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Mastering The Alliance Advantage For Exponential Growth Hacking!

teacher avatar Jackie Cooper, Business & Marketing Consultant / Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. The Alliance Advantage with Jackie

    • 2. 2 What you will learn

    • 3. 3 How to Identify Alliances

    • 4. 4 Finding Alliances

    • 5. 5 Joint Ventures

    • 6. 6 Host Beneficiary Alliances

    • 7. 7 Cross Promotion Alliances

    • 8. 8 Vendor Supplier Alliances

    • 9. 9 Summary: What we've learned

    • 10. 10 Your Challenge

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About This Class


GROW YOUR BUSINESS FASTER AND EASIER using these super customizable growth hacking tips!  Discover how teaming up with like minded entrepreneurs & vendors can give your customer base a HUGE boost!

If you've ever struggled with how to compete with the Big Box Stores or the big players in your industry - these tips will help you overcome those challenges.  The lesson is appropriate for virtually any size business and virtually any type of business. While examples may focus on B2C examples, rest assured that the ideas can be applied to B2B just as easily.  They can also be applied to a variety of industries and disciplines inlcuding professional consultants and service providers.  In later lessons we'll explore each of these strategies in depth - this lesson will give you a good overview and allow you to take the ideas and apply them immedicately in your own business!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jackie Cooper

Business & Marketing Consultant / Coach


Hello, thanks for checking out my profile.

I"m Jackie Cooper and I'm here to help you discover practical, simple marketing hacks as well as in-depth marketing strategies that have helped my clients achieve their marketing goals. 

I've worked with all sizes of companies, big and small.  From multi-nationals to 'Mom & Pop' shops and everything in-between including one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the San Francisco Bay area.

I understand the marketing challenges facing you today and more importantly, I understand how to help you overcome them using proven, affordable and often innovative strategies.

Here are a few of the things I'll be sharing with you:

Marketing Hacks that really work How to get organic Social Media exposure ... See full profile

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1. The Alliance Advantage with Jackie: hello, I'm Jacki Cooper Business and marked in coaching consultant For over 25 years, I brought with all kinds of businesses, from multinationals right through to mom and pop shops. So I understand the challenges that face you in the series of failure lessons called marketing that works. We're going to take a look at some of the things that you can do to boost your business and get results that you didn't think were possible in this particular listen. We're going to have a look at how you can work with like minded entrepreneurs and other businesses by complementary and even opposition in order to boost results. For both of you, it might sound really strange, but it's a very effective strategy, and I really look forward to hearing some of your successes. Let's dive right in 2. 2 What you will learn: in this lesson, we're gonna be talking about the alliance advantage, many entrepreneurs, a doctor go it alone type of approach, which makes things very tough, building a business in today's economy and with the competition from big businesses all around you, it's really tough not only to build a customer base, but to build a loyal customer base. However, there are strategies that you can use in order to maximize your impact and to maximize your profits. Now, wouldn't it be great if you could pool resources with other like minded entrepreneurs in order to accelerate both of your results and profits and work to mutual benefit? These sort of alliances don't need to be long term. They could be short term, one off things. But if they work, why not do them again? We're gonna be talking about how you're gonna be able to identify diesel answers, potential people that you can work with, how you can work with them, the different types of scenarios, how you can work in terms off respecting the new data laws, privacy laws, etcetera to not contravene those and get yourselves in trouble. And we're gonna be talking about how you can both leverage off each other's target markets and experience and products in order to build the business formal quickly 3. 3 How to Identify Alliances: some. How do you identify black minded entrepreneurs and businesses that you can work with? There are several ways that you can do this. The first, and most obvious, is identifying businesses that have the same customers. In other words, they serve the same demographic, the same sort of age group customers, the same genders, the same interests. It's a trip. This is not always that obvious. And you don't always have to settle foods in most obvious choices. Sometimes choosing somebody that is a little bit different to you can work just as well, as long as the customers haven't interest in what you are selling or could have an interest in what you are selling when we're looking at choosing a business that serves the same sort of demographics. We're looking for businesses that served the same sort of people. They would have the same age group roughly that had this a similar sort of education. They would have a similar aspirations and usually be in a similar location. Those are the basics of the demographics. Obviously you can go into that in more detail, but really we're looking at a target group that have similar aspirations, similar outlooks on life, similar locations, similar economic status as well. In that instance, the products that you offer compared to the products that you're alliance may offer may be completely and utterly different. However, you would serve the same demographic, so that could be a crossover. Perhaps you are a business that serves the fashion industry and your particular demographic . Maybe, you know, 35 plus, and maybe your lines are high end lines, and you could team up with somebody like a car dealership selling high it made into higher type off cause, serving the same sort of demographic and in the same location. These are the types of things that you would look at in order to determine if there is some sort of crossover between the type of customer that you might serve and the types of customers that other businesses in a similar area may serve. In fact, location is probably one of the simplest ways that you conform alliances, businesses that are near to you because by default they will serve people who are living near to you. In this instance, you might look around you to see what businesses air alongside you. What businesses are in a similar position to you. If you're a small entrepreneur, what other businesses in your location are also small entrepreneurs That might appreciate a strategy that will help them boost both the customer base and the profitability, So look at your location first. 4. 4 Finding Alliances: perhaps the most difficult thing to identify, and the most challenging is finding other businesses and other entrepreneurs that have a similar mindset to you. In other words, they're open to working together with other businesses for mutual benefit. Unfortunately, you will find that there are many businesses that have feeling closed in this regard. They see this as a threat to the business, which nothing could be further from the truth. But nevertheless, you will come across that mindset. But don't be discouraged. Persevere because you'll definitely find similar types of entrepreneurs. The base place to find these entrepreneurs if you don't find them around you in your location is to go to Meetups and various business groups where you'll find people that are differently interested in growing the business is 5. 5 Joint Ventures: So what kinds of the line says can you form? And what kinds of things can you do? Once you have in Alliance? There are a number of opportunities that were available. Let's first talk about joint ventures. Now drink ventures are when you team up with somebody and you both do something together. For instance, this could mean that you hold an event together. Were you both equally involved, and you both are selling whatever it is that you're selling or offering the service. Joint ventures come about when you both have similar goals, and you both want to achieve a specific result with a particular strategy. For instance, a joint venture could be something as simple as I've said as holding an event together. Or it could be something as simple is collaborating on an advert sharing the costs and featuring both your businesses in the ad if they are complementary or summer enough that that works. Another thing that can be considered as if you're trying to grow your business and you have one location, but you want to spread your reach, and you both want you have another location, maybe in another part of town or in another town altogether, a joint venture could mean that you could share premises, and that would allow you to split the risks and achieve the results that you both want to achieve. There are all kinds of things that you can do with joint ventures. It could be something as intangible as when you have a business that provides one product, and the other business is providing services. The key things about successful joint ventures is that both of the businesses would share the risks, shave across and share the profits. You'd work out an arrangement that would satisfy both parties, and usually the best way to do this would be to do it and writing to make sure that each of you fully understands the implications of working together and is happy with what you get out of this. 6. 6 Host Beneficiary Alliances: another type of the lines, which is really very, very successful is what's known as a host being a fishery alliance. Now in this alliance, what would happen is that you would have one business that would bring in another business to provide something that they didn't provide that was complementary or that would be of interest to their customers. So, for instance, an example of this would be, Let's go back to the fashion industry. Perhaps you have a clothing store, you could have a Mecca. Parties come in and teach little classes on how to do make up. You could have a shoe store with a chiropractor Schirra pedestal. Somebody like that coming in and talking about posture and how to walk and that type of thing you could have maybe a shoe store where one of your vendors would come in and talk about the benefits off the particular shoes or their insoles or supports. There are all kinds of different things, but you will always have in a host beneficiary relationship. You always have a business. It's a host and a business. It is of being a fishery. In this instance, you might be the host and the beneficial would be the person that came in. What's the benefit to them? Well, the benefit to them is that they get access to your customer base and they're able Teoh at that have been toe, whatever it. Whatever the arrangement is, they're able to actually collect names and maybe emails, addresses etcetera from people that are interested in what they're offering. What do you get in return? Well, the same thing could be done backwards. They can put on an event and invite you, or they can put on an event and invite the customer base to your premises so that you get access to the people that are coming that they have invited. It's a very civilized way off sharing databases without actually contravening any privacy issues. And it works very successfully, particularly if the host business is one that is re trusted and has a very loyal customer base. And it will accept mutual benefit for both parties 7. 7 Cross Promotion Alliances: another very powerful alliance strategy is crushed. Promotion. Cross promotion is probably one of the easiest things to set up because all that it involves is, for example, providing another business either in your location or a business that is complimentary tools in another location but serves the same demographic, providing them with things such as special officer coupons from your establishment that they can hand out to their customers when the customers make a purchase. Or perhaps if they are sending out an email newsletter or a physical mail newsletter that piece off advertising from you can be included in what they're sending out. The great thing about this is that it gives the person that is providing the coupon or special offer access to a market that they wouldn't normally have access to, and especially of. The host company is, has a really great relationship with their customers and has a very loyal customer base. It works really well. Everybody likes to get something for nothing. So the host company would do something, for instance, like, say, spend X amount on whatever product they choose or X amount throughout the store, and you will get a $20.20 euro coupon off a purchase at X, Y Z and store. It's really simple because all that it involves is a little bit of printing if you're doing physical coupons or a little bit of postage in order to seem these things out, if you're doing it by mail. It's also a really great strategy because once again you're getting access to somebody else's customer database without actually contravening any privacy laws. Anybody that comes in from the strategy to redeem that special offer coupon or whatever is that you have given out when they come in. Then, if they agree to provide you with the details, then they become part of your customer database. Now you can do this quite effectively online as well. It's not just a offline strategy, but many small businesses still find the most success with a marketing in the offline arena . So it's just a swell to remember that you can do this both offline and online, with equal effectiveness 8. 8 Vendor Supplier Alliances: another extremely effective alliance strategy is also one that is really simple, but it's one that's often very much overlooked by businesses, even though that they may be a way that this facility exists. Many don't take advantage of it. The strategy is to do with vendors and suppliers. So, in other words, of people that you work with on a regular basis people that supply you products and services people that you buy products and services from in this particular strategy, many of these vendors will actually have a budget set aside four crust promotions and full various promotions for the big customers, which is you. For instance, if you are buying stock from a particular vendor and you're spending X amount of dollars normally, they will set aside a certain percentage off what you're actually spending with them to help you with your advertising. To be put towards your marketing, you need to talk to your vendors and suppliers in order to find out if they have this kind of facility and if so, how you actually take a foreign touch of it. But vendor and supplier alliances go far beyond just picking up the tab for a certain percentage of your advertising. If you approach your vendors, you'll find that they are usually very open to helping you out with sponsoring events. For instance, you might have a golf event, or you might have some other event in your stool. Which renders would be quite happy to either supply some off the finances necessary for this, or even to donate product or prizes. Very often. If you're doing a launch, an anniversary, some sort of celebration, you can find all kinds of reasons to do these celebrations and your approach, your vendors and supplies. They will be very open to supplying prizes for competitions, giveaways for goody bags for people attending the event and so one. So I start getting creative. You making these vendors rich. You are helping them by buying their product and selling it. So why not take advantage of the situation? Why not ask them to help you help them by helping you be successful? They're helping you buy more product, and that's helping them such a very logical and symbiotic relationship. So next time that you're thinking about how you can use an alliance advantage in your business, perhaps one of the first things you need to look at its your vendors because they often, as I say, have the funds tucked away and the product tucked away, ready for the sort of situation. If you don't ask, you don't get it. 9. 9 Summary: What we've learned: in today's lists, and we've gone over a number of ways that you can use. Theater lionceaux advantage We've talked about how you can identify businesses that you can do business with businesses that have a similar mindset. Businesses and entrepreneurs that want to boldly businesses as much as you do, how you can identify them and how you can work with them. To achieve this result, we've talked about how you can identify the demographic off the customer base that you're after. We've also talked about how you can do joint ventures with businesses for mutual benefit, where you share the risks and the rewards. We've talked about how you can do host been a fishery relationships where once again you're introduced to somebody else's database and you do it without contravening any privacy laws . We've talked about crush promotions. We've talked about things such as vendor and supplier alliances and how you can tap into that as a source for your promotions. There's lot taken. It may seem quite simple, but what I suggest is that you listen to the these videos again and you go through them and you start making lists of the types of businesses and people that you can work with 10. 10 Your Challenge: your challenge today is to look at your vendors and suppliers. What I'd like you to do is make a list of your vendors and suppliers. Make a list of the sorts of things that you'd like to ask them to help you with. It could be advertising. It could be an event of some description. It could be to donate prizes or product. It's up to you. Think about these things, make a list and then contact at least one vendor within the next day in order to discuss the possibility with them off them, providing you with that type of support. Then let me know what you've done se me an email. Let me know what you've done and how successful it's bean and any snags that you fit along the way. I really look forward to hearing about your successes, so please do let me know and I'll join you again soon. And another marketing that works video lesson