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Mastering WordPress with Gutenberg

teacher avatar Jan Zavrel, Developer, Author, Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

27 Lessons (2h 8m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is WordPress?

    • 3. vs

    • 4. Admin Dashboard

    • 5. Posts & Pages

    • 6. Introducing Gutenberg

    • 7. Gutenberg Explained

    • 8. More Gutenberg

    • 9. Images

    • 10. Links & Buttons

    • 11. File Attachments

    • 12. Video & Audio Files

    • 13. Featured Image

    • 14. Categories & Tags

    • 15. Publishing Options

    • 16. Editing Posts

    • 17. Creating Pages

    • 18. Navigation Menu

    • 19. Widgets

    • 20. Blog Layout

    • 21. Customizer

    • 22. GeneratePress Theme

    • 23. Genesis & Newspaper

    • 24. Plugins


    • 26. Users

    • 27. Settings

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About This Class

Whether you’re building a blog, personal portfolio, a landing page for your company, or maybe even an online store, in this course, I will teach you all the fundamentals of WordPress so you can start building your own website today.

You don't have to be a programmer, you don't need to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You need just a computer with internet access.

Each lesson builds on concepts and skills from the previous one and by the end of this course, you’ll know how to install and manage your own WordPress website.

You'll learn everything you need about the difference between posts and pages, categories and tags, plugins, themes, and widgets.

I will show you how to secure your WordPress website with Two-Step Authentication, how to create a beautiful contact form for your readers, how to install and customize themes.


  • What is WordPress
  • How to use admin dashboard
  • What's the difference between posts and pages
  • How to use Gutenberg, a new block-based editor
  • How to work with images
  • How to create text links and buttons
  • How to work with file attachments
  • How to add video and audio files to posts and pages
  • How to use featured image properly
  • What's the difference between categories and tags
  • What publishing options WordPress offers
  • How to edit existing posts and pages
  • How to create and edit navigation menu
  • How to work with Customizer
  • How to use widgets
  • How to change blog layout
  • How to install and customize GeneratePress theme
  • How to install Genesis Framework
  • How to install Newspaper theme
  • How to use plugins
  • How to use comments
  • How to manage WordPress users
  • How to work with general settings


  • Absolute beginners who want to learn how to create their own website with WordPress
  • Seasoned WordPress users who want to learn how to work with Gutenberg editor


  • You don't need any prior experience with WordPress
  • You don't need to know any programming language
  • You just need a computer with a web browser and internet connection

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jan Zavrel

Developer, Author, Consultant


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1. Introduction: hello and welcome to mastering WordPress cores. You're probably here because you want to build a Web side, but you're not a programmer or you just don't want to waste time with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You just want to publish your content when you look around the Web. People mostly recommend WordPress because it's an easy way to start publishing. But once you start diving in a bit more, you realize that it's quite complicated. You need a hosting service, you need a domain name. You need to install WordPress after you need to proper a con figuration. You need to choose derive theme and providence, and you need to make it all work together. If you're not a programmer, it's actually not that straightforward and easy as they made it sound to have it all up and running. And I feel you who is time these days, too wasted searching Google for confusing block posts or watching some homemade tutorials filled with germs and earth. You don't and I don't eat her. You need a professional introduction to WordPress so you can just start writing and publishing your posts. Well, the good news is that discourse is different where you're building a block personal portfolio, a landing page for your company or maybe even an online store in discourse. I will teach you all the fundamentalists of WordPress so you can build your own website. Today. Each lesson builds on concepts and skills from the previous one. So I strongly recommend that you watch the whole curse in order. But if you're already is somewhat familiar with WordPress and one just a refresher off some specific topics like the new Gutenberg editor, you mourn and welcome to pick whatever interest you the most. By the end of this course, you know how to install and manage your own WORDPRESS website. You will learn how to use the good Emburgh Block editor and how to create media reach custom layouts. You also learn how to work with images, how to use theme customizer to personalize the layouts, cars and phones of your website. And remember that you're not alone. You don't have to learn in a vacuum. I don't personally answer all your WordPress related questions, and I'm positive that other students will help you gladly as well. You can also check for the latest information and tutorials on my website today WP dot com where I publish new WordPress rated content regularly. So whenever you need help, just reach out and I'll do my best to get you back on your way. All right, when you're ready to get started in row in the course and jump to the next lesson where we answer the question, what is wordpress? 2. What is WordPress?: welcome back and thank you for enrolling in this course. Let's get to work. Everybody talks about WordPress as the easiest way to build websites. But what exactly is what breasts simply Poot. WordPress is a software that allows you to create your website or block. It belongs to the group of the so called content management systems, also known as C. M. S. WordPress was released in 2000 and three, and since then it has become one of the most popular Web publishing platforms. Today, its powers more than 35% of the entire wrap everything from happy blocks to some of the most popular websites online. The best part is that what press enables you to build and manage your own full featured website using just your Web browser? You don't have to learn how to code html, CSS and JavaScript. If you've ever used the text editor like the Microsoft Word you be ride at home with the word percentages. You know five main reasons why WORDPRESS is probably the best choice for building your upside. First of all, since what press is an open source, you can use it for free anyway, You like second WordPress is easy to learn a news. You can easily create an update not only your content, but you can also make some big changes to do layout and design of your website. We don't need to hire a Web designer or to learn how to coat. Third work presses easily and completely customizable. You can choose from thousands of available free and premium themes and plug ins that enable you to add new features like a photo gallery or online store, or even entirely change the look of your website with only a few clicks thinner. Thanks to its popularity, it's easy to find support or hire someone to help you if you run into problems or if you just want to add more customized features. And finally, with WordPress, you are in control of your content. You can easily import your data from other platforms like blogger, medium, Ghost or Tumbler, and you can also export to data if you want to move from WordPress to another publishing platform. WordPress is an incredibly flexible solution that will help you build your website without learning how to code, keeps you in control greater and offers great support options but I actually two Russians of Wordpress and in the next lesson will take a look at what it means for you. 3. vs welcome back to mastering WordPress. In this lesson, we'll discuss what's the difference between work President Calm and wordpress dot work. Beginners usually find it confusing to learn that there are two versions, or WordPress, each with its own dedicated website. There are workers that come and wordpress dot orc websites. In this lesson, we'll take a quick look at the differences between these two WordPress versions. To get started with WordPress, you need to choose where you prefer more control and freedom or a more straightforward publishing experience. If you really nontechnical and all you need is a way to publish a content DATs what work president com is about. It's an all inclusive service for riders, creators and other people without technical experience or willingness to spend time tweaking their own WordPress server. You just sign up, connect your domain and you're good to go. Everything is managed for you, and you can focus just on your content and audience when he had a hand. You're quite limited when it comes to customization off your website. You can choose from selected themes and plug ins, but you won't be able to expand WordPress any way you like. For some. This is not an issue for others. This might feel quiet, limiting also with a free plan. You can't use your own domain name, which is the biggest limitation. Another important aspect to consider is the fact that workers that com looks a bit different and discourse won't cover it in detail. If you want to use your own domain with wordpress dot com, you need to choose at least the personal plan for free dollars per month. You'll get a free domain for one year with preinstalled SSL email and six gigabytes of storage space. This is actually a pretty good deal. If you want to focus just on your content, there are other plants available. But once you decide to select anything better than personal plan, the monthly fee goes up very quickly and it's no longer that appealing, especially when you compare it to some of the managed WordPress hosting offers. Both three and personal plants are also very emitted when it comes to customization. You look dozens of free themes to choose from, but if we want something more specific, your unfortunately out of luck. Unless you pay $7 per month for premium plan to give you some perspective. A similar price can get you currently premium WordPress hosting from hosting a dot com that comes within 100 gigabytes, off story space and, most importantly, total freedom regarding the customization. Orville Upside and you get a free domain name as well. You're not afraid of diving a little bit more into technical stuff. It's probably more interesting to opt for your own WordPress installation available at wordpress dot or in the past, deception involved the manual installation of WordPress software on the Rebound Server connected to the Internet. These days, everything is much easier as there are dozens of hosting companies offering the so called managed WordPress hosting plans. This means the day will happily installed WordPress. We'll monitor regarding its health, apply fixes and updates and keep it up and running without you doing any of the administration work. If you're on a budget, you can still choose some shared hosting plan. These are mostly much cheaper than managed hosting, but you will need to download and install WordPress all by yourself, which involves using FTP to uproot WordPress installation to the server, set it up the database, making sure your service running the right virginal PHP language, creating users with the appropriate excess rides and sore. In the end, it all comes down to the price versus performance. In other words, how much you'll get for your money. In my experience, manage WordPress Hosting brings you the best of both worlds. Total control and freedom when it comes to customizing your website and Hesse three set up and maintenance of your work responsible. That's why I wholeheartedly recommend one of the hosting companies, including hosting ER, Side, Ground, Fly view and Easy WP. He doesn't really matter which one of these you will choose or if you pick another one. In all cases, you should end up with a brand new WordPress installation and be ready to dive in. Depending on the hosting provider, you might get a different layout and design of your hosting administration, but you should always have access to two links or buttons. The 1st 1 will take you to the public version of your Web site. The 2nd 1 will take you to the admin area. The public Web side should be readily accessible by typing a domain. You are oh to divide browser's address bar for example, https, my domaine dot com. By default, the Edmund area is accessible by adding slash WP dash admin at the end of this address, so it would be https my german dot com slash WP dash admin. Your hosting provider might use a different address for your Edmund area, though, so if you can find it, just ask your hosting provider for the support. You should be able to navigate you through a website and give you the right lane in the next lesson will start exploring your new WordPress upside from the administration area. 4. Admin Dashboard: Welcome back to mastering WordPress in this. Listen, we'll take a quick tour off the WordPress dashboard, which provides the main overview and access to all the side management features of your website. To access the WordPress dashboard and begin managing your website. Simply type slash WP dash admin At the end of your websites, you are out. This should get you to the log in screen where your enter your user name and password, then click the log in button and the dashboard will be the first screen you see. If for any reason, this doesn't work for you, you need to contact your hosting provider and request the U R L for your WordPress admin area. You should know exactly what you need and provide you with the correct address. The administration area contains three sections. A toolbar across the top of the page, the main navigation menu on the left and main work area in the middle, which will change depending on the page or currently viewing. When you look into your dead aboard for the first time, you be greeted with welcome box that contains three sections. Get started with a button to customize your site next steps, including links to writing the first post, adding and about page. Setting up your home page and viewing your site and more actions with more links to help you manage widgets, menus, comments and getting more information about WordPress. We'll cover all of these options in detail throughout its course, so you can dismiss this worker module for now. Whenever you want to display it again, just go to screen options and check the welcome box below the welcome box. You see other boxes, and you can also completely hide them from the screen options if you like. These are side health status, which will show you the results offside health check at a glance. We chose the number of posts, pages and comments you have on your website, including the WordPress version. You're running and theme you're using activity. We chose recent posts or pages and recent comments Quick draft, which will allow you to quickly create a new post with basic text and save it for later. And finally work presidents and use, which contains the list of events near you. You can quickly hide a content of each box by clicking the arrow next to the title Change the order of boxes. Or, as I already mentioned, you can completely hide those you're not interested in like events. In my case, at the top of the Dish board, there is the tool bar that contains links to the most commonly used functions by Defoe. Do you find here links to divert predicament, ation support and feedback link to the public view or your website linked to list of comments showing the number of comments pending approval and finally dealing to add a new post media file page or user. Some plug ins used the toolbar to other Oh Ming's so you have quick access to their features. The two bar might also display simple identifications. If there are updates available for your theme or plug ins on the right side of the two bar , you'll find links to Eddie to profile or to look out when you're locked into the administration area and visited a website. The toolbar remains across the top and enables you to customize it to return to the days board. Just move your mouse over the name of your website and select dashboard from Dominion on the left side of the screen. There is the main navigation menu, which contains links to all the administrative pages hovering over menu items displays the sub menu containing additional pages or options. If you need more screen space, you can collapse the entire menu into just the strip off icons. When the menu is minimized like this, you can still access the sub menus by simply hovering or each Eichel. Now that you're familiar with the day board, let's move on to the next lesson where we'll talk about two primary forms of content in WordPress posts and pages. 5. Posts & Pages: Welcome back to mastering WordPress. Now that you're familiar with the work, presidential will take a look at the two types of content you can create in WordPress by default posts and pages. Let's start with the default theme. WordPress changes the default theme every year, so it's possible that your D 40 might look a bit different depending on when you watch the scores. But the basics should always be the same. When you visit your side, you see the home page, which features a header at the top. The header contains a clickable name of your website. When you click the name, it will always take you back to this home page next to the website. Name is the website description, which is said by D for to just another word for us. I. But I'm sure you layer how to change it to something more unique, like your favorite photo or the slogan of your company. On the right side of the header, there's a link to the sample page and the search, which allows your reader to search in the content of your website. Below the header, you'll find one and the only post we currently have published since. This post doesn't belong to any carrier. Berry, it's uncharacteristic. Below is the title of the post. When you click the title, it will bring you to the whole post, and once you scroll down, you'll see the default reply to this post, and you can even leave your own reply like this is a nice post. Notice how the new reply will appear in the list. Now screw up and click the name of your website in the header, which will, as you already know, bring you back to the home page. The title of the Post. You'll find the name of The Yorker, the date when the Post was published and a number of comments. And you know this information. You see the excerpt off the post, which usually shows the first few lines of text or the first paradigm off the post. Dodie Exert. You see the Edit Ling, which allows you to edit the content of the post. Now when it's go down, you'll get to the last section of the simple home page, the hooter. Here you'll find another version off search the lists off posts, recent comments, archives categories and the so called meta, which lists some useful links. At the very bottom, there's another link to the home page. Next to it is the link to the WordPress dot orc website, and on the right side you'll find a very useful ing, which will bring you to the very top of the home page. Now, to fully understand how pose differ from pages, let's go back to the dish board and creating you post. You see the on boarding screen for the block editor, which is still kind of a new thing in WordPress. But since we get to it later in more detail, you can safely ignore it for now, right? A title of your post and below a few lines of content. When you don hit the publish button at the top, you can preview the post, and no days of both header and food or sections were at it automatically to the post. Read the name of your website, the header to get back to the home page, and no days that your new post has been automatically at it at the top by default. Our theme shows all posts on the home page in chronological order, with the most recent post on top. This list of post it's also known as a block so posed are actually block entries, and they can be assigned category categories. Make it easier to find order related posts that belong to the same category. Let's see how it works by creating a new category named WordPress and assigning both of our posts. Today's category first go to the dashboard and select posts categories from the menu and did the name of the new category, followed by the slot, which is usually just a lower case version of the name. No spaces are out. So if the name of the category contains more than one word, it's best to use hyphens hit the add new category bottom. And as you can see in the list on the right side, a new WordPress category has just been created. Now to sign our to pose to this category, select all posts from living you, and once you hover over each name of deposed, the quick and it link will appear. Now you can select the WordPress category instead of un categorized and hit the update bottom. Repeat it for a second post as well, Finally, it's visit. Decide to see two changes. Great. Both posts now belong to the WordPress category, and when you click the category name, you'll get the list of all posts assigned today's car. Great. Now that you know how post work, let's take a look at pages. Pages are used for the so called static content that doesn't change very offer. Links to pages are typically included in the main menu or in the food, so they can be easily access from anywhere. On the Web site, you can see we have a link to the sample page in the main menu, and this page explains what the page is good for. It's different from the block post, and in most themes it's in the side. Navigation. Let's modify this page now, so it introduces our website to potential side visitors scroll down and hit the edit button at the bottom off the text. Now we will change the name of the page to about us. We will also change the Perma link to about desh us and finally select the Defoe text in each block and deleted, which will remove the whole block as well. We were right. Some introductory text like this instead, now hit the upgrade button and click view page link at the bottom. Notice how the new name of the page appears at the top menu as well. Work has enables you to use any combination of pages and block post to build any type off site you can imagine. It's quite proper to have just a simple landing page set as the home page and list of black posts on its own separate page that is accessible from the main menu. I hope this lesson helps to explain the difference between pages and posts and work breath . In the next lesson, we'll take a closer look at the all new Gutenberg editor, and I'll show you how to create beautiful Rachel outs using blocks. 6. Introducing Gutenberg: Welcome back to mastering WordPress in this lesson will take a quick look at the all new content editor introduced in WordPress five. It's called Good a Merc, and it's a whole new way to create media rich posts and pages. You can take it for a test drive at https wordpress dot org's slash Gutenberg. This live demo side allows you to experiment with various types of blocks for yourself without risking the content of your own side. If you're familiar with out of that based editors, you quickly find out that this block based editor is quite different. The entire editing experience has been completely rebuilt to add new tools that enable you to create just about any type of layout you can imagine without the need to use the code. You can insert and style the content simply by adding a new block and then focusing on its settings. The blood based editor won't change the way your content looks to your visitors, but it lets you insert different kinds of media in any order and then rearrange your content however you like. Since each piece of content is contained within its own block, it's very easy to edit the content, change its style and build your own custom layouts without being an expert developer or designer. Gutenberg includes over a dozen different blog's that represent the basic types of content you probably needed the most. There are tax blocks like paragraphs, headings, subheadings and quotes. You can also add multimedia like content images, fool with cover images for a gory or even audio and video. For us. You can even create custom layouts with multiple columns at code snippets, balloted or number, place buttons and more. What type of dad dropped more blocks created by third party developers like atomic books in the next few lessons are surely around the new editor and we'll take a closer look at each one of these blocks. But as you can see, this New Block based editor opens up all kinds of possibilities that simply were unavailable in the previews editor. Now, if you don't like the new good or make editor and prefer a more familiar interface, you can still use the previous editor by installing the classic editor. Begin. Choose Agnew from the pregnancy when you search for the classic editor Pugin and then click the install now button after the plug in finishes, installing Click the Activate Bottom and it's It. The classic Cater to Plug in restores the previews version of the WordPress editor. This lets you continue using a more familiar editor as well as third party projects that extend the classic editor. When you're ready to start using good Umberg simply disabled the classical a trip again and you'll be set. Not that you know what good and Burke is. Let's take a closer look at how to use this new editor to create beautiful pages and posts . 7. Gutenberg Explained: Welcome back to mastering WordPress in this lesson will take a closer look at the all new block editor introduced and what rest? Five. As we discussed in the previous lesson. Now it's creating new post, and I'll show you around the new editor to get started. First is the title of the post. Let's say introducing good number. Next, you can start writing some text right away, and Gutenberg will automatically create a paragraph for you. Once you hit. Enter Gutenberg will create another paragraph as a new block, and you can see some options around the text, which we will talk about later. Now, when you click below the second paragraph note is the tiny plus button at the right click on it to review The list of available box box are divided into sections, and the 1st 1 is the most used section, followed by common blocks for marrying loud elements, widgets and sore. That's like the heading block from the most used section, and that's type. This is heading now. On the right side, there's a block panel in which the content changes. Based on the block currently selected, it includes a brief description off the block specific settings. Let's change the level to see how it makes the heading bigger and smaller. Now click the pause button below the heading block and select the image book. I already have an image in the library, so I just selected and at the top of the image I can change its loud too wide with This looks good when I'm happy with the Post, I can easily publish it and check it out immediately by clicking the view post going at the bottom Now this was just a quick intro for those of you who can't wait to start using good and burqa right away and to explore all its features later on their own. For the rest of you, let's create another new post and start exploring everything together. So great a new post with the title Good Number explained and note, is the text below that says that you can tie back slash to choose a block. This will reveal the list of common blocks with page, break, image heading, gallery least quote and others. Let's let the quote book, which will create a nice layout with a vertical line on the left, and we can even ride citations Middle now in the block settings Under right, you can change the style from the defaults to large and back again. Advanced users confirm a modified A styling by editing custom CSS classes now quickly familiar plus button again to reveal the window with all available blog's divided into sections. If you know what type of block you'd like to add, like button, for example, you can quickly search for it. Using the search bar at the top of the window. Go ahead and select buttons, block and type. Enroll now inside a newly created butter, and there you have a new element in a few seconds. This can't get any easier. Notice how the settings in the right column changed accordingly to the selected block in the style section, you can choose Phil or outline style and below. You can customize the text, car and background color as well. The set of cars is based on the palate off the current team. When you select a combination that's hard to read, WordPress will run you about it below. You can change the radios of button corners to make the button clickable. You need to select the text and create a ling by typing or pasting the euro off the website . You want to navigate you. Once you submit the link, you can also choose to open it in the new Barrows attack. Now save draft and click the preview button on the top to check our post. When you click the link, you be redirected to the website you entered. So as you can see, buttons are really easy to use in Gutenberg. Another great reacher is embedded content. You can easily grappling from a whole list of services like YouTube videos or instagram poles, and simply place it in the block and Gutenberg will do the rest for you. Once you pays the link and hit the embed button, Gutenberg will load the content and you can even ride a caption below it. I'll write the name of the video and make it board, and it Eric. Now I'll change the alignment from center toe white with which will make the video more prominent in the post. Finally, let's preview the post. Okay, this looks great. Everything is working just fine. Now. We can always change the alignment back to the center by hovering the mouse over the brook and selecting the appropriate option. Let's take a look at how to work with multiple blocks now to say sometime I'll just pay some tax with multiple paragraph. And as you can see, Gutenberg automatically creates the individual paragraph box. Did you really know? Clicking inside a block reveals the toolbar with different options that would change depending on the type of block you're currently editing. But notice the buttons on the life that allows you to quickly move a block up or down, or drag and drop the block into a different location. And since this is the partner block, the toolbar at the top reviews the usual formatting options for aligning text to the left, center or right, as well as making highlighted text, bold italics or to convert it into a link. Another great feature is that you can convert the whole block into a different tie. You can also easily duplicate a block insert a broke above or below. This one. Edit the HTML for this book and sore. If you have customized the block, you may want to add it to a list of reusable blocks, and finally, you can delete to remove the block. Notice that there are also keyboard shortcuts for each of these functions, which will help you work even more quickly with a little bit of practice in the top right corner. There's the settings button that will let you show and hide block options if you need more space for your work now quicker three darts button next to the settings button to reveal some of the most important settings for the editor. First of all, you can choose to view all the block for mating tools in a single bar across the top of the page, rather than about each edited block. Individually, the Spotlight road helps you focus on just the block that's currently selected by making all other blocks less visible and the full screen mode highs. The two bar occurs the top off the page and main navigation menu under left. To help you focus on just your content. You can also switch from the visual editor to the code editor, which reveals the coat where Chris uses to create Gutenberg blocks. Under the tool section, you can select which blocks will appear in the list. So, for example, if you don't use Gary and audio. You can disable these two blocks, and next time you add a new block to a content, these two Brocks won't appear in the list, but you can always and they both of them later. You can also manage any reusable blocks. You've created beautiful list of keyboard shortcuts that can help you navigate the editor more quickly viewed Welcome guide again, or carpet or the content from the page, which could be really helpful if you've created a complex swelled with lots of custom blocks. Finally, in the options section, you can enable pre published checks and tips to help you learn your way around Gutenberg Editor. You can also hide any documents, settings, panels that you don't plan to use very often, and you can enable advance panels like custom fields. If your side makes use of them, no any create a long page with lots of different types of blocks. It can become difficult to find a particular block to edit, so the block navigation button at the top will show you an outline. View off all the blocks used in your page, allowing you to easily jump right to a particular block and make changes. The new content structure button will show you at a glance how many words headings, paragraphs and blocks are currently being used on this page. And, of course, there are handy buttons to help you undo and redo any changes you might have made. When you're finished creating your content, you can save it as a draft or preview what it will look like. Your visitors. And when you're happy with your content, click the publish button to make your new post or page appear on your side. Now that you're familiar with the Good America editor, it's time to start creating some content for our side. So in the next few lessons, we explore how to build custom layouts and create more compelling content using the default blocks included in group number. 8. More Gutenberg: welcome back to mastering WordPress in the next several essence. I'll show you how to use some of the most common blocks to create a new post for your side from the toolbar. You can simply select plus new and then post from the drop down menu. But you could also select add new underneath posts in the navigation menu. On the left, we will start by entering a title. WordPress automatically creates a link to the Post, which is called permanent. This is the U. R L off the Web address, where visitors will see your new post once it's published. And you can edit this Perma ling to make the you are easier to remember and share next. I'll pay some content that I've created ahead of time into the main content area and because the tax that I paste it contains multiple paragraphs. Notice that Gutenberg has automatically created individual per gram blocks indicated by the name in the top right corner. To spread a paragraph into multiple blocks, just place your cursor anywhere within a paragraph and click Return key. Clicking inside a block reveals the formatting toolbar, which will change depending on the type of blanc were edited. Also, it will reveal buttons to quickly move a block up or down the page, and you can drag and drop the blocks into any order you like to your settings for a block. Gregory free that I can button on the right of the toolbar and choose show block settings. You can also use the keyboard shortcut or the settings button at the very top of the page. As you can see, WordPress offers more ways to achieve the same thing, so you can choose the one you prefer the most. Notice how you can easily change the phone size in the text settings by either choosing from the list of presets or by entering a custom number. You can also enable a drop cap, which will display the first letter in the paragraph in a larger size. This is very popular for the very first paragraph over the post, and it's probably better do you see as his rules instead of doing this manually, because CSS can set this automatically for all your posts. We already discussed the car settings where you can choose a different text and background color, but I didn't tell you yet about the car picker, where you can manually type the hex code over the specific car you want to use. If you prefer, you can change the car former to use RGB or even an age S L, which stands for hue, saturation and lightness. Or you can simply use the slider and choose any color you like. Finally, under the advanced tab, you can enter the name of a particle. Sees this class if your theme includes custom styles like, for example, a style for automatic drop cap, I've just mentioned All right now we've got a text for the article, but I'd like to add a heading to make it easier to read. And it also helps search engines to determine what the article is about. So hover my mouse at the top of the block, where I want to insert heading and then click the button to add a new block in the pop up window. I'll choose the heading block and then our type https set up, and finally, I can choose from the various heading levels age to eight p. H. War etcetera. Headings are meant to organize a content hierarchically, so it's important to choose the right heading regardless of its text size, which is determined by the theme. A Tron is always reserved for the title of the article, and there should be only one H one heading in the whole article. The H two hitting is used for individual sections, which could be further divided by age three heading and so on. So your first heading inside a content should always be H two. If you're not happy with the fun face or size of the heading, you need to customize the theme to change it. And I'll show you later how to do it. Because, as you can see, you can change only text car. But there's no building method for choosing different phones within the WordPress editor itself. All right now we've got a good start on our article, and in the next lesson we'll take a closer look at how to work with images 9. Images: welcome back to mastering WordPress. In the previous lesson, we created his new post an ad 80 h two headed in this. Listen, our show you how to work with photos and images. We already have some images in the Post that were copied along with the text, but let's take a closer look at how to add a new one. Let's say I want to add a new image ride blog. Https Set up headache. I'll hover my mouse at the bottom of the heading block to reveal and create the plus button . Choose the image block, and now there are options. I can simply drag an image from the desktop directly into this image broke or I can upload an image or select an image file I previously uploaded to the library. I already have a nice cloud for logo saved on my desktop, so I just drag and drop it onto the image block and we're press will upload it to my post. Notice the formatting options above the image. We can choose to align image to the center, to the left or to the right, which will cause the text to wrap around image. We can also choose to wild with or full of it. Brody image. We can add a caption like Cloudflare logo. Let's take a look at the image block settings In the right column year, we can add the alternative tags description for people who a not be able to see our image like call for logo on a black background. We can also choose which image size we want to use, where a ton nail, medium size or who size. We can also resize the image by dragging blue handles, or we can choose a percentage to automatically resize the image. Under the links settings. We can choose to use the image as a link to a custom you are out. When realtors quickly image, they'll get to crowd for dot com. Upside opened in a new tab. But we can also ring the image to the media file, which means that visitors were viewed a full resolution image on its own separate page. Finally, we can link the image to the attachments page. This is the automatically generated page where the title is the name of the image and below is the image Tom they attached. This option is probably at least used one. Okay, let's stick with the external. You are opened in the new tap, which is the most expected behaviour. Some people say that opening a new tab is confusing, but it helps you keep your website open so your visitors don't need to use the back button in the browser. All right, I've already shown you how to add an image from the media library. So just as a refresher, that's do it. Once again, you can add images your media library for later use, so you don't have to add them one by one from your desktop. This is a good idea. If you have, all your resource is already available but opposed before you start right in it. So let's say I want to ride a Web hosting comparison, and I prepare the screen charts off pricing of different hosting companies in advance. Once I have it ready, I'll upload everything to the media library so I can use it in my article later. Once I have the Screenshots uploaded, I can add alternative text, changed the title and even add caption and description. So add hosting appliance as alternative text title will be hosting her and caption hosting ER offers four hosting points. Now we can click the back arrow to get immediately to the previous image in library. This time, I'll add Blue Host plans as alternative text and change the title to blows. Next is Dream Host Plans and Dream Host. Next, this side Ground Easy WP and finally, flywheel. Once I'm done, I can create the X button to close the details window. Now I can go to post at New, and the title will be, for example, that hosting Compare and let's add a short introduction. All so it's. Here's the detailed comparison of different Web hosting companies, and their plans, however, add a heading from the list of blocks. So it's hosting ER and below our add the image from Ribery, so choose the image block and click the Media library button to open the library. When I great the screenshot of hosting those plans, I can see and edit all the details. Since everything seems fine are just click the select button head to the bottom. As you can see, there's my screen short with the caption displayed ride below it. Finally, let's add some short description below to insert a new paragraph. You can just start writing since a paragraph is a default broke in Gutenberg. So it's hosting ER offers four different plans. Three of them are shared hosting plants, and the last one is a cloud hosting pyre. And let's save the drive Great job. 10. Links & Buttons: welcome back to mastering WordPress in this lesson will talk about how to create text wings and how to make buttons. Now let's create a link to the hosting of upside, which I mentioned in the last per gram. So I just highlighted hosting a word which I want to convert into a texting and then are quick the link button to open the link editor. Or I can use the common K shortcut now simply type buro, including the https prefix into this field. And since I want to open dealing in a new type, I'll choose this option. As you can see, the link pop up shows the euro of the page where the link is currently directed, and I can easily edit dealing, or I can remove it by clicking the handling button in the toolbar. Unfortunately, in this case, the two bar is hidden behind the pop up, which is a flaw in the design. But as you already know, we can change the tube our position so it's easily accessible from the top of the page. Now I can create the ending button or use the shift command K shortcut, but as even a quicker way to create a texting. If you copied you out to the clipboard, you can create a texting by highlighting the text you want to convert to dealing and then simply pasting the wild by common see shortcut or controversy on Windows PC WordPress will automatically convert highlighted text into a link to the euro. The to copy it and paste it. This is a great time saver. All right now, did you know how to create a text? Linge. Let's take a look at buttons. First, I'll quit the pause button on the right and select buttons from the Layout Elements section . Next hour. Type read hosting review highlighted text and click the link button at the top. Finally, I'll paste the route to the Today WP Article Creek. Enter and make dealing open in the new tap Now save draft and preview the page. When I scroll down and click the button, the article will appear in the new window Perfect. I can also link the button to an existing page or post on my website. Let's created another button below with about US text. As you can see, the buttons block is now available in the most used section, all right about us text highlight it. And when I clicked the link button at the top, I just begin typing the title of the page, and WordPress will display a list of all posts and pages containing the search term and even show me whether it's a page or opposed. Then I just click the title of the about us page and again let it open in a new tab. I'll save draft and previewed a page. Now when the visitor clicks this button, he'll be taken to the about us page. As you already know when you click inside about, Um, the formatting to bar on the ride would change so you can set the style of the button. And in the background and texts car section, you can set the cars of your choice. And what press will even alert you if you use the car combination that may be hard for people to read. You can easily get back to default cars by quick in the clear bottle. Finally, you can set the border radios to make the corner surround it all right now you know how to create text and bottlings, which you can use to link to other Web sites or pages and pose on your own website in the next lesson of show you how to upload a Pdf file and then create a download button so the visitors condone, know that pdf to their own computer. 11. File Attachments: welcome back to mastering WordPress. In the previous less. We learned how to create text wings and buttons. But what if you want your visitors to down on a PdF or some other type of file from your website? Well, thanks to Gutenberg, it's really easy. I have my pdf ready on desktops, so I just need to click the add block button and select fire block from the common blocks section. Now drag and drop my pdf file from the desktop into to file. Block workers will upload the PdF file to the Media library, and it will also add the name of the file and a Donald button to the page. I was saved, attract and preview to file. Now I can click either the text link or download bottom, and I'll be able to download a pdf file from the website to my computer and open a ride from the browser, as you would expect. By the way, this is the Digital Instructor book where I explained how to achieve financial freedom with online teaching. It's available on Amazon. If you're interested off course, we have the usual formatting options for aligning this block to the left center or right, or to display it in wide or fool with the replace gives us options to eat. Upload a different file or toe open media library, where you can change the title and add the caption. When I'm finished, I simply click the select button toe update delinked file in the box settings. I can see that the tax thing is currently set to download the media file, but I can change the link to redirect visitors to a separate enrichment page and set to open the page in a new tab. We already discussed this option area. Finally, I can choose to hide Donald Button and just displayed texting bite. So as you can see, the fire book makes it really easy to add fire downloads to any page or post on your side, and you're limited to just the PdF format. You can use this book to link to other file types as well 12. Video & Audio Files: welcome back to mastering WordPress in this lesson. I'll show you how to place the video into your posts and pages. The easiest way to place a video on your block is to upload it first to a video hosting service like YouTube. Once your video has been published, you can simply click the share button and copied you are l the video to the clipboard. Next, I'll switch back to my block post and simply pays the girl into the content area where I want to plays the video. As you can see what prisoner automatically create a new video block and show me exactly what my video will look like. I can even preview the video right inside of Gutenberg editor without a need to save the draft and preview to post. I can also use the formatting buttons to change the alignment or the with off the video to replace the video with another one. I just click the pencil button and then paste. They knew u R L to a different video. If it's all state on a different platform like video, for example, WordPress will change the icon, indicating that this is now an embedded video block. But you can also embedded media from all kinds of other services under the M, but section off the block list, you'll find a list off other media blocks you can use, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and more. I just got a Twitter button and plays the link to one of my tweets. And sure enough, here it is. But you can also upload audio files. For example, let's create a new post and call it 40 years old. Dad in 20 years old body First, our dragon drug cover image from the desktop and WordPress will take care of the rest. I also have the first chapter of his audio book. Read it as an MP three file on my descript. So a drag and drop it to the post right below the cover image, and the blue rectangle indicates where it will appear in the post repressive, automatically upload a file to the media library and create an audio block with this beautiful play bar. However, for some reason it's been placed above the image, but I can easily move it below with the move down button in the toolbar. Now the cover image is too large, so I just make it a bits more and center it perfect. Now I can add a caption to the earlier part. So this is Chapter one. And of course, I can change the alignment. And with, as usual in the block settings, I can choose whether or not toe automatically start playing this audio file as soon as the visitor loads the page and I can choose to Luke the file or started over as soon as it ends . In general, it's a good idea to leave these options off. I can automatically preloaded file as soon as the visitors view the page, so it'll start playing more quickly whenever they click the play button. Finally, I will add the link to the cover image. So when the visitor clicks the image, a new type with the new fitness website will open a save the draft and preview the page. And when I scroll down, I can see that the audio is already pre loading. When I click the car image are get to the new pages expected, and when I click the play button, the audio file will start playing the new fitness 40 years old, at A year later, she gave birth to our daughter drink while I was projecting our new house with a garden, swimming pool, grill bar and other important stuff every executive should have. Now I can also click the three that button on the right to download the audio file to my computer. 13. Featured Image: welcome back to mastering WordPress. In this lesson, I will show you how to add a beautiful featured a Ministry of Posts and pages. He's the preview of the article we've been working on in the last Wesam. We are titled The Image and Yuria File, but WordPress also allows us to add the featured image, and, depending on a team, it's usually displayed at the top of the post or page. I have a nice featured image ready on my desktop, so I need to go back to the Gutenberg editor, quickly featured image section in the right panel and drag and drop the image to this area right here. Now, when I saved the draft and previewed the Post again, I can see the featured image at the top ride below the title. Also, when I published a post and then go to the list of all posts, I can see the featured in age year as well. If you're using a different theme for your book, the featured image may appear in a different place, and it might also look different than it does in this team. As you can see here, for example, the featured image appears on the top of the Post excerpt, and when I click the post, it's at the top of the page. One more reason you should always add featured images, your posts and pages is that they are often used as the thumbnail that appears whenever you share your post on social media like Facebook, Twitter or linked in. So it's a good idea to add featured images to every post and page if your theme includes support for them. 14. Categories & Tags: Welcome back to master in WordPress in this lesson will take a look at categories and tax, so you understand what they are and how they differ. Let's take a look at our Web side with the default team. As you can see, categories in this theme are displayed above the title of each post, and we currently have two categories and categorized, which is the default category and WordPress. When you scroll all the way down to the food, er, you see the categories section where both are categories are displayed, and when you click on any of them, you'll get a list of posts belonging to Dad. Specific category categories make it easier for the reader to browse the content by topic ratted and just chronologically. So, for example, when the reader is interested in were persuaded articles, he can easily find them in the WordPress category. Now, in addition to being sorted by category, each post you create in WordPress can also be assigned. One or more tax to demonstrate is our sign a few tax to my posts. As you can see, tax can be added to any post in the document settings panel on the ride. When you expand the tax section, you can separate individual tax with a comma or by hitting the enter. Once you update opposed, the tax will be assigned and you can see them next to the post in the tax column off the list off all posts. Okay, so I quickly add two more tags here this time fitness, health and audiobook. And finally, I'll add riding tack to the Hello World Post. Now you can attacks quickly, right from the list of posts as well. Just click the quick Edit link, which will reveal the basic settings. Ride below the post, and you can add a new tag here. Refresh upside and notice how Tex appeared at the bottom of the post. Checks are keywords, and they work as a summary of the article. To better understand the difference between categories and tax, you can use the book analogy categories are like the table of contents at the front. Off the book and tax are like the terms in the index at the back of the book tax enable readers of your block to quickly find all the pose that contain the same tag, and if you quick any of these links that open and archive page that contains all the posts that have been assigned to dad category or did contain the same tack. You can also search for a specific tag, and if it exists, you get this result. Now it's go back two categories. To see the list of all country available categories, go to post categories. Every block post you create in WordPress is filed under at least one category, and before you create your own categories, there's only one before category code on characterized. But you can create as many categories as you want, and they can be even nested. This means that you can set up a hierarchy within your category structure. If you were creating an online store, for example, you might have a category for shirts, and underneath it you might have sub categories, like T shirts or dress shirts on top of dad. You can also assign a post to more than one category that's great to more categories now, Health and Fitness and Gutenberg, which will be under the WordPress callegary. First, I'll fill the name, health and fitness next type of slack, and I'll make sure to keep it lower case and easy to read. This time, I won't choose any parent category, and since I don't need a description, either, I just click the add new category button at the bottom of the page. Great Health and Fitness appeared in the list on the right. We chose the name description slack and also how many posts are signed to each category Next hour. Career. Good America agree as a child of WordPress category, and the description will be everything about a new block editor. Notice how good a berk is displayed under WordPress in the list of categories, which indicates that it's a child off the WordPress parent. Now you can hover your mouse over any category name in the list to reveal wings that allow you to edit quick at it you or even delete that category. Except for the default category, which can be renamed but not deleted. As you can see, the only difference between edit and quicker. It is the ability to change hierarchy and description in edit mode, while name and slack can be changed in quick edit mode as well. When you click the viewing, you'll get the page with lists off all posts assigned to that category. Okay, lets assigned posed to our new categories. Now the easiest way is to go to the list of posts and use the quick edit ling below each post to quickly select categories. When you don't hit the update button on the ride for good Ember created post, I will use both WordPress and Gutenberg categories. Now the text work at exactly the same way, so you can add new tags year or edit existing tax from the list on the right. The only difference is that you can't create tags hierarchies, and there's no default attack so all tax can be deleted. The Bark Actions menu allows you to delete martyr protects at once and because you likely end up with dozens of tax use. Prudery aside, the search option allows you to find a specific tech to edit or delete. Okay, so now you know how to sword and organize it. Post using categories and tax to make it easier for your readers to find related content, 15. Publishing Options: welcome back to mastering WordPress. In this lesson, we'll take a closer look at publishing. Options are open one of my drafts. And as you can see at the top of the Document Settings panel, there's the Status and Visibility section, with few options that determine how and when the post will be published. If I published this article, as is, it would be visible publicly so anyone can see and read it. This is what you typically want, but you can also make the post private, which means that it's visible only to you. Sided men's and editors of your website posts can also be password protected. Such posts are published on your blog's, but visitors must first and to the password that you specify here before they can view the content of the post. Next, you can decide when your post will be published by default. It's published immediately, but you can choose the publishing date and time. This is really helpful for scheduling pose to be published automatically at a future date. You can also choose a date in the past to backdate posts. Now you can stick the post to the front page to ensure that your visitors will always see this post. This means that disposed will stay at the top of your block. Even after you published another post. You can check the pending review option if you want opposed to be reviewed by another editor administrator. It will save the post is a draft until it's been reviewed. And finally, you can move disposed to the trash if you want to delete it entirely. As you already know, you can choose to save this post as a draft, so you can come back to it later and make some changes. You can also click the preview button to see what the post will look like when it's published. When you scroll down in the Settings panel, you can select the category to reach the post belongs. I'll choose work breast when your post is ready to appear in your website, click the publish button and WordPress will show you a quick pre publishing checklist where you can check the visibility, the publishing date and even at tax. Like Cloudflare, you can disable these double checks by I'm checking the option at the bottom. Once you click the publish button, the post will appear on your side note is the WordPress category at the top of the post, and when you scroll down, you'll see the attack. We've just at it. 16. Editing Posts: welcome back to mastering WordPress. In this lesson, we will talk about how toe edit already published posts. As you already know, you'll find all your posts on the posts, All posts page, and it doesn't matter if they were already published or not. You can sort them by title or by date. And if you have a large number of posts, you can quickly search for a specific post by a key word from the title. You can change how the list of all posts looks by clicking the screen option staff at the top of the page year, you can hide specific columns you don't want to see on the list. For example, if you're the only author of your block, there's no need to have the author column so you can easily turn it off. You can also change the number of posts that are shown on a single page, and you can choose to view excerpts below each post, which makes it easier to distinguish your posts. Hovering over any row in the list were display action wings that allow you to edit or quick edit the post, Move it to trash or beautiful, quick and It is an easy way to quickly update some details of the post without a need to load its content on the new page. You can change the title the slack used for Pamela Ing, and you can also change the publishing date and the author of the Post. It's also possible to make the post private and password protected. Quick at it form allows you to choose from existing categories in which the post will appear. You can change the template at tax enabled, disable comments and pink packs, or even change the status of the post. And finally, you can make the post sticky so it always appears at the top of your block, even after you publish new posts. Once you're happy, very changes, click the update button. While quick and it is a handy way to edit some details of the Post. You need to click the title of the Post or use the Edit link to change its content. This below the good ember editor with a setting spent on the right so you can make any changes you like once you're finished. Quickly update button To save the changes in the list of post You can also edit multiple posts that once first select, opposed to wish to edit using the check boxes and then select the edit option from the bark actions. Drop down menu at the top, then click. Apply Barket. It shows the list of pose that will be edited, and you can remove a specific post from this list by clicking the X button next to it. As you can see, there is only a limited number of settings you can change for a selected posts like categories, tax order status and other options again. Once you happy with the changes, you need to click the update button to save them or cancel button to exit without saving anything. You can also move and opposed to trash where you can find it later, in case you want to restore it or deleted permanently. So far, you learn how to create an edit post. But WordPress can do much more than just block posts. So in the next lesson, we will apply all the skills you've learned so far to create a new page 17. Creating Pages: welcome back to mastering WordPress. So far we've talked mostly about Post, but what press also allows you to create pages. So in this lesson, we're going to apply everything you've learned about Gutenberg editor to create a new page . Hopefully, you remember as we talked about the differences between posts and pages. Unlike pose that are updated frequently, pages typically contained static content that doesn't change very often. For example, here at Smart profit school dot com, I have about Page where I explained why it's worthwhile for the visitors to read his block . Why, I feel that I have something to say and finally a little bit of my background. I wrote this page ones, and I rarely updated. Also, there's the contact page with a simple messaging form so readers can ride and send me what's on their mind. This is a typical static page without any updates whatsoever. As you already know, posts are articles that appear chronologically on a blocked page with the newest or featured article on top. Pages, on the other hand, are separate from your block, so they're not displayed in the list of posts, but nobody forces you to have a block or pages. If you want, you can build your entire website as just a block without any pages, or you can build a website. It's made up entirely of pages without a single article code. Radion dot com is a good example of a website. It's almost entirely based on block posts. However, in most cases, it's a good idea to include both pages and posts, especially for connecting with your audience and for better search engine rankings. Okay, let's switch back to our side and are creating new page using the drug down menu in the toolbar Enter a title and then to say sometime I'll pays the content that I created earlier At the bottom, I'll add a new button with a link to my personal upside. Now I opened the document settings and drag and drop a featured image from desktop justice I did earlier for the block post. Next, I can decide whether or not I want to allow visitors to post comments on this page. In general, comments aren't recommended for pages, so I leave this all and finally under the page attributes. I can choose where this page will appear within the navigation menu at the top of my side. I can choose a parent page from this drop down ways to create a hierarchy of pages. Or I can simply assign a numeric order that represents where I want dispatched to appear in the menu. We will talk about creating and customizing navigation menus in the next lesson, but for now are assigned this page to the second position in the Menu and Creek the publish button. I reviewed the settings and finally published the page. All right, let's Go Butte, this new page. As you can see, it's just like a block post. There's a fool with featured image at the top and then some content and finally, a button. It takes visitors to my person website. Now it's go back to the dashboard. When I select pages all pages in the main menu, I'll get the list. Simmer to the list of posts here. I can view and edit all the pages off my website and again hovering over any row in the list with this play action wings that allow me to edit or quick edit the page, move it to the trash or preview it just like posts I can select multiple pages to bark, edit them or move them to trash. When I choose the bulk at a tool and click the apply button, I can change the settings for multiple pages at once would quickly rate. I can update the details for individual page. As you can see, everything is almost exactly the same as we posed. All right, in an excellence. Um, we'll talk about how to work with a navigation menu to help our visitors find content they're looking for. 18. Navigation Menu: welcome back to mastering WordPress. In this lesson, you're going to learn how to create and customize the navigation menu that appears at the top of our website from the dashboard, go to the appearance and select menus at the top of the page. It does the button quote managed to wit. Life Preview, which will o? The customizer, but we'll talk about it later. Below. There are two taps, edit menus and many each locations. As you can see, our current theme supports five many locations, and we can select which menu appears in each location. Currently, we have only one menu available, which is called Top Menu, and it is assigned to the desktop horizontal menu location. Let's assign the top menu to the Food Emanu location as well to see how it works. Selected menu from the drop down list and save changes. Now a new visit side. Do you see that the menu appeared to bob the Future section. Now go back on, select the took menu and save changes again when you visit a site. Now the menu is gone. Okay, Go back to menus once more and click the edit menus tab. There are two columns and menu items where we can select pages, post custom wings and categories that we want to add to the menu. And on the right. There's the menu structure column, where we can change the order of menu items and set some additional options. Let's add the about young page two dimensional. So are just select the page and click the add to menu button. As you can see, the item immediately appeared in the menu structure, and I can change its position by drugging it up and down. When I click the arrow on the right of the item, I can change the label. Move the item down Wizard, a page to which the item is linked or removed. The item from the menu removing the item won't delete the page. It will just remove the link from the menu, but you can always add it back like this. Now in the menu settings section below, you can select that all new top of the pages will automatically appear in this menu so you don't have to add a manually, and you can select also in which location this menu will appear. This works Emory to the manage location stack. So if you select the food you matter here and click the save menu button. The top menu will appear next to the food humanitarian locations. When you remove it from food, a menorah occasion and save changes, it will get on selected in the menu settings. So you have basically two ways to select the location off the current menu. Now, with the decide to see that he about gambling is indeed in the top menu, and when you click on it, you'll get the about young page. As expected. Let's take a closer look at the customizer, which will show a live preview off the changes to launch the customizer quickly customized button at the top or, if your own dashboard, you'll find customizing under the appearance in their life menu. Now there's a live preview of our website, and as we make changes to the options on the life to preview will automatically update in real time. At the very bottom of the controls panel, you can change the screen size to simulate how to pay to look on desktop tablet and mobile phone on small devices. You can hide controls to get more space for your website preview. Let's add a social links menu, which will allow visitors to quickly access my social profiles by clicking small icons that represent each service. So I'll go to menus, click to create new many bottom time social eggs in the menu name and select the social manual from the manual occasions Finally, our creek, the next butter. Now I need to add items to this new menu, so I'll click the at Items button and then the Custom Ling section, which reviews the four. Reckon Tired You Earl and Link text that sound with Facebook. So it's https facebook dot com slash zebra j and the text will be Facebook. Now I click the ads too many button, and as you can see, the link appeared under the menu name on the left. Next is Twitter, so it's https trader dot com slash is over O. J. And a text movie Twitter. And finally, let's at YouTube. Euro is quite long, so I just pasted here, and the text is YouTube perfect. Now I can publish the changes immediately, save draft or schedule publishing date. But let's preview to changes instead. So I just throw down. And as you can see, there are three social icons about the food. Er okay, published the changes now and preview the website. And when I click the Aikens, I'll get a Facebook profile, Twitter Profile and YouTube channel. Remember that not all themes include support for social links menu, so check the documentation of your theme to find out what it supports this feature or not. 19. Widgets: welcome back to master in WordPress. In this lesson, we will explore budgets and you learn how to add them to the food area of your website. Widgets are small blocks of content, and they can be placed into any Vigen area that's defined by our theme. Most themes enable you to add digits to a sidebar, which is usually located on the right side of the page and contains the content. You want to be always visible and easily accessible. For example, at Kuwaiti on dot com, I have a sidebar we two prominent batters that link to my total Web development cores hosted on skill share and front end from scratch book available on Amazon. In this WordPress theme, there are two digit areas who do one, which contains search, recent posts and recent comments and food to To which contains archives categories and metta scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the changes. Now let's say I want to reorder Davidge. It's in the footer one area, so I just drag the search widget to the bottom of the list. And as you can see the changes made to decide immediately. Now I'm not interested in recent comments in the future, so I remove it. Don't worry, this won't delete Avijit. It's just moved to the inactive idiots so you can use it later if you like it. With recent posts, you can decide to change the region title to latest articles. For example. Change how many off them you want to show here and even decide to display publishing. Date With search rigid, you can add a title if you want, like, surge the block. Now what a foot to two area. Let's take a look at categories. You can display them as a drop down menu show post counts for each category and even show hierarchy, which in my case, demonstrates that the Gutenberg is actually a subcategory of WordPress. Okay, I don't like drop down that much, so I turn it up now In archives, I can show post counts as well. And finally, I don't want the meta widget in the food at all. So are just remove it well, when I think about it, how to really like the search rigid at the bottom of the food or one area, and I'd rather have it at the top of the food to to area. Let's see how to change this. I quickly aggravated button and our search in the list of available digits for the search region. I click on it at the title and move it above archives. This looks much better. Next, I removed a search rigid from the food of one area, but now the first area is a bit empty, so I moved categories here. So first I remove them from the second area and in the first area of search for categories , moved him to the top and show post counts and hierarchy. Now I'm happy with the results so I can publish the changes you can also manage originates from the dashboard when you go to a periods digits. But deception is a little challenging because you won't see the effects of your changes until you return to the public view of your side. That's why it's much better to use the customizer. If you concede around many voyage, it's available and you might want to take a few minutes to experiment with him. You can add audio player, calendar gallery and even custom HTML, but I want to show you the single most flexible budget, which is taxed with it because it allows you to add any content you like. So plays this widget to two for one area, and I can write some simple Tex or I can use the formatting tools to make it bold or italics. I can add bulleted or numbered lists or even create links. If you're comfortable with editing HTML, you can switch to text mode to edit the code manually. Now, once I'm done, I click the save button and let's visit aside okay, I just throw down to the food her and here's my custom text widget with the list of projects with links to smart, perfect school and code with young websites. 20. Blog Layout: Welcome back to mastering WordPress. When you design your website, you can choose what's displayed on the homepage. Workers displays the list of your latest block posed by default, but you might prefer to create a static landing page instead. As an example. That's exactly what I've created for my to day WP dot com. Upside as you can see, there's a landing page and in the top menu, there's a button that takes the visitors to do list off all block posts. Let's do this together. No. First, we need to create two pages. A landing page and a page where we will display the list of posts are picked, a customized ling at the top of the side and salade home page settings. As you can see, my home page displays my latest posts now, but I select aesthetic page instead. Now I need to tell what press which page I want to use is a home page and which one to use for block posts. I can create a new page right here, so I just click the add a new pay tring and then enter the title home page and then click the add button. The new home page will appear in the preview. As you can see, it's totally empty, but I can add some content later. Next, I need to choose the page that you would display my block. Posts are created another page, and this time I'll call it block. Finally, I will publish these changes and exit the customizer to preview the side. Now I have a new study home page, but I need to add a link to block posts to the top menu so I can access it. So go back to Customizer Celik menus top menu. And here I'll add my block page to the list of items. Now I moved the block to the top of the list, so it appears first in the menu. Perfect. I just published the changes and exit the customizer. When I click the block link, I'll get the list of all posts, and when I click, the name of the website are Get back to the home page. Okay, this works fine, but I want to show you how to make your list of post more attractive. I don't really like how it's designed by default as one long list of everything I'd rather have something similar to the list I have on today WP upside. For that, I need to add featured images, toe all my posts first and I'm ready on. My desktops are just at it each post and drag and drop the featured images and published two changes like this. Also, I need to add some tax to the 40 years or dead in 20 years or Barry Post to be able to display the excerpt. Fine. Now we ready First when you try to edit a blocked page that this place of post you realize that it's not possible. It's just a default WordPress page a new e cond control and change anything here. So instead we will create our own list of post Go ahead and great a new page court articles . Now any new block and select the latest posts from Div Idiots section. And he is the list of all my posts. I can change the layout to greet view and in the settings on the right. I can even set to display post excerpts and limit the maximum number of words to 50. I can choose to display the post date and featured image, and I'll said the image size to medium. Now I can also change the image, Lyman, but I guess that center is perfect. In a sorting and filtering section, I can change the order and even choose a specific category of posts. Finally, I'll change the number of Columns 22 and a number of items to 50. This looks great, so I published the page. Now we need to add a link to this page to the top menu, so I'll go to Customizer Select Menu stopping you. And here I just remove the original block. Ling instead are add the article space movie to the top of the list and rename its label to block. Now. I published the changes exhibit Customizer, and when I check the Block Link, I see my new page with a great view off block posts. When I click the individual post, I'll get the whole content on the new page. Perfect 21. Customizer: Welcome back to mastering WordPress in this. Listen, we're going to take a closer look at the customizer, and you learn how to change Look of your WordPress right side. WordPress uses the so called themes to define the design of a website, including the layout, colors and phones. There are thousands of WordPress themes available so we can build just about any type of website you can imagine with just a few clicks from a personal block to a business side or even Web shop. Every good theme offers some kind of user customization, and the customizer makes it easy to change the size of periods without coding. Now the options that are available in the customizer will vary depending on the features supported by a specific team. But most themes today include at least some basic controls that allow you to upload a logo at it a title or change the tagline. You'll find these options in the side identity section off the customizer controls. Once you click the select logo button, you can drag and drop the logo from the desktop, change its size, and as you confirmed the changes, it will automatically appear in the preview on the right. If I want to use a text title instead, I'll change the site title to today. WP and tagline to everyday WordPress. As you can see, I can also change the side icon. This should be a square image 512 by 512 pixels that appears in the browser tap and bookmark bar. To get a logo back, I just delete a site idol and select the logo again pretty simple and are published the changes. You can also change the cars to use throughout the website with a specific theme. I can easily change the background cover off the content and the background color of the header and footer. I can also select a different primary color that will change the color off social icons and links and our public to changes again. If I'm not happy with the results, I can always add my own CSS code in the additional CSS section to customize the appearance by overriding the default styles. I'll show you what I mean by entering some simple CSS go to change the home page text to blue lyrics. So all right, that entry dish title opening curry brace. Fun day style is Eric, and, as you can see, the Texas automatically changing as I type the code so are just at current is sky blue, or I can change it to rat. I need to add closing curry brace. And finally, I can publish the changes and close the customizer. As you can see, if you understand CSS, you can do whatever changes you like, But it's probably easier to just use a different team, and that's exactly what we'll do in the next lesson. 22. GeneratePress Theme: welcome back to mastering WordPress. In the previous lesson, I showed you how to change the design of the default worker, a theme with customizer. But if you're not happy with the results, you can simply install a whole different theme of your choice. In the upcoming lessons, I will show you how to install both free and premium themes. Since the process is slightly different, we'll start with a free theme. So in dashboard, go to a periods themes and click the add new button at the top. You see the list of feature teams, and when you click the popular tap, you'll get even more themes to choose from. But I want you to search for generate press. This is a very popular lightweight being built with a focus on speed and S e o or search engine optimization. Create the details and preview button to see the description of the team on the left and the full preview on the right. As you can see, the theme is very cream, and you can even click the individual post to see what it looks like. Finally, click the install button at the top to install the team to over press and then activated. Let's visit the site now to see the new theme in action, and here it is very clean and simple. Okay, let's customize it. The first thing you notice is a red laying to premium modules. Generate brass offers a premium version that allows you to modify or theme even more by taking control cars, typography, block grout, background sections and much more. But I said, just to start with a free version and decide later whether it fits your needs or not. Side identity section gives you the same options as Yuri sore in the previews lesson so you can add a logo. But with this theme, you can use a title as well, and the local wound high automatically. However, you can hide a title and even tagline if you want. When you scroll down, you can change the width of the logo, and there's a tiny button on the right to reset the original size. Now the layout section gives you many more options. You can change the with of the container. Choose where you want to have all the elements in one container or in separate containers, and you can also change the container alignment in the header section. You can choose from available header presets, and you can specify even more details like header with inner heather with and header alignment. I actually like the logo center with the top menu below it. Next in primary navigation, there are some more options. You can decide where you want to tulip or contained and aligning to center, left or right. You can also change the navigation location or, said the drop point. That is when the navigation will drop below the logo in case it's floating left or right. You can even plays the navigation to the sidebar or turn it off altogether. It's also possible to enable search, which will add this nice I come, and when you click it, you can start searching. When it comes to sidebars. This theme allows you to have two of them, and you can choose which layout you prefer. You can have the cyber on the left or on the right. You can turn it off if you don't like, or you can have two of them with the content in the middle, on the right or on the left. Next, let's take a look at the future again. You can have a full with or contained hooter, and you can have up to 54 the ridge. It also you can turn on the handy back to Top Button, which allows you to get quickly back to the top of the page. Generate press also gives you some interesting color options. It's changed a navigation car from black to blue, which goes much better with the logo in the type of every section. I can change the phone face. Okay, Roboto looks the best here, and I can even capitalize or upper case the headings change phone size and immediately preview the changes on a small screen. I can change the line hide as well as you can see. The settings are pretty powerful, so you can really make it your own if you want. In general settings, you have the ability to improve loading times of your website by loading only essential icons. Change the icon type or combine, and cash ceases styles to boost performance. You already familiar with the menu section from the previous listen, but I want to add home linked to the menu at New Item and select the home page, which I move to the top of the list so it will show first in your manual. Perfect. Now, when I click the HomeLink, I'll get my home page. Okay, let's take a look at the video it section out. As you can see, this theme allows you to use widgets in nine different positions. Let's start with the right side bar, where I currently have projects, categories and reason posts, and I want to add an image. So I just select my photo from the library and add a link to my person of upside at https yang 0.0 dot net, and it's add a title about me. As you can see, the budget is already there at the bottom of the cyber, but I'll move it to the top. Next, let's add widgets to the future. I'll start with the first position and add a text widget where Aiken type anything I want, including HTML code. The title of this ridge. It will be recommended and below our right three of my favorite managed WordPress hosting providers, so it's kin sta flywheel and WP engine. Now I can even add the links to their websites, and I'll use my affiliated links for that. So it's https today WP dot com slash likes slash kim stop and I want to open dealing in you tap nexus five you so again today WP dot com slash lacques slash fly view and opening in a new tab option and finally WP engine. As you can see, this is quite easy, and all the links are displayed in the future automatically as I tied them. Okay, now I want to add a new Would you do the second position of the future? Our ads text widget again, and this time I want a list of social in so type Facebook, below Twitter and Instagram and our add links. So it's facebook dot com slash ever j. And since I have the same handle on all of them, it's very easy for me. Next Astrid outcome. Cesaro J and finally instagram dot com slash rotate. All right, and finally, I can click the publish button and exit the customizer. When I click the Home link at the top menu, I'll get my writer short home page. When I click on the about me Ridge it, I'll get my personal website. And when I scroll down Aiken test all the links in the footer check either working properly . So insta is fine. Fly well too. And now let's try Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which I don't use that much. So that was generate press. And in the next lesson, I'll show you one off the best WordPress framer Genesis, so stay tuned. 23. Genesis & Newspaper: welcome back to mastering WordPress. In the previous lesson, we talked about Generate Press, one of the best free WordPress themes in this. A son I want to show you Genesis, which is a famous WordPress frame Berg that comes with dozens of great looking premium themes. Genesis Framework is a part of the package available at Studio President Come. And even though you can buy just a standalone framework that comes with a rather simple theme for 59.95 it's probably a better idea to get a whole package, including 35 premium studio breast themes, as a part of hosting plan offered by WP, engine or flywheel. To get all these themes separately, you pay over $2000. So it's a sweet deal, especially if you're looking for managed WordPress hosting anyway. In case you haven't decided it, where to host your WORDPRESS website, Make sure to check my article where I recommended the best hosting plants currently available. I update this article regularly, so you'll get always the best deals. Premium WordPress teams aren't available in the list of themes which is a part of your WordPress, so you can't just search and install them as we did with generate press. Rather, they have their own websites where you can buy them and download as a zip package. If you decide for fry, we were boasting, For example, you can download both Genesis framework and the theme of your choice right from your dashboard. As you can see, you need to download to five the Genesis Ray work and your favorite team. Now you can upload your theme to your WordPress. First, select the Genesis Zip file and then click the instant No button. Once it's installed, you can activate it and you'll get the message that you need to activate a Genesis child theme, which is actually the theme you chose along with Genesis. In my case, it's magazine pro, so I click the add new button and upload theme, and this time I choose the magazine Dash Pro doubts it pot. Once insult, I activated as well. As you can see, the magazine pro theme comes in four different starter packs. You can choose from our select fitness work. Press will install and activate recommended plug ins and deem oh content, and then I can view my home page when it comes to premium themes. One of the biggest selections is probably available on theme for his dot com website Recon . Find thousands of workers, teams and templates. I'm going to show you how to install one of the most popular the newspaper, but for that I will start with a fresh WordPress install so you can see how quickly you can have your brand new website up and running from scratch. Once you purchase the license, you'll be able to download the Zip fire to your computer. You need to unpick it because it comes with code, documentation and even PSD files, and you need to locate newspaper dot zip file, which is the actual theme we will install. Now here's my fresh WordPress installation with the default theme, and let's take a look at how quickly I can create a professional looking website with the newspaper theme. So I just said, like themes and uploading newspaper does it filed. Once I in so inactivated theme, I need to install and activate some tagged Ive Parkins that come with it. After it's done, I can install the D more content, so I just click the in, starting mostly in the newspaper section of the main menu and choose one from the dozens of available demon websites are trying newsmagazine and make sure that the content is included once the demo is installed. Aiken Wizard Aside, as you can see here, I have a fully functional and professional looking website ready. I can read the individual post and everything looks great and polished. This theme comes with its own theme panel. Very confer. Change things like style of the Header and a footer. You can do much, much more real esteem. But it's beyond the scope of the scores, and you can learn everything in the documentation that comes with the theme. Here. You can learn everything about the newspaper and how to customize it. All right, as you can see either so much you can do with WordPress when it comes to the layout and the design of your website. However, be careful because the more I can be theme you choose the last performance your website will become as all these bells and whistles need time to be loaded. Sometimes it's better to choose something simple by general press. But if you're planning to host your website on managed hosting like in Star WP engine or fire Real. You should be fine with newspaper theme without any negative impact on the speed of your rep side in the next listen, we'll take a look at plug ins and how to use them to add new functionality to your WordPress website. 24. Plugins: Welcome back to mastering WordPress in this. Listen, we'll talk about how to add new functionality to overpower swept side with plug ins. Plug in Salah you to at all kinds of new features that are available in the D Fort installation of WordPress. There are literally thousands of plug ins for WordPress, and it's easy to find and install new play games with just a few clicks. However, what I mentioned in the previous lesson about the speed of your website is even more important when it comes to planes. You should only in stop against that. You absolutely need otherwise orders. Additional code will make your website extremely slow or even unresponsive. There are two plug ins I can recommend toe everyone, and I'll show you how to install and use both of them. The 1st 1 is the Jet Back, which is made by the authors of WordPress and offers additional security and performance features. The 2nd 1 is WP forms, which allows you to easily add a contact form to your website. You've probably heard that WordPress is a popular target of editors, and the main reason is its popularity, but also the fact that most users still access their websites with default Emine account and weak passwords. Jet bag allows you to use wordpress dot com account with two step authentication instead, which makes your website much more secure. Let's see how to set this up. To install a new program you need to navigate to pregnancy in the main menu in clearly, add New Link. This will show you the list of featured programs, and you can search the one you'd like to insult by typing its name in the search box at the top right corner. So I just tied jet back, and here it is. As we themes, I'll click the install now button and then activate. Next. I need to set up Jet back, and I can either use word President Comb or Google account. Choose the wordpress dot com account, and if you don't have one already just create, I already have it. So I was signing him. Now Jim Pick offers paid pints, but all we need for basic security is a free plan, which you can choose by screwing down and clicking the start with three bottle. If this is your new wordpress dot com account or you haven't set up two step authentication for your existing account. It now it's time to do it before we will move on. So in a new window signing to over parts that come account, click the account icon at the top right corner, go to security to step of indication and follow the steps to enable it to your account. As you can see, I have it already enabled for my counsel. Any time I log into my wordpress dot com account and toe any of my connected websites, I need to use a unique past code. If you're following me now in your production website, please don't continue with the set up until you have two step authentication proper, enabled and tested. Make sure you can successfully lock into your wordpress dot com account. Wait two step authentication enabled before attempting to continue. I want you. It's very important that you don't lock yourself out by mistake. Once a sure you can look into your represent, Come account which two step authentication pass code generated by a mobile app or via SMS, you can move on. Okay, go back to your WordPress dashboard and scroll down to the secret a section of jetpack. Click the many security settings link on the right and scroll down to the repairs that com log in section here. Take the check box next to allow users to look into this side using where President Com accounts and also require counts to use workers that come to step or indication. Next, click the tiny I can underwrite, and then the learn more language will take you to the word present. Come secure sign on article on the jetpack website. There are two lines of code that we need to add to our repressed website. The 1st 1 disables default Logan Form and the 2nd 1 forces to step of indication. Now, in order to get this go to our WordPress, we'll need another plug in. So go back to the dashboard, select plug ins and new and search for code snippets. This is what it looks like. Install it and activated in the rest of installed plug ins, click the snippets ling below the code snippets and then add new button at the top are called a snippet. Workers that come to FAA and then are just copy and paste both lines of code from the jetpack article to the code section of mine. You snippet. Once I'm down, I'll scroll down and click the save changes and activated butter. Now, when I look out, I can see that I need to look in by a wordpress dot com account. Perfect. The next plug in I want to talk about is WB forms. WP forms allows you to quickly a contact form to your birth purse website so your visitors can either reach you by sending you an email message. Go to play games at New and search for WP forms. Quick install now and then activated bottom. You'll be presented with the welcome screen, and you can even watch the video to learn how to create your first form. But I just crawled out and click the create your first form button on the set up age. I'll fill the four name and select simple contact form from the list of templates in the editing mode. Two. There are two pains on the right. You can see the preview of your form, and on the left you can change the options. I just want a simple format for a name, and I'll change the label of the message field to just message in the confirmation settings are made the text bold. Finally, I'll say the changes and exit the editing more so the form is Ray, but we need to set the way to send the form. For that. We need to set up an S empty P service. So I quit the SMT peeling in the W P forms menu, and I need to install and activate yet another program called WP Male s and TV. Once it's done, I need to select and configure the mailer. First, our changed email address, which emails are sent from to info at today WP dot com and I selling the male gun Mailer When you scroll down, there are two fields private, a P I key and domain name. Both values can be obtained from your male gonna con. So if you don't have it yet, now it's time to sign up. Don't worry. There's a free pion available. Just go to meld adults. Com slash SMTP and Craig tried free butter. Fill out the registration form and verify or account Once Iran, click the icon with your initials and select a P. I keys from the menu covered a private A P I key and pasted to male down settings in WordPress. Next Greg to get to domain name Ling and select Domain from the list activated SMTP option and finally copy and pays the domain name address to the male gun settings and save Kenji's . Now it's time to test. If everything's working, go to email test trap, fill out your email and click this sent email bottom and it's working. Perfect. Now the last thing we need is a new page where we will insert our contact form first, go to WP forms and copied a short coat of our form. Next go to page is add new and name it. Contact US search for a short code block and pays the short coat. When you save the draft and preview the page, you see our contact for perfect go back and published a page. Now you can visit of upside notice how the link to our contact page has been automatically added to the top manual. So I just click the link, fill out my name and email address and at a short message, and I'll submit to deform Donna okay, We did a lot in this lesson. You learn how to secure WordPress with jet back and how to create a contact form. So your readers have an easy way to get in touch with you and all of it. Thanks to plug ins in the next lesson, you're how to engage your readers even more, which a content through comments. 25. Comments: welcome back to mastering WordPress. In this lesson, we'll explore her to use comments to engage your readers in the conversation. Comments are an important feature of a block because they allow your readers to interact with you. This gives your readers the opportunity to share their thoughts or ask additional questions about a content of your post. When you in sour press, there's automatically one comment posted by a WordPress commenter on the Hello World Post. You can see it in the activity model on the dashboard in the recent comments section, and when you hover your mouse over it, you can gonna prove it. Reply at it, mark it as spam movie to trash or view to comment directly below the post. By default, any reader can comment on your posts by simply filling out the form at the bottom of the post. So I just write a common felt my name, email and Web site, and I can even save my credentials in the browser for later use. Finally, I hit a post coming butter. Now I can see the comment, but it's not actually available to anyone else because it's awaiting moderation. If I open the website in a different browser. My comment won't show interest board. I can see the disk Comment is pending approval Sergeants a Pruitt, And now I can see it in the list of comments, and I can even leave a reply. So are just type. Thanks on. I'll make sure the next one is longer and I'll oppose the coming in the end Mean area. Select comments from the main menu to get a list of all comments here. You can perform the same functions on individual comments as in the activity, Amalia. But you're also able to for two comments and use bark actions. You can, for example, unapproved multiple comments at once Mark Thomas, Pam or move them to trash. You can also show on the comments made on your side or pinks. These are comments made on another bedside in which they linked to your article. Pinks will appear alongside comments under the post only if you enable Ping backs and track backs in the settings to change comments. Settings go to settings discussion in the main menu. In the default post setting section, there are three options. We have just talked about ping backs and truck backs, which are essentially links to your block posts from another website. You can choose where you like to send these notifications to other sides when you linked to them. And if you like to receive incoming ping bags that show up alongside your comments under your post, finally, you can decide to disable comments on together. It's a good idea to allow people to post comments on her art a ghost to encourage discussion and create a sense of community on your side. But you can also override these default settings for specific articles, if you like. In the other comments settings, you can decide to require comment orders to fill out their name and email address. This is a good idea, but I don't recommend requiring them to register and lock in just to post a comment as it's too much eso for your readers. Next, you can automatically close comments on articles after a certain number of days, like 10 for example, two under your visitor's privacy, it's a good idea to ask them to opt in to allow the cookies that enable commenting. It's also convenient for them as they won't have to fill their name and email each time they want to post a new comment on your website. Thanks to cookies, the browser were Remember them. You can also enable thread eight or nested comments up to 10 levels. This helps people to view responses to a particle comment as a group instead of scattered throughout the end. Our page. If your blood becomes really popular, you may want to break up your comments into more than one page. And finally, you can also choose to display comments with the oldest order in us. At the top, I suggest displaying the new S that the top. Let's take a look at the rest of the settings here. You might want to be notified by email whenever someone post a comment, or at least when a comment is waiting for your approval. And speaking of the approval process before a comment is published on a website, you can choose to manually approve every new comment or only comment made by a new author. This means that comments made by others who previously posted a comment that had been approved manually will be now approved on America was the other is approved. You can expect him to postal require the comments, and in such a case, you don't need to manually approve such author again. WordPress also gives you the tools to deal. It's Pam comments. Spender from contains multiple links, so you might want to manually approve comments that contain two or more rings, and you can also hold comments if they contain any of the words that you enter into this field right by Wayne and try. If you want to go one step further, you can enter a list of commonly used spy words into the common blacklist field like Casino Bank and Visa. Such commands won't be held for approval. Healthy automatically Marcus Spam and put in the trash. And finally, in the Avatar section, you can enable or disable little icons that appear next to commence author. You can choose a maximum rating for these avatars and even select a default avatar if the commenter hasn't created their old okay. Once you don't don't forget to save the changes. And by the way, if you haven't created your avatar yet with it gramma tar dot com and created for free. Whenever you post a comment on any WordPress power block, your avatar will appear next year. Comment automatically 26. Users: welcome back to mastering were price. If you're building a website for your company, you probably have more than one user who will need access to the WORDPRESS administration area. Or you might want to invite other writers to contribute to your block. To do so, each person must have their own user account. Go to users all users, where you can set up new user accounts and it using information or delete users you can about delete or change the roles of multiple users. Add ones as well. Now let's take a look at the differences between the rows. An administrator has access toe all the administrative panels and functions in every area of the website. On Editor can create and publish posts and pages, as well as edit posts created by other users. An author can only create and publish posts. A contributor can Onley create posts and submit them for a review. And finally, a subscriber can only manage their profile and read the content. Now when you in study award person upside, you should always change the default admin user first. As I already pointed out, WordPress is a popular target of all kinds of attacks and you make it very easy. 48. Occur if you keep the default user name. Unfortunately, you can't simply change the name of the admin user, but you can create a new user, assign him an administrative role, and months you look in with this new user, you can safely to lead the default admin user. So I just create a new user net dot several at yon, which is my email address written backwards, and I filled out basic information like email first and last name and website. I let WordPress notify me about my new account by email, and finally I said, Roll from subscriber to administrator and I quickly add new user butter. Perfect. Now I can look out from the admin account and signing with my new user name and password. With my new user Locked in Aiken, go back to the list of all users and click the delete ling below the admin user. And here I can choose whether I want to keep the content created by the admin user and attribute it to my new user name or deleted actions to keep it and hate the confirm deletion button and the admin user is gone, as expected. Let's have one Peter to be a new member of my team, who will be writing some articles. So are creating new account for Peter. Fill out his user name, email first and last name and even website. I'll assign him a contributor role copying Spice Word and hit the add new user bottom. When Peter Locks in, he'll see a much more limited set of functions, and while he can ride new posts, you won't be able to publish them directly. Instead, the new polls that he creates a submitted for review and it must be approved by me as an administrator before being published. When I'm locked in under my own administrator account, I can now see that Peter has written a new post titled How to Create a Contact Form with WP Forms and Mayorga, and it's studies shows that it's pending review. Also, at the top of the post panel, I can filter to see a list of pose that are currently pending review. So that's preview. Peaches posed. Peter always rides great articles, and this one includes even a YouTube video that is perfect. The only thing I'm missing is a featured image. So our Creek, The edit posting in the two bar to open Peter's post in the editor and add this nice featured image. I can also make some addition. It is here, and when I'm happy with the final results, I'll click the publish button and now teaches new article will appear on the Web side to edit Peters. Information are clearly edit, laying below its user name in the list of four users. Here I have the ability to disable the what you see is what you get editor, which would limit Peter to only using the text editor. I can also specify the courage scheme he'll see in his admin area enable keyboard shortcuts for moderating large numbers of comments and hide or show the toolbar when he's viewing the site. I can also edit his road to make him editor, and I can even change his name or password. Once I'm happy with the changes. How click the update. Use a butter and of course it. Any time I can edit my own profile as well by quick in the Edit Ling under my user name or by hovering over my name in the top right corner of the toolbar and hitting edit my profiling there, which will take me to the same page. All right, let's go for this lesson. 27. Settings: Welcome back to mastering WordPress. We're almost finished with our tour of the WordPress administration, and in this video we'll talk about how to configure or settings to optimize and get the most out of your website. We're going to cover a lot in this video, So if you're ready, let's Deke at the General Settings panel controls Here you can change the most basic configuration settings for your side, like your sights title tagline or you are Address the administration email addresses where WordPress will send automated email notifications for things like new user registration below. You can choose whether or not you want your website open to membership registrations. And if you enable days, you also want to specify the default role for these new members. It's a good idea to Sunday's to subscriber, since subscribers can only reach a content, but they're not allowed to publish or edit posts. Next, you can select your side language, time zone and a format for date and time. Do documentation of WordPress gives you even more options so you can set for example. D dot m dot Why for date and H column I Colin s for time, and you'll get a preview of your selected former it immediately. Finally, you can set your preference for a week starting date. The writing sub panel controls the default category that will be assigned to own you posts and D Ford Post format with a good number character. It's probably a good idea to leave the default post formats such to standard. You can also pose director to a WordPress Web side by a email. But since anything send will be published immediately, you should choose a secret address. Nobody can guess. Simply enter the email account details year and WordPress will pre Eric. We check for new messages sent to this address. The subject line of your email will become the post title and body will become to post content. You can also specify a different default category for any pose that are submitted by email . Finally, when you publish a new post WordPress or America, we notifies side update services, which in turn alerts search engines. This helps getting your new content indexed more quicker. You can add additional update services year if you like in the reading supper. Now you can decide what do you like your front page to display your latest book posts or one of your static pages Instead, we've already covered this in death in an area lesson. But if you select a static page, then you're able to pick which of your pages you want to serve as your home bank, and then which one you wish to serve as your block below. You can choose how many posts will appear on your individual blocked pages at one time and how many posts will appear in your RSS feed. You can choose to show the company to text of your articles in your irises, feet or just a summary requires readers to visit your website. Read the rest of the article and last, you can choose whether or not you like a side to be visible to search engines like Google being Doctor Go and others. Search engines don't have to honor this request. And if you're riding your block for a general audience, I suggest you keep this option on Checked. Next in the settings is a discussion sub panel which we already covered in the area lesson so we can move on to media where you can set the maximum dimensions of images, add it to the media library. You can also decide where do you want to have your media automatically organized by month and year based quarters. Next, let's talk about permanent settings, which determine the format of the euros of your posts and pages. Most search engine optimization experts agreed that the best format is post name, which is a lower case title of the post with hyphens in place of spaces. Even though you could add the date your per mailings or create a completely custom structure using tax, I strongly suggest you choose the post name. Remember that once the article is published, you can't change. You are later without losing access to the article We are the origin of you are. That's why it's better to use a generator euro and be more specific in the title. But you can change whenever you want. He is an example of my article about 10 best Web hosting plants. Forward person, 2020. But when you take a look at the perm, allowing you see that it's just https today the blue p dot com slash best dash grab dash hosting dash plants. This way I can add another hosting pints to the list later, change the title to 15 best Web hosting plans for repressed, and the per 1,000,000 can stay the same and still relevant. And finally, as a website owner, you may need to follow certain national or international privacy laws is generally a good idea to create a privacy policy in terms of use pages. If you already have your privacy policy page created, you can select it from the list of available pages and, if not work, Kreskin created for you and prompts you to complete the most important information that it should contain. There's also a laying to the guide for recommendations on what contents to include. And with that, we now covered all the major functions and features off WordPress, and you should be very comfortable creating and managing your own block. I hope you enjoy this course. And if you want to learn more about WordPress, including honest reviews, off teams and plug ins, latest information, tutorials, tips and tricks and more, make sure to regularly visit my WordPress Dedicated website today WP at today wb dot com. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I'll be happy to help you. Thanks for watching and good luck with your WordPress block