Match Move Effect with Motion 5 for Internet Marketers | Monja Wessel | Skillshare

Match Move Effect with Motion 5 for Internet Marketers

Monja Wessel, Multipassionate Entrepreneur & Multimediadesigner

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4 Videos (10m)
    • Intro - Blow away your Followers with this Effect

    • Project Settings

    • The Effect in Motion 5

    • Outro & Project


About This Class


Blow away your Fans and Followers with this cool Effect for your Videos. 

You may already know by now that, as an Internet Marketer, you cannot be a professional Internet Marketer without doing Video Marketing as well.

But it's not just about recording Videos. Basically you can do that with your mobile phone. What you cannot do with your mobile is editing your Videos and adding cool effects. Because, after all, when we watch videos we want to be entertained. We do not want to watch boring videos!

The Match Move Effect is one of these super cool effects you can add nearly to any movie and which will blow your fans and followers away. 

In this course we will go through the project settings and the effect itself. Even if you have never ever done video editing, this class is so simple that you'll be able to reproduce this effect.





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Monja Wessel

Multipassionate Entrepreneur & Multimediadesigner


As a Dipl. Multimediadesigner, Webdesigner Bsc. and Entrepreneur I enjoy all things creative. I love designing as well as video creation and editing, audio production and taking photos. I'm also a teacher so it felt natural to me to create online courses and combine all my passions.

In my classes I focus on creating courses you can follow easily. In most cases you will have a finished project once you have completed the class.

To me, learning starts when I can pick...

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