Mastering Skillshare: How I Finished 104 Classes in 1 Month, Step by Step

AJ Burt, Learning is Living Better

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12 Videos (12m)
    • Introduction

    • Project Overview

    • Get the Tools

    • (Optional) Tools Walkthrough

    • Speeding Things Up

    • Finding Quality Classes

    • Rapid Comprehension

    • Long Term Retention

    • Taking Worthwhile Notes

    • Tracking Your Progress

    • Supplements for Learning

    • Conclusion


About This Class

"Wonderful class, I've already finished two classes in a day after taking it! It was such simple advice but it's worked amazing for me already. Thanks for sharing! Would definitely recommend it as a first class for any new member!" – Milli B.

Skillshare is OVERWHELMING - there is so much great content on here from industry leaders and talented peers alike. In this class, I'm going to break down the tools and concepts I used to finish 104 classes in 1 month. I've used these techniques to teach myself programming, design, investing, and so much more. On Skillshare, you can get the equivalent (or better) of a college level degree for next to nothing a month. You just need to know how to apply yourself and use your time effectively. This class will show you how to do just that.

P.S. One of the main reasons I’ve been able to finish so many Skillshare classes has been waking up early in the morning. I used to NEVER be able to do this because of my insomnia. Check out the class I released last month on how to use biohacking to kick insomnia for good and optimize your sleep to ~6 hours a night.

P.P.S. If you’re interested in web design, today I released a class about how you can animate the web with pure CSS (no javascript). I’d love to know what you think!

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Every person should take this short course before deep divining into the many courses available on Skillshare. A.J. reminds you of how to learn efficiently and effectively. No trickery here but rather quick and useful tips that will speed up learning and make it fun.
Definitely a great reminder of many study helps I used back in college and afterwards! Highly recommend this class.
Linda Naughton

Designer, Maker, Chipmunk Whisperer

AJ's recommendation of speeding up videos by 3.9x seems quite unrealistic to actually listen and learn but maybe that is just me. however the speed tips do help me accelerate the talking which helps. not too sure if this will work well with courses that are largely driven by demonstration e.g. painting courses. however the rest of the tips are useful and mostly based on common sense but not something I think of when I got started with Skillshare. Overall still a useful, short class to take and learn from.





AJ Burt

Learning is Living Better

Learning is my passion. I've always pursued learning outside of traditional academic settings. I've taught myself programming, graphic design, marketing, business planning, investing, cooking, ballroom dancing, yoga, animation, and so much more without a professional teacher and by paying next to nothing. I've used this to turn my degree in anthropology to a career in business and marketing, and it's been so rewarding yet easy to do that I realized I simply had to share it with others. That's why I signed up to teach on Skillshare.