Mastering PayPal for Online Sales

Jason Allen, PhD, Ableton Certified Trainer

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24 Lessons (2h 1m)
    • 1. 1 intro

    • 2. 2 SettingUpAccounts

    • 3. 3 2 VerifyingYourAccount

    • 4. 4 LinkingABankAccount

    • 5. 3 VerifyingYourAccount

    • 6. 4 2 LinkingABankAccount

    • 7. 5 SummaryPage

    • 8. 6 WithheldFunds

    • 9. 7 TransactionLists

    • 10. 8 SendingAndReceivingMoneyTheSimpleWay

    • 11. 9 InvoicingOverview

    • 12. 10 InvoiceTemplates

    • 13. 11 SettingUpBusinessAccount

    • 14. 12 ExploringMerchantAccounts

    • 15. 13 PaypalButtons

    • 16. 14 TypesofPaypalButtons

    • 17. 15 UniqueButtonsForSingleCustomer

    • 18. 16 SettingUpRecurringPayments

    • 19. 17 ManagingRecurringPayments

    • 20. 18 ResolutionCenter

    • 21. 19GettingADisputeFiledAgainstYou

    • 22. 20 SuspeciousActivity

    • 23. We Interrupt This Class...

    • 24. 21 thanksbye


About This Class

Be A Wizard of PayPal, All The Way To The Bank.

Anyone doing business online knows about PayPal. They know that you can send and receive money online using PayPal, and that you can integrate it into a website. In this class I'll cover those basic things, but I'll also cover what most people don't know: That PayPal has a long list of professional tools that you have access to, without paying a dime.

Over 1200 people already have taken this course and are making money using these secrets of PayPal!

Did you know that you can offer gift cards to your products? Did you know that you can setup subscription payments for your products? Did you know that you can let your customers buy a high-priced item and pay it off over 6, 12, or even 24 months? And (most importantly) that you can do all of these things at no additional cost to you?

All of these features, and many, many, more are included in a PayPal account - if you know how to access them and use them. I've been using them for years, and I've grown my business exponentially by doing so.

Why You Will Never Find Another Class Like This

No one will make this class, and for a very good reason: In order to produce this content, I had to film the inside of my PayPal accounts - revealing all my customer names, my account numbers, and personal information. Yikes! But I really wanted to make this class, so I've painstakingly gone through and put a black box over all that information. So you get the benefit of seeing inside my accounts, but I still get to protect the information of my customers. This took months - but I know the payoff is worth it.

For years I've been teaching this material in the college classroom. As a University Professor, my classes are sought after, and, frankly, expensive. I believe you can learn in a way that cost isn't a barrier. This class uses the same outline and syllabus I've used in my college classes for years, at a fraction of the cost.

BONUS: Sign up for this class, and get any of my other classes for only $9! Details at the end of the course!

You will not have another opportunity to learn the hidden details of PayPal in a more comprehensive way that this.

J. Anthony Allen is an Ableton Certified Trainer, and a PhD in Music Composition and master of Electronic Sounds. His music has been heard internationally in film, radio, video games, and industrial sound, as well as the concert hall and theater.

He currently as an adjunct professor of composition at the University of St. Thomas, Macphail Academy of Music, and the CEO of Slam Academy in Minneapolis.

Praise for other classes by J. Anthony Allen:

  • "Dr Allen does it again with his music theory for electronic musicians series. This course really opened up everything I learned from the 1st section and now I understand more about the composition side of things for music. I highly highly recommend this course to anyone!!! Really opened my eyes to many things I wasn't aware of."

  • "The Best Teacher ever, who makes you understand the ins & outs of Music Theory by all mean without giving what you don't want to know."
  • "I have never had any formal training in music at all. Trying to learn all the notes and how everything translated was a serious challenge. After going thru this class, Dr. J has totally brought down the barriers. The content was very useful and was easy to grasp for me."