Mastering Strategic Thinking Skills for Maximum Impact in Your Organization | Stephanie Angelo | Skillshare

Mastering Strategic Thinking Skills for Maximum Impact in Your Organization

Stephanie Angelo, Helping People Master Their Goals.

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11 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Strategic Thinking Video 1 - Welcome!

    • 2. Strategic Thinking Video 2 - Competitive Business Advantages

    • 3. Strategic Thinking Video 3 - Tales of Non-Strategic Thinkers/Key Characteristics

    • 4. Strategic Thinking Video 4 - How to Improve Needed Skills

    • 5. Strategic Thinking Video 5 - Ask More Questions

    • 6. Strategic Thinking Video 6 - Debate, Discuss, Decide

    • 7. Strategic Thinking Video 7 - Power of Masterminds

    • 8. Strategic Thinking Video 8 - Strategic Goals

    • 9. Strategic Thinking Video 9 - How it's Done

    • 10. Strategic Thinking Video 10 - This is About You

    • 11. Strategic Thinking Video 11 - Final Words


About This Class

Leaders, Managers and Human Resource Professionals are often confused by what is, and is not, Strategic Thinking. They may fall easily into traps and make expensive mistakes to the detriment of their company.  This session will help attendees grasp the Strategic Thinking differences that will help them have a positive impact on the organization’s bottom line and strategic goals and objectives.

Business Coach J. Glenn Ebersole said, “Strategic thinking is a process that defines the manner in which people think about, assess, view, and create the future for themselves and others. One can apply strategic thinking to arrive at decisions that can be related to your work or personal life.”

But the question is – Do you? Are you looking at the “bigger picture” of possibility when making decisions?  Are you settling for the easiest choice?  How can you maximize critical thinking skills for best results?

Here’s what you’ll discover in this session:

  • How you benefit as a strategic thinker
  • Competitive business advantages
  • What is a Strategic Thinker vs. a non-Strategic Thinker
  • Tales of non-strategic thinkers
  • Skills needed
  • Tips for Strategic Thinking
  • Skill practice
  • How to improve your skills
  • Success tales of strategic thinkers





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Stephanie Angelo

Helping People Master Their Goals.

Hey there!  Get to know me a bit - and soon I'll get to know more about you in your class projects and community discussion!

I'm a Mastermind group leader for enterprising people in a range of industries, from marketers to designers, financial planners, and physicians. 

I enjoy unique talent for connecting people and creating collaborative relationships that result in quantifiable growth. 

For fun I like to do just about anything that allows her to be outdo...

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