!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jürgen Möthrath

Dipl.-Ingenieur Psychologe Heilpraktiker


Während meines Studiums habe ich viele Jahre als Fachmentor an meiner Universität und im eigenen Schulungsunternehmen gelehrt; daraus sind viele Erfahrungen entstanden, wie komplexere Sachverhalte einfach dargestellt und erfolgreich vermittelt werden können.

Dieses Wissen möchte ich hier einbringen und würde mich sehr darüber freuen, wenn meine Kurse auch Dich begeistern und im Studium, im Beruf oder einfach persönlich ein Stück weiterbringen.

Weitere Kurse findet Ihr übrigens auf meiner Homepage!

Have a nice day!

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1. Übersicht über die Kursreihe: Hello on tactician Common. So I am automatic for informatica or notary off Fear understood, ringing each mechanism, course and video and a new public doubts or game must is a higher bring in vote on Smart mega docked their bounties of Ryan asked often under off bound and course turn off than Cano here by the Bashar phone. Disease causes thereby and shine. Major title for in a villa. Vincent was very finished. Okay, in cost that I answered after skin on the log. Gonave exact from the our Sokolow big their cost arts fiber shifted things done. Mitten Tayman relates. Ulan went up appeared woman as a quickly committing going large intestine. Vast bantam automatic Spitzer naturally syndrome. Automatic for informatica. Taught sex less polluting. Gamed written Costa Gator. Stand on my Troedsson! Good Naturally, Our home. Dima Truths Interational Invocation. Reagan on Survivor That was the envy and feuding course style. Lenient regulations. The steamer between those economic exact give losing linear hug, license to steam and victory and causes team item automatic Spitzer naturally hinder mathematic friend from article about when they dis Creighton Order are good. Mission Mathematic is too big 1/2 until we that's when Beyonce entire food. If it is, of course, I on them tires X get done. No and short. Vaida Doctor. Anyone's Mitsuo spanning and team and the boy Men on Closest invasion by shifting by the minute and unhindered going to run this team and have you got soon sustain them out of Cleveland. Wanted the end. Once you go, B. Petitti Gavin, You've got planned a paragraph about about matching system bash. Put on tired am zipping Kyrgyzstan Manziel's harvesting of stem Adam Automatic namely, Human effect or home the Village anti models. Political stay advised over the maintenance off TBS and defending of a shrinking. So that's thesis. Team a Santa Sandra and can about rabbi ownership, asthma that we were naughty team and vases on demons, June and Victor Hopes needs to quote. Come on the nets. The tired after Northeast amid linear community wonder shifting as Alina on a pillow on in them, automatic in our entire letters off garden game. Teach me most are losing a generation being fuzzy. India on the country had almost there were not foreseen. Must be He was comin home when Sean orbiting star for stand up good he should is only a function of Ramadan going to be an open under one time. Jesus causes until theaters. 2. Logische Aussagen: houses were common some years on video him, but I am automatic for Informatica on indecent videos. Honest. So next on my home, this team a log shirt out. Sargodha, Gonzaga, Minow Song in the mathematic in Yes, the fight, even staring mission is not to give us stupor. Hopped on our saga onto your gift. This zip. Certainly people in, um, automatic for Sheen's the definite So Only a volume Can Allah disclosure or sorry on the sphere of Besides and also org, it starts and Claridges computer from Team Via and Shine couldn't up. These are Stargher. This is probably a beautiful var would have fascist or the nose on levitates. It's banned from our wouldn't grant stirs reason for also sized. Feed our Stargate beyond human give, convey and shine up. Steve are would've fascist and also go to the end of equipment and Bush. Time up off Marvin Bush Tom BP coo our esti wounds of Adolf amended about ice not to steam automatic zero flick Seaver. Was it the finished young, the in Anatolia common Ben, the Osaka Moment RB or extra tips on possession? It's and venues on, and also August of our Dan coats and beer does off months and for up as a stat. Vash 195 R 90 for True in the Electoral Technic Zambia. If you're in Hvar lines as a storm fleeced on phone calls me in the vehicle. Admit Adam if, as if the fish or the F b false onto the Electra technique. Sharma African off off months I know newly as a changed home mystic are so few China All saga Lester can shine Upsy bar or a fascist? I want us is quasi Saudi Commander cents Most is amazing video. Okay, let's get on vitamin delusional starting in next video based on a non trees. 3. Logische Ausdrücke: Okay, let's video ambience of local Xiaosong on harden under these and video of one of your own logo, Sha I was to occur on the hardened buses over yet hopped on our stock and also business almost as the hours of the attack. I know it'll saga as vinegar and all soccer. I was getting a Gipsy here somewhere under all saga foreign shondaland and a given its full name location, trip windows can var would have flourished line and Lucas. I was talking stopper in the Regal, the Communists your own mirror logo shower. That's why, or a male auction house on that's under fellow study and logo showers took us Anna by instinct, location or saga state vin via our logo Sha. Also exactly don missing. It does not to limit item operate or to severe by the side dry when food vendors are the ones it's examine. Saving often matter margin operatic plus fervent. So get to see a naturally 50 location all Stryker off logo ShopRite Horn on T, Sean Jones and then next videos on visiting on space line. True's 4. Negation (NICHT, NOT): asked for comment. Cirque escaped yet Storm Logan shopper at one on Via ham here for Sheena. Formal fun part or never changed? A lick of open heart or Nantes. Mere Stella Corporate worn there. I'm faster, I'm telling operadores teas organ into *** tsun as this location. Eastwood Resolution. Not on the bigots your own kid Eintracht invites, Right? Anna Asagoe on t. It's Sundays are stellar. Miss knows ambition for towered Martin. Miti's involve hide stuff in the years when OVERWASHED August 8 ist when he survived stuff in Vietnam. Once a mere Lavinia Graphs reform Toasty Exanta in for Matic book. Lighten in the English barter habits and formal and all Stargher off machines. Can anybody be? Ghosts are design once he's all saga Koertzen Gap, Mitt P Union countries All saga via the systems of the would Our Foolish doesn't something if in his aspire design India, it's fighting spotters under arrest in Sparta. Keep the 16 I got soon They're all saga until you get this for she's too shy. Poison namely, I mild is a sneaked P. Authorities are Harding for the MP. Mr. P Order Alberta speak Fear Pestano am really isn't but us finished P Order Antrel speak earlier they're triggered and he got soonest gets for under many organ Nalo. Saga of artist Earnestine *** Tsyuh on your saga. That's fun as of in all saga. P slash mile Done Missed p slash It's the Osaka p about fudge. Zeer Linkous Windows Question Dynasty *** tsun Their functional saga has just finished. P viral out of NP fudge The next p R made arenas entrepreneur invites yet I not hold saga from Okay. Next video. Gibson and Publish Period. That's O on Stan Getz of Ida Meter Canyon. Soon meta tissue Jonas Internet in from Sean is under lotion in for Matic kept disdain Choose. 5. Negation - Beispiele: Hello. Decent quotes and videos or the smarts Pipe Asheville A game Food in Niigata soon on T s T S T s Dallas octopi there mooned ist won't It's varnished. I also know Vivian Maier. Mood haunt in Forks, Mont. Er I'm trying for messing stations. Nine off, isn't it? See a mile off the mind for honey, for Milchan as and shine up the Osaka P They want a stoned advised order. Next, Vin videos Condon convened a Jewish off. The all saga finished P building process. Vicky on invites Becket's tomb helped off directions I don't know modified stuff. If you'd us Lucien ish for the bigots you want digested as of India. Yet song that won't just want this Tovar done. Britain here also finished P. Theus Aga them won't ist missed horned and smartest Bashkirian when it was nay on them automatic. And also could you hoped it dries like life knowing up. These also occurs in forest or Anethe and for distribute in their Lubick kind of Allah the twisted his new industry and shine. Come up, Ziva. What are far just nicked. Does Z fascist on bacon and shine up the bar order fascist. Then, after the All Star Goku bloated hag life knowing, done, converting, they got salt to dissolve saga Been never finished school how it's done by English noise Mutual also gets about a fascist spirit in summer. Kind of all. OK, there isn't also organised. Coolest lifted our vic. Biggest noir is gift. An Osaka confront is our Stargate. Shine up Steve out of for Just Don is a sign of Georgia also, I don't find another solution outside of convicting. They got soon, but it doesn't follow him. Finished. Okay, right. I get some next video. Media Canyon soon be Stein. 6. Konjunktion (UND, AND): you have a common some course and video. So Canyon Joan or I am them Location wouldn't ordered him end of us off English. I was talking about it. I want to see it. Sci fi sh telescope A battle on this endlessly plus on minnows Plus on Miller's convention has four sides in the travel order at operatic in as slash chilling operetta. He is about one n lee owned forklift. It's by our son. Oh, he ever get me to divide stuff? But that soon Daglish state the biggest threats. Just bullets by hours. Lockhart Nemesio Saga P one to p O Saga Coop Blackmon were indecent Biden Spartan The odds are Guepy can interpret our first order of our Zain the all saga cool connected Affash would've as I'm on Vaida. So it's kept us with fear for sheen Anaemic spy hoax Why McLeish carton These are all submitted and lots of folk. Kniffen Yes, the movies. Catarella P is false. Coolest folks Does this Tiesto Hello, 100 Silent Don't get a steamer. Clean cut, peaceful ish coolest bar. That's fine. Virginia Sliding Helen function side in their two written Siler is gets p of our coup is fresh. Want in the futons? Silent Finn via the spider or sung baa Zind one. Focus from retorted. Yes, that's that's missile tart there for Connect funk. Newer, done via ized, then biter Would of environment milling about on about Allah or something Light side dish wasn't. Does that door that films? I asked that silent PS Village Coolest pfoutch Dennis Tarpey wound Cool fudge in that Spuyten Silas P Fudge Cool bar You have exact justice forgiveness from P Want kunwar done vials and often by the Assad. Wasn't he used about p fouls Dramatist off p won't cool first in the written stylists by its PVA Toughest Coolbaugh fudge Damn it is the p on cool fudge on new in the letzten Seiler Humvee A and P var on Vancouver. Nor done is artifacts from P on cool bar magnets are the canyon soon thus owned The end is near Dunbar When by the order Allah Osan committing one fork Nepean present. Okay, that's all. Next video are in Park Lina bash Bolivia's eight on special interests 7. Konjunktion - Beispiele: Hello. Hasn't your common here gets yet smart on by a spirit? So Kanye Joan, as a bash with similar aggression on or a simulation and maddened by then bash being for your need. Gutsy Want you on the arse. Octopi Tailbone too. Stoned them feeling that gets no an outside cool. And so get allowed it. The restaurant it isn't Theus. Octopi ist in Estonia Long bar It also coolest even 1000 yesterday Long term interest bar Damn, it is pee on cool and Fox News from fun Var wouldn't bar We have a here That's not miles the right stuff for food as local 29 compere when you can you stand ken does var var not your limit on Faulkner Full video advised Spider Spanish be the Osaka p lauded after gross I'll try the outsider Cool out it after missiles nine Video saga P convene Scheiding does devised for your sake Cool convention Does he follow schist amnesty for connect for misericordia soon from pay on cool life of our wouldn't felt on to be done on survives stuffing a shot is zooming naturally off p owned coop slash slash Okay. Next video gets yet stormed A solution Order Andi this young soon Einstein, choose 8. Disjunktion (ODER, OR): Hello, The nearby, The Communists who want him. Logan wouldn't Sean on a hopeful mitt out song. Kenny Land Yes, India Prime Location, Order. I've even false meter for clip from France Fire Our song Abu Here's gets to the rigor Does a noxious order em are done? Advised men Sean, China def. I know, Sang advised. Order Younger kids The Dis Young Saunders Law Order Newer Done Fascist When Baidoa, Allah Osan first and on the subject. Stephen off mother in another stuff a dagger state and skip the That's my also young p on cool, but also I'm contented Affash order bars line When it happened here with the integration common nazione off the food that's for PGAs follows far, far, far went for that school falls far, far, far off these advisable cumbia Allah fiamma Christian communities, Your honor. So get Shawn Johnson must aspire to get to my house convinced that these abiding also admit order for corruption would have adored it Does I need abiding our song exactly as I most dammit Often folk knew full P otaku advised for the estate Silas P files on Ku Farge. I want damages naturally, often p order cool falls by kinda pardon Also advised in That's fighting Silas P foolish cool bar dramatist by China dividing our song She advised off p order Kuchma Vivienda Doesn't Sparta dancing? Devoted side of pes? Yes. Wow! Coolest followed. Oh, he s data ministers and a pardon all sang va damages all p Sudoku bar When Enough You'd inside and just bite all song of our English piestawa won't cool Histoire the arm exact Does an order for uniform Done devised been ministers I ended up on our song advised he isn't bide our song about damages Katirima Food was almost all pee order. Cool The magnets, Peter, Does this look showed I nicked Our sri scientist decides to this young soon Is no done fresh then by the or Allah or something. Maybe else spy or something. Enough significant first stint. Tradition soon is no done. Fudge and Allah answered hours long, far sent. Okay, That's one next video Iron park line of ash. Busy notes was done 9. Disjunktion - Beispiele: Yeah, and he isn't yet. Brian Part bash. Bullets were this young to on some location order some or me. I'm on the Osaka p. Their mood too stoned 20 Also Coup D artist and a shaper You can shine just Theus octopi. The moon is talking vice One reason Hopefully that's the outside to cool The understand a shaper fascist on hand ones are via It's tougher tickets yet somewhat anger Polenta Couldn't gets the industry and order fork Nick form fun var when file charm as a p order Cool. This just vier order folks When doesn't split that Britain Silence of art stuff for damages as 30 hour saga P Kotaku in schisms Vow Smartest Bash Review and this Indiana Matematica on the saga p loaded The highest coincides after he also cool outed discourse as mine If a connection meat order warrant as a vision up p order Cool borrowed a fascist He also guepy driest whose US act It's fun They also like a cool after school starts knowing is even files fudge decisive for gluten p order Cool like fudge Order Fudge doesn't policed that Yes, asylums are five staff of food and water for uniform. Tom. It stopped. Example Saga P or a coup. So I'm next in video games just as exclusive. Order fish faster by using on Struse. 10. Exklusiv Oder (XOR): hello as a common. Some video about US exclusive order ordered US X or in the mathematic off here Is that the line? It's five. Stealing a fragment from the science department Spy Our starting P on cool ive adornment X or folk Kniffen. We have a huge soon Ahmadi byte stuffing dagger states. Yeah, we don't yell. Saga P Mitt followed followed Barbara. He also cool made fun of our foolish exclusive order High skits Does the out saga p ekes orc who knew were done devised? Been often We're in a Dell, Sang advised as an exclusive order exclusive order but ordered stuff entropy of our Zain order cool bars on other are finished biter Does the CIA notable in on my doctor stated in the year since Silas P Fashion Kufa Large damages off P X or cool fudge. The problem could no. I know all saga TV I've ever summit peaks or cool Does this in that spy inside of five years? Pay fudge on Cuba, Give a demo for ex war Does you know an All Star devised a game, Dominus P X or cool bar. Inveterate silence gets leave bar on a cool folks or he s DVD movie to give him just, you know, I know stock of our signed off when Dominus Peaks or Cool, even files me. That's acuteness bar in the Futian. Silas gets PVA when the coolest Alba explore heist. Other stuff. No island abiding or song Basel when damages p ekes or queen that written spotter here. Fudge by the biter. Our son of our home. Okay, The magnet Spitter X Hoist Our sri isn't the SAS X worst Martin Dunbar, then were China. They're all sung advised. That's what Next video I'm park courts of bash people in New Zealand's. 11. Exklusiv Oder - Beispiele: Yes, if you comes in and bash viewing for this exclusive order. Food US X or on the community. All saga PD amount of students onto the saga Cudi heiress Dina Shaver. It isn't that we just don't understand of our whole saga. The understand Scheiber Stein a foul shows like as a piece of our when cool is we have a clip from MIT X or as a pay X or cool clash. Pete Bow Explore cool fudge with a huge announced their traveling A device started off innovations Ida Bar X or Fudge doesn't estimate is a tart bow. Despite a sparse beauty, it was like a piece I via goes after. They also cause I after course annoying. Therefore corruption, medics or as a P X coupe. He was given the vice cardinal saga. Peter, I goes out is fun. It was stupid. Invites garden. All saga cool goes online. Hot fudge. The sized P X or coup is like fresh eggs or followed on the night that travel economy does . Ian does this acuteness from PX Aku Zoom it Fascist 10 p x or Cupid ordered an hour saga. Most vase on Avenue or China or saga down for Damn, it is to you Pay extra cool even files Fash Okay, if you're not busy. Nazem Next video Goodstein choose. 12. Übung 1: half the concerns are yes, new bunk onto these Esteban clouded, extensive divide stuff. Feel formed and always talk as exhort is Divide staffer Food in hours took our did a loaded P order in Claman. Cool don't care. Kinda hit by Sunday's Australia broh Mackin current purchased size infield went on site in Fear would have did. Does this realty finds argument for inclined. Max, that's that's order is open often was it didn't fire by the small I want us owned ist Clinton often as in buying film. Okay, good issue. Verizon for duty? Asked Marty Luzon's Epstein Super common on Venus. Off outside. Done shot after video vita on dark. It's done. Solos on fish Pass on shoes, resort and commute. So losing one's like asking the Afghan the off gavel audio escaped on all saga are different. Noticed it's P order. Cool Wouldn't Era. The SAS comedies and Failure to Live Are Ya Been from the in the old Soccer are a pinkish is envious of us. Armed German actually have a modified stuff. It often unodc off resort BMOC. It's to drive up a yard in namely p cool on our their trick by negotiations Thiessen was weight loss. Lose and boring This we're not really fun are invaluable in the answer And Vietor mezain under company even missing on the shooter force long does resorts a tune the name So next time rud valuable a p d cannot invade New on lines are name India's R. P s new done can cool Imano Nuland irons are name. We have a getting mommy nor I won't ever kind of normal diets are named as a new want science. Damn it! Um bia air doors Yes can cou on. These are skeleton veterans are named on off your Kublai giants Can Aravinda de Vietto no signs on Yemen yet some therapy won't cool Jewish damage New account alliance gets cannot P in Viet lines are name on the African Code in Vietnam are named Won't out in Vietnam You'll on science Duncan Video P Dinh Viet Lines are name every don't know on science Want dammit Zinta in the tab l a in the Merkley carton He's in the middle Is kind of this year. Beaten? Yes, conduit yet Swimmers Gunson off noon. Want irons and damn it. Have you shown Marty hours going Soviet a dagger state. That's another one yesterday titled Dear Via has tough. So in spite, entire gator sits down. That's VRT, I answered. And all Sargon here, Mitt and under fortunate Fenderson, he gives us the all saga. Cooled out Theis trauma and a clamor. That song here for you was here the size Jimerson here. Guns, No mine, our generation Reagan clam original 4.4 situational. Most of us as my declaration on Lucien before we're done here. Midstream. Order. Vital Macondo Often out of this ice, that's next. This losing via cool. I wouldn't care. Cool. Want now cool on our Eastern in my science. Ben's Oval Cool outs off air Slash. I insist on David this year. Notably, Lazutkin. Don't have a Deschenaux here. I'm all he isn't cool Dalglish. Science Dennis doesn't hear Coolant A Ryan's movie on sci fi to smile here one last year, often off my cool on our life signs in unfeeling ist cool won't our national intelligence wit Mussomeli est p order Cool on our mid Ananda Fuck Kniffen Justicia Dundee All saga that's iced ones losing. It's just a game. Middle innovate for nines been p in Viet. I answered order Cool on average Envirodyne set And so p D in Viet eines the summer here show managed our here And isn't fear fair had patient in veterans Does ask difficult here only reason Tired So for Stephen name and ah yes Stine's in the oval Few fair in you is to be young National The SAS guest is the also Godolphin up any up Cool won't air blush consent want to December Here in my once dramatist the off carbon blue still unknown Fairing is very api No cool Dalglish shines as rusty Also our national When this here is a witness he offered a snaffled Sierra Monsters video Gonna normal and shown on Vince Find out to get on for function Doc Rivers to Sean museums in the next new book Choose 13. Übung 2: yet on very common sorts. Fighting anyone could use yet sign guns. Client being a complex on spicy It's divide staff. If it in also be like in Clemen P won't nichd era order in Claman coop. Want air resort future? Past few left work motivators Video Positive? Yes. Miles is terrible. Losing on Stan meter most all those only here last month It was coming. Flagellation fish, vascular for look Best I in oh sort of become soldiers on the arts Fightin off guard Once you oddity off, caviar gets to be ist obliges. The outside could be this close. P won't need era order coolant error. So he had been on video and all saga Dizzy cost spy also forklift. Normally, I'm r p on Mr Once inspired in our school on our DVD home is to China order for connect from for Boone. Come in because I'm Dr Ari Arvin Kazakh Few may be as all saga via beyond the value of in p cool on air. One thing I'm not truly next year. So the sassy, evolving beyond Soviet treatable in the entire Wisconsin family are women p cool. I want out the beginning mitts p glyphs Nora Don concluding their new alarm aired. Invierno dines Cook and India and some don't come there Not in here to know, to die in Some done compete in Viet Science on naming court in Vietnam, Air in Vietnam and irons peed in veterans. Duffy Every don't Norman Dienst went down. Isn't your fatty your first off the time that he asked Entire show Mark a shift. Zoe Ball When your theory will not get improviser. No niche tower that's iced in. Next in shit. Been with the A $10 nick every stone doesn't like a nobody inverted home from our gonad are forever in Vietnam. Ladder will come to nicked out in Very Heinz owns Darboe aired in Viet Inset becomes nationality in Vernal. They must know the inferno emerges. Getting tired from Damien Time Must. Clad in the ash politics state, Zordon and fishermen nicked our damn. It could be It's metaphor. Clip phone begin minimum gets down to high time. I cooled out its next in short, cool wound. So cool air hockey and stupa, Dad in Viet signs visible coo al. It's our air in vet. I answered more. Just when we entered ability to here is not silent As art here cooled out in the alliance I want to harm. Simon is not silent. You develop plans. A London McGleish carton hardened in Viet Nam. So what? UN. Converts who p want nick down The army. It's 30 Tabula finished are stronger. Build it, Doesn't you hear one's honest era p. Clintonista committee? It's time for our house and name. P here in Via inset won't need error in Viet and set in motion as the video signed by the for gliding by buying most of it. I'm soft often does this I'm a UFO as a you become my nines unit David of their father. I want to give you Don't finish their father sized London Mukhlis carton man gets Oscar Slosson. So let's do it here. The order for connect four doesn't sit down. Ones also could be as a vineyards Deezer splitter Buddha Neither spotter and I'm set Done ahead be in Viet irons if you for glassmaking outside adviser his next I snore. He isn't bite of yet Another 1000 words are here by the veteran Nora Nora He gets cool won't add in veterans by the order for clip from rush to see Other's identities Abiding budding Didn't get answered. Also ist year big like science. He has this by P Wanton Ashraful as a here. The irons here read organists. He everyday Ghanaians want you either. I know it's won't damage somebody off covered loose. They should be up to slash your house busy announcing next video Thank for social understand choose. 14. Implikation: that's it will come. And so I invited one team are damaged Some team idea employees cut soon on studies. 19 Marte us not to mess ambition Naturally, San wouldn't behind their fault our dogs on this in June 1st endedness that's all from Griff Leek in here if you like. This year under Zovko, faster as the data system for Burgess Iceman evaluated, I get worse and worse as just Usman here done comporting becomes Yeah, but every time it always talk Now English is the implicates your own on a vent Done But seeing aims over Yemen and implicate soon about it then also ill all saga peak Correct list Danso Lina All saga cool garden peace as a beautiful all set song Want to cool is too deep a hopeful one Been gone Start Soemadi Vice Toughen shown than have a here pita pee on Cool off feud or not, your life Time P imp Let's see it cool in the Russian ship Polyta on a definite stand in my Angus Off in bed often all skin does this highest then paid on cool than associate Madam It does BNP vice done Mr Off UVAs and and Damn it is voter done. RTR saga P in pretty it cool has a bargain, and that's this team light Ornish's So he is tacitly sold us. Then pay far. Just cool Foul just honest implicates your own var does come of the Nordic Leon Mans are BNP initialized Duncan off Kunisch Vozza and Diamond Verity or saga paying Pretty cool. Okay, but that's fighting silent. It's an adversary unit. Garza Vendee for all sets on Nikki gave NIST. Danza Libre hopped on. Getting that's a sore demo meant voting mice, Lord anguish Persons I was trying on the North End on Sunday over understanding that driven Side 11 as Judy for all sets on pig gave N'est Dynasty. Our saga cool follows you hoped on crew follows. Um, that's just EI instigator Merkley cuts on their PM Placide cool here in the Dordogne spot. Even tacitly follow Sharia income onto refuted Seiler doesn't seem those first months ankle have outed as a 20 hour saga. 94. All set so p reached. Biggest done is are people hope from Congress stick that's vitamin guns out of martyrs. Naturally shots Barbot session No damage. Justice comes the etch of us Mac variety show from big reflection here hides the science again investments, etc. Of a clich American canniest these air disarmament visit Silent Volpe implicated coup, Fascist. When this came out of her mind fastens American off. That was the bottom Communists fascists. Reason that was filed from company but has value sleaze. Not kind of just fudge mint for various reasons about that was volume. Come on, Nimni. At once. Far just reason some people knew it was vast. I done think globally on the implicates you in mid season. First tennis. That's sexy since woman. So that's what you see it sometime my implicates your gone via Zinos. Um, next video dot Saigon Jump up a speaker sore implication is nine countries. 15. Implikation - Beispiele: so I know over comments of work vomiting let's in video but implicates you know, darn want here. Get the sits by by spilling out So Iniesta bash here is the whole saga Absolutely. For all set some P surface looks by Taiba Okay, on the shoes for going Keep a help to douse was done Zain spoof It's time to go outside Investment there implicates your own for corruption as a p impolite. See that cool Donostia smooth district by type of our serviced and unguarded Silas Talbot as a bar in pretty advice want Dammit! Comes my you direct Cindy Travel a short parasitic by the implicates You went over the bar for several. Mufson. It's my dispatch, Peter Peas or get sign that I just Kleinert seem on a cool str saga. TBA hopped on the show's following the house meals. I missed Kleiner. That's me, Naseem. Does it really implicates you in forklift as a pay in? Pretty cool Where Tanya var impolite yet fudge on Damn it is the employees cut soon. Pay em pretty cool fudge Human activity Data bell and name can as Nokia Martyrs videos in Mazar e ven dry Kleiner as even Istanbul tortured US office. Me no strike liners. Minutes he missed this evening as a human implicates shown in Biden, fearing tacitly sin. Okay, that's vast. Sometimes you believe that's your own. On the of an awesome next video mid. They're actually violence for shifting areas, aliens, countries. 16. Äquivalenz: Yeah, Only time houses. You come in some next video in the automatic for informatica Get skaters from the NBA Grifter equivalents. It's nobody s stressed. I'm going beyond our life. So, firstly, in the equivalence difference, you owned the equivalence for glass namely. And for five I it's better middle number precisely approving off every violence. These are violence onto in Bayda vetted licence as an invader. Five valuable appear include a sub population that are better not my dagger state. Because Abida betting licence Minister Sergey preternaturally viable the extra violence can give, has advised on fatty activated the shine as a sign of a enough are just done. It's naturally off the same deepness Fash on the society on Ahmadi Tarbell Escape. Give it a minor Biden lead brings very avlynn p on cool. The inspiration for hard sweater Our name can over the years mid noon on the in sort of our on follows or the true and force Poseidon does say it's wish. Max. Um, you get this house In the year since Seiler video off your paid invited file, Sean Fear could invites that followed the size season as a biter. Cosmetic life as a quiver lend when damage is done. Our p X ray A violent coup Naturally Shavar in the arts Fighting Silas P Follow Shaun Coover Society Veritas Nick Equivalent Dramatist Off Doesn't give Mr Equivalence preform as a P XVIII and COO Not foolish, foolish Who cares? It's done a minute. Written silos p Israel Coolest Followers Divines and video Unfortunately been August Zanga Great opponent Eulogised on p A violent coup off so far on the refuge inside to keep the same yet start involve your pee on to involve a cool by the various English EC. Violent on damages off P equivalents of coup Naturally about. Okay, so it is a relative finding just commoditized American want him next video available starts with any decline of Bashkirian Hansi Visine on space station on shoes 17. Äquivalenz - Beispiele: so you have no time. Let's in video. I in power. Duncan's wife Violence come out on the indecent video Musty on rights by bash Peeler. So if violence bringing choppy after visions Ida, not my ones are provide Stafford freely equivalence UPC ability to the stars off teats of a cry from can then insisted Bashful and shy Okay, as to splash view piece Ideal saga The design and Quit Cools RDR saga Their moment is kinda cool This was a fun Cooley gotta and school Any hunger starts over there Okay, On a decent seats Booked guests the Osaka Pave Our theorist I'm cool The saga cool is tomorrow and want to sign a cool want dammit flagellation via of our equivalent survives and has interfered in silence or vice Toughness of X on damages Does I gave this house pay x violence A coupe naturally over. It's my dispatch, Peter Years Ideal saga P District's by type er 20 outside coo at is to try Taiba The apportionment after starts by a timer not truly own arrested Steven Mind doesn't Swifty. It's like a coup artistic dry timer. Now type I see about a mixed own arrest on Stamatis Diesel. Our saga followed confabulation over here by the equivalence from paid So cool. Bar egg violent fudge on dammit! Sentry inside dry monsters. Forgiveness there preform p equivalence. A coup is to Mitt, not Jewish. Okay, so for something Micro violence on in the next Videos videos Video on a tradition pocketbook game on Vivian notes about our when the next videos Meat So chic ending. Envision Morgan Shin of a Gun Insertions The Humber shifting the Reagans Mom Good via CNN's Stein Dunk of a Solution or choose. 18. Rechenregeln I: Yes, it comes from next room. Amazon for Moodley wouldn't believe doesn't BD or these are video via he gets them. Here's to immigration, Raylan. A pack and a bung. It isn't virility. Find five to Hendren on decent infancy Off become Austin guns No more innovation and of those against the Myanmar magic Sean makes with going into Atif on Vendor would have come on here on this ambition. In the logs show Rationally lotion freshener I burnt out that knows that you're looking busy in your name. Not often Go to stroke. Different Puffy Tian The honesty's a Russian Regan Desert Gazette's on from our courts on on speaker activity in the city. Anguish, pollution Kent. Okay, calm, assertive because it Sister Esther does so in the Golan. Schuler and Esten governors er orange too often flock inflation as fact Oceans cassettes contest. What is this Competitive? Because that Zack time for dusty argument and operate soon for toast. Well done, Wanted us it us a gift. Nous find not Benzak. Donald Dusty's operate Soon commuter t fist were much dramatic story. It's David and they're still about guys that signed. Does that does not to the Heat It's more of a mathematician vehicle. Advising about us is for us. Fewer d nuts. Okay, By stealing p wouldn't coup is disclosure. We who won't be the sized dividing vary Ablan dividing all sung canon by I know one fragment from Firtash in this iced does look shipment is competitive Pay on cool flash cool on P and his good food as long Russia order after sloshed order Is commuter TIF the sized P or a coup? His clash cool or a P? No, But I can especially mortar get Canosa and Provida, namely hits meeting us with 30 because it's just offers for canoe folks cassettes or a Clamor Gazette's contest on the saucer certificates. It's the help that I am fantastic Glamorgan Mira associate Eva for Kupferman believe Biggest could all hear Zach Madonna, Jewish does and a grasshopper at soon as with 30 fist. Okay, Claman can also for Tashjian want justice tomorrow on spy Bashkirian Bidder, namely Myanmar Mitt. Their own forklift form as a wound is associate chief Desert. Can Exxon clamor off P on Kukla Matsu owned error is to disclosure B P owned clamor off cool air climber to as the climbers that song ist here like naturally, can show offs are p cool? Won't error than malignant to tip off person beef does human that I informed before for meeting Climate is designed for hot solar's on hand and foot provides staffing. That's how can it be? Munger Curtin shoes off for believing Clemens That's not really force dished by generation Reagan, Dick Lemon Gain in more for as of any alliance Ocean All stock Clemens int done, Mr. Here, Fordham Glad shite station. So next P and cool Bush Human on content and either forgiveness s MIT team era. You wouldn't fucking open in Moscow. Corrects fund a clam A mistake not to hear school on a rubbish human Understand Mitt MP you bought went too far. That's glass immutable futures order Also a skilled climber off p order Cool climates Who order our is this clash TV P order Clamor off Cool order I'm not so okay under slits through the hellish on the contractors that sisters three boutique because it's ordered us is organ under for Thailand's cause. It's on Steve because that skip gets on music Spy survived telling of ethnic food different can get us local and the social order wanted us Local exclusive order order X or risi Others rights by sharing for connect Forman by their off Luzon Fun Clemen. So an enough for harden when Jesus for five minutes off candles always Clemon would off house him was me Are going to be so close Just okay off Dotson, Vice Peeler Asil via Luz and the clamour often spouse Them all stock p won't glamour off cooler al climates. They need us tune foreign investment returns P asked my medium cool for corruption on Dundas Payment him Our forklift from the frog is not really hit We for canoe fish is a pile on the dia Hindered MP showed us own status Anglicans clad as we're zoo for corruption missing That's we have p one cool some island on some unknown pee on our some under one on just would er visits and they get the same illness. Football. So Suzanne orders it's a bit speaking is about unfortunate for me as a MP. Don't clamor off Chora clamor to lift off. Closed into next my pay on cool in common Done Newtonville Organization or state clamor once done better in Clemen Pee on our analyst from Central's Conserve India won't on order whom the Rangers has as yet as Bash will have a pay order. Clamor off Coop. Wouldn't era climate off done for contributors payment in order to the next meeting us in clamor in her and Dundas p order. Medium spied on clima in heart when he is abiding in order for comfort and be limiting wound Caustic Lama, The sized Hauspie order Clamor off Cool wound our climates. Who left iron in Clemen P. Or a cool clamor to order in Clemen P order out. Okay, that's Felix Mother off Norton's implying. Settle, Speak. Total time. So I drive here from Silence I, most famous intern under Market Stream had done gets off in seven on stand black To stall Asil, feel free to scribble on sharp parties often and from our courts often speak. Settle off. Don't have to tell them apart. Using awesome next video suit in relation. Reagan. What's why our October can't angst Forties and Okinawa Zohar Middle Sweetie, it's you use a nose based on True's 19. Rechenregeln II: Okay. How's it becomes? Work to integration, Regal and know What's wire That's in spite entirely operational Regan in the mathematic food inform article So exact Are these a wrecking Garrigus? A currency this year is the relative. In fact, $200 for appreciation Machinists The next murders were not a doctorate in a gutsy or non on spies does in under five minutes by need citation for a Nebari Avalon Harbor on the issue Miles of optician sh group Showers showed it gets minders Niche to pay in the clamoring on these niche space. Don Norman e g. A. I was asked by Mr P when a composition from location for stand here volleying Vastar Mosque almost as many and Yanni gear doesn't see. It's closeted climate stop in London and yearning here. Come on. Nine hours finished eases nine off mining. Give a computer and yard hose as I need you. Notice yard, get a nine and I negatives. Negatives. Yard Give Twitter and ER as I finished Nick P. It's time for Twitter and picked operative for nine on top, returning at your own. Done. Come on, the note usually invest Percy it I English. Benny shine Avaya Limiting concrete invites They hadn't borrowed a fashioning on this kind of time. Ah, the village to nobody. One for clip from some unknown here everybody would off a note from my doctor stared as of any un Viet filed. Won't p harbor after common device stability? That's a bone life matter. A teacher safety smile often unclench me a lot as a fire. Sh won't p is Emma Farge Obama and new went filmed. It was on annual Wouldn't young at fast Captain Mahonri Many Anvar wouldn't p four Clipper done. Hank Natuna divides Viet. They're all started off on a pension. We had p heart as an alliance won't know till tomorrow in an oil and lines won't Heinz kept underlines the size as their bet. Our stocks that wouldn't p hanky phone p ease of up dominance of r p slash p few orders It is ended yours as of any I unfollowed would've p harbor Tanabe after i an insider disordered science double fdd a sean and falls and follows the size the same gets tough enough Mass arrests from or outside ST Indirect on a new sheets on far state. Done is not foolish example. Saga Farce. Mindich nine Street and Vast It Dynasty. Example Saga Far as Affash would a piece, in my opinion from that frumpy as a glass p by var would appeal set of dorm and nurse, the having cash on Anvar Ana Lines and true, the amounts off possession vote in their order for conformed oven on order. But order the other snore. I know these are buying also entirely shown vase, and most omit examples are devised. Does Emma links from old outside NFL damages as a visa or saga of our or a P M A clash under Fargas? Naturally, he was pursued Anguish. Ben China Valuable Mitzi Strips for comic for as avenge after Amezaga, P and P order comes usually invent pig life. New lists touch data on New on Nor does this Eman were entire pig like I insist don't show later on. Sometimes immigrant shines the size p would pay is a mug like P van parked months off us against antivenom are in gay on the have on a complex of coconut falling and complex and also identifying 400 in various places are fine for home off. No data mortgage and Reagan and John, then cans of us from our off top investor state P one to p and then kinds and factory growth even off peak cans. Cans officially elect rotation somebody within the electronics in the rotation shin inform Arctic when he asked. Spy Bowel Goldmine Pierre House but common So I murders Skippy and Mom voters next moment So far in implementation issues in device manager I m p Vita hours Where can it mean about ? And just by P would appear Here comes the inevitable leading then P Nationalists will follow. She's not straight off false order filed December fathers then P bar is the state of our of our esteem over as off p therapy is the mag like P P would unleash P akhdar guns on faf Super Gun, then p analyst Straight off the neck insider on a new World order and followed off narrations Ida and I installed in a bar decides by ministers Zainab I know for a tune Rhino thereby and thereby any thereby and also angles 50 off unified fudge Infinitely linger Orderly left about a minor damages by not one for uniform. Noticed example saga in my father many of A and P odor nish p harbor Done have a shot, links from all that station in front of our fathers Shabaka rectum, wooded site and fell short of our This has iPhone buying all songs Imo of our Dharma Tabish Order or Stargate Out of Martyrs. Human Environment Off Teaser Ding on Guns. Which dish by the Technician for Matic by the shadows Also leaving from Sharpton's design. Okay, Gotta gotta showing the the mortgage in a vegan courts under Toyad thes and yet the victims There's a racist Indeed. Guns, guns horrific. So find for Hong phone location All start in the skips off Tartasky enclosed Won't a Zoff mathematic Memon does or going long analysis Selenia and I get powers was leaked Thank gets Akhtar Hi fi I model logic on the deck Lazo off Kamisese Or if he has the complex and their complex and Lucien all stalk murderous divide gained so far and far Lips Czolgosz, internal off and Fillon going, setting invites reattached it as these are do rite silent longer All stock is consisted of our order is contested fathers with a message little sealing off people on school grounds of us now that the mortgage in a vegan, the coffee and given so find for home Rochelle's look it isn't Ang Lee are faced. In fact, Marga dammit, namely Clemen off losing corn on the trickiest here does by I am next busy. A doctor stabilised. Inclement p owned cool. I thought that snitched Indyk, Lama Ryan sear with an operator in the climate. Andrea. As I finished Claman. Pay on cool, but I need to pay order. Niche. Coup. Austin wonders As an order, Girvan would has any sensation having four years, and I handsome offer out of it. So for you to answer now also did Spider mortgage of a grandma alias, namely shoe disorder, size in other vanished vanished inclement p What are Cooper? Denver Towers and nicked pay won't niche coup as a humidor. The *** tsun four years off out of its home For you, that was, Are you a good song on stian lotion? Operate or and far younger? Kato's an order just want Yeah, damn it won't do it within visual isn't rational Aaron Food the logic foodie mathematic for Informatica on the next video. That's like offer. He was not too many first person, reliably since Panda Museum thank of a sushi on shoes 20. Übung 3: Hello. Wonder commutes underwritten. Eubank won't be loaded. Still a divide stuff If you're foreign and hostile Cough once they're all stocks like gamers are like clamor off P unfinished Cool. Tamotsu order nichd clamor off. Pay on cool climates, Fitch. Fast speed. Yesterday as there ever was. One solution on Mantle's here on. Keep to stun the most. A result. Oh, okay. Don't have your common. So losing. So you bunked I on the Cuban case. Yeah. Ah, this life p I wouldn't missed. Cool order Missed. Clamor off. P won't cool. Okay, the amendments, the next video want, uh, if I had to stop it. The involvement p on cool on the rockets. Even a moment. Norland irons and skit of envy. Finnish life to fund a hunt. The armed five yards out of here. The other wondering about when you are next. Pee on niche. Cool whip. You noted that you might be under No, that's the one that increased for you. Whatever Your avlynn d o d niggles you understood as a Here's that snitched p dusty *** tsyuh One day of I r p, the festival would rd nourished and sharp gets the sciences were cared what he s still got soon A volume called Of a year Home as our heroes Nervous Heinz Want more science fit? We don't have yet. Someone instrument artist Matthews Philly off Constant on home? Yes, In Thailand next year Does p onto next school as a p want miche Cool. That's asked. You're missing flagellation Decent time here on these entire year. What does Mitt one for clips from the sides of skipping Would I know I insulin Biden fearing by No, you have no And I am scared when there was no semen under for life north that's new here and there to go inside of that fire A lot of non filler Didn't know in spite Entire Hungry It's time P school. I think it does this. Yes, Victor joined for Has a p won't Cool does come your heroes The traveler Director New does this Does this Indian women feared And father I know Science Yes, for my next in Shruti *** Tse wonder also decent Bigger if you as a finished p want cool. Okay, I said it hits those old Shyam couldn't p want cool everybody and they got soon. So there are some Viets years. Their new move that we Ghanaians, Boston, New and iron softer. Nuland on the inside When Dunmore Who knocked the water off a clip from here Done Home video saga Invented Associates order for corruption of the decent tile here I want to tease entire, don't have you new orders. Science is science no or I. Insistence. Order. I insist. Science. No order under its no on time honesty off capitalist Menken's OSHA even or perhaps controlled even other skipped him. Internet here, Um ing and Zordon at our Louis Correctional Benyon. Former. But I know so passionately a nomination and very most Luca Krishna and gift, then becomes yet somebody. If you desire to hear from them. And doc, they are g pulled the planets on No mine. When I get also on Logan Correctional on his mother's forgiveness, this Luke aggression us few guns off come stay long. When he was eight, Cynthia attended okay with us in our next new book, Sustain True's