Mastering The Mac OS X Terminal

Sean McCammon

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26 Videos (1h)
    • Introduction

    • What is Term

    • How to Start Term

    • Configure The Terminal

    • Change Directory

    • List Directory Structure

    • HOME and ENV

    • Create A Directory

    • Create A File

    • CHMOD Command

    • Copy File

    • Delete Files

    • Deleting a Directory

    • Man Command

    • The Pipe

    • Xargs Function

    • Using Find Lecture 1

    • Using Find Lecture 2

    • Redirect Output

    • LN Command

    • Who command

    • ps command

    • kill command

    • less command

    • whereis command

    • Thank You


About This Class

Do you only use the terminal when copying and pasting commands from the internet but really want to understand what you are doing?

Do you look at the terminal window and feel lost or confused; not sure what to type to do anything?

The Mac OS X terminal is a very under used but powerful tool on the Mac but can seem confusing. Commands can seem like cryptic code but the reality is its a very powerful tool and can be used with ease. 

The Term will also give you greater control over your computer and can make you a better programmer when you understand how everything fits together.

i've been using Unix terminals (Mac OS X terminal originated from Unix) for over 20 years now and in that time I have found they are very powerful. You can use to simply create files or you can use them for complex script programs.

In this course you'll learn essential tools in term to get stuff done and to get a more comfortable feeling while using term. You will learn: 

  • How to start and customise the terminal
  • How to navigate around your hard drive
  • How to create, copy and delete files and directories
  • How to edit and view files
  • How to link commands together to form more complex command
  • How to Search your hard drive for files and use this output to further the command 
  • Productivity Tips & Tricks
  • And how to use term to further you learning in term...

If your looking to become a Mac developer or want to become a Mac power user then you owe it to yourself to learn and understand the terminal

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Very easy to understand, and I could put it to use immediately on a project. Great for speeding up my workflow! So far I found the editor lesson very useful, as I had to create and edit several hidden files for a git project. Looking forward to learning more tomorrow!





Let me first introduce myself. My name is Sean McCammon and I have been learning about and using technology for 35 years... I got my first computer way back when I was 10 (although I had been playing with technology even before then). I wrote my first computer program back in 1980 (basic ya) and my first ever webpage back in 1994 - so been doing that for a while.

In that time I have spent many years learning new technology; there is always something to learn; and I have turned that knowledge and passion into teaching technology.

I've worked in the Software Industry for 18 years now; having graduated back in 1997 (although, I was a mature student and spent some time working in other industries) and in that time I have worked for some fantastic companies; some of that work you will probably be using without knowing it. 

Over time I have also been a Software Engineer, Mentor and SCRUM Master and have worked with so many technologies and languages its sill; although a constant has been C/C++. That said, I have programmed in Java, TCL, Perl, C# as well as using HTML and CSS. List just keeps growing.

What I bring is my knowledge and passion for technology and my aim is to make my courses easy to follow as well as enjoyable to take. I also hope to engage with everyone as talking is a fun pastime of mine; well talking technology.

Please go search for me around; see what I have and hopefully soon I hope to get that Google+ going :)