Mastering Mobile Photography: A Practical Guide | Marshall Rimmer | Skillshare

Mastering Mobile Photography: A Practical Guide

Marshall Rimmer, Filmmaker

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9 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project: Share 3-5 photos or videos

    • 3. Overview of the class

    • 4. Optimizing traditional media

    • 5. Sharing on social media

    • 6. Understanding photography mediums

    • 7. Advantages of the smartphone camera

    • 8. Using photography apps

    • 9. Closing


About This Class

The smartphone camera is now the most widely-used camera in the world, and this class will guide you through simple & transformative tips for getting the most out of its features. Filmmaker and photographer Marshall Rimmer shares essential tips for shooting your best photos and short videos on a phone, optimizing how and what you share on social media, and some basic apps you can use while shooting.

You'll assess your style and hone in on a personal brand for your social media account as a tool to refine your style, and gain more followers.

You'll learn everything from working with video exposure & sound to universal best practices like landscape framing and ditching the digital zoom feature. This class is essential for the amateur and professional photographer or filmmaker who wants to get more comfortable using the extensive features on their phone. After finishing this class, you will undoubtedly prefer a mobile device for capturing the world around you exactly as you see it.





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Marshall Rimmer


Marshall Rimmer is a video production professional who specializes in camerawork, lighting, and photography. His work has been shown on CNN, WIRED, G4TV, and IGN. Additionally, his short films have played at  Academy Award qualifying festivals including South by Southwest, Palm Springs, Austin Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival, and Chicago International Children's.

Sample Projects:

Cinematography Sample

Angry Birds Movie Trailer

Facebook vs. Google+ Ske...

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