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7 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. Color Scheme and Practice

    • 4. Layer 1 Sky and Water

    • 5. Layer 2 Foreground, Background and Water

    • 6. Layer 2 Trees and Background Details

    • 7. Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Every landscape has its own story and convey the mood of the painting. This landscape is about capturing the positive energy and the beauty of nature. We will work on all the elements of a landscape Land, Water and Sky. It would enable you to create your own master pieces by touching upon concepts like painting water, reflection in water, light, sky, loose leaves, trees and much more.

Meet Your Teacher

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Dhritikana Nath

Watercolor Artist and Instructor


Hello Peeps, I am Dhritikana Nath an artist instructor, teacher, content creator from Delhi (India) and from the time I have started painting landscape was the subject that I did fall in love with. Among landscape painting lights with vibrant colors is my favorite. Overtime I am smitten by the beauty of water, clouds, sea, animals, flowers and everything that is there in Nature. I keep exploring all these subjects with different mediums like watercolor, gouache, markers, soft pastels and more.

I am a strong believer of the idea that anyone can paint if you put an honest effort and for excelling in painting there are only 2 rules practice and frequency of painting. I did start my journey in 2018 and I would say it’s been calming, meditative and even helped me a lot to improv... See full profile

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1. Introduction: every landscape has its own story. They convey a specific mood and time off the day light sunsets or some rice or daytime or the night skies. This landscape is all about capturing the positive energy on the beauty off nature. We will work on all the basic elements off a landscape land, water and sky as well as help you master each one off them in detail. Hi, guys myself pretty gone. Enough can. I am an artist, an instructor from Delhi. This class will help you to lay the foundation off. Any landscape that you want to achieve by guiding you through the colors came to the amount of water you should apply on people so that we can achieve luminous and vibrant colors. I do spend a lot of time practicing one landscape over and over again so that I can build a relationship with my water campaigns, which leads to a form partnership with my medium watercolors. By the end top this class. I hope that you will own all the concept related toe landscape I'm used for, though, in your watercolor journey. Let's not waste any further time hand start with our first lesson 2. Art Supplies: my favorite part off mine for any painting is going through the supplies. The first is the watercolor artist Paper. 300 years Same court breast 100% cotton Try to use 100% court in 1 40 years. The people than the mixing off Kahlo on the Kahlo that would stay on the wet paper is better. The size of the people is 11.5 into 7.5 inch. You can go for any other landscape size off people off your choice. You can even go for nine into 12 inch paper that is generally and four size paper. You will need all masking tape for masking your people. Russia's You can use a variety of brushes. Princeton Flat brush, one inch silver black velvet brush 46 on eight We will not be using the Princeton flat acrylic brush, but we will use a during a practice session. We will not be using it during our final painting. Issues should always be kept handy for your use. It is always very helpful when you want to pick up any colors or when you want to double your extra pains. Quarrels even for cleaning your brushes, you need a pencil on and a raise off for growing lines, kind, since we all are learning. This is always a good excites to have your pencil on your it is already along with it. Since I usually go for pains, which are you? I would always keep a ballot for myself. You can also go ahead with any other color choice off yours, like half pans or food pants off your choice, though. What the colors are from Mitchell Omission Goal. You can go for any other colors that is available with you like Winsor and Newton Magellan . Mission. Gold on anything else. Always keep two glasses off water. One would be your fresh water supply and not a will be for washing your brushes. 3. Color Scheme and Practice: way are going to use six colors on dressed all colors. We will makes why we paint the landscape. The first is the Prussian blue. You can even take indigo, but do keep in mind. Indigo is the dark, so mix some archer, Mary and indigo for the sky. If you do not have a Prussian blue, Next is all of cream. When Dika green you can makes some blue with olive ing toe, get the darker tones off the trees You do not need to own any, even like a green way will move on toe Ponsana Branzino is important to paint particular parts from the sky background as the last trees lemon yellow on the last is my bow. Millions. Many off us do not own family. In case you do not own any more milion, do not worry. You can go ahead and make some bread with some lemon yellow toe. Get that orange mix. The's are only the six colors that people be using for are painting. Today we will be painting weaves water on loose leaves. These are the three important landscape components for are painting today. First applying and even good off light wash off pollution blue on people with help off our flag Brush Once done, Do take some deeper tones off Pollution blue on your brush kind make pick up brushstrokes Now this pollution blew off deeper tones you will take with help off a round brush on, then only apply it on the people. There will be tika brushstrokes at the bottom Anti no brush strokes while you go on the top . Always try to start from the edge off the painting. Okay, Now this is a very important concept which time covering Right now it is how we make the waves. You will see that I will just make a small line on once I am fine with that small line I will press my brush a bit more on make all take lying on this line would look like or triangle or just like to leave depending on how your brush kiss while you are on the bottom you will make thes really ticker Whereas when you go on the top you will see that I will keep making it thinner. Not this excels. You might have to practice a bit more while you paint your water on it. would be really handing when you will be painting the final project. The next is how we make our trees. You will see that if you hold the brush off it horizontally, order 30 to 40 degrees. You will never be in a position to make these small on these sharp lines. If you really have to make these sharp lines, you have to go ahead and hold your brush at an 80 degrees or for 90 degree angle, depending on if you want to make the branches perpendicular all. If you want to extend these branches, this pulling off your brush is really important. While you mean these branches, once we are done with the branches, we will go ahead and start making these loose lives for these loose leaves. Take some yellow on your brush on, make some loose strokes. Not these news folks are concentrated at a single place. Once these lose lives are done, I will go ahead and art someone like a green toe my yellow that I have made right now on the people on. Then I will apply the same concept to my tree. You will see when I apply the wind I K. Brown. It would become a bit loose bright, I will say, because it would spread with the yellow color that I have already applied on the people in the similar way I will keep on painting my branches. - If your light is coming from the left inside, the lighter tones will be on the left. Inside daughters, your roe lemon yellow will be on the left inside, whereas the right inside will have deeper. Don't starters your van Dyke a clean the similar way. If from any of the direction, wherever your light is coming, will have lighter tones. As a practice on wherever there is a shadow, it would be deeper tones. 4. Layer 1 Sky and Water: next master watercolor landscape in this class. First, understanding orbit about landscape landscape is comprised of water, line and sky. We will be mastering each one off them through this landscape study. The sky is all about the sunset colors, but more importantly, it's all about not mixing up the yellow, blue orange and getting the green or the money mix. We will do a Russian landscape, creating the depth and water on the reflections. Along with that, we will even learn how to create movement off the waves. Finally, ah, foreground tree with loose leaves, starting with the sketching part, Sketching is a very important concept off any drawing or painting. Usually a lot of times I create a small pencil sketch before painting it with watercolor. It would be a simple sketch off a horizon line a bit below 50% off the people and then the background. I have a pain or toe along with it. Some foliage in the foreground. I would paint or tree on some grounds for the tree. I start by sketching only a few lines, as I have a lot of brush control. But for anyone who is starting with a landscape don't take the stress off, only drawing three lines. Try to sketch the entire branches off the trees and then pink on top off it before you start painting. Always keep in mind toe. Raise the graphite marks if it is too dark, an important thing that I have observed from the sky hiss. If you paint a too dark, the glue off the sunset on the mood of the painting would be completely spoiled. So always keep in mind to use lighter tones for the sky off the colors that you would be using. First, I will start by putting a light coat off. Wash over the entire papers, watch it horizontally as well as vertically. Why do I do across watch hitters? Because I do not want any space to be empty. Lemon yellow Homily on wants. In our impression, blue are the major colors that I'm using for the sky near the dome. Let's use the lemon yellow and then on the site some bone sienna on vermillion on the top of the sky. It's Prussian blue. As a regular practice, Please test your colors on a raft people before applying it to the actual painting You will see that I am painting the sky and simultaneously even painting the water. The reason for the same is whatever will be The color of the sky will be reflected directly on my water. Water doesn't have any color off its own and it only reflects the color off the sky. Always remember that we will go from like the values to the darker values that ISS I would apply my lemon yellow first. Then I will move on to my war. Miljan, then is my bond Sana on my pushing blue Keep painting your sky and water in an angular motion off the brush stroke. If you are not very happy with the brush stroke and how this is appearing, I would specifically recommend you toe just revisit my one off the older classes where you have expressive landscape Under 10 minutes on that we have done only chose paradise Painting on it is having this Pangalos sky on You can do the painting and 10 minutes and come back to mastering this landscape. - Sky is a very, very important competent off your landscaping thing. It majorly sets the mood off your painting, the atmosphere which you want to build up the emotions that you want to show through your painting. This sunset is all about glow, about positivity and about flew off positive energy on. That's what I want to paint through the colors that I'm showing right now on my sky. Share a small concept right now. How, since we are painting the landscape, if you want toe, create our perspective, you would always absolved, has an artist. I would paint my background in lighter or pale colors, which is basically my bone seeing all, then my yellow oko or yellow or vermillion, whereas when I am painting my four grounds, they would be way more darker now. This is basically to absolve that there is a lot off depth in my painting card. The depth only comes in my painting with help off darker tones in my full round, whereas lighter tones in my background. That's how I seriously showed the perspective off my painting. Take some more Prussian blue. You can just add some more bouncy and if you want, but I would prefer you not adding the Mancina because that gives some money and doting mix . Right now, I want to keep it more on the blue side. Just press your brush of it on, then elongated again. Press your brush a bit on. Then again make shorter lines. That's how you move on the top. Now, when you are on the bottom, you would make the brush shocks ticker, whereas when you go on the top you would make dinner brushstrokes. That's how I would be completing my first part off the painting for my water hand. We will move on to the second half, where he would be learning on the layer to on how we would be adding the details and everything at some Prussian blue and Bonzi and now toe the four rounds of the painting. As I always told that you need toe show the foreground put the deeper tunes off the colors , whereas the background would be with the lighter tones. So that weekend understand the perspective 5. Layer 2 Foreground, Background and Water: with mastering or landscape, an important observation that I had during the initial learning faces to complete your painting in layers like my first year off. The painting is done now, and I'm starting with the more detailing park, which is my second new. Take some bon sienna and start making go crosses with help off random brushstrokes. Cough your brush. You'll absolved that I'm applying even some clean water in few places. I'm blending it with the Mancina that have already applied just to make a bit more detailed grasses. I am going ahead and filing some more deeper tones. Robin Sienna Corn the topside off my grasses. Once I'm done with the Mancina, I will take or deep mix cough. Dirty brown. You can even use friend I. K. Brown if you have poor, makes your pollution move a milion on your Gonzi and are to get the deeper tones on hard on top off the grasses that you were born being made. This would give our soft look to your grasp on. Your colors will bend automatically in tow. Tow FORTRAN grasses. Let's take some Prussian blue now on your brush on, then start making the water what we will do for water is like what we have understood during our practice session. We have to interlock ARVs to interlock your waves. Just make some light straight lines and then apply some pressure on your brush to get the ticker brushstrokes. Once you get the bigger lines, gently release the pressure and get the 10 lines again like we did during her practice session. Why we goto the top. Start making thinner lines more street as I want to show the water more comma near the horizon line No way. Divide the water area into 60% in your mind status. You can also market on the people before you only think it rather than only thinking you can Mark and just noted out the upper hop off. The water is 40% and the blue half is basically 60% trying not to go about the 60% off the water area while you make the straight lines as you might end up making the painting doctor done, it is supposed to be once you are done with the water area, I will ask you to apply heart in court, off for water on the top hand, you have to foresee that your sky eight years try before you apply this water Why you need to see that the top area is try corals The color below the painting that you have done in yellow Vermillion on on the pollution. You will come up on the brush and it would spoil the entire painting. Always keep this in mind. Whenever you are doing your second layer, your first year should be completely dry. If it is not right, then do not start with your second layer. I will take some 11 yellow and start applying it on top off my tongue area because I feel that this area is Corbett lighter on is lighter in value. So I will go head on. Just deepen it up with my lemon yellow Ondo similarly, you can even apply it on the bottom area. If you are again not happy with the bottom area and you do not I feel that the exact color is getting reflected in the water reflection. Hi. Some more over millions on the sites off the painting that is on the right side. Then start finding some off your college. Now the foliage has to be really soft. I will are forced to the fore millions on, then the bond Sienna. If you see the layer which is below my horizon line, there are some hard edges on. I will just take some fresh, clean water to soften up that edge with one off my brushes. Now that's one of the reasons why I keep toward three brushes with myself on. I even take out some extra pains from wherever I feel that I did apply more, take some bon sienna on and start applying it on the top here off the foliage. That is to set your perspective as well as you have to add it in the bottom. These are some lose drops off color that I'm applying right now, as my people is still wet, know that you have to do the step when your paper is still wet, because you have to create the reflections as well. Us. The foliage I love this soft effect off color spreading on the wet people. On the best part is over millions under bond sienna. Both the colors are visible so well, I will not take my dry brush on, try to lift off some color from the middle off my horizon line now along the horizon line. Why I'm picking up these colors is because I want to show that the sky is separate compared to toe water area. Let's move 12 now painting my crease. 6. Layer 2 Trees and Background Details: as a regular practice. I would always ask you to prepare your colors before you start painting your second there. I've solved in my life teaching sessions that many off us do struggle a lot while we paint the trees. The first reason is how we hold a brush. You need to hold it in a perpendicular position if you want making this straight lines never hold a brush at an angle as you might face a challenge. Otherwise, if you are not making straight lines that if you are making lines on the side, you can hold the brush at 75 degrees or an 80 degree angle, it would help you to get sharper branches. Always take a brush with a good tip. No need toe own the brushes that you are seeing here. Anything available locally can also help you draw straight lines and other exercise that you can do before you paint the trees is on a rough. People try to pink the branches in case you still feel the challenge. Go ahead, use a pencil. Make the branches I'm paint over it as a general cruel. The trunk off the tree is abroad. The branches are tenor and why you paying the tree? Do keep this rule in mind. Always observe some nature's photo where you see ah composition with some trees, you will get a better understanding off how to paint your own landscape. - I want to introduce the concept off loose lease, not by defining much off details. We will just be taking some lemon yellow Asperger practice session on, then hard some greens, preferably submarine on. Then when Di Katrin on top off it, always keep in mind that usually the light hiss from the top, which means the leaves on the top of the tree will be lighter totes compared to the least at the bottom. But with that, there will be all mixed off boat. You will see that I am making leaves in patches status. So do three leaves together, and then one or two drops here and there. Don't give it a loose feeding. - Stop turning some greens onto the trees now north that these greens will automatically flow into your yellow once you apply it on the wet yellows office. But we do not want to cover the entire We're really was office, so do not go over it completely. Keep some spaces are in yellow only hand. Just keep Harding. These lose leads toward the entire part of the trees. Do keep in mind we're not going toe overdoes the trees. Only 30 to 40% would be offered with the leaves undressed, everything will be empty. - E stop painting the leaves over your right now because if I feel the need offered, I can add on top of fertile. Later, I will go ahead and make my park or the trunk off the tree off a taco and shade because it is in the foreground on you know that in the background we will make pale colors, whereas in the foreground we will go ahead with their doctor colors. Start making a docker. How do they do work? You will just take a mix off ocean blue and some Mancina, and you will get or dirty. Mix off the brown. Just start harding it on top off the branches on. Then again, take out for their smaller, smaller branches from these large branch that you are seeing the focus Sadia forth. This composition is tree on. Adding the greens on brown on the foreground helps to give life to this painting. Are we stooping things inspired from nature and painting? Some trees are like meditation for me, the better you can paint the trees, the more life you can add to your landscape. The techniques that I have covered today about loosely some branches are not completely simple. But if you absolve my brush strokes my brush movement very closely, you can understand that it's not backed off Eagle. A bit of practice can take you there for my background. You know that because there's a perspective on the tomb appears far away. I will apply some deep tones off brown with one brush and blended with clean water. With another brush, you need to alter the tones of the brown. At some places, I will use burnt sienna on at some places I will mix or deep Russian blue and burnt sienna . If you haven't I K. Brown, go ahead and use of embarking brown gravel and doing this mixing off colors. But if you really want to understand how you get the deeper tones off piece brown, you can go hurt. Try to mix your colors and see what are the exact shades you are getting so getting back to it. If you want to see what would be the color off my tomb, I would say that it would be off the most lightest value. Why? I'm saying that any other tomb, I will have the lightest value, which would be my bow milion plus yellow, because my tool is the place where my son is setting and the sun is setting behind it. So the color off the tomb would be the lightest whatever color were replying above. My horizon line will come below my horizon line because the water is exactly the mirror image off the sky on the land above the horizon. Always keep a small gap whenever you are painting the foliage reflection into the water that helps to distinguish the sky, land and water separately, which are usually the major competent, off gaining landscape. Reflection off the top is very important, competent because the water knew the horizon line is still compared to the water in the foreground. The water in the foreground has some movement, but while it goes towards the top of the words terrorizing line, we there's more. Still, if you can't paint the dome directly and are struggling. Please go ahead with a very light hand to a small sketch with your pencil and then fill the colors into it. You can use or tissue or a clean brush toe. Pick up any pains if you feel it. It's more than what you require on the people. I have been doing this pretty often for many off my paintings are it is really have pulled to take off the extra paint on the paper, - do some final touches to the branches and the grasses, but take toe tennis Russia that its my size for brush off civil black velvet on. I will just keep painting by thin our lines for my branches and something lines for my grasses Do keep in mind that if you even have all good brush, which has got a great tip that can also help you to make these tenor grasses on your room branches. - Wherever I feel that there is some hard reflection off the foliage into my water, I will go ahead, take a clean brush on, start blending it with my ah, water on. I will make it. We more soft dog 7. Conclusion and Final Thoughts: There are a few final details that I will be adding now on the painting, you cannot solve it and follow the same. I hope you did enjoy the sweet class on mustering any landscape. I have kept it a bit simple so that most of us can give it a try. - My favorite part off any landscape is painting the water on reflection. If you do like my class and want me to cover any other topics, do let me know in the discussion on the feedback section. Ah, big thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by on giving my class a watch as a small request to you all. I would ask you to leave. I'm honest feedback so that my class can reach out to more students in future and I can share some more skill set off mine with you. Whole landscape paintings are a great home decor. They can even act as holiday cards, and you can gift these small paintings to your friends and family members as a token off love. Justo drop a small hint about my upcoming class as we will be painting off very exciting topic about ways. It is exciting as well as challenging for each one off us. Hope to see you very soon. Till then, Happy painting, guys, Once you are done with this painting, go ahead. Removed the tape at an angle on your painting is false. Set toe Go on top off your wall.