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Mastering Millionaire Forex & Stock Trading

Abhilash Hazarika, A goal without a plan is only a dream

Mastering Millionaire Forex & Stock Trading

Abhilash Hazarika, A goal without a plan is only a dream

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93 Lessons (11h 60m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. OVERVIEW

    • 3. LINE CHART


    • 5. Bullish Engulfing Pattern

    • 6. Bearish Engulfing Pattern

    • 7. Piercing Pattern

    • 8. Dark Cloud Cover

    • 9. Hammer

    • 10. Shooting Star

    • 11. Doji

    • 12. Harami

    • 13. Morning Star

    • 14. Evening Star

    • 15. Combine Candlestick Patterns

    • 16. How not to trade

    • 17. Candlestick Psychology

    • 18. Most Boring, Yet most Important: How Stock Market Functions. Part 1

    • 19. Most Boring, Yet most Important. How Stock Market Functions, Part 2

    • 20. Last Part: How Stock Market Functions

    • 21. The Secret Key to Profit: Support & Resistance, Part 1

    • 22. The Secret Key to Profit: Support & Resistance, Part 2

    • 23. Support & Resistance Part 3

    • 24. Trendline: Support & Resistance

    • 25. Moving Averages: Support & Resistance

    • 26. Forex Market Basic Part 1

    • 27. Forex Market Basic Part 2

    • 28. Trading Strategy with Candlestick Patterns Part 1of2

    • 29. Trading Strategy with Candlestick Pattern Part 2 of 2

    • 30. Trading Strategy #2 with Candlestick Pattern


    • 32. Things to remember before jumping into market

    • 33. How to Analyze a Stock: Fundamental Analysis

    • 34. Technical Analysis 1: When to buy a stock

    • 35. Technical Analysis 2: When to buy a stock

    • 36. Technical Analysis 3: When to buy a stock

    • 37. Common Trading Terminologies

















    • 54. PARABOLIC SAR [Stop And Reverse]



    • 57. RSI DIVERGENCE- The Secret To Profit Making


    • 59. Average Directional Index (ADX) Part 1

    • 60. Average Directional Index (ADX) Part 2

    • 61. ADX Part 3




    • 65. SUPERTREND

    • 66. Volume Weighted Average Price [VWAP]



























    • 93. Best time frame for beginners

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About This Class


This course is not for beginners who are thinking about investing some money for couple of months or years for 10%-20% return. This course is only for those people who are serious about making money from stock trading, forex trading, cryptocurrency, crypto trading, bitcoin trading or day trading on the stock market. At the end of the learning material, I have uploaded TRADING STRATEGIES that you can apply in stock market, forex trading, crypto trading as well as short term investing, so that your dream of earning regularly from stock market or forex can turn into a reality. These strategies are applicable for both forex market/ forex trading, stock trading and swing trading. Therefore, learning the core concept is of utmost importance. Because once you master the art of reading charts you can trade on any market of the world, whether it is stock market, forex market, crypto like bitcoin or investing your precious money. 

This is a comprehensive program for those who wish to begin a career as a Trader in Equity, Currency or Commodity market or planning for some extra bucks by earn money online through stock market, forex trading, cryptocurrency or investing on stocks by swing trading. Perhaps this is the best technical analysis course available online that aims at making you understand the Trading Psychology which deals with understanding the self before you risk your first buck in financial markets as 90% of success in financial markets is attributed to Trading Psychology. This particular course has been skillfully arranged so that after completion of this course you can trade in any market of the world whether you are interested in forex trading or stock trading or bitcoin and crypto trading or short term investment/ investing on swing trading.  It teaches the secrets of successful traders, unique ideas to trade in Intraday, Swing trade and also short term delivery. It does not matter whether you are beginner or expert, the classes will teach you the practical core knowledge that is not available in any books.

To master the market, you should know the correct entry and exit. This course has explained in detail with the help of different strategies how to to have a Proper Entry - Book profit - Exit for forex market and stock market.

Topics covered in this course are as follows:

What is a Candlestick chart
Candlestick Analysis
Bullish Engulfing Pattern
Bearish Engulfing Pattern
Piercing Pattern
Dark Cloud Cover
Shooting Star
Morning Star
Evening Star.
How to Combine Candlestick Patterns
How not to trade candlestick patterns
Psychology behind candlesticks
Trading strategies using candlestick patterns.

How Market Functions: Functioning of Stock Market and Forex Market

How to Fundamentally Analyze a stock for investing
How to find out the Perfect time to buy a stock using Technical Analysis.

Risk Management
Why is it important

Support and Resistance
How to find out Support and Resistance levels in the market in naked charts
How to take trades using Moving Averages and Trendlines using them as S&R

Common Trading Terminologies Every Trader should Know

Different Trading Styles

Things to know before you jump into the market


RSI DIVERGENCE- The Secret To Profit Making
Average Directional Index (ADX) Secrets that nobody tells
Volume Weighted Average Price [VWAP]

14 Trading Strategies To Earn Profit Daily From the market:

TRADING STRATEGY 02: The magic of Heikin Ashi
TRADING STRATEGY 04: Master Swing Trading
TRADING STRATEGY 06: The Millionaire Strategy: Multi Time Frame Analysis



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Meet Your Teacher

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Abhilash Hazarika

A goal without a plan is only a dream


I am not an MBA nor do I belong to Finance background. My passion for stock market brought me to this field. After quitting job for stock market, happily trading for more than 6 years and would teach you the art of making money fast.

After trading for more than 6 years without any guidance and help I have succeeded to stay among the 5% who makes money because 95% lose money in stock market. I am here so that you don't need to suffer the pain and loss that I had to go through during my initial days. It doesn't matter whether you are interested in stocks, bitcoin, forex or crude oil. Because knowledge of charts and markets has no boundaries. Once you master the art, you can trade anywhere. I will be teaching Intraday t... See full profile

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1. Introduction: You may be interested in stocks for x Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. But if you have landed here, that one thing is certain that you are interested in making money. Just give me two minutes of your time. Just do minutes because this video may be the stepping stone for your new journey. Just two minutes. So this is a chart of Apple in front of us right now. And as we all know, Apple is one of the best companies in the world. If you look at the chart here, then you can see that whenever the price of the stock game down, just to support and dislike and honest again, whenever the price of the stock game down, it just bounced from a particular level. And you can clearly see on the chart off the apple here. And if we jump to the another chart, this time we have the chart of Bitcoin. W was in the whole world. If you look at a chart of Bitcoin also then again see that it is also trading in a particular pattern here. Whenever it is coming down, it is bouncing form a particular level. Whenever it is going up, it is reversing from a particular. And if you jump Buddha's charged off for x, this is a chart of GBP, USD per pound, US dollar. Then you can clearly see on the chart that whenever the price fell, it took support at this level and bounce whenever price scheme in pounds for a particular level. So considering the chart of Forex, the Bitcoin, and pesto, do you still think that this is a coincidence? This is just the gambling the market, grow my dear friend. So whether you were just planning to invest into stocks for x of Bitcoin or you want to earn some money from me, or you are someone who is already doing it but not doing so well. Or you want to make a carrier in the market, then my dear friend, this is the time for you and this is the place for you for all the aspiring traders who wants to earn money from stocks, crypto Bitcoin and crypto trading, or any market of the world in the bucket of the war. I have designed this class for my Skillshare students so that you can start training right away. After finishing off this class. In this class, you will learn about Jar, Jar Patton's candlestick jog, support and resistance fundamental analysis or Isaacs and grading methodology to pick the right stop at the right time and how to exit from the market at the right time as well. And I have also included many, many strategies, saw that you can jump integrating right off her this class, you've named a topic and it's there. So if you need help also, I'll be there. You can reach me. I'll see you in class. 2. OVERVIEW : 3. LINE CHART: Hi. In this lesson, we will try to understand what our line charts. Right now you have the chart of Bitcoin and this chart is an example of writing charts. Line charts are the most basic type of chart. Grease on Lee, losing Bryce being the most basic chart. They have got some limitations as well. And the main limitation of line Jack is that they do not tell you the market psychology. Unlike the candlestick chart, you cannot understand the market psychology here. You cannot understand the market in motion. Here they are. And triggers do not use line chart much. But being a beginner, if you are a new trader, than you should have the basic understanding of light chart and how to use the line chart. Before jumping into the topic, we just need to understand few important points here. And the most important voice in the market is dram. There is a tumble into market. Town rule is trend. Is your friend. Always keep in mind that whenever you are sitting in front of a laptop, when there will be training, just keeping trend is your friend, trend is your base strength. Do not take any trade against the trend. If you take any trade against the trend, then there is a high possibility that you may get PrEP and you'll be losing money, therefore, always follow the trend. And that's Tom role of the bargain. And how do we turn mind at the end of the market? So to determine the time of the market, we need to understand what are the types of brain. Basically, there are three types of trend in the market. The first is uptrend, the second is down brand, and the third is sideways. You'll get easily understand it up red lids. Whenever a market is going up, we'll call it an upward market. Whenever a market is going down, we're going to call it a downtrend market. And whenever a market will be having no dread, whenever z of market going to slit like this. Then we will consider this type of market as a sideways market order, choppy market. So these are the main three types of grant hinder market. Next important thing is, how will you understand that a market is an uptrend? For that? You just need to understand one thing very clearly, that the market never goes up in a straight line like this. And whenever a market falls also, market does not fall in a straight line like this. Market always move in a zigzag with and whenever a market falls, market falls also in a zigzag ri is the line chart of Bitcoin in front of us right now. And you can see that when market was going up, market was growing up in a zigzag manner. Pocket did not go up in a straight line. Rather, it went up in a zigzag manner. And whenever you see a chart like this, just try to understand a few important points. And those points are, again, try to identify the high and low coin. For example, market made a low here, you get then market went up a little. And mockup meter high here, market came down. But when market came down, you can see that Margaret did not bring the previous high. Rudder market made a new high, and this height is higher than the previous side. And again, market went up, came down. And when rocket game now begin again, see that market did not break the previous height. Rather market mid a new high here. And this time market with a new solid market made a new high here again. So market was making higher highs and higher lows year to market was making higher laws here and a higher highs year. The market was bricking the previous higher, whereas market was coming down. It was not crossing the previous lose year. And this is a typical example of an uptrend market. Whenever you will see a jar formation like this, then we get the peer indication that this market is an upgrade. And here we can see that when Bitcoin was falling or Bitcoin was coming down, market mid and high here. Pocket made illegal. Market went up again. But, but this time market field, but this time market fail to cross the previous side, market mid and high, but market middle, lower, high, pocket game down. Market went up again. Again, market made a lower height, and this time market also made a lower lobe. So in a downtrend market, you see of charge, but unlike this, where market willing be forming lower highs and lower lows, the x2 uptrend market moves like this with higher highs and higher lows. And downgrade market goes up, it goes down like this, lower highs and lower lows. And sideways market remains sideways or flat fee, it does not make higher highs and higher lows, lower highs and lower dose. It stays in a particular rate. It's these in particular are nano rate. That's why we call it a sideways market or a choppy market. And these type of hypermarkets are easier to identify on jaw line chart. And that's why beginners, mainly, right, to focus on Line job. And after gaining some experience, when you've been thinking that you will need some more knowledge, more power, and more of you need to understand more about the emotion of the market, psychology of the market. Then you need to jump to the Canvas, HR. And this type of chart or line chart is basically important for the beginners to identify the trend of the market or to identify the higher highs and higher lows of the market. But still this line chart is important in your trading journey because if you do not have the foundation, then you cannot build a strong structure above. Hopefully you have what the basic idea about the liner. I do not want to go into our DKA and technicalities because deputy complete wastage of your easiest time because you wouldn't be leading the debt Miguel, technicalities of the line chart in your grading journey. Therefore, we will mainly focus on candlestick chart that we will be requiring in our future. The candlestick chart is a chart that traders around the world use. Even I also use canvas. Each job will hopefully have got the basic idea about the importance of line jar. How to use line chart in your beginner. These, thank you so much. 4. CANDLESTICK ANAYSIS: This is how our typical candlestick chart looks like. We have the chart of Bitcoin to US dollar in front of us right now. And you can see that we have got numerous green, red, green red candles in front of us right now. And each and every candle has a different story given. Don't need to worry that you will have to remember all these hundreds and hundreds of candles. No, no, no. I'll be teaching you much, much easier ways to understand the gamble sick baton scandals. And it will be very easy for you. And you just need to learn about few patterns only you do not need to remember all these gamba six. But before that, you need to understand what does handle their loss. For that, you need to understand these scandals. So basically we have got two gambles, green and red. Whenever you see a green candle like this, then you'll get the basic idea are you must understand that green candle means the dominance of the virus. And when you will see a red candle, it means the dominance of the sellers. When you'll see a green candle, you'd understand that opening prices lower than the closing price means market open here. Let's assume the price is a 100. Market opened at a 100. It made a lot of 98. But virus were present in the market, did not like the price develop 98 and they push the price upward. Then market went up, up and made a height of, let's assume 105. Market may hire 400, five. But this is a market, so sinners are also present in the market. Sellers thought that no one is it a five is too much. No, no, no one's heard of five is too much. And they pushed up, rise, downward, and ultimately market close the 1, 0, 3. So bargain opened at a 100, made a low of 98, made a high of 0100, 5 and close at 1, 0, 3. So the closing prices higher than the open price. And of scenario, we get a green candle and as the closing price is higher than the open price. So this market has been dominated by buyers, which means that number of buyers are more or number of buyers, ie higher income residue, number of sellers. As a result, market, market managed to close above the opening price. So therefore the juggler of the candle is green. So keep in mind. On the other hand, when you get a red candle like this, then you'll understand that red candle, such as the dominance of the sellers. And in red candle, the open price is higher than the closing price, just the opposite of the green candle. In green candle, closing prices higher than the open brace in red candle, open prices higher than the closing price. Now, let's look at the red candle here. Let's assume the open price is 100. Again. Market made a high off 102. Zeros are present in the market. Debt holder No, no, no ones that are too is too much and they push the price. Downward. Market came down market fail, fail, fail, fail, fail Bell and Margaret Mead, a low of 95. This is a marketplace, so buyers are also present in the market. And ultimately, they tried to boost the price upward, the uplifted uprise and somehow managed to move the price of bin and ultimately market close that 97 to market loser 97 still the open price is higher than the closing price. Or in simpler words, closing prices lower than the opening price. Which means that the number of sellers were more in comparison to a number of buyers. That's why the open price is higher than the closing price. And in this kind of scenario, we can, we can assume that the market is being dominated by the seller. So the basic notion is when you'll get a green candle, then you get that the market is under the influence of buyers had been, you'll see a red candle. You'll get the idea that the market is under the influence of sellers. So this is the basic fundamental idea of gambles. Hopefully you have understood. 5. Bullish Engulfing Pattern: Hello, friends. Today we will be discussing about bullish and building Better as you can see on the screen on this. This red candle is many belongs to the settlers, and the green belongs to be buyers. Your schedule and bullish camera. Okay. Just look at this guy and look at the cursor on the screen. Okay. The price open here. It went down till here and closed here. Okay. This means that the prize open here and sellers coming. They took the control off the market on they. So the price down here on it had closed here on the next day. What happened is that the price open here? But this star this time instead of Ciller's by us, took the charge and they took the control and they took the price all the way up here and price close merely high stepping here. So as you can see on the screen the size of the scandal, this green candle is bigger than the size of this red candle. So this green candle has engulf this rate candle. That means the bias scandal has engulfed e the red candle belong that belongs to the settlers. So in this case, we'll call it bullish and golfing pattern. So bullish engulfing pattern is a bullish reversal pattern. I'll show you after human Islam on this week And remember one thing that buyers are momentarily in control. They're not permanent in control. Whenever you will see a bullish engulfing better. Whenever you see this kind of pattern on the chart, let's remember that the bias are more mentally in country, not permanently. Okay, Andi, larger it is. The more significant. Okay, okay. So let me walk you through some examples. This is a tart. Okay, so let us hunt for a bullish engulfing better. This is Yeah. This is a police and building better. If the closing price is opening price on the subsequent, they are this big candle as an godless red candle. So this is a bullish on building better. Is that something I want to discuss? I guess. Huh? Okay. Okay. Just look at this week. This is different. The sailors, right? Control. Okay, So what was what was happening? This the price is going down as you constrain the screen prices going down, down, down and down after that. See here be by a scheming and it took the charge on the Dr Price all the way up here, this scandal has engulfed three small candle this big bring Gandal has and got a small candle bullish engulfing better. Okay, And after that, just to get a screen, the price went all the way up here. That means there was a change in crime. So let's have a quick recap Bullish and building better is a bullish reversal pattern. Bias are more mentally in control permanently. The larger it is, the more significant on Do not create it in isolation. Which means that whenever you see a bullish engulfing, better don't get very excited and Jimmy don't drink. They're under factors that you need to consider before placing the order that I will be discussing in little process. Okay, so that's it for today. Thank you so much. By 6. Bearish Engulfing Pattern: Hello. My distance. Okay, so today we'll be learning about bearish chemical from candle. So let's get back to the class. So here on the screen, you can see their price. Woman's here, then the virus Gaming on the price. All lawyer all the way up here. Ultimate closing here. So it is a green candle. So bias wearing and cruel. So it is a bullish scandal on the subsequent day already next year what we get received that price open here and the Steelers, unlike the other day, the settlers came in and they took the charge on Does the price all the way down here? Automatic closing here. So what we get to see on the screen is that this big rate candle has built this green candle. And in this scenario, we call it a spears and building pattern. Because this red candle made by the seller's past and gulf the green candle made by bias. Okay, so this virus and nothing better Beers, reversal, pattern, supposed bias are picking the price up, up and up. And if you get to see a Beatrice and building pattern, then you get to understand, or you get to know that for timing. Sellers are cool. See, I'm using over more mentally because they that means the sellers are not permanently in control. There momentarily in control. Okay, on a larger it is the bosses. Okay, that they give a few examples so that you can understand better. Is it our goal? US dollars. Okay. Here you can see that the price open here. Andi closed the on the next day, prise open here and the settlers took charge or become cruel on. It goes here as the body is bigger than the previously and it is a red candle. So it is a beers and going better. Make sure you, for example. Okay, See this tree? A Buress example are sort of years and nothing Because you see the body off this scandal, this scandal and disk, and are larger than the body off the previous scandals. I mean, this this on this that meets the sitter's I've, for example, you can see is that the right handed prices going up, the price is going up and up and up. And suddenly Syria's came in between the charge and the price went down. We get how we got the indication from this read Kendall on a previous class side, I thought about the bullets and gulke. See, the price is going down, down and down. Then the bios came in. They made a big green candle the bias and ghost the small red candle made by the sailors And the prices are going up. That's what this was. A bullish and melting candle or the boys and looking better in just us As we're learning about the duration betters, you can see that the prices all going up and up and up. Who on this pseudo skimming? Somehow the bee charge on the price started going up because this in this area what we get to see is that depart this Sellers made a big candle Big red candle and it has engulfed the previous green candle made by the buyer's. Okay, so let's have a quick recap with us. This is a bullish reversal pattern. Sellers are more mentally control. Remember? Clearly sellers are more permanence. Incontro said they are more mental in control and the larger it is, the more significant. Okay, so thank you. See you next class. Bye bye 7. Piercing Pattern: flow Today we will be learning about bs and better. Okay, as you can see on the screen there were candles one is red and wanna scream The red candle signifies the dominance off the sailors and the green gandal signifies the dominance off the buyers. So what happened here? Is there the price open here? The sinners took the control on Did took the price all the way down here Next day the price open here. But unlike the other day or the previously, the bayous took the charge and date move the price all the way up here and ultimately it glows here in B isn't better. It is very important that the closing price should be at least above the 50% off the previous scandal or the to turn off the previous scandal. You'll see on the screen that this is the on This is the 50 person already half off the red candle and the price has closed above the 50% off the previous scandal. So disappears in better. Okay, so this piercing better is a bullish reversal. Better second rate of police and golfing, which means that they are not that strong like engulfing bedrooms that we have discussed in our earlier classes. But still they're very significant. Whenever you will see a bullish story abusing better, just keep in mind that bias are momentarily in control, not permanently on the larger it is, the more significant it is. Let me show you some examples. This is the charge. OK, as you can see on the screen is that price was going down as the center square in control on see old After this big red candle, the bias came in and it took the price all the way up here. Almost 50% after the doctrine, there was a friendly person and the price started going up. This is a bullish Piercy. Better. Same here. Also, there was a don't tread. Okay, there's a big red candle on the next day. What happened is that the price open here went up earlier on close, almost near the highs, which which is a above the 50% on the previous scandal. And there's a friendly person on this photo. Also say the same thing. OK, Bs in Britain is very simple. Okay, let's repeat what we have discussed. Bullish reversal pattern is secondary. abolition building, which means that they are not that strong, like engulfing better, but still they're very significant. Buyers are more mentally in control statements. Their bias are not permanently controlled. You should keep in mind the other factors that will be discussing in no liver pluses on the majority is more significant and do not create it in isolation. I have also still in the previous class there. We need to consider other factors also, before jumping into create are executing orders because they're not the absolute look give . So they're just hitting so signals to exit your daughter. So whenever you see a piercing bottom, don't go crazy over executing or placing the order tree or the buy button, you need to consider other factors that will be discussing later. So we have come to the conclusion off piercing better. Okay, But I have a nice day 8. Dark Cloud Cover: a little today I'll be discussing about dark cloud cover. That's a nice name. No. So Dr Cover is nothing but the opposite. Off piercing. Better that we discuss. No business class. Okay, Just look at the screen. Is the bullish scandal and disappear scandal. This scandal dominant, dominated by buyers and the scandal is tormented by sailors. Okay, the price open here it went up and those here on the next day, whatever it is that the price open here. Unlike the previous day, T centers took the charge or took to control on the clothes. The price here noticed if they close the price below the 50% mark off the previous scandal , this is the 50% mark. Okay, this is the 50% mark off the previous bullish gentle and they have crossed the 50% month. So this is a dark cloud cover. Whenever you see this better in charge, you understand that sinners are more mentally in control on. There will be a changing friend. That means in favor off Ciller's. I would like to mention one thing that Dr Cover has come secondary toe Buress and golfing get better, which means that they are not that strong, like beers and golfing candles. Because if it would have been a big bullish engulfing pattern, then this closing price would have been here. Okay? Which means that this scandal would have been much larger than this candle on this would have engulf be wrist and girlfriend scandal would have engulfed the previous scandal or this cream candle. But this a doctor could count our talk over, which means that this will close beyond the 50% mark off the previous scandal. Big. So what are they? Don't cover. Okay, They are nothing. But peerlessly was a better second later, Buress involving Which means that they're not that strong. Like beers at having weapons. Yeah, sorry. Sit ups are momentarily contract. Not permanent on a larger it is the most significant. Okay, let me show. You are looking for a few examples. See, uh, the price is going up, up, up and up and up on what happened here. Is there the price opened here and close here? That means below the 50% mark off the biggest scandal. There's a bullish can and disappear. Scandal is black candle close based on the 50% mark this would have been difficult, Mark and ultimately, there was a change in trend. Okay, same year. Also, this picture come clarified the difference between piercing pattern and dental cover, as we discussed on the previous class piercing better close above the 50% mark of the previous scandal. And this is a bullish reversal site. But in dark, dark cover, it's the desert beer survivors inside. That means they set us to take the charge. This is one more example. There was a bullish trend. Prices going up and goes to the doctor. Cover the price Open ear on close below the 50% mark on there's a change in. Okay, so let's have a quick recap. It is a Buress reversal. Better not strong. Like involving bearish engulfing veterans sellers are momentarily in control. The larger it is the most significant and most importantly, do not create 18 isolation. Which means that as I say whenever you see a better, you should consider the other factors. Do not jump into trade blankly. Okay, Okay. That's it for today. Thank you. Bye bye. 9. Hammer: Hello, Okeydokey. Today we've been discussing about the hammer fine of tours. Get to have our okay. Looking to squeak the price open here. Your plan? After that, dissenters came in and took the charge, and they drag the price all the way down here. But somehow people's took Tatars again. That means this That's decontrol off this from from these sailors and took the price up here and ghost here. So whenever you see a hammer, it signified had it signifies that there is a tug of war situation going on between the sellers and buyers where the buyers have worn. Okay, there's a toggle for between the bulls and the bears and bulls of one. Let me tell you again, the price open here. The serious came in and they took the price all the way down here on the bull skimming boost Jump into the situation to recover the price. And they took the price all the way up here and closed it here. Here. Okay, so hammer better is a bullish reversal pattern on whatever you see, a hammer pattern that means that bias are more mentally in control. As I told you before, there is a struggle. Parkway going between buyers and designers and bias of one and most importantly, length of the week should be at least two times the body. See, this is the body and business de wit. So which should be at least two times the body. Okay, let me show you some examples. Okay. This is just a normal hambor. See the price waas going down, down, down. And which means that the beers were in control. The sailors were in control and see, this is a hammer. Okay? Hammer form. That means the buyers That's the control from the sailors and see after it on again a small hammer form. And they took surprised all the way up here. Okay, The price of the going up so hambor signify signifies a Polish trend reversal. Hanging man is arctic. Where there's no game. We need just the hammer. Her Okay, The price is going down. There was a downtrend and basic. There's a hammer. Enterprise started going up. Okay, that's it. Okay, let's look at it. Uh, it is a bullets reversal pattern, bias or more mentally in control and length off the which should be at least four times the body. So simple. Okay, so that's it for today. But by 10. Shooting Star: Hello in this class will be talking about shooting star candlesticks. As you can see on the screen, these are shooting star candlesticks. They just look like the inverted hammers, the hammer that we discuss on the previous class. Okay, Shooting star handle six many and shows the dominance off dissenters. Okay, let's look at a sweetener. I suppose this is hard. Is the starting second looking? This is the This is open price on Paras took the price still here. Okay. By restoring buys were putting pressure on bias. Dr. Price still here. So it made high till here, but serious came in and they dragged the price down on close it. Here, seeding the hearts idiot body off the week. It's longer than the body off the candle. The main thing is that the longer the week, the greater the prices action and the length of the bodies are sorry. Length off the week should be two times the body. Okay, look at the other Kendall. Also this red shooting stuff. Okay, The price open here. It made alot off. His hand is on. When device went control, they took the price still here. Okay, then the soldiers came in. They dominated on the track. The price down here and closed it here. And I see the Lancaster. We should be two times the body. See, the length is quite long. Okay. See, in the shooting star is so nothing but a Buress reversal backer. Suppose there's an upgrade on. You'll see a shooting star. Okay, So that means that the bias or dissenters have taken the charts and there is a possibility that the market will go down. Dissenters are momentary in control. They are not permanently confrontation moment, really in control. Okay, so there's a high chance of preventing and the market will go down. If you see a shooting star, length of the week should be two times the body as a civilian. Andi longer due with the majority price addiction is the same thing. I have read any book it. So it's a 40 by 11. Doji: Hello. Hello, Hello and all Today we will learn about dodgy duties is just a candle like al agendas. But here the price, the open price and the close prices saying that's what there is. Don't color green or red. Just look at the screen. This is a dodgy on. This is also duty portrayed Georges. There's a small nosy and his pictures. You're a longer dodgy see in the industry. Gee, the pen price on the close price is saying and highs and those are different Okay as they open and close prices seem so there is no color off green or right. Okay, So what happened here is that thieves opened here. Then it went up. Then again, the sitter's came in to do the price down. Ultimately, it goes at the same price. Okay, here also, the weight opened here. It went down or up and ultimately close at the same price. Which means that open circle toe did any of when we see it. Georgie, in a market dog, it signifies, signifies uncertainty. We do not know where the market will move because the buyer under selling pressure is almost the same because open on open is is equal to know also is open him and the open is equally close. There is dodgy so when we do not know where the market will both So whenever we see a dodgy on the chart, we should wait for confirmation. Okay? Open and close at the same price indulges There are many variations off it. Like trying on Friday 20 gravestone, dhoti and shirt. A big Slater. And most importantly, the longer the week, the greater the price for protection. Okay. See here this is a nuclear energy. Okay? It's a long legged OT because the week is very long. Both up and down. It is a gravestone. Duty open here. It went up. Then the selling pressure came on it close at the same price here. Also in the cramped ideology You see that the market been here? The settlers came in. They took the price down again. The buyers took the price up on toast. Here He said that track of ideology. Okay, let me show some life examples. This is a dragon fly. Doughty. Okay, So after reading infertility, we see that there's a price reduction from the bottom. Okay, So do you again we gotta remember ideology here also Kind of a different Radoje. Okay. With a small weak still, it signifies that. Okay, Whenever the prices going down, the buyers are taking charge. So ultimately, what happened here is that the market started going up. Desiderio Radoje. I see market is going down, down, down. There's a downtrend. Centers were in pressure. Ultimately what? Having use their market open here. Sydor's again took the charge, took the price down. But this time the bias came in and they took the price up and close here. After that, there is a green gandal, which means that buyers okay, pirates are c'est this time on after this confirmation. But we get to cease that Bryce started going up against the thunder. Prices going up, up and up. There is a dodgy year long legged dodgy. Okay, So prices neither going up nor down. There was uncertainty in the market. As a result, market would have gone up or down. But this time these settlers came in on the price starts going down. So So what is the dodgy does? He is a candle where the open and closed said the same price. There are many relations off it like a dragon fly Dodi and grips on duty and longer the week The greater the price suggestion This is it. Thank you so much. Bye bye. 12. Harami: Hello. Hello. Hello. Today we will learn about her. Robbie. So there is as you can see on the screen, there is a bullish hobby and beer. Assure me. And let me tell you, horse, um, what is ahora me, Campbell? Or we can do something. But inside bar or a small candle, buy a home in the storm Off the buyer. A candle looking so as you can see under her screen. This is a bullish Horribly See, the market opened here. Then it ran down on it closed here The next Kendall shows a small Campbell where it opened here and close here. This candle is the is between the scandal So they took. This is hardly candles are nothing but a positive engulfing candles. Okay, so this scandal is so between this scandal. Under the other hand, in the purest form you can see is that market open here? So he's been here when you end up. But on the other Gandalf theater Gandal had been here and it went down. It's serious. Made a small candle inside this green candle. Okay, So it is a bearish ceramic kendal and is a Polish Army Kendall where buyers made a small candle in Cyprus. Right candle. Actually, these airport, it's toe engulfing candles. And so whenever you see a and Harambe candle on the chart, it signifies that there will be a contruction off volatility. See, the coherent volatility in the market is never seen. Sometimes contracting or sometimes it's expanding. Okay, so what are ceramic candles? And inside bar Small rage usually leads to volatility expansion in the direction of Katrina . Okay, okay. Get it clear. Let me show you the real example of charts. See, market was going up. Up, up, up and up. Papa, there be bullish. Gentle on a small ceramic candle form Berisha Rama candle. Okay. And after that you can see there is a contraction in volatility. And ultimately what happened? The market ran down. Okay, it went down. Then again, you can see here is that there is a big red candle dominated by sailors. On subsequent candle is a candle form by the buyer's thesis of blue candle. Blue candle is a harm a candle. After that, there's little contruction involved in early. And ultimately what you see is there The market went up actually, actually, ceramic candles, just a signal or a hint that there will be changing direction are diverging, involved. Guilty If there's a bearish for a bit and market will go down. And if it is a bullish for me, it is an indication. Yeah, market will move up. Okay, you can see the conditions in the screen. That is freedom in beer. Astronomy upgrade market, Big polish candle Small bearish scandal Very scandal grows ever 50% off and body conditions in bullish harm. Is that downtrend? Market big. Very scandal. Small, bullish. Campbell, Polish central falls below 50% of your body. Okay, let me show you another example. Okay, market is going down. Down said that's when heavy pressure OK, and after that what we see here is that there is a red gamble formed by sellers and the subsequent candle is a small green candle. Made party buyers after that see, boom market went up so horrific and it's also very bored. So I'm DJ he also see market was going up. There is a beer is harming Kendall here in a pure Islamic and the on market bull market fell after that. I see here this small cannot get Let me so me market is going down. Down, down, down, down Market Koken here goes here. But the next scandal is a harem against police. Sharma Kendall. So it is a significant. It is that symbol. It's a device that there's a chance or possibility of moving up. So what we see is that yes, market really moved up room. Okay, So what are harming animals? And inside bar Small range usually leads to volatility expansion in the direction of the trip. Hopefully you want to sit so we'll see. We next last goodbye. 13. Morning Star: Hello. So today we will be discussing about Morningstar. Not to be the spur. Morning stuff, but Morningstar Candlestick better so Morning, sir. Candlestick pattern is basically a combination off free candles. Want to treat it. So for scandal is a ways of very stander dominated by De Beers or dissenters. Price open here when down on it closed here. Surprisingly, the second gamble. If you see that, it's kind of a dodgy gamble. Okay, there's a big red candle, but the second candle is not a selling candle Order. Red candles, huh? It's kind of a Georgie. It's gonna do it here. Which means that buyers are sailors. There was a dog of war between buyers and sellers and de priced in cool down and it hurt. Candle is a Polish scandal where the bulls take the charts and takes the price higher. Okay, so mornings are is a Cree Kendall combination Off Creek and Combination Creek. And over that freakin took it. I see. Morning second bullish reversal pattern. Buy us a moment. Really? In control. Other See all this eyes on more veteran cardinal permanently on the letter. It is more security. So let me show you some examples. There's a big red candle. Big, very big Red candle. After the big price that would go down. There's a Doje kind of a candle and after what we see is that a green candle Foreign body buyers, articles, piers, small gandal or duty and cattle from very pools. This is a Morningstar pattern. The price is going down, down, down, down, a down Because the sitters are in pressure. OK? Ondas A big red candle formed by the seller's After that price in go down as expected but rudder it formed a small candle. And after that boom, see green gandal. So this tree gandal combination is a Morningstar. Okay. And after that I started going. Okay, so this is it Morningstar honesty. 14. Evening Star: Okay. Dokey. Morningside Scar now shooting star. Okay, so the morning star is a bullish reversal. Becker, on the other hand, Evening Star is a theorist. Reverse it better in this class. We're going to focus on Evening Star. Okay? Just like morning started getting stories also create gandal combination, Brenton a big bullish scandal doggy or a small candle on. After that, we can peer scandal or the red candle. In this picture, we get to see a black. I see more. Your insides are anything but very so versatile. Better showing charts set us our mobile trade country movement. Really? And that's the office on a larger it is, the more significant prices are going down. Down, down. See here big bullish scandal. After that, a dirty form or a small candle. Whatever Andi see, the next Kendall is a boom black selling gandal formed by the beers. OK, And after Enterprise window, this is a Morningstar was already evening star lots of stars. He also see the bullets were in charge. They were taking the price up and up and up. You know, my sweet for the bucket was very bullish, valuable iss But here, see in the square area. There is a, uh, good looking green candle form by the impulse on after that. Surprisingly, a small red cattle form are. Do what you can say, whatever a small gun. And after that you see a red candle form. So whenever you see this pattern in charge or life stars in the future, you should understand. Understand that this is a This is an evening star. Okay, so it means that there's a high probability or turns of market will change its introduction . Just like George C. Market was very bullish, very bullish. It was going up and up and up after the even exert market now, and the trend of the market jeans and market started going down so well. Uh, evening stars is a very special pattern. Sailors are momentary in control, not permanently on the larger it is the most. That's authority. But why 15. Combine Candlestick Patterns: Hello. Hello. Hello. Today we will learn to combine candlestick patterns. Okay, so let's roll. So you must. Between you. Why do we need to combat Candace betters when already there showing whether buyers are in control or serious foreign control. Ok, so the main reason to combine can is a better is toe, toe form toe just to get a clarity of the picture. I suppose this is a one hour candle and is also wonder cattle. Okay, you can combine the scandals, get a candlestick of the higher time frame. Okay. Just to get a clear picture, just look at the screen and try to understand my point. Price open here. Sorry. The Bryce open here. The Bulls took the charts and it took the price all the way up here. Okay, the price open. Hear. Bullets topped the charts and on it goes here the next scandalous. The price open here. Deciding doubles aware week. So the beers came in and it took the prize all the way down here. Suppose you're creating in a market and off gassing district handles. Are you confused what to do? Okay. So you can do what you can do. Is that you can combine this with candles. Okay. This is, uh, see, there's a little boy off the scandal and is a high point is the high point is a hyper gnocchi. Then take the open price off the first scandal. Open price of the first settlements. This is Theo. Open price of the four Scandal here on the closing price of the second General Beans here. Okay, so when we take the closing price of the second gandal open price or the four Scandal and high and low off to gamblers high is here. Lower is here. So what we get to see is that a been bar or inverted hammer? So this scandal okay, when we when we saw this together as we were confused, we had no idea what to do or where the market may go. But after combining these two candles, we get this candle on. After seeing this candle, we have a fair picture there. Market is kind off bearish or market maker down. Our decisions are in control. Look at this. Okay. The first scandal it opened here. Ciro's came in on Director Price down here, and it closed here. Okay, The second goingto totally. Ah, jeans picture. The boots were in control. It opened here. The bulls were very powerful and took the prize all the way up here. Okay, so this is the one or candle is a water kind of. Right now we're confused where the market will go. Are we are we swat a clear picture where that might get me go. OK, so in this year, in this case, we can combine these two candles to get a clear picture will take the high price off together. So it is the high high price of two candles. Assume. Okay. Is the high price This is the low price. Okay, open price. Order for a scandal. This is open price of the four Scandal on the closing price of a second. Can looking. So after doing this, what we get Proceed. We get to see a hammer of bullish hammer. Okay? Which means that prices trying to go down, but bulls are more or less, they're in control. So there's a high chance that the price will move or the market will move up. Okay. Is the one or Kendall is a water candle. When you combine, we get a two hour kindle. The two hour candle is a hammer. Police ever. There's a high chance that the market will go. Oh, that's okay. That's it for today. Bye bye. 16. How not to trade: Okay. After learning many things about cameras extent, can this expectancy? Today we will discuss how not great. Candace. Expert s parents. Okay, first point is that do not great in isolation. Okay, I've already mentioned is pointing earlier. In fact, many times that off caressing a particle better like a bullish involving pattern or a beautician. Nothing pattern. Morningstar's shooting star. You should not directly jump in the trade to execute order. Yeah, I don't. Is that phobia? Uh, that I may lose the trend or I may, Mr Market, but use your brain. You, me, you can lose your capital. Also, your capital is very important. You should not great in isolation that bean suffer Seeing a particle pattern. You should wait for sometime to get Thea Dean so that it fulfilled sort of emissions. Because, see, the second point is, it's not a creating strategy. Yeah, deadly six. Sparking is a better in CIA. Definitely help us that they are very, very essence you. But they do not actually a lot of really strategy because trading strategies involves many things like conditions to create hard. Their particular conditions that are that should get from feeling like support and resistance Grain. Our entry? Yeah. Candace Cigar does provide entry because our with the help off the bedrooms like engulfing our shooting sideboard. So yeah, we do get an increase, but we do not get the conditions like support in the distance and the train exit. Also, vehemence are great management. Yeah, we were discussing the letter. R M Mintz risk management. Like how much money you're in a urine operation toe lose. Supporting trade goes against you and stop. Was this the most vital part when placing your order? Stop close. Candlestick doesn't provide the stop. Close. OK, so candlesticks are not reading. 70 day does provide signal that trend is on to change or where the market, but they are not creating strategy. So we should always keep it in mind on but not look at it for a friend by so I'll explain it is with the help for chart. Here is the most common saying in stock market Is that trend is your friend okay? Trend is often supposed any kids. Any kids will look at the start with stereo That will, Will will debut that will date Obviously that this market is going up and up and up. This is a bullish market. Okay, but see here. Just look at these, uh, looking the scandals here. There's a price addition going on. Supports us falling candlesticks. Okay, off dressing this place price objections, if you but, ah, short order. Or if you start selling, then we'll make a loss. Because, see, the trend is up. Friend is a no. Under their rejections by again to six. But the trend is a friend is my friend Friend is my best friend, so I cannot go against my best one. So I waited Transit boom markets started going up again. Event or the candles are really knew. That event or the candles for weeks are telling you that market may go down, but you should get a trend to turn this up. So if the candles are showing you in a positive face, you should wait for the confirmation. Okay? Suppose if you would have going is a trade would have lose money. That's it. So treat Bonser, Let me show you again. Not very nice, Alicia. It's not a grating strategy on. Do not look at it for a friend. Bias. That's it, boy, 17. Candlestick Psychology: Hello. Hello. Hello. Well, now we have learned many candlestick patterns, But today I'll be discussing greetings that you must know. Okay. Candles, candles and candles. Okay. Okay. Let's roll length off the body shows who's in control. Ok, I suppose so. Disick and, um, length off people to see this is the body. Okay? This body is very long, and the weeks are smaller in comparison to the body. Okay, There's a big body. Small, weak, so on. It's a green Guettel. So buyers are in control. Length of the week shows the prices action. See, Look at the size of the body and the size of the week. The week of the size of the week, it's more than double. So the price went down here. Okay, but there is a price is action from the Lewis part. And it went up here on closed here, which means that buyers are in control. That's why the price got rejected when the price went down. Andi ratio off wit. The body shows the complete picture like this is the ratio. OK? Small body, long reduction. So it it's a hammer. So it signifies that deep eyes are in control. OK, explain in a bit D day. See, there's a big candle. There's a big candle. It opened here. I went a little down on. After that, it went little on. It went up on course Here. See, the body is very big in comparison to the we. Okay, which means that the biases in control look at the second candle body and decided the weeks almost similar. So it's a kind of bullet sign. Also, you can say that. See the size of the weekends. The price went up. It got rejected. When the price one don't, it got rejected, so it's kind of a no so or no game. We need to wait a little. You gotta talk candle. It opened here. After that, the sitter's took the price down till here is the lowest point of the price. You know, it's point of the candle, but deep eyes, toe guitars and the price hard price all the way up here. That means that means when the price is going down, the city's lost their control. The bias came in or the bulls came in and the doctor stars and made it a bullish, gentle. What kind of reversal. Whenever you get to see this kind of candle on a chart, we should understand that. OK, there. But there is a big possibility that there will be changing grand or the market will go up now. Red candles, Great design of Major. Or also the sign off, love. Yeah. See? Small really big body open. Dear ghost here. So a clear shot issue off bias are in consort with the sailors. I'd gone through our DeCero, start dominating the market, get the second handle, open their clothes here in a high off made high till here in a downtown here. But price got rejected, so nickel waited a little because of prices. Action is almost similar at up at the top and bottom als. Okay, look at a candle. It opened here price when tucked up, up and up, the virus or the bulls were in charge for them. Why? And they were taking the price up. But the sellers were in a dominating board or the beers were in dominant mood. What they did that they started selling and took the price all the way down here and a limit date post here. Okay. When you understand the psychology behind the scandals, so you don't need toe mug up all the veterans that I have. I thought you earlier or in biggest classes. You just need to understand the psychology who's in charge or who is in control just by looking at the candles. You should understand who is in charge, whether the fireside control or the seller side coming when you will understand the psychology. Arctic concept. Who's in charge? You don't need toe mark up all the patterns that are every little in the market. Okay, just right on the sand to understand, you just need to just safety street points. Length of the body shows hose in control. OK, whatever you look at the size of the candle, it shows decided the body shows who's in control. As I mentioned earlier length of this week shows the prices. Actually, yes, the leg the other week is also very important. If there were, if the week if nobody goes down and gets resected means the buyers are in control. If the weak, the weakest like this that in cellars are in control on ratio off week, the body shows the complete Peter where it is a hammer or inverted hammer or you bend if the if the market is going up, if the market is going up, if there's a rejection from above. If marketings is going up under, there is a recession from above. That is, there's a high probability might get to go down. If the market is going down, down, down, down and you get to see a price reduction from below. OK means that bulls have come into the picture and there is a possibility that pulls can take the charges and will move up. Market reports. That's it. So you don't nikto love manga? Hundreds of patterns that are available in the market. You just need to understand the basic psychology. So this three points are very essential. Okay, so I hope you understand 30 day 18. Most Boring, Yet most Important: How Stock Market Functions. Part 1: a low welcome back So West that I don't seize the most boring and yet Morsi border plus because see, without having the proper ground information, you cannot jump into the market. I don't see like toe. We like to see beautiful charts, colorful charts. Market is going up and down, up and down. But there's a basic information that we need to have when we take stock market as a profession, stock market as a patient, because without having the ground knowledge, you cannot let me jump into the knowledge to our information, like before going into college, where toe clear school like that only. Okay, so that's wrong. So today I will be teaching about how stock market functions. Okay, let's get started. That force. We'll try to understand. What is the definition off stop. The stock or share also knows that, also known as a complex equity. Yeah, we used to what he divorced Time is a financial instrument, battery presence or ownership in a company or corporation and represents a proportionate clean on its assets. That means what it owns are means what it generates in profits. If he owns shares in a company, death means you something the company owns, Um, and you also have a part in their profit. This is the reason why companies issues bonuses, and they also provide whenever a company makes a good profit day. The idea shareholders now will guide understand why a company issues years this corporate time likely had started. A small private and PP launched by visionary, found a few tickets ago. Pink off Jack Ma. Be famous Check mark off Alibaba from his apartment in Hangzhou, China, in the year 1999 or box over founding earliest version of Facebook Promise. Harvard University Dog Room In full technology, giants like these have become among the biggest companies in the world within a couple of tickets. However, going at a frantic pace are requires exist a massive amount of capital in order to make the transition from an idea germination in an undiagnosed brain. The way operating company he or she needs to leaves and office or factory hire employees by Quitman and Rama drills on putting taste, sales and distribution network and other things. These resources required a significant amount of capital, depending on the scale and scope of the start up. So what it is trying to say is that whenever you open a company or you start a business, you need a good amount of capital. Do you need a place to operate? You need to hire employees unit by materials. Robert Reels. You bite if you start a small company. Also his unit. A couple of computers for your employees in Leader Seal team says this division Neco. Everything requires money. So suppose you just started a company on You. Want to go up? The sky's the limit you want to reach Sky still yielded something human capital. So the first purpose behind a company behind a company issuing serious is very skeptical. They start up again research capital I've ever selling shares or boring money. That financing can be a problem for a start up, because it may have few assets toe plate for a loan specially in sectors such s technology or biotechnology, where the forum has few tangible assets. Plus, the interest on the loan would impose a financial burden in the early days when the company may have no revenues or earnings. Equity financing, therefore, is a preferred route for more start ups. That capital Yes, Ian proper. Me initially source funds from person sevens as of this friends and family to get the business off the ground as the business expands and Kevin Requirement become more substantial, the improper mater to angel investors and venture cap reforms. Every company initially started company. Every company try to rise off. They try to function with the help of the capital. They have they more upon the plants also. But as a business girls human, big level of support that force you started with $200.300 dollars. When a company is going at a faster pace or it's great, substantially the good capital see $1 million.10 million dollars. $1,000,000,007 is not a matter of job. You cannot go and ask for money. Your father like that gave me $10 million Capital capital for my company because this is a big amount, like before that you need to turn in tow, agent yourselves, or capital. When a company established itself, it may need access to a much larger amounts of capital. Then it could get from ongoing operations. Banking can do by seven shares to the public for an initial public offering. These are all sold on this I. You the strangest instead of off the complete my private, from whose shares are held by future homeless, publicly traded company whose shares will be held on numerous members off the general public. The idea also offers investors in the company and opportunity Guests are part of the state , often dripping very handsome rewards in the process wants. The company's shares are listed on a stock exchange and trading it in commences. The price off. This year's will fluctuate as investors and traders assess and reassess is the and fix it. There are many different ratios and metric that can use of any stocks or which the most. A single most popular measure. ISS probably. Price earning ratio. P E ratio. Alba Distressing to be in racial later. Three. Stock analyzes also tends to falling. Do one of two camps Fundamental and lettuce or like this. Oh, whenever a company quite a big amount of capital for expansion or for business what? What they do is they see your big amount Sometimes up. The bank is not able to able to provide that amount or what we have, what we do, step What do you mean? The companies raised toe? They go public instead of being a private, limited company Are private company uh, this to raise funds? Border operations for the business for expansion just school public police capital ultimately up the main purpose behind issue serious for company story stepping. So now we've been try to understand what is a stock exchange? Stock exchanges are secondary market where existing owners off Cirrus can project with potential buyers. It is important to understand that corporations listed on star markets do not buy and send their own shares on a regular basis. Completes me getting stopped by specs or issue new shares. Parties are not dated. The operations on often, often outside of the framework are for foreign exchange. So when you buy a share or stop the stock market, you are not buying it from become bunny. You're buying it from some other existing shareholders like west. When you sell your shares, you not sell them directly back to the company. Rather, you said then to other investors, Well, it's when a company gets on instead in a stock agent. What is that? The list shares the stock exchange. What? I'm trying toe, then is that supports? Are you want to buy some shares off Apple or Amazon? So you cannot directed by this year's from the company you'll be. You'll be buying this year's from investors. Those who were having this year's on a willing to sell right now and suppose after having some good profits from six years after a few years, when you have when we were thinking that, I admit. 19. Most Boring, Yet most Important. How Stock Market Functions, Part 2: no. Yeah, So when you will be thinking that I had met some good profits and you're willing to invest that amount amount of money into other shares you can. So you're visiting no serious not toe. Apple or Amazon directly will be selling your shares. Who a person was interested to buy? Shares? You don't hunt for person. You'll be just executing daughter. Just send the order on. The person who is interested in languages will be buying it from you without having your knowledge. Okay, before stock market apparel in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries, mending port cities are spreading helps, such as on Iraq and Saddam on London. These early stock exchanges, however, were more taking toe born exchanges, and a small number of companies did not issue equity. In fact, most early corporations were considered semi public organizations, since they have to be charged up by their government in order to conduct business. In the late 18th century, stock markets began appearing in America, no Deputy New York Stock Exchange and why SC most popular name stock market work, which allowed for equity shares to trade the honor off the stock for stock exchange in America goes to Philadelphia. Stop X genes. What's the likeness today? The New York Stock Actions, or N Y S E, was founded in 17 92 designing off the bottom of the women by 24 New York City stockbrokers and merchants. Prior to the Official Inc traders and brokers would be unofficially under bottom a tree on Wall Street to buy and sell shares. Such a colorful information. We were jumping in tow. How share prices herself. The price is upstairs on the stock market can set in a number of ways. But most common way is through an auction process where buyers and sellers place beats and offers to buy or sell. How big is the price at which somebody wishes to buy an offer or ask price? Is the price at which somebody wishes to sell When the bid and asked insight treaties made Listen, The overall market is made up of millions off investors and traders who may have differing ideas about defending off specific stop and dust, the price at which they're willing to buy or sell it. The thousands of projections that offer as these investors on traders convert their intentions to our actions by buying or selling stocks cause minute by minute gyrations in over the cause. Off it Trading Day a stock excellence provides a platform where such a straight ing can be isn't conducted by matching buyers and sellers of stocks. It's very boring. It's, but it's a quite so quite understand when someone will be asking after five years about how hey, how's your Bryce said at this? For every person to get access to these exchanges, they would need a stockbroker, Mr Berger X, as a middleman between the buyer and the seller seller. Yet again, Stockbroker is mostly for most commonly accomplished by creating an account, well established retail broker. The stock actually is there, but definitely you cannot do you look it up by you need toe. Do it through a broker. Let me give you a real life example. Suppose you want 40 does. I suppose you want potatoes, so to buy potatoes, you will be going to the market or a supermarket or shop to buy protectors directly. You won't be going to a farmer. Farmer India. Here farmer is like a stock actions and the supermarket or the mall or the shop is de Broca . With the price a buyer is willing to pay for a stock, ask the prior of rice a sailor is willing to sell their shares and spread. Is the difference between the Lewis asked and the high speed asked. Minus beat is secretly spread Stock market supply and demand the stock market also offer us a fascinating example of the law of supply and demand at work in real time. For every soccer projection, there must be a buyer and a seller because of the immutable laws of sup