Mastering Moodboards - Your tools for understanding and creating the perfect moodboard!

Luisa Barbero, Designer. Bookworm. Professional wierdo.

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7 Videos (13m)
    • Introduction!

    • What's a moodboad? Why should you need one?

    • Types of moodboard and collecting materials

    • How does collecting work?

    • Let's build your moodboard!

    • Present your moodboard

    • Your project!

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About This Class

Hi everybody!

Welocome to this class on how to build a moodboard!

A moodboard is a fundamental tool for creatives and it's important to learn wich one is our preferred setting for it and how much they can be helpful for us!

You will learn how a moodboard works and why, how to display your own, collect materials and finally get your result!

Please check the project section to see the Illustrator part (Section 5) explained step by step! :)






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Very interesting and helpful!
cute, sweet, an overview of the subject.
Hi Luisa, how lovely to see the big difference between your first and second class. Well done, especially with the image quality and your presence is beautiful in my experience. I like this class too. I think it would be even better if you would add examples of what you are talking about in the videos. It's like the topic is screaming for it. Good luck with your classes and see you around.
Lucy Lambriex

Photo & video teacher for the camera shy





Luisa Barbero

Designer. Bookworm. Professional wierdo.

Hi everybody!

I'm Luisa, i'm italian and i'm a 23 years old extremly messy human trying to figure out her exciting future!

I'm graduated in Fine Arts, currently living the craziness of Berlin, finishing my M.A. in Communication design, seeking everyday for new inspirations and adventures.

I'm an app developer and web developer, of course a cat lover.

Weirdness and curiosity are what I always strongly encourage and are the words that I love to use to describe myself...

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