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Mastering YouTube for Website Traffic

teacher avatar Theo McArthur, Easy to Follow Marketing Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Introduction to YouTube Traffic and the 'Double Edged Sword'

    • 2. Which Type of Videos Get the Most Views

    • 3. How to Encourage YouTube to Send 1000's of Views to Your Videos

    • 4. Why You Should Create Narrow Niche Videos

    • 5. How to Analyze Successful Channels

    • 6. Set up Your Own Channel

    • 7. Tags for YouTube Extension

    • 8. Video Tags and Descriptions

    • 9. Uploading and Optimizing a Video Part 1

    • 10. Uploading and Optimizing a Video Part 2

    • 11. The YouTube Partner Program

    • 12. Great Free Spying Tool for YouTube

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About This Class

YouTube is a highly effective platform for promoting your own products, services, and even affiliate offers.  It's also a medium for potentially generating extra revenue through the Partner Program.

This course explains how YouTube marketing works and shows you how to take advantage of the YouTube algorithm.

Learn how to create, upload, and optimize videos for maximum effectiveness in order to attract views and engagement. 

Understand how to create your own YouTube channel and send targeted visitors to your website. You will also find out how to participate in the 'Partner Program'.

You will learn what YouTube 'wants' and how to take advantage of that.  Plus, discover which types of videos get the most views and why. 

The course has been broken down into steps that are easy to follow and implement as you go along.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Theo McArthur

Easy to Follow Marketing Classes


My name's Theo McArthur, and I've been working online since 1995. I left my job and went full-time online in 2001. Teaching is probably the most satisfying thing I do. Being able to help others to learn potentially life-changing techniques and business models.

I've been involved with blogging and affiliate marketing for over 20 years, and 8 years ago, I also delved into the world of Amazon selling and e-commerce.  The knowledge I've amassed over the years is passed on through my classes.

Around half of my time is devoted to my online businesses, while the other half is teaching. At this time, more than 140,000 people worldwide have taken my business courses.

I'm a great advocate of taking action because we learn the most by doing it. My classes are de... See full profile

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1. Introduction to YouTube Traffic and the 'Double Edged Sword': Hello, everybody. My name's Theo McArthur. I'm welcome to mastering YouTube for a website traffic. In a moment, I'm going to give you a brief introduction to who I am. But before that, let's take a look at some exciting facts and information about you, Jube, to help you understand why it can be a very effective platform for marketing. First of all, YouTube is a double edged sword because there are two ways that we can generate income. Now. The first way is by sending traffic to our website, which then results in sales. On the second way is income from YouTube monetization. Now your primary goal is almost certainly going to be one ie traffic to your website with, too, as a bonus of the reason for that is because although it's a double edged sword, one edge is much, much more effective than the other YouTube monetization itself. This is where YouTube places ads on your video and you get paid when people click on those ads on. As such, you need a lot off activity on your videos and a lot of clicks on those odds to make a decent income. And that is why there are not too many YouTube channels that do make a good income through YouTube. Monetization on only a handful, really, that make a lot of money through that. So our main focus should always be traffic to our website. But then we have the income from YouTube monetization, which is a really nice bonus now for those of you who are wondering whether YouTube is really a worthwhile traffic source, well, here are a few statistics. First of all, there are five billion YouTube videos watched every single day on there are 30 million daily visitors on. This is really interesting because eight out of 10 18 to 49 year olds watch videos on YouTube every month. So on average, they go to YouTube at least once a month. That's quite mind blowing when you think about it, because we're talking worldwide here and 80% of YouTube viewers are actually from outside the U. S. So YouTube is a very internationally used website, so there's a lot of users in the U. S. Obviously, but there are also a huge amount of users all around the world. Ondas Faras The gender split is concerned there are more males using YouTube than females. We've got 62% male and 38% female. I'm not quite sure why that is, but maybe you can figure that out for yourself anyhow. Age groups We've got 18 to 24 year olds, 11% off the overall viewership. 25 to 34 year olds, 23% 35 to 44 26%. 45 to 54 16% 50 to 64 8% 65 plus 3% on then we have another 14% off unknown age. So what we're looking at here is the 25 to 44 age group makes up almost half off the entire viewers on YouTube. But the 25 to 44 age groups 25 years to 44 years. These are usually are best buyers anyway, because this is the age group that tends to spend more online. OK, so for those of you who have not taken any of my courses or training in the past, just a little bit about myself, my own online career started way over two decades ago on During that time, I have been extensively involved with creating websites, including content creation and blogging. The last few years I've also been involved with e commerce, including Amazon selling on. Of course, digital marketing is an integral part of everything that I do now. Affiliate marketing has always being high on the agenda for me, but I'm also a vendor off my own products. In 2015 I started to share my knowledge and experience with others. First of all, it was on a fairly small scale. But as time went on, the number of students that enrolled in my trainings and courses grew and grew and grew. Andi, At this time I have over 100,000 students from all corners of the world on. Here are just a few of the comments that I've received. In fact, there are over 25,000 positive ratings and reviews like this. If you want to read them, you can pause the video. If not, let's move on because right now I want to share with you my experience about YouTube marketing. So let's get started on. I'll see you in the next lesson 2. Which Type of Videos Get the Most Views: okay to start off with. Let's just get a general idea of which types of videos get the most views on YouTube. So for people like us, for people who are using YouTube for business purposes, how to videos work really well. These get a lot of views. They get a lot of traffic, how to do something, how to get something, how to make something how to fix something. And then there are reviews or demonstrations. So reviewing a tangible product, reviewing a digital product or reviewing the service tips. So, for example, five tips about 10 hacks, that sort of thing. Unboxing So unboxing Videos do very well, and that would be unboxing, a product humanist Videos do well, no for business. We are not likely to be making funny videos are such. But if we can include humor in our videos or some of our videos, that also helps to get more views on news. Of course, not just any old news. It needs to be really worthy off making a video about now when it comes to how twos you can make videos on how to just about anything, there are people looking for how to on subjects that you would never even think about this , for example, how to pack clothes for traveling. It's had over four million views. And in fact, there are a lot of videos like this on YouTube. How to fold your clothes or how to fold different items of clothing. Many of them have millions of views. There's a Chinese lady on. She's got different videos on how to fold different items of clothes. She gets millions of views on those videos. No people who watch these types of videos, people who like to be so organized that even matters to them. How they fold a pair of socks. They buy all kinds of things, all kinds of gadgets for the home on for traveling with us. Well, no, I typed in how to build a shared out of ward in the YouTube search bar on, but I got a ton of videos that had a lot of views you could be promoting. TEDs walked working plans, for example. This will be related to that related to promoting something like that. And here's another one on this one's had over a 1,000,000 views. This one here this is hacks 20 brilliant travel hacks you wish you knew about sooner had over half a 1,000,000 Views on all this is is 20 different ways to use Cling film. Many of them don't have anything to do with travel a tall, but nevertheless, people love these kind of videos. Now this is a review of a digital product. It's a Weber. In fact, it's a comparison review between a Weber Mail chimp and get response on. These are three different auto responder services. In other words, services that you can build an email list with on this is a screen cast. So he's just recording the screen. It's had over 26,000 views, not million's not hundreds of thousands, but this is a much more specific kind of niche product. No, only that, but this video has only been up a few months. That is not about number of views are tall. I'm quite sure that the person who made this video has had quite a few sales affiliate sales out of it. This one here is a review demonstration type of video. Five new cool gadgets to get on Amazon in 2000 and 17 had 1.2 million views now, Obviously, the downside off these product demonstration review types of videos is that you need tohave the products in your hand. But the advantage of doing this as an Amazon affiliate, even if those people don't buy the particular products that you are reviewing, anything else they do buy in that session you are credited for us an Ophelia. No, this is an unboxing video unboxing and review the iPhone eight versus eight plus. Clearly again, you need to have these products in your hand on iPhones are no cheap to buy. However, if you are in the position to be able to make videos like this, I mean, this has had over 1.5 1,000,000 views. Okay, so that's an overview of the types of videos that work best when it comes to getting views . So getting people and eyeballs on your videos on YouTube in the next lesson, I'm going to be explaining a bit about how YouTube sends us a lot of traffic to our videos on what we need to do to make that happen 3. How to Encourage YouTube to Send 1000's of Views to Your Videos: Hey, everybody, let's take a look at how we get YouTube to send us views. So to get people looking at our video. The great thing about YouTube is that if we can get this right, we can get all the traffic we need automatically sent to our videos. Now, before I start explaining how we do this, I want to put something in perspective. YouTube has 300 hours off video uploaded every single minute off the day. Now that means that we need to do more than just upload a video. We need to make sure that our video is one that YouTube wants to send traffic to, because very obviously, it's just 300 hours uploaded every minute. They're not going to send traffic to all videos that uploaded. So what happens is every time of videos uploaded, the YouTube algorithm needs to decide whether or not it is going to send no traffic, a little bit of traffic or a lot of traffic on. For your information, the algorithm is designed to keep people on YouTube for as long as possible. YouTube doesn't really care very much about your individual video. It cares about the time users spend on the platform. Because YouTube is a money making enterprise. On the more time that people spend on the platform, the more ads they will click on or the more likely they are to click on an at all right. So how does YouTube or how does the YouTube algorithm decide which videos to send traffic to? There are two main factors on the 1st 1 is click through rate. So the number off people or the percentage of people who see a thumbnail on, then go ahead and click on that. So when you search for something on YouTube, you're going to scroll through those results on your going to click on the wall. That seems the most promising. So basically, the click through rate is about the percentage of people who click through to your video. Now, along with that, the other factor is watch time. So how long do people watch your video for? Do they leave your video after five seconds so they watch it for a minute? Do they watch it for five minutes? Do they watch it for 10 minutes? So together, these are the main deciding factors in how much traffic your video gets or if it gets any traffic at all. Now, one thing I want to point out here on this is a misconception is that it doesn't matter how many views of video already has. That is not going to determine where that video shows up in the search results. So the video with the highest number of views is not necessarily going to be the one at the top. In fact, this is no anything to do with it at all. And that is a good thing because otherwise it will be very difficult for us to upload brand new videos and compete with videos that already had hundreds of thousands or millions of views. So I wanted to just point that out. The video that shows at the very top is the one that YouTube, or the algorithm currently deems to be the most useful to them. In other words, the click through rate on the watch time together put that video at the top, so let's look at the click through rate on the average of you time your title on your video thumbnail. This is what's going to determine the click through rage. Your title should be highly relevant to what your video is about, because if it's know if people click on it. In other words, if you click bait people, so you write this really catchy title. But when they get the video of the video is not really about that. You're going to end up with a very low average of you time, which is going to defeat the whole purpose. So the title should always be highly relevant to the video. You don't want the title to be too long. If it takes too long to read, people's eyes will be naturally drawn to the shorter titles that tell them exactly what they want without too much effort having to read through a long title, you want to use the main keyword or the main search term in the title. So, for example, if your video is a review off the iPhone A. You want to make sure you have the words review off iPhone eight, because that's what people will be searching for. So the search term i e. What people tape in the search bar for what your video is about. Make sure that is in the title the thumbnail image should also be relevant. And when you won't load a video to YouTube, you could also upload a thumbnail image separately so it doesn't have to be the first frame of your video. You can upload a separate image. This should be relevant to what your video is about. It should also be eye catching because in among all the sea of videos on YouTube, you want yours to stand out a bit. You don't want it to fade into the background because it's not at all I catching. You should also put your title on the thumbnail so your title should be on the thumbnail image on. The reason for that is because Noel Devices will show the title or the whole title when people are scrolling through the videos. So you should put the title always on the thumbnail as well, and not make sure that everybody sees the title regardless off what kind of device they are on. For your average view. Time very short videos are no use because it's not percentage off the video. Viewed that matters. It's the view time. How long was that person watching your video for before they clicked off and went somewhere else. Therefore, if your videos are only 90 seconds long, two minutes long, three minutes long, that is the longest a person could possibly be on your video, for I recommend that your videos are a minimum off five minutes in length. There are things that it will be difficult to spin it out longer than five minutes. But try not to make your video shorter than that. Otherwise you won't be giving it a chance to a really shine through. As far as this formulas concern, I e click through rate and watch time. Get straight to the point in your videos. The reason uses clicked on your thumbnail is because they wanted Teoh See or hear about X y Z. If they don't see or hear X Y Z in the first 30 seconds invite even less than that, what's going to happen? They're going to click away from your video and go to another one instead. So get to the point very early on at the beginning of the video. Now, one way off, engaging viewers and getting them to stay. Watching your video for longer is to say something like in a minute, I'm going to show you, or in a minute I'm going to tell you X y z. But first, let me tell you this. Or first, let me show you days. But if the thing that you are going to show or tell them about in a minute, if that is important enough and interesting enough, you're going to get them to stay another minute, another two minutes or whatever on your video. So in a nutshell, the longer you can keep the viewer own your video, the longer you can keep them interested enough to stay watching your video, the better. If you can achieve both a good click through rate Onda Longview time, YouTube will reward your video with traffic. And just to make this clearer, let's take a look at two examples. We've got video one on video, too. When a new YouTube video is uploaded, YouTube is going to show the thumbnail off that video to X number of people, and from that the algorithm is going to determine whether it's worth sending more traffic to that video or no. So we've got these two videos, video one and video to on, let's say, that YouTube sent 100 people to eat video. So they showed this video thumbnail entitle to 100 people on for video warn there was a click through rate of 2% on the average watch time on that video was four minutes. So out of that 100 people, two of them clicked through to the video page to watch the video on the average watch. Time was four minutes. So two times four is eight. So in other words, ah, 100 people equals eight minutes. Watch time for video one now a video to this time with a click through rate of 5% on average. Watch time of three minutes. So what we've got now is five times 3 15 In this case, 100 people equals 50 minutes. Watch time. So off these two videos, video one and video to which one do you think that YouTube is going to send more traffic to is going to be video to? And how exactly does YouTube send traffic to our videos? Well, first of all, by showing it at the top or knew the top of the search results. So when a user types a search term in the search bar. You want your video to be one of the videos displayed on Page one, and the higher up on page one, the better on the second way that YouTube sends traffic to our videos is in the suggested videos. So when you are watching a video either alongside that video or below that video, YouTube presents you with other videos so that it's a second way that YouTube sends traffic to our videos. Now there are some other factors to take into consideration. These are not as important as the click through rate on the average watch time, but nevertheless they still should be considered. So the algorithm also takes into account what uses do after watching your video. Do they like, or comment on your video? Do they subscribe to your channel? Do they watch more videos on all these things? Do help. They do contribute to, ultimately how much traffic that we get from YouTube on to take advantage of days when it comes to subscribing to our channel. We should ask users to subscribe to our channel. We can ask them to comment or like, but subscribing to our channel is better than having a like or a comment on our video. So if we're going to ask for something, we should be asking for that. We can also tell the user about our other videos on. We can create playlists. We're going to look at that a little bit later on there just to summarize here. If your video proves to be instrumental in helping YouTube achieved their goal, which is keeping users on the platform for longer, then YouTube will put your video in front of more users. Now this is how videos end up getting hundreds of thousands of views or millions of views. There is another way that videos get millions of views. Big brands will pay YouTube to send them traffic to send the millions of millions of millions of views. But that's the exception for most videos that you see on YouTube with a lot of use with these very, very high number of views. These have come through what I've just been explaining and talking about here in this lesson. All right, I'll see you in the next one 4. Why You Should Create Narrow Niche Videos: Okay, let's take a look at why it is much, much better to create very narrow, specific niche videos. Why that is much better than creating very general type of videos. You often see small businesses redeem size businesses, even quite big businesses, sometimes paying thousands of dollars even $10,000 or mawr toe have a professional company promotional video created. They put this video on YouTube, and they wonder why it doesn't do anything. They don't get views. They don't get any traffic to their website. Nothing happens. It's a complete waste. The reason for that is because nobody cares. Nobody cares about your company's promotional video on. As such, it gets alot. Click through rate are low, watch time on. Therefore, YouTube doesn't bother sending any more traffic. Now. The advantages of creating very narrow targeted videos is that the videos will have a better click through rate. The videos will have a longer watch time. Viewers will be more engaged and of course, there's a less competition. All these things added together equals more sales for you because you're going to be able to get more traffic to your website on that traffic is going to be more targeted. Toe what you are actually selling or promoting. Let's look at some example. Titles. Four videos, just to explain this a bit better, so we've got these possible topics for videos and possible titles over here on the left. Now the problem with these is that they are a very general, the very generic. They're not very specific, however, if instead of having how to pass exams, we have how to pass your X y Z exam, a specific exam that people take or the students take some kind of mainstream but very specific example. So actually name the exam, and that will get you very targeted Click throughs, and that's going to give you a higher watch time. Develop a better memory? Well, that's a bit general, but develop a photographic memory. Passing sounds with ease. Now this could be developed a photographic memory. Get job promotions with these, but you can adopt that kind of thing to anything. How to repair your by is better if it's how to repair something specific on your bike. Like how to repair a broken bike chain because if know, what's gonna happen is you'll get click throughs from people who are looking to repair some specific thing on their bike. But when they get to your video, if that's not exactly what they need, they're just going to leave again, straight away. But for people who are looking how to repair a broken bike chain, that's exactly what they're looking for. Exactly what was searching for you're gonna have a higher click through rate on and ah, longer watch time on. The same applies to the rest of these examples. Learn languages fast, as opposed to how to be fluid in Spanish in just 12 weeks. Much more specific, much higher click through rate for people who are looking to learn Spanish quickly on much higher watch time because they're getting exactly what they want when they get to your video on the last one there. How to build an email list? That's very general. You're going to get people who want to know how to build an email list for X Y Z or for something else for something else. So you want to be more specific, get the exact right kind of people to see your title and thumbnail. Like those people who are looking to build a list off customers for their e coma store. Build a list of buyers for their Amazon business. Build a list of buyers for their affiliate products. So instead of saying how to build an email laced, you target the people who are looking specifically how to build an email list for their e commerce door or how to build an email list for the Amazon business, etcetera, etcetera. Okay, hope that makes sense. I'll see you in a minute. 5. How to Analyze Successful Channels: at this stage, I'd like to show you social blade dot com Now This website tells us the top YouTube channels how much they are earning through YouTube revenue, How many views they get on their videos, that kind of thing. So out of interest, let's take a look at the top channels. Got peer to top lists. Onda. We'll click on the top 100 YouTube channels now these channels at the top here with a plus . Plus, these are the very top ranked channels on the whole off YouTube. And right here we've got the number of upload. So the number of videos that channel has the number of subscribers on the number off video views that they have had. I know quite a few of these top channels are brand channels, but there are also quite a few of them that are no that were basically started. I just by regular people this one here, five minute crafts. Let's take a look at this Now. These guys, they're estimated yearly earnings are between 1.3 million on 20 million euro on this is just for the YouTube revenue. So just for having YouTube ads on their videos. This is nothing to do with any revenue they make outside of that. So any revenue they make through any kind of sales of their own products or any kind of affiliate sales on this is the 59th ranked channel on YouTube. See this one here? Ryan TOYS REVIEW This is a kid who reviews toys basically, but it's now been turned into more like a little show on this channel earns between 2.6 on 41 million euros a year. It's wrong to 95th for subscribers, but it's rank third for the amount of views it gets. So in the whole of the YouTube platform is the third most watched channel as faras views of concerned. Now, if we go to the top 500 we scroll on down to the bottom here on this one, here is a 702nd subscribe around on the 1100 video view rank on YouTube. Now this one is also a kids want. You see that on the estimated earnings are between 153 and 2.4 million euros per gear on asked, The rank goes down from here, so do the earnings through YouTube revenue. So remember earlier I said that only a handful of channels really make a lot of money here on YouTube just through YouTube revenue alone. And that is true when you put it into perspective, because there are millions and millions and millions of channels on YouTube Onley a very small amount of those channels ever achieved these sort of earnings through YouTube revenue alone. Now, almost all of these channels, if no all will have other sources of revenue that come in directly from their YouTube channels. So as mentioned, they will be selling products. Or they will be earning referral commissions four sales that come indirectly as a result off their YouTube channel. Now you can look up any individual YouTube channel here to find out the statistics, find out how much they're earning, how maney up close they have, how many subscribers they have, how many views on their videos they have on all that kind of thing. Just from the home page. Here, you enter the user name in here on click go so you can come along here to social blade. Get a feel for what the most successful channels on YouTube are doing on. Just take some pointers and tips on inspiration from these channels 6. Set up Your Own Channel: Okay. Now, at this stage, it's a good idea to go ahead and set up your YouTube channel. No, these are the dimensions for channel art, which is basically like your header image so similar to your cover image and Facebook. But the dimensions are a lot bigger for the YouTube header. So this time you're looking to create an image of this size here to 56 So by 1440 pixels on the safe area with in that image, that means that when people are looking at your channel on mobile devices, the area that you want to make sure you have all the text and any logos within is 1546 by 4 to 3. So that would be the center. So you're going tohave on actual image. That's 256 sold by a one full 40 but the 1546 by 4 to 3 in the middle of the image. Not if the area where any texts on any logos that's where they should be, all the important parts of your image should be within not safe area. Otherwise, for the people viewing on mobile devices, there will be certain parts off the text or the logo, or the important things on your image will be cut off for those viewers. You're a profile pic, which is called the Icon called the YouTube Icon and YouTube. This will be 800 by 800 pixels. Now the rest of this we're looking at later when we look at uploading and optimizing videos . But for now, we're just looking at the Channel Art on the icon or the profile pic. You can do both of these. Encounter. For now, camera does have YouTube Channel Arch, and this is the right size on this center area. Here is the safe area, but I don't recommend you use any off campus pre made templates. You really want a unique image for your channel art, Even though you can change the text here and that kind of thing, you're still going to have this designed this pre may template design much, much better to have your own unique warm basically just used custom dimensions. Enter your dimensions here. Andi created like that from scratch. Same with your profile pic or YouTube icon as it's cold now, when it comes to setting up your channel. You don't need me to go through that with you because it's laid out step by step here on the help page basics about your channel. Now it does say here, if you aren't able to follow these instructions, it's because you are probably using an old version of YouTube and you need to update to the current version of YouTube. You be able to then follow these instructions to create your channel at your channel. Art at your profile. Picture on at a channel description. Maximum length. 1000 characters. So if you go ahead and do that now, unless you already have a YouTube channel in the next lesson, though, we are going to look at how to optimize videos when we upload them so we'll see you there. 7. Tags for YouTube Extension: all right. A very short lesson here because in the next video, I'm going to teach you about YouTube video tags on descriptions. So what we're going to do is we are going to install a chrome extension called Tax for YouTube. So you do need to be using the chrome browser for this. Just go to Google, type in Taus for YouTube and look for the chrome Web store result. Click on it on. It will take you to a page like this. Go ahead and click on. Add to crow on that. Is it here to test right here? It's not showing anything at the moment because we're not on YouTube will be doing that in the next lesson. I'll see you there. 8. Video Tags and Descriptions: Now, before we get onto uploading videos, I want to show you how the YouTube tags chrome extension actually works, and just so that you can see what tax are because without this extension, without some way off displaying the tags, they're not normally displayed, so we don't see them. I'm on this video year, which is storybook cottage by the sea on. Basically, it's just a tour of the inside and outside off this little house, and you can see it's had over a 1,000,000 views, so it is very popular. It's got 25,000 likes. It has over 1400 comments, So a lot of comments on this video is very popular. But if we go to the description here now, one thing just to say no, all videos have tags. Some people don't ask them if they don't have them. You won't see any obviously, But on the description if there is a description, Quick show Mawr scroll down to the bottom. And these here are the tags. This is what this YouTube channel owner, this is what he's done. When he's uploaded the video, he added. These tags tags in this case are just another word for search term or keywords. The things that people type in the YouTube search bar when they're looking for a particular type of video aunt. To my knowledge, the tax that you enter first carry more weight, so you should enter the most important tags what you deem to be the most important search terms at the beginning. So once you have a video ready to upload, go to YouTube. Check out videos on the same subject on the look at their attacks on talking videos. I've had a lot of views. This would be a great one to look out if you were going to be posting a video on the same subject, which is basically tiny homes, fairy tale homes, that kind of thing. We can also take no of the description here at the same time, on what this YouTuber has done is he has put in a whole lot of links to other pages that either belonged to him or he is referring to those pages for a specific reason. So he's got here the Facebook page. Lind Croft, Custom dwellings. This is obviously a website that cells or creates custom dwellings for customers, so you can put your links in the description, but one thing to note here, Andi, I'm probably going to repeat this because it is so important. When you initially start a new YouTube channel, Andi, years just starting to upload videos. You just starting to get things going. Your main focus should be building your YouTube channel. No, at that point, sending people away to your website. Now we know why this is because of the YouTube algorithm. YouTube wants to keep users on YouTube as long as possible. You don't want to start sending them away from YouTube too soon because otherwise you are compromising your channels. Chances off success. And there are various things that we can do to try and strike a balance here because ultimately we want them to go to our website. Ultimately, we want them to go somewhere else so that we could make sales and make money. But if we do this too soon, too soon in our videos, too soon in our descriptions too soon at all, then we are basically shooting ourselves in the foot. So we need to get a balance here, and we're going to be discussing more about this as well. Your description does play a role in the YouTube algorithm because the more information that you can give YouTube about your video so what your video is about, the better. You can even put an entire script off your video in the description. It doesn't really matter, because users won't see all this text unless they happen to click on Show Mawr. But by putting it there in the description, you are helping the YouTube algorithm to understand what your video is about. So, as I say, even the entire script even script out the video on. Put that in the description. There's nothing wrong with doing that, and it's actually a good idea. So regarding where to put your links if you put a link right at the top here so that it is seen before people click on show Mawr. That means that when somebody comes along to this video, there's a chance they may go ahead and click on this link instead of watching your video, which you don't want now. Before I had ah, lot more knowledge about YouTube and how YouTube marketing works. Before that, I would always put my own links at the top of the description because I didn't really know any better. But I do know better now, so we don't pour links or you are always going away from YouTube at the very top of our description. We don't put that in the first few sentences or the first couple of sentences. We want the bit that shows here to be interesting. We want people to read it. We want it to be enticing, but we don't want links in it. Links can come further down for those people who click on Show Mawr, but there are many other ways to send people to our website links in the description is possibly the least effective way to send people to our website, but never delays. We still want to put some there, but just not close to the top, All right, so you can look at a few videos on the same topic. The same subject as your video is about. Look at the tags, take some of the tags. But of course, make sure that the tax you use are 100% relevant to your video because some of them might not be on you. Definitely don't want to use tags that are no completely relevant. Do what your video is about. All right, so that's video descriptions, Aunt Tags, If you have a video ready for uploading, I recommend that you create the description ahead of time so created on a text file, something like that. On also, put your tax the tax that you're going to use. Put those on a text file as well. Ready for entering in the relevant fields when you up, load the video. 9. Uploading and Optimizing a Video Part 1: Hello again, everybody. Now I've just uploaded this video here just so I can show you all the different things that you need to do. So here's the title that put in here. Andi, I have created a long description here on also these tax here. I'll show you a really easy way to do this. So if you find a video that has tags that you want to use using the chrome extension, what you can actually do is you can just copy and paste all the tax like that onto a text file. You can remove the ones that you don't want. You might want to shuffle them around a bit as well, because we want the most important ones at the beginning. Don't remove the commerce All the spaces, though, and you might want to go to a few videos, maybe get some different tags from different videos. Try and find some very relevant ones. I've added some tags to thes here. A swell. Then you could just take the whole lot. Copy them. Andi. If you just paste them into here, they will come out like that. So that's a bit of a short cut for you. And now for the thumbnail. If we don't upload a custom thumbnail, we could only choose from one off the thumbnails here. These are just frames from the video, but we want to try and get something a bit better if we can. I created this encumber and to make even more eye catching what I did, I cropped the size off the image down a bit, and then I added a background. Now this is the correct size now for the thumbnail image on. As you can see, I've also added the title of the video to the image. So I'm going to go ahead and upload that now. So there is on that will be my new thumbnail image. Now, over here, I have two scheduled. If you want to publish it straight away, just click on public. Otherwise, you can schedule it for a date in the future. No, then playlists. If this is your first video, it's a brand new channel. It's your first video, and you don't have any others. You can add it to. A playlist, however, is really good to create playlists. For example, if you've got multiple videos on similar subjects, So this here is a video about getting traffic from Google, plus to your blawg. Now, if I have other videos about Google Plus or other videos about blogging, I would want to add these to a playlist on the reason playlists air. Really, God is because if you think back to what I was saying about the Google algorithm, part of it is what does the user do after they have watched your video? Do they watch more videos? Do they subscribe to your channel, or what do they do by having a playlist? You are encouraging users to watch another video after they watched the video there on at the moment on, then another video after that. So playlists are really good for that. For helping to keep users on your channel, to keep users on the platform. And this is what YouTube likes now over to advanced settings. You should allow comments. There's really no reason why you would not allow comments. Comments are good, so we want them. You can have all or all except potentially inappropriate comments that's really up to you if you select that or not. So by top comments, good idea to leave it like that. Uses convert you ratings for this video, I would leave that ticked license and rights ownership standard YouTube license that will be the one you want unless you have taken a video from the Creative Commons. In other words, it's not your video. You didn't make it. I certainly wouldn't recommend you do that anyway, because you won't get many views. You should always create your own videos, so it's going to be standard YouTube license caption certification. This should not apply to a tall, but you can read this anyway, just in case distribution options. This is sharing. So other people sharing your video, or perhaps you sharing it in different places as well, allow embedding you definitely showed on published to subscription feed and notify. Subscribers definitely have that ticked as well. Age restriction. If you have any age restrictions, you should do that year. Enable Age restriction category. This is often how to and style. If it's a how to video, it's how to and style. But you can look through the other categories to see if anything is more relevant. Select your video language if it's English, select here or type in to search for another language community contributions all our viewers to contribute translated titles, descriptions and subtitles. I never take this. It's up to you, but I don't want others adding anything to my video at all, especially if I don't understand it because I don't understand the language. You can add a recording date here. If you wish to make video statistics on the watch page publicly visible, you should leave that ticked content declaration. This video contains pay promotion such as paid product. If you are promoting something in the video, you will want to take this before your first videos. I highly recommend that you probably don't promote anything at all. Really. You want to be focusing on your channel subscribers on getting your views up initially. But if you do have that ticked, you can. Then if you want to help me informed viewers of pay promotion by adding a disclosure to this video. No, I don't normally take that. You could make up your own mind. Now I need to publish this to show you the rest of what I need to show you, but I don't actually want this to go out to any subscribers or anything like that, because this video is actually part of one of my courses. So I'll put it as private. Only you can view for now, so save changes. Okay, now we've got the video uploaded and we've got the basic settings done. I want to talk to you about end screens on cards on adding your website, verifying your website, but we'll do that in the next lesson. 10. Uploading and Optimizing a Video Part 2: all right, A few things here now, First of all, before you can add your website to your channel, you need to verify your account. So go to YouTube dot com Forwards that verifying. As you can see, this YouTube account is already verified. But if no you will get instructions there on how to verify, you will probably need to supply a phone number on. That's how they will verify your account by sending a code or an automated message to your phone on. The second thing I want to show you is what is known as end screens. An end screen is where you can out of call out to the end of your video. Now that could be pointing viewers to another video, which I've done here right here. This appears at 6 56 6 minutes 56 seconds in this video, which is 20 seconds before the end of the video. So here this automatically appears towards the end of the video. An end screen can also ask the viewer to subscribe to your channel, so that's another type of call out you can have. But because building up channel subscribers is really important, I suggest the rather than just wait until the end of your video on use it as an end screen . You could use it as an end screen as well. But I also suggest that you ask viewers to subscribe while you are talking, even in the first few minutes. So even in the 1st 3 minutes or so, make a point of asking users to subscribe to your channel. Adding an end screen couldn't be easier. Here is the page the Google Help Aid that tells you how to do it. How to add an end Screen Watan end screen can show video or playlist subscribe to your channel approved websites so linking to your website, but this has to be approved. Website. We're going to go through that in a moment, or you can promote another channel. Sometimes channel owners come to an agreement to cross promote so they will promote each other's channels on their videos. Some people have more than one channel. I don't really advise you do that to begin with, because it's enough. Workers airs building up one channel without trying to build up to at the same time. But there are situations where people or companies do have more than one channel for specific reasons, so nice end screens are not. It's really, really simple. And the next thing is cards. No cards are in place of what used to be a notations. Some videos do still have a notations on them, but these are older videos on the annotations that would originally there. They're still there because YouTube didn't remove them, but you can't create them anymore. Instead, we have cards. But cards are better, because cards a review of bull on mobile devices as well on cards allow you to add cool lights during the video. So an end screen lets you have a call out to the end. But cards let you alive. Call lives during the video any time even ready near the beginning, you can add cards now as far as what you could do with cards. It's quite similar to end screens, but you can't create a call out asking uses to subscribe to your channel. With a card, you could do that only with an end screen and like adding end screens, adding cards is also really, really simple. So end screens on cards are the two ways that you can add Call lights to your video. Now, in orderto add a call out to your video the links back to your website, there are certain requirements I'm Before you could do this, you need to be part off the YouTube partner program. Now, this page here shows you how to apply for the YouTube partner program. I'm going to give you these links on a handout to go with this lecture. Now you won't get accepted into the YouTube partner program immediately. Know unless you already have a channel that meets the requirements. That doesn't mean that you can't get traffic to your website until you are accepted into the YouTube partner program. It doesn't mean that a toll because your website will be on your channel. You will also be ableto linked to your Facebook page from your channel. You can also put your website domain name on your videos. So basically, when you're creating your videos, you can have some overlay text on your videos at certain points with your domain, whatever it is. So if I was creating a video for the money Block UK, but my channel was not yet in the YouTube partner program at one or two places in the video . I would have some overlay text coming up the money block UK dot co dot UK, and you can do this with video editing programs. I've already provided you links to some free software. I myself, I happen to use come Tasia. But there are some good free ones out there that you can use. All right, so we know that a brand new channel will not be accepted into the YouTube partner program. So what are the requirements? To get accepted, you need to have 1000 channels subscribers, and you need to have 4000 watch hours. So a combination off the watch time of all of your videos that needs to be 4000 hours on. Do you need 1000 channels subscribers? 1000 channel subscribers is not really that many. To be honest, it doesn't take that long to reach 1000 subscribers, nor does it really take that long to reach 4000 watch hours. You may think that is a lot, but it's not a lot when you think about the fact that if you can create videos with your high click through rate with your good watch times, your longer watch times the amount of traffic that you can get from YouTube that YouTube will be sending your way. Clocking up 4000 hours is a really not that difficult. Now you can apply before that. You don't need to wait. You can apply right away on the mini that your channel meets those requirements of 1000 subscribers on 4000 hours of watch time. YouTube will automatically review it. Andi Providing everything is okay. You will be accepted into the partner program on from their own. You will be able to link from your videos to your external websites. 11. The YouTube Partner Program: Hi, everybody. I want to touch on a couple of things here and also go into some more detail about YouTube monetization. First of all, how often should we upload videos to our channel? How Maney videos do we need? While the very minimum amount of videos that we should be up loading is a one a week more is obviously better if you go to social blade dot com. We looked at that website earlier, and you look at the channels that are doing well. All of those channels have a lot of videos. The more video you can create and upload, the faster you are going to get to the stage where your channel is doing well, not just through getting traffic to your website, but through the YouTube monetization program as well. You can schedule your videos, so if you only have se one day a week where you can make videos, you can create all the videos for that week or even create all the videos for that month on that day or that weekend or whatever and then schedule them so that you've got videos being posted regularly. A new subscribers air notified of those videos asked. They get uploaded and go live. And don't forget to create playlists. We spoken about playlists already, so these are important. Use cards and end screens to create call lights in your videos. Focus on your click through rates so your titles and thumbnails to get a good click through rate. Focus on your watch time. So keeping people engaged, especially during those first few minutes of your videos, unfocused on building your channel subscribers on for optimum video length. Because I don't think I mentioned this before. I did mention that we should try and make our videos at least five minutes long. That's in order to increase our watch time. We want to make sure that we do that for the YouTube algorithm. But the other thing is that if you make your videos too long, then you can often put people off from watching them. Well, you've got to remember is that people are often logging into YouTube when they have a few minutes spare here and there, perhaps break time at work or at college, something like that. Usually there no looking to spend hours. They may end up spending hours, but that's not usually what they're. Therefore, if they see a video that's 20 minutes, 25 minutes long, they may skip here and look for a shorter video instead. So let's take a look at YouTube monetization again. Now in a little bit more detail on how this works on your videos. Well, there are a number of different types of ads that YouTube complacent on your videos on the 1st 1 is the overlay ads. Overlay ads are shown on desktop Onley, so people don't see those ads if they're on a mobile device UN. Secondly, we have the video ads. These are the either escape herbal or nonce capable arts that play at the beginning off a video. You have seen them, I'm sure lots and lots of times. There are also bumper ads, which are very similar, but these can appear no, just the beginning. But they can appear in the video at any point in the video as well. No. The other type of odd that you will have seen, I'm sure, frequently is the feature add on the feature ad shows alongside the video, usually at the top of the suggested videos. Feature ads show on destined only not on mobile. There is one other type of art, but you see this a lot less frequently. It's the sponsored card. Ads on these show briefly only for a few seconds on the video, while the video is playing, usually at the side of the screen. But they are on the actual video and sponsored cards will show on mobile on desktop. Okay, so what are the steps to take part in monetization? Because if you're using YouTube for traffic to your website, you may as well be using it for monetization as well. To get extra money from YouTube, we spoke about the Strait of the Very Beginning, the double edged sword. The first step is to sign up for the YouTube partner program, which you could do from your YouTube account. You will then need to sign up for a Google AdSense account. Once you have done that, you can choose your monetization preferences. You can choose which type of ads that you want to show on or beside your video, and then, once you're channel meets the requirements, which we've spoken about already, which is 4000 hours of watch time on 1000 subscribers once you have reached that monetization will automatically starch. No. I spoke already about the fact that 1000 subscribers on 4000 hours of watch time is not as much as it sounds. In fact, you could do this very, very quickly. You couldn't achieve this pretty quickly. Now here's an example. I just want to show you how quickly you can clock up these watch hours. So in this example, were saying that you have had 100,000 views to your videos, which really isn't a lot with an average two minute watch. Time 100,000 times two minutes is 200,000 minutes. If we divide that between 60 to get the hours, we're almost at the 4000 hours already 3333 hours from just 100,000 views on assuming an average two minutes. Watch time. You may have a higher average Watch time in two minutes. Two minutes is quite a low average. Watch time on with the same average two minutes. Watch time. You would only need 120,000 views to your videos to hit that 4000 hours of watch time so I just wanted to really put this into perspective for those of you who are thinking that it's going to be a hard slog to get to the 4000 hours of watch time and to get to the 1000 channels subscribers, it is not so Please do not be put off by days. Okay, I'm finally here. I just want to briefly talk about YouTube analytics because YouTube has its own analytics, its own tracking that you can get lots of information from right from within your account. There's nothing to install on your website. It's not like Google Analytics where you need to install some code and you don't need to enable this. You have access to all this information by default from your YouTube account and on your analytics page. You can keep track of everything you can keep track of your total watch time so you know when you're getting close to being reviewed and accepted into the YouTube partner program, you can see the average huge aeration, which is like the average watch time of each viewer. Your total views on the total views on each individual videos watch time of each individual videos as well, so that you will know which videos are performing the best. You also have a list of your top performing videos on. You can also see where your traffic has come from now. We spoke earlier about the two ways that YouTube sends traffic to your videos. One is search, so when users type a keyword or a search term in the search bar on the videos that come up in the search results, if yours is one of those that's YouTube. Sending your traffic on the other way is by displaying your video as a suggested video to the side or below off the video that the user is watching. So you can see what percentage of traffic that your videos are getting from search from suggestive videos, all from external sources. So this could be, for example, from your own website. You would probably ensured have something on your website that asks users to subscribe to your YouTube channel so you're going to have traffic go into YouTube from your website. You can see your Channel subscriber growth so you can see how that's going. Over time, you can see the demographics I e. Male or female off your viewers, you can see the country. Sorry. The top countries where your viewers are coming from. On last but not least, once you start to earn revenue with YouTube monetization, you're going to be able to see how much revenue that you have earned. Okay, I'll see you in the next lesson. 12. Great Free Spying Tool for YouTube: Hello, everybody. I wanted to show you another extension for chrome on. This is called Vid Like you. It's a great extension because you can get a lots of information about individual videos. Now this video here is about how a double decker bus was converted into an RV. It was uploaded on June 9th, 2000 and 17. And once you have the Fed I Q extension installed, you can see all this information here. Now you do have to register on account with, um, it's completely free, though. Now, according to this day, to hear this video has earned a total off almost $6000 with YouTube monetization. But this is an estimate we don't know for sure if it's correct, however, what we can do with these figures, we can use them to compare different videos and get an idea which ones are earning the most money. It is getting 53.8. Almost 54 views per hour on average has had a total of 3.9 million views. We could see that here it has 55,000 engagements, which are mostly likes or dislikes. The duration is nine minutes 58 seconds. Of the average view, time is 29%. So 29% off the video round, about 1/3 of the video. So people get to round about close to three minutes. That's the average view time of this video now under Social. What we can see here is that almost all of the engagements air coming from YouTube with a very small amount from Facebook. He only has 389 Facebook followers, though, and in fact, if you click there, it takes you to the Facebook page. In fact, if we click on here, we can check that on its correct. He only has 389 followers, so he's not really doing a huge amount with this Facebook page. However, this video itself on his Facebook page has had engagements and likes. He also only has a few Instagram followers as well. He's probably focusing mainly on YouTube. We can see the number of words here in the description 212. Now the S. C. O. Score. This is for the description and title. It's 60 Warner of 100 not too bad, and it gives us a breakdown here of the score. Keywords entitle. He has that. So he's got five of five keywords in the description. He has that. So he's got 55 tank volume. He doesn't have many tanks. According to this, he's only got one or 25 for Tak volume. It felt we can see them right here. Onda. We can see the tax that are ranking well so far. RV. He is ranked at number two in the YouTube search floor. Double Decker is wrong to number eight for On Rust, which is the name of his channel. I think he's ranked number four now. This year, according to this is his monthly channel revenue, which is $633. It's not a high revenue yet. I don't know how many videos he has. We could check that out, but if you wanted to check this, you could go over to Social Blade on to put his channel name in. In fact, let's do that right now. I think that's what it's called on rust. Let's take a look. Zero results. Okay, I found him. Now I'd Mr the Exclamation mark. So here he is on. That would have been about right because it's estimated monthly earnings here in 97 between 97 euro and 1.6 k euro. So I guess that was roundabout. Correct? What did I Q gave us here for the monthly revenue? His channel subscribers. He's averaging 42 new subscribers a day. He gets 14,000 views a day. I wonder how Maney uploads he has. He doesn't have many videos. He has for 56789 10 11 12. He only has 12 videos, so you need a lot more videos than that if you want a bigger monthly income from the YouTube monetization. So this is why he's not getting really very much of an income. Basically, it's because he doesn't have enough videos. No, every video is going to be one that gets millions of views. And, as you can see here he has. Ah, few have had millions on a few that I've just had thousands. So it's a case of having a lot more videos. All right, so that's a video I Q. You can either go to video i q dot com or just go to the chrome Web store on search for video I Q on added to your browser so that you can see all these statistics here on all this really useful information.