Math Explained Easy 2 - Fractions | Ton Van Voorden | Skillshare

Math Explained Easy 2 - Fractions

Ton Van Voorden, MSc.

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7 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Rounding

    • 3. Rounding Exercises explained (first download pdf before watching this video)

    • 4. 2.1 What are Fractions and how to simplify them?

    • 5. 2.2 Adding and Multiplying fractions

    • 6. 2.3 Multiplying fractions with fractions and dividing them

    • 7. 2.4 Adding and Substracting Fractions


About This Class

Welcome to the math explained easy - Fractions, course.

Within this course you will learn how to calculate with fractions. I will use easy day to day examples. And next to it I will teach you a lot of easy tricks to remember what you have to do.


* Summation

* Subtraction

* Multiplication

* Division

Afterwards I have a lot of exercises which we are going to make together. I will be there to help you through them if needed. So you will be sure you will master fractions after this course. 

You don't need a calculator for this course since the numbers I use are easy numbers :)





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About me (Ton van Voorden):

Fun, interesting, social.
That's the reason I give private lessons.

While studying at Tilburg University, I was already teaching other students. Not only individuals but I was also giving tutorships to small classes.

After my study I went backpacking in Australia and afterwards I started a traineeship at one of the biggest Insurance companies (Achmea). Next to that work I was always teaching just because I love it. In the evening hou...

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