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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Mastering Shopify Logistics Intro

    • 2. Navigating your Shopify Dashboard

    • 3. Installing Sales Channels

    • 4. Adding and Managing Discounts

    • 5. Utilizing your Shopify POS Mobile App

    • 6. Installing Product Reviews

    • 7. Installing KIT

    • 8. Analytics

    • 9. Order Management

    • 10. Final Thoughts

    • 11. Maximizing Shopify: FAM

    • 12. Maximizing Shopify: Reconvert

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About This Class

Welcome to ‘Mastering Shopify Logistics’

What will you learn?

This training is for new Shopify store owners that need to learn how to run and maximize their Shopify store.

Many steps go into getting your Shopify store up and running. After completing your store setup, installing and customizing your theme, adding products, payment settings, now you have a complete store that’s ready to RUN.

Operating your Shopify store doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

With this training, you will be on your way to running a well-oiled store in under an hour.

This course is for:

New Shopify store owners

Existing Shopify owners who still have trouble navigating

Those who are considering opening  a Shopify store

Get a complete breakdown of the ins and outs of operating a Shopify store.


This training covers:

  • Navigating your Dashboard

  • Adding and Managing your Sales Channels

  • Order Management

  • Adding and Managing Discounts

  • Adding and Managing apps

  • Utilizing the Shopify POS

  • Adding Reviews to products

  • Adding Kit to your new store

  • Analytics

  • Bonus Cheatsheet + Resource List

Enroll now and start learning with me today...  See you in the course!

Shopify is one of the top e-commerce platforms for entrepreneurs to start selling their products or dropship items. Start your store today

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jessica Lee

Developer | Designer | Shopify Expert


"Use your gifts to help achieve the dreams of others" -Jess the Techpreneur

Hi, my name is Jessica! I am a tech nerd, blogger, and serial entrepreneur with a passion for business, e-commerce, and design.  I'm fueled by code, coffee, and most importantly family. With over 8 years of experience in the computer science industry, 7 years as an entrepreneur, and 2 years as a Shopify expert, I use a cocktail of knowledge in web development, brand design, and strategy building to help you create a business built on a web presence foundation that will thrive now and in the future.

For over 8 years, I've been designing, building and maintaining websites for others. Using what I've learned, I'll teach you how to benefit from tech in your business! You'll learn how to DIY your w... See full profile

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1. Mastering Shopify Logistics Intro: welcome some mastering Shopify logistics. This training nous for new Shopify store owners that needs to learn has to run and maximize their Shopify store. Many steps go into getting your shop. If I store up and running after completing your store, set up installing and customizing your theme, adding products, payments settings. Now you have a complete store that's ready to run operating your shop if I store it doesn't have to be a Don Teens has. But this training You'll be on your way to running a well oiled store in under an hour. This training is great for new Shopify store owners. Existing Shopify owners were still having trouble navigating their store and those who are considering opening a Shopify store. 2. Navigating your Shopify Dashboard: with you Shopify store. There was one place that you will become accustomed to that is your store dashboard. It will be the first place that you end up after you log in to your new store. You'll see you in your left hand side is the navigation where you'll have your different options for your orders, your products, your customers, analytics, discounts, APS and all of your sales channels that are added to this store. As you add new sales channels, you will be able to choose from the menu that different sales channels that are active one your store and the middle portion you'll see always a Hello, Good afternoon. Good morning. Good evening. The note from your Shopify dashboard with your store name. And I'll tell you how many cells you've made today, how maney orders you have open and how many sessions you have had on your online store. If you have visitors on your store right now, you'll be able to see and live you. How many visitors are currently browsing your store a low that you'll find different parts . The Shopify sends out to let you know how toe update things in your store. when new payment processing options are made available, such as Apple pay in Google pay and how to strengthen your brand and build out to maximize the entire shop of five platforms so you'll see they have some cards about photos, stock photos, how to reach more customers. If you have a password, it's you'll notify you that that's still there, and every day, every week you can find new car. Do you see some that's been taken away as you update armor your store. These will definitely guide you where you need to update or adds years. On the right hand side, you'll see your stats, your payout schedule and your activity for your store up top. You'll see your total sales sales breakdown, total sales by channel top products. You can have it for all sales channels that are currently active on your store or by certain cells channel. Each cell channel will break down into different stats to give you the information for the day. If you want to do yesterday the week the moth you want to do three months back, you can do that right here without traveling to your analytics portion of your menu. your payment schedule will list out any payouts from products sold in your store from Shopify to your bank account and activity. You'll see any of days that have been made to your store are you or your staff? This is a Goa wave to hold your staff accountable. And if there are any issues with information being removed that wasn't supposed to be removed, you can see who did it and when they did it, and that is the Shopify dashboard. 3. Installing Sales Channels: sell shuttles are the different places that you can sell your products straight from the Shopify dashboard. Each sells channel has different requirements that have to be fulfilled before you can utilize that sail ship. That adds so channel see your store. Click the plus next to sales channels on the left hand side of your dashboard, a motel window will pop up where you can add different cells channels including Facebook, and stick around. I am a sign Penn Tress e Bay High Button Messenger House buzzfeed in cake For a Shopify plus, you can add wholesale sales channel. When choosing cells channels to install in your store. Be sure to read the requirements of ah, in order to see if you're eligible to use a cell channel, you can go toe abs. Visit Shopify app store click category in sales channels. This will bring up all the cells channels available in the shop of five app store. When you go to install of cell shambles to your store, you will be able to see the requirements needed to fulfill in order to use on your store. Once you add your desire cells channels to your store, you will be able to see on the left hand panel the sales channels that are active. One your store 4. Adding and Managing Discounts: this counts are great ways to add urgency to orders for war loyal shoppers and to give a gift to new subscribers, Shopify makes it extremely easy to add discounts to your store. Simply go so that discounts main you and your left hand side bar click creates. And here is where you will begin filling into these house for the discount. You want to include the discount cold. This will be the actual cold that you share for your customers to use next. The discounts. High percentage fixed amount, free shipping my ex get Why, with your percentage, you can have it as 10% 20% 30% and that was taken off the entire order. It will take off one product so you will be able to customize this morning. She go but eats discount type as different options, so you always want to choose your discount type. First fixed amount is you will take a dollar amount off of a product or the entire CART. Free shipping ISS Free shipping for the order and my ex Get why this is common with buy one , get one free buy one get 1 30% off, buy one get 1 10% off. These are the ways that you will use the different discounts types. After you choose a discount, you want to go through and add the extra D's house. So for this example, we will use percentage. We're gonna take 40%. Often it's higher order. So when we get to the next section of Applies to will do entire order. If we were to do a certain collection or products, then you can at that also, and you can choose the collection or the product that you want your discounts. A cover. You can Onley pick one foot part discount type, so I'm wants to put a minimum requirement of $25 as the minimum purchase amount. You can have a separate none, or you can do a minimum quantity of items. Customer eligibility. Do I want to make it available for everyone? Do I want to make it? For customers who have shopped more than three times in the year for new subscribers, I can go ahead and list those here if it's for this discount is part a actual customer. You can search their names and at a discount to their email address so that when they log into the store, they could see they have a discount cold, and it will work for them and nobody else. You can add usage limits to your coupon coals. You can have unlimited number of times that discount can be used in total, and you can also limit the one per customer. The last section is active dates. This is where you will and put a start. Eight. Ah, start time for your coupon cold, and you can also add a in date where it will expire automatically. This is really good for when you're running flash sales or monthly cells that she wants to start and end at a certain date. 5. Utilizing your Shopify POS Mobile App : One of the great things about Shopify is that they provide you with multiple mobile APS to continue selling on the go. This is great for Storen or school are usually on the goal at pop up shops or sell a vendor opportunity When using the shop of five POS app. You are able to take your online store on the go with you without having to worry about using a separate payment processor. You're Shopify store sinks from your dashboard to your pos app. Keeping product inventory in sales in one place. These ABS are available on iTunes and Google play store. Shopify currently has three different mobile labs. Shopify Shopify Pls I m paying. Once you find shop of five pos point of sale, go ahead and download it to your phone. After you download, you'll be brought to the log in screen where you can lock in or start a new account, but we will log in right now, putting it. You melling your password and click glogg in. After you successfully log in, you'll see important your store importing your products, important recent orders and your collections. Next we'll click launch door here. You should see all of your privates that are listening in your store. This is the Pos dashboard. Whenever logging into the pos app, this is where you will find all of your products to start a sale. You can add products and at customers, you can do a quick sale where you would just use the price and the quantity. Or you can select products tat. Add to a what if your product has different variables, thing you will have to go through, and so leg is variable toe. Add it to your store. So in this case we have color and sizes as two different variables. Do you want to make sure that you answer that so that you can add it to your car accordingly? After you've added products, you can click you cart, and you'll be given the option to charge the order above. You can see where the products are listed that have been added to this order. There's a circle with a number inside officials the quantity of that product in your part. Now you can check out straight from the screen and just click charge and go and complete the cell where you can add a customer to the order, which is great for stores who have for war programs. That gives the customers discounts, and it also allows them toe ad to your email subscriber for when answering a customer, you want to put their email first. Name. Last name. Company name can be left blank phone number if needed, Any notes about the customer and because this is from our POS system. If you need anything ship you can at the shipping address or you can leave it blank, then you have options below that says, except marketing tax exempt and add customers a card. So if you are placing this order for this customer, then you will want to add them to the card. And if you acts, if they want to accept your e mails, you can do it by simply swiping and saving. After that, your customer has been added to your cart. If you wanna added this count to your heart, you can go ahead and click discount and add in the percentage the dollar amount or, if there's a buy one, get one free or if you have a coupon cold, you can ask any and it will take out a year. Amount a lot. It you are able toe edit your car here in this screen. If your customer changing your mind and they only want a couple, they want to take away some of the quantity. Or even if you've made in steak added too many items of the card. You can delete it likely after you've added your products and you've added your customers couldn't go ahead and complete the sale. If you have a shop of five card reader, you will see credit, cash and gift card. When selecting cash, you have in option of making the full payment a partial payment or if it would be one of your other payment types in your store. So just cash on delivery. For now, we're gonna do a partial payment so you'll see where I have it. They have partially paid nothing, but their order is still there is still saved into the store. Maybe they walked away. Maybe they forgot their while. It you never know they usually come back or if they want to, just come to your store and pick up the items or if you've had a US scheduled to meet them you can add a note for that. Herges. A complete sound after you Some police order. You can view your orders an order status in the order tab at the bottom of the screen. This will show all of the orders that have been made via your pos up and your own eyes store. You can go into the order and see the details of each order the customer. If you added a customer, the status of it if it's meant for field. If it has not been fulfilled, the products and the discount and the total you can send a receipt back to your customer. If they didn't receive it, if they wanted to be a text on our via email, you could go ahead and do that. Outstanding payments you can add. Payments from this mean you also in the stores have. You will find hardware haven types, locations, setting support, an open shop of five months and the hardware section. This is where you can add a Bluetooth Shopify card reader or you can Arctic order hardware for a year. New store. If you need a Shopify car raider for your store, you can check the resource section of this training for information. One. Receiving a free Shopify car reader Next payment types for the peel A system you have to use Shop of five payments. If you're start, does not use shop of five payments, then you would not be able to utilize the POS system. Here you can add custom payment methods you can turn off in turn on different payment, such as cash, store credit, any cost, um, payments and gift cards. Locations is where your Shopify store is registered at via the address in the Senate. Support will lead you right to the shop if I chat or it's a Shopify email for you to get help on your pos and open Shopify mobile. When you click it, it opens up your store in your chosen browser, and that wraps up how to utilize your Shopify pls 6. Installing Product Reviews: reviews are an essential part of the buying process. Having verified by U. S. Create honest reviews are the best way to help a new customer complete the so. First you want to make sure you have the product review app installed in your store. If not you, then go to the APS meeting you and your left hand navigation Click View APP, store, search for product refuse and install the app on your store. Once you haven't stopped, the AB you need to go through is complete set up, then click and start at next. We will install the product review app you're going to needs had to snippets of cold to your theme file. The 1st 1 will be in the sections M product template Liquid file pressure. You want a copy? Very set of coal, then click sections. Backslash product template at liquid that will open up your theme files toe where you can input this snippet of coal. It's at the product reviews to your store. You can see we're going to place the snippet right below the product descriptions hat so we'll go find the park description. Or you can search and added, just like they were gonna save. If you wanna add the star ratings to your collection pages, then you can click show instructions and at this snippet of cold, so the product grid item filed. So we'll highlight Happy. Like the grid item file. We're gonna please this right below the product price. After you say you can review your collections page or your product page and you can see that we have added the review stars to the problem after you verify and everything looks good will be brought to the review dashboard From the Review dashboard. You can click settings. This will take you to the settings for the product review at You can have your views Auto published. You can receive a email when a review ist submit it. You can make thes star icon custom or to make your theme color. You can make changes to how the review list in lays out and the techs. After that, you can click save and your padded reviews have been in stop 7. Installing KIT: kit is your personal marketing employee that works to increase sales to your store. It works hand in hand with your Shopify analytics and your Facebook ads. Kid can recommend different ads and products to promote a stuffy your store analytics. This will help you gain traffic and sales without having to do. The mayor will work of checking your analytics and seeing which of your products are performing well. Creating as are a simple A sending a text message through a series of texts. You will be ready to send your first at to your Facebook and Instagram followers, adding kid to the stories easy. First, go to the ABS menu on the left hand panel. Open APP Store Search Kids Lake. Get and install to store. Once you acted to your store, it will prompt you to set up. You must have the online store sales channel active in order to use kids. Kitt also integrates with different amps, maximizing the marketing power for your store. If you need extra help with using kids, be sure to look out from my O comic class using kit to maximize sales 8. Analytics: Shopify analytics are really outstanding. Even with no knowledge of analytics, it breaks all the relevant information and to buy size pieces. Once you begin having traffic to your store, you will see your store analytics start populating when you click that analytics Manu three Options Populate Under Knee. The first is the dashboards. The dashboards show you different analytic information directly at the dashboard for quick viewing. Next is reports. This is where you think download and create custom reports for your analytics on your store . You can break it down by cells, behavior, customers financing, marketing. And it will ease how all of the analytics in that particular category for your store last is live you live View shows how many visitors are currently on your website, as tells you your stats for today's total sessions, orders and sales, you can see real view how long your visitors don't one your site and how maney active carts . How many are checking out how Maney have purchased Using Shopify analytics, you will be able to see easily where your customers are coming from where they are, what they're looking at and how they're converting 9. Order Management : The most important part of e commerce is orders. Knowing how to order process works is very critical to your stores of keeping reputation. After you began getting orders to your store, you will see your orders. Page start to fill up your orders. Page is where you can see an overview of each received order. How much it it Waas, who bought it payment status and for film, Miss Badness. Keeping up to date with the orders is critical to your business. What? Opening interview. In order, click the order number and it will show you the complete order information on top of the screen. You will see the order number when it was made payment status and fulfill miss status in the middle. You will see that items that were ordered sometimes order items are broken up. If shipping is different, you will see the order items and there for film s status. After the order items, you will see the payment status box This order You can see that it has been partially paid for past the payment status. You'll see the timeline. This details where the customer placed the order payments made and fulfillment updates. You can add comments to the timeline that only you and your staff will see on the right hand side. You will see order notes, customer information conversion, summary fraud, analysis and tax. When you have new orders or large orders, the company of store be sure to check the Fraud Analysis section. This section will give you a list of fraud factors and rate the order. If there's ah ha ah high fraud indicator, be sure to acts for more information to verify it is a person, and it is the correct persons car. If you cannot verify, then cancel the war. If you notice as you fulfill orders, the numbers next to the orders menu doesn't change. You can go to your stores Aeneas and Click Auto, R Ky. This will clear the open orders that you have. Next under orders is draft orders. This is where orders go that you must create to send invoices to customers or police in order or whole for payment. Since it is directly connected to your story inventory, it is a data automatically so you don't over sell When creating the order. Click create order at products, so the order or a custom. I don't You can add notes about this order added discount or shipping. Add to your customer information and click email em voice that won't email the order to your customers for payment. Once they have cemented payment, you will have updated order notes for for fail me. Next is abandoned checkouts. Abandoned checkouts is where customers who were logged in and shopping left before completing the sale. You can set up automatic email reminders to those customers who didn't complete check out having automatic email reminders said Down to abandon. Check out help spring your customers back to your website so that they can complete the South. 10. Final Thoughts: Thank you for taking this harm. So complete my training on mastering Shopify logistics. The class project is extremely simple. All you need to do is place a screenshot of yours. Shopify store with your Yura. This one allowed me to check out the stories you have created. Can't wait to check him out. Thanks. 11. Maximizing Shopify: FAM: So the next app that I definitely recommend in maximizing your shop if I store is FAM is a a i m o marken E. That is created by sumo, and it connects directly with your Shopify store and in pools in your customers that are looking to go and sign up for your e mails. This is literally the best email marketing that I have found for e commerce. When you don't want to do email marketing, it really takes care of everything for your for you. You have your calendar. You have your email type. You can pull in is to ground post from your business. Instagram page. You can do your welcome e mails, you new cells emails, and it's all pulled from Shopify in Instagram and it waas for a price of like $20 a month. But they have since changed that. So it's freedom in style, and you have to pay, like 5% of the revenue generated from the email sense by FAM. So if you send email, you make $1000 off of the email than 5% of it would be paid to FAM, and I know it's capped at a certain part, but this is something that is worth it. Even the $20 that they wanted to go ahead and charge it is worth it. And I have a review and how to get started with FAM, so I will add that to this course also. 12. Maximizing Shopify: Reconvert: So one of my most recommended APS for you to add to your shop if I store is three reconvert app. It is a conversion machine when it comes to the thank you page. Most times are store owners were looking to give the customers to convert to a customer and make the sale re conferred. Comes in in adds additional details to your order confirmation page for your customer to become a returning customer before they even leave. So you're upping that minimum order purchase that she'll seeing your analytics. You are able to add a lot of different aspects to this, including axing for birthdays, pop ups with time sensitive information. Um, you can offer discounts of them for the next order, all without leaving this one this order confirmation page. The pricing is very transparent. For up to 50 orders, you're free. Once you started hitting 51 orders and up to about 100 you have to change to a pay plan, which is like $7 9 s in a month where if you have even used this app in your store when you are pushing for those conversions for those customers, those positional customers that are coming in. Then you can see the amount of money that you will have flowing in to your business, increasing those orders for you, increasing the views for you. And it's worth the $8 a month. It's worth the $14 a month it's worth the $30 a month, and it's very easy to get started when you go to the reconvert page and the Shopify still App store. Or you can go to reconvert, which is a link in the description of this course, and you will go ahead, start the process for added to your cart. We'll put in your shop. If I You are rail, you want to make sure you don't put that that my Shopify dot com and then we'll click at APP. This will go, so once you put in your name, you can go ahead your euro. It sends you to your stores off here, not logged in. You have opportunity to go ahead and get logged in, and you go through the information for what this app needs and then click install. Once you install this app one to your store, it will call to the trial of the information for this particular app so lets you know you're five minutes away from boosting your revenue by up to 15%. It literally takes you five minutes to set this up. So it's a great thing Teoh put in. It also says Then in the next page you will prove charges for the highest possible plan, which is up to $349 a month. But you will not be charged that unless you have the amount of orders um, for that if you have less than 50 what is in this free? If you have 51 orders toe hundreds, 7 99 you can find that on the website the pricing for the website where it will show you the tears that are available. So if you don't go up, you don't go past 100 orders. The month then 7 99 is all you'll pay. In the end, it definitely pays for itself. You can also view the price and table here, but you get a 30 day free trial to be able to go ahead with this, someone should click it then else and you to approve the charge. You see we have, um, 30 days free. It has a free of to 50 orders. Pump offline stars A 7 99 They cannot charging more than $349 in the United States every 30 days. If you hit the max number of orders, then you'll click. Approve Charge. You won't be building well. It's just since throwing your except me the subscription for it. So once you do that, it opens up the reconvert pulse purchase up sell page, and the next thing you want to do is to create a new template. This temple. It will open up into the editor, the looking feel of your theme editor, and it will only pull up your check out page. So this is the only thing that you will be added Me. You'll only have the header area, the left area, which is this side the right area. And you have general settings where you can put your pop up order tracking or product comments with your order tracking a U 17 track, which it to be able to give that updated information to your customers. So as soon as you go through and process the tracking for it. They will now see their tracking number. And they can come back to this page and receive updates as they go about. So we're gonna enable to order tracking to give that, Definitely going to put a pop up with the timer. You can do this on every impression. Display once per customer or once per order so we can do every impression which is gonna be when they complete a order. You came the put the information for the discount, which for the next 20 minutes on Lee get 30% off. Everything will be a delay in the pop up, and you can take them to a specific page of the website. Like all your products, you could take it to the home page by the far it goes to the home page. You can open it in a new window. You can set the timer duration longer. The pre made discount you can have here, or do automatic discount of free shipping of fixed amount or personage. So now do you did 30% off and then you have your decline. But in Texas is maybe later and that is the view of the timer you can customize does color here, some match your other settings. You want to make sure you have your colds available, though. For that the buttons are automatically pulled from your theme cousin ization. So your pop up is now set. We can go back and you can add product comments, and they will show where that particular they will come up, which is here. Why did you buy this product? You can submit it. You can change your placeholder text. You don't have to enable this, but those are your general, Sandy's and your sections. You have specifics that you can go ahead an update sewing your header. You have the information that's already said, like your colors, your logo's. You see the locals already pulled in the left side of Evie Order Confirmation Page already has that. The orders confirmed the customer information. In a tracking number, you can add additional sections with birthday collector widget. You can do a called the action a collection list custom html. A discount. You just want to type text an image with text link a list, which would be like a menu pulse purchase surveys, product recommendations, product up sales, a reorder button social follow buttons, social media leaks, social sherry and you can add videos so those that are different sections that you can add to your page, your order confirmation. I definitely recommend that pop up. And if you wanted to do the birthday collector, which it that's always good product of sales in reorder helps with those re occurring orders, you can give them a discount based online. A reorder are you deprive for. You can provide free shipping. There's multiple ways that you can do this to ensure that your customer has the best experience. And then on your right side you can add a section two. Also, if you find it maybe a little bit too much on this side and when your right side you can update it, how you see fit to see you, do your product of sales. Your reordering. Um, your social media follow buttons, which will have your your links from your theme. Ah, you could do a cause of action or collect their birthday and with the birthday collector is a great way to give them onto. If you have a loyalty program, mucus in special coupons to them for their birthday, and it kinda gives you one last push to get there re occurring, Order said. And once you have everything completed and everything, how you like the you click safe and this will become your thank you page. This is the order confirmation page that your customers will see when they complete in order. Once you exit out of the customizer, you will be able to breathe brought back to the dashboard for the reconvert and see your active template you can do. You can enable it from here once you complete your template. If you wanted to create draft templates, you can do that. There's also free templates that you can use. Your stats are here for each check out that is completed issues you are our oi your return . Very orders, average order any comments and just really set. And to get this enabled on your story, you'll click in able reconvert and your thank you page will be now active. So now each time that customer comes and completes our purchased, they get that papa. They get that time to become a returning customer before they even leave your sight, and then you add in your re from burning ants. So where, even after they leave, you can go ahead and push them? Asked to them They can get on your email marketing, listening you can market to them there.