Mastering With iZotope Ozone

Aaron Carstensen, Keep making music

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6 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What Is Mastering

    • 3. Dynamics

    • 4. Saturation and EQ

    • 5. Imaging

    • 6. LU and Limiting


About This Class

In this class I will be going over a bunch of mastering techniques using iZotope Ozone. Mastering is a very complex topic so I went over a "typical" effects chain that I would use. Being an advanced class we will be looking into the concept of mastering instead of a knob by knob Ozone tutorial. All these concepts can be applied using other plug-ins so watch, learn and see what you could substitute if you do not have access to Ozone.

The link below is to the Warp Academy video talking about the Vintage Tape module specifically. I used this to get a better understanding of the terminology and is a good look at the specifics of the effect.

Vintage Tape Module