Mastering The 3rd Dimension In Watercolors | Meredith P | Skillshare

Mastering The 3rd Dimension In Watercolors

Meredith P, Watercolor Artist

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10 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Trailer/ Intro

    • 2. Light Chat About Supplies

    • 3. What Makes It 3D?

    • 4. The Highlights

    • 5. The Mid-Tones

    • 6. The Lowlights

    • 7. The Importance Of Directionality

    • 8. Layering Part 1

    • 9. Layering Part 2

    • 10. Final Project ~ Painting a Rose


About This Class

Love watercolors but frustrated with them not looking realistic? Join me, Meredith, lead designer of stationery brand, The Witty Gritty Paper Co. as I walk you through all of the basic principles of three-dimensional painting, including full tonal range, directionality, and perfect layering. In less than an hour, you'll have everything you need to start making beautiful watercolor paintings that jump right off the page! :) 

We'll be covering some easy dimensional theory, supplies, the three major tone groups, painting a glass bottle, painting portraits, and a final project for you to try your new skills out on!

This class is for beginner to intermediate watercolor painters and will assume your basic grasp of working with watercolors, but people of all skill levels are welcome & encouraged to join! So happy to have you here! :)

This class was filmed in my beautiful studio in my hometown, Buffalo, NY!

Class Layout: 

  • Supply chat
  • Theory & Tone Groups
  • Directionality & Layering
  • Final Project