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Mastering the art of Macarons

teacher avatar Alessio Piantanida, Executive Pastry Chef

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Promo Macaron

    • 2. Intro to the Course

    • 3. The Recipes

    • 4. Let's Start the Macaron mixing

    • 5. The Italian Meringue

    • 6. Batter coloring and Piping

    • 7. The Chocolate ganache

    • 8. The Caramel sauce

    • 9. The Raspberry filling

    • 10. The Pistachio cream

    • 11. The Final assembling

    • 12. My Freezing Tip

    • 13. Course Closure

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About This Class

The mighty Macaroon, they have thwarted many a confectioner, but no more. For baking enthusiasts, macarons are the ultimate show stopping dish to perfect. This is finally THE class that will teach you how to make these delicate confections, achieving perfect results every time.

Their pretty colours and endless selection of fillings mean they not only look great, but will taste delicious too.

If you’ve ever walked past the window of a French patisserie, you will have noticed the macarons. Bright and colourful, all neatly stacked up, it's a highly attractive display - and just so tempting. When they are beautifully wrapped they make for delightful gifts to give when invited to dinner or visiting friends, which is just why they are so popular in France, especially in the chic bakeries of Paris.

So, how do you make French macarons? The recipe couldn’t be easier. It’s just egg whites, ground almonds and powdered sugar. The tricky bits are the method needed to get the consistency right, how you get those uniform shapes and how you bake them.

As well as learning how to master those tricky macaroon shells, you’ll also learn to create four decadent fillings. I will guide you through the mixing, drying and baking of the shells, talking through potential pitfalls you might experience at each stage.

Add a bit of ‘ooh la la’ to your cooking with a macaron class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alessio Piantanida

Executive Pastry Chef


Hello, I'm Alessio and I am Executive Pastry Chef on board cruise ships. 

In my job I daily lead the teams of Pastry, Bakery, Ice cream and Chocolate, dealing with thousands of passengers from all over the world. 

Prior to that,
I've been running my own pastry and ice cream shops for years in Italy.

When I am on land I teach Pastry and Bakery techniques in Italy and in London. 

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1. Promo Macaron: I ever want my name on. I am an executive pastry chef. I've been running and working for many years shops off pastry on a script on land. You need to leave now working fine and cruise ships where I need pastry, the bakery aid, ice cream and the chocolate teams. Today I want to share with you something fancy. We're gonna make macaroons when I open my shop. I really waas making French for us since then after adjusting and directing and trying out . And finally I got the recipe on using since years and years, and I will never change it. So there anything that I share with you, it's simple, effective and really trust me. Rehearsed theme. Ideal student off his glasses literally Everyone loves to bake and everyone waas, Peter, electric beater and the whole anything else. By the end of this class, you learn everything there is to know about really keen to share with you everything I know about it because I think I'm kind of expert in macro. So let's join me in this quest for the perfect Max 2. Intro to the Course: So first, what is the macaroni? There is a bit of confusion between macaroon and macaroons on sometime above all in America , I learned they refer to macaroon when talking about off coconut and egg white and sugar cookies. Actually, but this is not the case. I am talking about French macaroons, which is the mixture off a concoction made off almond floor icing, sugar and egg white, fresh egg white unbeaten and quite which we're gonna mix in tow a thick almond paste on. Then we're gonna ford in through these almond paste, a marine and in my recipe, which is the only right of jerking. But in my recipe, we're gonna use Italian Marieke. What's the difference? The Reese, Several kinds of marine. The stun under one little is the French Marine was so called French Marie, in which egg white on sugar are beaten a through temperature until, ah, heart peak. It's formed that this marine can be baked or fold into a desert. But at this point, if you don't make it, it's still grope. Is just egg white and sugar throwing temperature whipped up together? Then you can have on Italian Marine. They tell you Marine differs from the French Marine because the sugar you're gonna art into the recipe is the salt in a small amount of water and brought to heat a different stage of temperature according to what you need Todo. Usually the sugar syrup is brought 220 degrees Celsius and then poured onto the egg white, which is already whipping up, which is whisking into the mixer, usually into a stand mixer with a small amount off the sugar that will let whisk until the Marine is safe and cool down a bit. But you can touch the bowl. Why do we do this? Because by using a hot syrup instead of just crenellated cheer, you obtain smaller hair bubble in it, so the Marine is gonna be way much stiff and stable on last. But not least, the Italian Marie is therefore gonna be cooked, because by having very hard sugar syrup, we rise. The temperature above 80 degrees on this will be enough to pasteurize wreck. So aside for being useful for make Macron's, you can use the Italian Marine, the same recipe for a cafe or a semi frozen dessert in which you need to have the bearing as cities in this case will not be wrote. The more safe, more healthy 3. The Recipes: Let's see some recipes. Now, I'm gonna give you the basic recipe for the macaroon shells, which we then are going to decline in Bryn colors and then stuff with different flavors. And I'm gonna give you all the recipes where you can download it and keep it, uh, ended with you for our macron shells. We're going to need 250 grands of finally saved Armand Father 250 grams off ice and sugar, which also are going to be safe under Graham off fresh quite. And then for the ring again, underground of egg white and 50 ground of sugar. We're also gonna need the 150 grams of sugar and 60 gram off water, plus some dry food coloring or also are very good gel food coloring, but do not use. Believes the liquid one you confined commonly nanny supermarket, because they are too liquid is just water. Just dirty water on. They're gonna make you a recipe. Very liquid, very Romney. And incapable off getting dry while you don't obtain any actual color. So there are really amount to the loss of money. Michael Also gonna need some cocoa. Father and some crash, not according to the flavor. As I said, we're gonna split our recipe on We're gonna have the chocolate one, the pink one, which we're gonna stuff withdraws Bree compote on a brown one was You're going to stop with his stature creamers. But it might be Piece of that dream is the same recipe we just replaced. There is, um, not scream with pistachio cream Or would wall metal whatever like, so let's see, for the chocolate one, we're gonna just with a pinch of cocoa bother in a mixture for the shells and for the filling we're gonna use a chocolate ganache made off 250 grams off double cream 150 grams off dark chocolate undergrounds off milk chocolate, 30 grams of butter on 30 grams off glucose syrup or honey for our pink macaroons. We're gonna make a rolls pre filling a raspberry part of fruit for these were going to use 250 ground off. Fresh Ross breed can also be blueberry or blackberry or lingonberry or strawberry, whatever you like or whether reference readable in this in your season under 50 gram of white Custer sugar 0.5 gram off. Packed in H m H M stands for height. Madox side means is the the best packed in to be used in in acid like fruit acid substances , which is the yellow packed in. If you can't find yellow packed in, maybe you'll find H M, which is the common backed in his versatile. It's fine as well, but you have to increase the doors, maybe Teoh to three grams. Otherwise you can replace with one gram off Agar Agar. In this case, do not freeze the macron. It's fine as well, but you cannot freeze them. And then we're gonna had also 60 gram off glucose syrup, which you can easily replace with honey or corn syrup and some drops off lemon juice. Well, the stature cream gonna make first a batter cream with 100 and 50 grounds off soft butter and 250 gram of icing sugar. Then we're gonna add in it kind of white chocolate ganache made with undergrounds of white chocolate anywhere chocolate and 50 gram of double cream. You just melt them, you know, in the microwave for a few second and 14 and then we are 200 grams off Nice and Pierre Hazel not based or pistachio paste or any other? Not it might be. Holman pays you can be peanut butter, whatever and then just makes and stuff of it. We are them going to make sold with caramel source. That's a thick soles, and for these, we're gonna use 200 grams off. Why sugar? 20 grams of glucose syrup. You can replace it with corn syrup or honey. 100 gram of double cream, a generous pinch off sort, and somebody lacks wrapped. 4. Let's Start the Macaron mixing : first thing first we see the ingredients. Since I have quite a big planetary mixer, I'm gonna double the recipe I gave you but proceed to remain exactly the same. So we're gonna use five underground off finally received off the floor or ground moment 500 gram off white caster sugar, granulated sugar, some water, 500 grams off ice and sugar, A pinch of cock up, Father some food coloring and then 200 gram off egg white for the marine and 200 rounds of egg white for the arm and paste plus underground off sugar. So now we're ready to start the first thing today it's prepared The tip Pity the lump of Tom Mixture to make it we're gonna see again are Ellman floor. And be sure that at the end of the course is we still have 500 gram off Armand Flower. We're gonna had the ice and sugar also passed through a CVE. I'm gonna mix the first doors off egg white together, obtaining apace. Then we're gonna have to prepare the worrying for the Marine. We're gonna use the second doze off egg white with 100 grams of sugar and we will start mixing by the head white. He's beating in the guarantor remixer. We're gonna prepare. Ah, hot sugar syrup with the 500 ground off sugar and under graham of water in a part on a fireplace. Go. We start. Off you go. And here all the Harmon flaw. It's very fine. We want it because otherwise the surf ace of our micro is gonna be a breath. Ive too much off the ground. Almond remained behind and deceive. You can grind it with a food processor and civic then, Yeah, I Since you, Theo. Okay, now the on sugar are sit. We just combine them together. So now we're sure there is no lumps or grain? Be sure again. Very Virginia's fine powder. Lovely. Now we are toe underground of egg white. That makes it pictures Crap There. Well, the bottom of the of the bowl. And we get the's thick almond paste smooth and think Now these kind of rest while we prepare our Italian Marieke 5. The Italian Meringue: Here we go. We're ready for our marine. So first we start with the second does bag white, which is again 200 grams and we pour it in a bowl of planetary mixer. In many recipe, it's suggest to let for at least one night or even a couple of days. The headlight out off the free church. This is the Let it dry out a bit. First is not gonna be a bold is gonna be a room temperature for sure, and also some off the water will have evaporated. I just use fresh egg white bathroom temperature. Then we are underground. Off what sugar? Anyone? Sugar. We said the risk and left the ball in the Meanwhile, we are also going to need a small part to prepare the hot sugar syrup with the hot there, 500 grams of sugar and a 10 meter. I'm using an infrared Tomita because it's convenient, but any time a meter will work. So we've port a sugar in a fucked 500 grams and we add under grams award. Now we have to be quiet. Synchronized. I will start our stand mixer on medium speed. Assume as I am ready with sugar and water or radio stuff and start boiling Appointees. I need my shares. Europe, the reach under it and 10 sells his degrees in the moment or roughly around the time. My high white froth is going to be halfway down. If it's over beaten, the result is not gonna be that nice, but is if he's under beat on instead, we're risk of a sugar to crystallize while pouring it in. So let's see out. Get armory now is ready. It's warm. Impossible is just water. You are ready to fold it in tow the arm and paper prepared before into tree step. So 1/3 makes tolerably 1/3 makes the like that. We have some Arinc. Just leave 1/3 off the total amount when we fall there, I thought really 6. Batter coloring and Piping: you're going to use a plastic pipe, Come back a big one around nozzle. This is number eight, but mine or tennis, - Bipin back is not full. Okay? I twisted a bit. It's still close, so we're gonna cut out the tape. But first we prepare the train I'm gonna use or silica, Matt, because it's very convenient. Very easy to remove them. Once baked with you can use off course parchment paper. No stick foil. Remove the tip. It's very simple on the three keys you have to keep in your hand just the land off your poll squeeze between your thumb and your index zan. It'll squeeze. Turn now how migrants are piped on the have to do the crew Taj. So they have to dry up for a while A through them prison before we can make them very good . Now that we have piped macaroons were not created to bake. Thes E is one of the most important Think you have to know about Macron's? You cannot, as a, uh, baked them straight away. There's no way you can do this. Macron's have to rest a through temperature and get dry. So once you piped him you will let them somewhere uncovered on top of a shelf or on the table somewhere undisturbed and wait until they get dry in the surface, like silky and when you can touch them without thinking on them. This is very important because otherwise for sure, 100% guarantee that will crack in the middle. This phase is called crew Taj, because a crust is going to be developed. Our long this waiting time will be, I can tell you, because it's all about the weather. If you are doing your macaroons in a summer day in taxes, probably is gonna take 15 minutes. But if we are going to do in November in London for helping is gonna take more than one hour so I can tell you. But the rules is when you can touch them without sticking on them and they get Matt on dry like silk. The reputable, usually in half great shits about 30 40 minutes. Once you're Macron's are dried, silky, heavenly, perfect. We will bake them art 145 150 degrees Celsius for 14 minutes 7. The Chocolate ganache: the second macaroons we're gonna feel is the chocolate one. So we're gonna prepare a goulash for organised we're gonna use to understand 50 gram of double cream under the 50 ground with dark chocolate, underground of milk, chocolate, 30 grams of butter and 30 grams of glucose. Basically, what we can do is eating up the double cream on the glucose in a pot, and when they are boiling basically or just below boiling, we're gonna pour it over the chocolate, adding the butter. And most if I, with a stick plan the cream his boiling, we pour it over the chocolate in a toll, jack. So this is gonna be easier to blend it right after we heard the butter. And now we can blend with a stick plan there. Gray. Look at that. Our luck Sherry is chocolate. Ganache is ready. Cool down on set. Once will be at room temperature is gonna be perfect to be 8. The Caramel sauce: Now we prepare the salted caramel to fill another kind of macron's. I decided to make 1/4 kind. We're going to use the chocolate shells cap hold with a thick and lavish caramel souls To prepare it. We're gonna use toe underground off white sugar, a pinch of salt, 100 graham off double green, 110 gram of data, 20 a gram of glucose and somebody left extra. What we're gonna do is we're gonna need to different parts in one. We're gonna place sugar and vehicles, and we're gonna make ah, blonde caramel dry caramel In the other part, meanwhile, we're gonna bring to boil, but sold and cream on once the caramel reach a nice brown color within a just or or hot green onto it and steer well So again, sugar and glucose we're gonna bring Get to Ah, golden brown color Caramel dry caramel There is no water, cream, butter, vanilla and salt We've got Just melt everything together and bring to boil As you can see here we're just using a stainless steel small pot to make the caramel. I know that in plenty recipe and plenty of all old style books off pastry you'll find suggested to use on Lee Calm purporting to brush the sides with our wet paint brushed the mostly, ah, ridiculous think make tons off caramel Everything on trust May we do not use copper and there's no need to brush with water decides unless you're really burning over Wouldn't fire on You can control the flame Although the best form for eating about when you cook sugar is reduction Poor the electric stove here we don't have it where is in gas and worry not as you can see We're reaching a nice A nice golden caramel color again I remind you here is just sugar and glucose is in the water Here we go with lower in the fire I need to be quite dark otherwise is gonna be just sweet without this distinctive caramel flavor But we come back OK, I would take our cream which is taught and we pour it on. Be careful because doing this releases a very heart. Be very careful. Maybe use a long along andl spoon. I finished all the cream and the recipe. I need it Well, I really comes described the poppy. Um you go. The fire is No. Here we go. This is kind off, Tuffey. So the caramel source, once gold of room temperature, is gonna be just right texture to be piped into her microns. Perfect. You can also use this rest of you for benefit by, by the way. 9. The Raspberry filling: So the first we're gonna pick here is the Roz briefly link, which is ah, kind of paddle through. So it's gonna be made just with 250 gram of raspberries underground, 50 grams of sugars, 60 gram of glucose syrup, around half gram off back pain and some drop off lemon juice, and then we're gonna need just apart. 10. The Pistachio cream: for the last filling, I decided to prepare piece stature cream filling on the full flavors. We're gonna make a kind of butter cream made with butter and sugar. Other shooter on. Then we're gonna hot in it. Some white chocolate melted together with some double cream and then our the statue based So for these possession feeling we're gonna use 100 and 50 grams off soft butter. 250 grams off icing shooter, 100 grams of white chocolate, 50 grams off double cream and two other grounds off pistachio paste. Let's see out. We're gonna start whipping together. But on sugar, - As you see, we got a very white and fluffy delicious cream. Now we are the pistachio paste. And last we have our chocolate ganache. We left the time. Here we are. This is our Is that your cream, Mr Trump? Failing. It's still soft. Don't let it sit for a while. Is gonna set one When it's thicker, we can use it. Teoh, assemble our macaroons. If dearing the spinning process off this cream, you know this separation off fat might split. No problem. Just at few drops off cold water. On the trick is the 11. The Final assembling : beautiful. Now all the math friends already toe, Just make a recap. We prepared a big batch of our mixture Microns concoction with split into three. One was pink we have pink color on. We're gonna use it for macaroons with raspberry filling in another one. We had a pinch of coca power there in which we're gonna use for the chocolate ganache filling and for the caramel feeling and for the government feeling one we're gonna decorate with some chocolate on top. In the last one, we had some green food coloring and a pinch of coca bother. As I don't like the shiny day the great one. I'm gonna be assembled with our pistachio cream. So, total we're gonna have four kind of macaroons out of this recipe. Remember that I doubled the recipe I initially gave you so that I was able to prepare more variety of flavors. But with one recipe gonna still be able to prepare at least three flavor. If you want that, we basically arrived at the end of our preparation. All the macaroon shells are baked on cold. All the preparation for the feeling already. Chocolate ganache. It's radio cities as well as their caramel cream on the pistachio cream are raspberry compote. I suggest you to blend. It once is completely set in the fridge to make a gel, and with these jail assemble your pink macaroons. Beautiful, aren't they gorgeous? So now we are finally ready and we can finalize. Everything are macaroons are baked but still soft in the center, so we can now beat them and stuff them and then sandwich them together. What I made for beat them A. So you can see the shelf is baked, but when you remove them from the trade underneath there still soft. So with your finger being very gentle, very careful not to break them. We can beat terms lightly. You see, with a thumb would a slight pressure of the thumb so that now it's still fine. But now we have a big toe Wiccan stuff, more filling in it and are filling dreams already. This is our sold caramel, it said, and it's moved the leashes. Then we have our pistachio cream. Also, these is creamy, our raspberry, but a fruit. I just mix it. You can blend it on, transferring the piping back an hour. Really, the leashes. Chocolate ganache Trust may just think it's amazing. Now we're gonna pipe them, sandwich them on their ready. Let's go. I also thought that I'd doing some caramelized milk. Chocolate on top of our sorted Caroline microns would be just rate. And here, eventually, the final result. We have the soldier caramel, one with caramelized milk chocolate on top, the chocolate with lavish chocolate ganache inside leftist ASHA, one with our pistachio cream on their osprey without raspberry compote. I also take the freedom to prepare some more color with a bit off left over mixture made some yellow and some other chocolate. So this is the final result. I think they are just lovely. You can eat them straightaway or, as I already suggest, that frees them and keep them frozen as long as you need them, or just overnight to make them really melt in them out 12. My Freezing Tip: now we got our Mac prints. We have baked them way have stuffed them. Now you will think they are finally ready to be eaten. Well, yeah, that Yes. You can get them straight away if you are really impatient. But again, take my words I'm gonna share with you. Think for sure when you make macaroons Who will have plant this moment? Because you will have together. Will you agree yet? Find time. So you will do it. Probably one day. I had I strongly recommend t ones. You macaroons are Brady. You stopped them and couple them together. Sandwich them with your filling which will be about a cream or your pedophile whatever to obtain a really melting in the mouth picture and get three of the chewiness that my core because of sugar, I strongly recommend you to freeze them over night. Once they are frozen, you can either keep them frozen until you need. We will just freeze them and keep that, you know, very sealed here. Tight container. Or just freeze them overnight that transfer them into the fridge aerator. The latter told down so that they will really turn leashes melting in the mouth 13. Course Closure: well, here we came on the end of our plus. I think I really told you everything I know about patrons. I hope you perceived the love type it in this on really intern Akron's. It's one of my favorite things, and one of the things I do most of my job. So quite specializing it. So I hope I was able to share with you some of my passion, all my tricks. I didn't keep anything for me alone. The breaks I know are on the table for you, so please do some macaroons. A total. You can choose one flavor. You can split a recipe into to do some macron's. Give them as a gift for your friends, or invite somebody to have a 10 c t time for any farther Dow or curiosity or whatever you want to ask me. Please feel free to reach me out on my INSTAGRAM account or my LinkedIn account. Thank you again for your time to you plus