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22 Videos (1h 33m)
    • The Course Overview

    • Setting Up Your Development Environment for React

    • JSX and Component Composition

    • The Component Life Cycle and the Virtual DOM

    • Building a Solid Foundation

    • Adding Dynamic Content

    • Writing Unit Tests for React Components

    • Unit Testing Complex React Components

    • Type Checking with Flow

    • Fetching Orders from the Server

    • Manipulating the State

    • State Management

    • Troubleshooting Bugs with the React Chrome Extension

    • Utilizing a Router to Manage Our URLs and Main Entry Points

    • Adding Charts to the Dashboard

    • shouldComponentUpdate and React.addons.Perf

    • Server-side Rendering and Routing

    • Server-side Rendering with Data

    • Adding a Digest E-mail with Inline Styles

    • Inlining SVG Charts Digest E-mail

    • Setting Up a React Native iOS App

    • Rendering Orders with Data from the Server in iOS


About This Class

Build fast, compact, and dynamic web applications with a high performance UI to deliver a spellbinding user experience with ReactJS

About This Video
Build your own personal real-world application from the ground up with ReactJS
Engage in live coding sessions to lay the foundations for ReactJS and learn the current best practices
Explore common pitfalls and gotchas, and find out how React helps to alleviate these

In Detail
Don’t all developers want their website to be simple, attractive, interactive, and dynamic at the same time? Coding the front end while keeping these attributes in mind has been a constant struggle for web developers. Facebook and Instagram, the two most popular social networking sites, have bewitched almost o0ne-third of our population. Well, React has been at the heart of it all, as the JavaScript library precisely developed to build user interfaces specifically for large applications which deal with time-changing data.
Mastering ReactJS will provide you with insights into using JSX with React. It will get you up and running with the React environment, showing you the current best practices as you build an advanced web application.
You’ll start with setting up a development environment with React and gaining an understanding of the component life cycle, how to use virtual DOM and state machines, and how to implement advanced communication between components. We then focus on building an e-commerce admin system and a list of orders for our application Storekeeper.
The course will take root in real-world use cases and challenges on how to unit test complex enterprise-grade ReactJS applications faster. It will teach you how to render screens, explore how the router on the server is utilized and fetch data from the server, as well as e-mail authoring, and building an iOS version of our page.
The course also covers the key optimization points for Storekeeper and explores best practices for debugging. Mastering ReactJS is your go-to guide when building an e-commerce admin application fully equipped with a dashboard, a list of orders, a digest e-mail, and an iOS version.





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