Matar Paratha (Green Peas stuffed Flatbread) with Sweet & Tangy Tomato Chutney | Ritu Sabharwal | Skillshare

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Matar Paratha (Green Peas stuffed Flatbread) with Sweet & Tangy Tomato Chutney

teacher avatar Ritu Sabharwal, Food Ideas...

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction for Matar Paratha & Tomato Chutney

    • 2. Preparing the Dough

    • 3. Making Matar Stuffing

    • 4. Cooking Matar Paratha

    • 5. Sweet & Tangy Tomato Chutney

    • 6. Conclusion for Matar Paratha & Tomato Chutney

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About This Class

Hello everyone,

My name is Ritu Sabharwal and I like to share simple and authentic Indian dishes on Skillshare.

This class is about cooking complete Indian meal of Matar Paratha (Green Peas stuffed Flatbread) accompanied with Sweet & Tangy Tomato Chutney. This makes a simple and yummy meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I am going to teach how to make this, the ingredients needed, and how to prepare and cook them.

Matar Paratha (Green Peas stuffed flatbread):

Paratha is Indian flatbread made with whole wheat flour and stuffed with practically everything. There’s lentil parathas, all veggies that you can imagine and even chocolate paratha! They are usually eaten as breakfast in northern states of India. Matar parathas are stuffed with soft mixture of boiled green peas and spices in the middle. I make it very often in my kitchen.

Sweet & Tangy Tomato Chutney:

Chutneys are commonly made in every Indian home. There are many varieties of chutneys. In this class, I am going to share the recipe of a very famous chutney, Sweet & Tangy Tomato Chutney. This can be served as an accompaniment with Paratha, Bread, Idli, Dosa, Uttapam, Vada, Pakoras and chillas. The best thing about this chutney is, it takes only a few minutes to make. 

I hope you join my class! See You!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ritu Sabharwal

Food Ideas...


Hello, I'm Ritu. I am a professional Software Engineer but love cooking food. I have been cooking for over 25 years. I am here to teach some amazing and mouth-watering Indian savory and dessert delicacies.

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1. Introduction for Matar Paratha & Tomato Chutney: and I like to make Indian food in this class I'm gonna make me which includes stuff Greenpeace brought us and speed in time to meet Chapman. So please follow my class and enjoy the delicious meat. Don't forget to force the video's off your cooking in the project. 2. Preparing the Dough: Thanks for joining my class. Let's get started with the door first. For that, we need to call the whole wheat flour. What do you want from the assault? Two tablespoons off vegetable oil and some water to need it to let it started With the process of meeting the floor. First, take the floor in a big old and after soldiers and at the oil in slowly pour water. Use your hand, but makes it together. Ready. So you have to slowly keep adding water so that it all comes together and make a pick. Kickball tonight is all come together and it looks quite so. I'm gonna leave it aside. Coursey. 15 minutes or so till I prepared the stuffing for the dream, please. 3. Making Matar Stuffing: now, along with the ingredients to make the stuffing for the Greenpeace Perata. So the most importantly, we need the green peas. You can take the frozen or the freshman's and pick and fools in here. These are about two cups of VP's. I have some point to Davis food off Gina or the human seats. One piece for Reggie Boater. One teaspoon of Bring Cody in the folder one teaspoon of God, one of the train Julie's there find a job and so noticed. You know, I am gonna boy the green peas for about two minutes into my becomes No, these are boy and I had a dream that exist and is easily no because I think they have it doesn't? No. You see, they are kind of makes their broken apart into small pieces, and that should be busy, so don't want to make them into a paste, but small pieces and they should be good to. So what pains and really with no green priest, which I have blended them for that daychopan and bring in all the ingredients so that we can start. I'm going to start at some point, let the oil get a bomb Gino humans. Did you get a little ground? Here's a song and just getting afraid. No, I live in school and all the crime solos Okay, no matter the bees to it algo coverage and have it for cooking because I don't want to get wet since it's a stopping for the Perata you wanted to be, Dr. If you're not just so he based on how it is cooking and keep fixing it together. The last thing to add our sword and it's so can be only with these again makes the dog together. And then keep it aside. It would be started making stuff, but I now that both the door on the bees all right. 4. Cooking Matar Paratha: have the door ready and we have the stuffing for the Greenpeace. Also ready. So let's start making the Perata's that I'm taking the door and I'm gonna take small balls and make audio thing and then stuff it with green peas. So start Bullington. Small ideas. Once it's open little science, good science again that he's feeling. I stopped you imagine in the center spread it, keep it in the center and take the 2nd 1 government and then press the sites and also the center so that its little flat and then pull it. Run it with the soft Don't make it too hard. Otherwise it will break and all the feeling will come Some G or oil I started once. It does little brown on one side. You can because Petula and turn it so they did get scooped on board the site. So generally the 1st 1 needs that he did Van from the 2nd 1 onwards in the band would be ordered legal faster. So now I see little brown. I'm gonna, you know, put some dog off it slipping Impressive with that's cool since this sufficient point on the other side on the other side. I didn't put more, and I'm gonna flip it and don't and let it get little risky if you want, or you can keep it solved. But make sure that this coped in nice zone on both sides. 5. Sweet & Tangy Tomato Chutney: So here I'm gonna go over the ingredients required to make sweet intended to protect me. So I'm starting with 7 to 8 to meet tools need inside me. Does that chop them? You didn't say onions have also chopped them 2 to 3 thes form off vegetable oil. One tablespoon off human See Gina one teaspoon off ritually powder One de school off turmeric voter one teaspoon off vehicle. Your folder one teaspoon off some jaggery leaving call it court to give it a sneak tous And one of the breach is also chopped them salt to taste and some recording for garnish Now I'm making the sweet You start with a Kabul and put it on the flame Add the oil, let it get warm And the first thing to add is Jiro the humans. You should not start making the crackling song. Okay, Okay. So now the Jeter is Seems like started crying. I'm gonna add Sometimes you want to try the shadow by Daniel so they brown before leave it in medium plane or no plane. So after sometimes the onion seems to be right. And now I'm gonna add tomato Unionville. Get more fried once everything is gonna leave it for some time with the lid on that tomato. Leave it for about 10 minutes or so. And if you think you need to make sitting between you can open the little mix it on a medium or low flame. Medium flame is good. Who are the two meters to cook so you can check it in between? I see that the tomatoes are getting coke and they're leaving water, which is a good thing. But this one needs to be a little bit more so that all the tomatoes begins. Or so I'm gonna put the lid again. Now let's check. How are you doing? But they seem to be pretty much done. And now you can actually match. You did. It looks more like a feast and water, but also trying. No, I'm gonna makes all the time a sound to it. Its stock folded. So to do good on you and mixed them off so that they cooked nicely. Everything and everything gets mixed nicely. Now I'm gonna add an important ingredient, which is jaggery. Score a goal. So this is sweet and this is gonna look with a nice sweet taste it could be in small Jones or the powder form that you perform. You have it. I just added to the Jackie and it will melt on its own and makes it nicely and let it cook for some more time. The core will melt on its own. You have some time, and you can keep the consistency of the Chechnya as you want. It could be very thick our little what, three years? Because it's a so it's your preference on how consistency should be. I like that little Sammy thing make not too hard. And I'm gonna leave it at that point. And, um, because this was more off side with the stuff for her, Okay? Seems okay to me on I'm gonna just make sure all the poor pieces that I added the nice cemented and if they're not, you can basically, you know, crush them with along little pieces off tomatoes and little flushed gravy or peace kind of thing that schools along nicely with desperados seems to be done. And now I'm gonna garnish it with no Mix it on and I think we're good. So this is pretty much the tomato truck. Me sweet. Intended to make the trip 6. Conclusion for Matar Paratha & Tomato Chutney: Thanks for joining my class. I hope you enjoy cooking with me and enjoy the delicious lead with your friends and thank you.