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8 Videos (23m)
    • Course intro

    • Intro to commodities

    • Factors affecting commodity prices

    • Start with a chart

    • Cycles

    • Geopolitics

    • How to invest in commodities

    • Confirmation bias


About This Class


"We can’t predict, but we can prepare... the key to dealing with the future lies in knowing where you are, even if you can’t know precisely where you’re going. Knowing where you are in a cycle and what that implies for the future is very different from predicting the timing, extent and shape of the next cyclical move." - Howard Marks

Do you want to diversify your sources of income and asset growth without becoming a slave to a screen all day? 

Do you want to gain an edge over other market participants?

If the answer to any of those is yes then this short course could help you on your journey.

By the end of this course you will be able to do identify markets worth further investigation, understand your biases and those of other market participants; and finally start to work out how to take advantage of opportunities in commodity markets.

This course will introduce you to the following:-

- An introduction to the main types of commodities.

- The main factors that affect commodity markets.

- Why starting with a chart is your first step to finding profitable opportunities.

- How you can use market cycles (both short and long term) to understand how prices may change in the future.

- The impact that geopolitics has on commodities.

- How commodity futures markets work.- What the main ways you can trade or invest in commodities.

- How you can guard against confirmation bias sabotaging your profits.

- Different approaches to the markets

- Know the knowable, aka how to look for opportunities away from the herd.

Peter Sainsbury is the author of Commodities: 50 Things You Really Need To Know and Crude Forecasts: Predictions, Pundits And Profits In The Commodity Casino.





Peter Sainsbury

Commodities aficionado

Hello, I'm Peter.

I've been passionate about commodity markets for over a decade both as an economist working in many of these markets and more recently as an investor and trader. 

As you will see from my course I prefer to look for opportunities where others don't. I feel safest on the fringe, learning from other people but never getting caught up in the hype.

I'm also the author of Crude Forecasts: Predictions, Pundits & Profits In The Commodity Casino an...

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