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Mastering Microsoft Teams: The ultimate communication hub

teacher avatar Top Skills &., Skills for job & work success

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Introduction to Microsoft Teams

    • 2. Launch Microsoft Teams online / on your PC / from your mobile device

    • 3. Pre-schedule a Teams meeting from Teams or from MS Outlook application

    • 4. Start scheduled or ad-hoc Meetings (Audio and Video calls) with Teams

    • 5. Present slides / files / desktop during a Teams call

    • 6. Use chat in Microsoft Teams

    • 7. Recordings and captions / subtitles of Microsoft Teams calls

    • 8. Create and manage Teams on MS Teams

    • 9. Invite guests, colleagues from outside of you organisation

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About This Class

Mastering Microsoft Teams class will bring you up to speed with Microsoft Teams. This class gives you the fundamentals you need to use Microsoft Teams effectively at work.

Microsoft Teams is the new Skype for business. Teams is integrated into the Office 365 application landscape and knowing how to use Teams is essential in today's digital working environment. Setting up meetings with remote working colleagues / clients, or using Teams in the educational space to enhance digital teaching / learning is just part of everyday life for many.

Join the class and learn essential skills about Microsoft Teams. MS Teams is one of the most popular applications supporting communication at the workplace. Our class combines deep MS Teams expertise and practical working expertise with Microsoft Teams. The creator team has active expertise working with Microsoft Teams from both the business and the higher education space. Practical business usage of Microsoft Teams included a global project work covering companies working together from the Americas and Europe by using Microsoft Teams as the main communication tool for remote meetings. As your teacher we will use our Teams expertise to guide you step by step on your way to learn this.

At the end of this class you will be an empowered user of Microsoft Teams and be able to use the most popular Teams functions with great confidence. You will also be able to perform tasks using MS Teams with efficiency. Below are just a few of the topics that you will master:

    Confidently using Teams and navigating in the interfaces

    Start a conference call / chat on Microsoft Teams

    Give a presentation via Microsoft Teams

    Record a conference call on Microsoft Teams

    Sharing Files with the help of Microsoft Teams

    Managing Teams within Microsoft Teams

    Invide guests to your Microsoft Teams meetings

We are looking forward to welcoming you in the class. Also please just add any question to the Discussions section.

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1. Introduction to Microsoft Teams: join our glass on Master Microsoft teams, that ultimate communication hub for Microsoft. This course provides you great overview about all the functions you need to know about Microsoft teams. It's normal, user. You will use teams in your workplace, communicated colleagues start scheduled meetings, just call others or checked on them. Ultimately, themes is the new Skype's for business, so don't hesitate. Let's get started together. 2. Launch Microsoft Teams online / on your PC / from your mobile device: in this section, we review how you can start Microsoft teams. Actually, there are three easy ways to start. You can start it from the Internet, just simply searching for, like some teams in Google, we're going to them. Outlook or office that page off Microsoft. We will start with this way. The second veil will be to review how to start it from your nobody wise, and the third way will be how to start it from your PC. I will use a Windows PC, so it's just simply search for Microsoft teams in Google and click on dealing. It brings me assigning page so you can always start Microsoft teams remotely. Wherever you have access to the Internet, you can just click on the sign in button, and you can just log in with your sign in Credentials is actually leads me to the Microsoft Sign page. I can just provide email address, click next, provide password and click on the Sign in Icon. I can make it remember or nuts. It asks me whether I would like to use the Windows Airport, the Web. I can always say that I would like to use the Web. It leads me to the starting page of Microsoft teams, which is just very similar in the mobile app and in the desktop application toe the starting pages that I can see my teams if I have any. I don't have any yet. I can see a search for now, but I can search anything. There is a small icon which is in your chest. This is very can start a new Chet. There is an activity icon. You see if you have any new messages or anybody added you to any conversation that your attention might be needed. You see your active chats here under the chat area, you see your teams in the team's area. Your calendar is that you see pre scheduled meetings similarly to your outlook calendar. Course you can see your cause. Advice is that you can see face, which I shared with you within teams, and you can also add more applications to the team's area. That would be Microsoft application or some other replications, which air in the team's area in the top right corner. You see when I convert your initials, if you click on it, it opens up in the area that you can change your profile picture to become the change picture area can upload a picture. Let's say I would like to approve jukebox about our picture. I can save it and clothes. Similarly, in this area, I can see the availability. If it is green. It means that given person is available if it is ready to me and so busy. So if I have a meeting, then it automatically changes. Too busy what I can see that I am more remember I will be right back. Same about the status message. I can just said that in the next three hours I would be in a plane. Don't contact me via teams. It can be quite useful in given cases. It's the second way to start Microsoft teams. You can actually start. The team's desktop application can just typing in the search area Microsoft teams And it actually shows the best match teams obligation. This will open up the Microsoft teams tested publication. As you can see Speicher's of teams, that's the application opened. The Avatar picture is synchronized because it is the same across all devices, and Old Team said he'd be online by device or actually the tested application. Also, the layout is very similar. You have the search box in the right up corner. You can search on names, any birds that used in teams. Chats. You have the teams. If you have any teams which are associate it to you, you don't have currently. Also, there is a new chat button. It is a very small icon, so you should be aware of this. If you like toe, start a new chat. Also, there is a big search common type on the top of the screen again for any type of search within teams. And the same day since the only invasion, you have the activity chat teams calendar cause face and further EPPS. More edit EPS area on the left side, off the scream. You can also start Microsoft teams from your mobile device. This is an iPhone application, and I just downloaded Microsoft Teams application from APP Store and clicked on the icon. So it started to see that the basic is very similar than on the desktop. You have the activity chat teams, Kalandar calls on the damn side of the screen by clicking on the chat. You can stop the new chat. You can just search on any name from within your organization, and it will pop up so you can just start messaging them. You can also view teams by clicking on the team cycle. This would least the teams where you are part off. I'm not part of any team said so this area is can't empty. You also see the calendar here you see your pre scheduled meetings. This is in sync your Microsoft outlook, and I see that I have a weekly sales meeting and by clicking on the join button I could just join from my form into the meeting is quite useful. Also, you have the coast area very with your call history, and you can start a new call by clicking on the phone icon in the top off the screen. This is how it looks, and also there is the hamburger menu area. By clicking on it, you see in your own data, you see your availability. You can change it from green toe more busy or being away, and you can also set a status message. You can just write that I won't be available in the next two hours. I have doctor appointment. You can also set See the status that the real identification is on or off. It's for to have it on so that if somebody writes you or course you re a team that it actually pops up its identification on your mobile device. 3. Pre-schedule a Teams meeting from Teams or from MS Outlook application: in the current lecture, we will leave you how to schedule pre scheduled meeting, either from backs off teams or for Microsoft Outlook applications. If you were on Microsoft teams, you have Microsoft Teams application open on your PC. Then there is the calendar area. You can just click on the calendar to see this week go to next week and actually, you see, then you already have pre scheduled meetings. And let's say I have a weekly sales meeting. And if I would like to schedule something for Wednesday, I can just click on the time slot, Let's say, from 9 a.m. And the new meeting area pops up, I can add a title like chat at attendees. Let's say I would like to invite Chain James, a member off organizations, but you can also invite other people, guests or plans you can set when it should start. Then it should end. Should be repeating meeting. You can actually say that this is a weekly meeting. He should be repeated every big day. You can say that it is a daily meeting, which would be repeated every day, weekly meeting, monthly yearly meeting or custom. I can say that this meeting doesn't repeat because it is just a one time meeting with Jane . I can just type in a message. Hygiene. Let us have a quick chat. Thanks a lot, Joe. This is the meeting details on the scheduling assistant tub. I also see James Calendar because she's been in my organization. So if she has any other meetings which might clash with this new meeting that I would see it here. But she always has the weekly sales meeting with me, and she doesn't have anything. On Wednesday from 8 a.m. I can just say, send a meeting and they're meeting the subject off. Chat has been set for Wednesday from 9 a.m. Out there. Not evenly. I can click on the old complication and see I have anemia from Jane. Hi, Joe. I hope you are. Well, thank you for sending over last week. Serious numbers. I think it will be great to discuss this topic on a separate meeting. Thank you for your health. It organizing best dishes job. I understand that a new meeting should be organized, so I am in my book just working as normal. I can click on the calendar. I come, I see my weekly calendar. I see the regular sales meeting, and I also see a new check meeting We June, which I have just organized. And I'm just thinking about the vtcs numbers. Let's discuss it on Friday and clicking on Friday and click on the new meeting or new appointment. It's a new meeting to set up a new meeting. I can give a title vehicle sales numbers, you can say, he was recalled by clicking on the empty area in the line Off required. I can see James Time, but I can also write it in Janey's required double. Click on the name and I can say, Hi, Jane. It would be great to discuss. Picked the sales. Thank you, Joe. And if I would like to use art things meeting that is this thing's meeting icon in the upper section off the screen, actually, the Skype for business like we used to be here. But now, when you install the new version for his 365 Skype for business has been replaced by Microsoft teams by Microsoft. So by default you can just insert the teams meeting fact. We could be cycle on double click on it. You see a new meeting link has been inserted, and this will be just very easy, because if chain clicks on it, then you will be in the same meeting and it will be on teams. And this is how you actually pre schedule a meeting from our clock, which already includes Pray inserted Microsoft teams link to make the discussion and the meeting very easy for everybody because everybody will have it in the calendar and everybody actually has the link where he or she can join. So this is the Sudbury is way to use our true calendar and actually organized teams meetings. So I can just say sand. I can see that on Friday from 8 a.m. There is a new meeting to discuss the weekly sales numbers. It is organized by two, and the meeting location actually is Microsoft Teams meeting is just very useful if you and your colleagues, co workers working remotely not on the same location, and you can just organized future meetings. If I just review the meeting that was organized from the teams application. This chap meeting on Wednesday, nine AM and double click on it. I see that this has also included a prayer inserted. Teams meet Yngling, which can be just used to actually join the meeting. 4. Start scheduled or ad-hoc Meetings (Audio and Video calls) with Teams: in the SECTION REVIEW REVIEW How to Start at or pre scheduled meetings with M s teams. Let's start with the outlook version as the first example at US review How to start Microsoft Teams meeting When you are actually working in your outlook, you can just come to the calendar area. Click on a given meeting. Let's am kicking on the go to market meeting Jane, and there is a link toe. Join Microsoft teams meeting If you click on the link that it actually open sub teams and you see that it brings you to an area that you can actually join a meeting you can set before you actually join, whether we would like to turn your camera on or turn you on camera off. You can also see if the camera is turned on. Valerie would like to blur the background or not. You can say that the background should be blurred. If you are working from home from your sofa, then it may be just were not to show the background to your colleagues. If you're working remotely so you might wish to learn the background and all the your face will be visible in this case and not the background. You can also save. Hillary would like to join so that the microphone is muted. Or you can actually say that I would like to mute or you can actually, Arnoud, you can actually click on the join our bottom to join the meeting. Now you join the meeting. You can also turn your camera off. You can also mute a Newt yourself being this area, and you see also who actually joined the meeting by clicking on show participants. You see that you are currently in this meeting. Jane is invited, and actually you are the only participants in this case. You can just close these if you don't want to see the chat. I'm just hanging up the meeting by clicking on the red full Nikon on the left side. It's an alternative Asian for joining a meeting. You can also click in the calendars icon on the left side off the team's application by clicking on the calendar icon in things you can't see the same meetings that you see in outlook. You can just double click on a given meeting. You might that send about picking on the go to market meeting. You might. The seat is big chain. You see that? The same meeting invitation is presented and there is a joint button in the upper right corner off the screen. You can just click on this joint button to join the meeting. It brings you to the same area that river before you haven't joined the meeting yet. But you can set. But we would like to turn your camera on, turn it off, mute yours have or a newt and you can actually click on the joint now button to join the meeting. Once joined the meeting, you seethe same many icons in front off you. And you can just hang up the meeting by clicking on the red for icon on the right out there . Not really. If somebody is calling you diet clivia teams, you see the following pop up. Jane do is calling me. I can just inspired to call with accepting with audio. In this case, my face only visible my bet Come from be visible also, I can answer the Corbett video in this case instant. My rep comfortably switched on, but I can just say that I am busy and I declined a call. If I would like to start a new artwork call, she's not a pre scheduled meeting. I can't just come to the chat area, See that I have unanswered cool from Jane, she called me earlier. I can just click in the top right corner on the video call icon. In this case, this would start a new video call or I didn't click on the audio. Colli come in this case, I would just start a new a talk audio called Chain or I could instantly start screen sharing call. Let's say, if I would like to start a new audio call, I'm kicking on the button and it is instantly calling Jane. In case Jane accepts, I actually see that she joined the coal. Now it is the two of us in the coal We can have a private conversation, like in any other chat application or in Sky. Previously, I can just hang up the call. If I would like to start new called with somebody new, I can just click on the new chat icon type in the name that say, I would like to have a new conversation, but one I can easily start and you chat by typing any message. I can also instantly start a new call by actually initiating a video call initiating audio call. If I would like Toa start the conversation before one and Jane, I can just click on the S People area and I can easily type in the colleagues name but say I would like toa add Jane to the call. It automatically suggests Jane from within my organization. I can click on it. Click on add are relatively. I can also cancel. If I don't want to ask her. I can have multiple colleagues at the same time so I can build a long list off colleagues where I would like to add the call if needed, by clicking on the add button. I see that now we have three people in the chat by clicking on the People icon. We want that participants icon in the top right corner. I see that currently there are three people in the chat. Actually, it is Jane Joe and Long. I can also as further people. If I initiate on audio call now, it will call everybody reading the chat the same baby, the video call it would call my video switched on everybody who is in the chat. So it is fairly easy to start chattering single people around the oak over single people or with multiple people in the same time when one at home basis to Although I think it will have many pre scheduled meetings which are making out there your week. And obviously, if there is anything urgent, then you can just catch on at home call. Although I suggest that always try to message the colic first. Just make sure he or she is available. Check their calendar before you just start directly bringing them, because it might be kind disturbing in the middle of the day. Or maybe they are in actually some type of work, and they need some peace and quiet. It's just always better to have rescheduled meetings or actually politely siege them first before you just start calling them 5. Present slides / files / desktop during a Teams call: in the current Lecture Review Review How to Share Your Desktop or other fights during the team school. If somebody calls you were teams, you should actually join the coal in the first place. In this case, Jane is calling me. I accept the call by kicking on the call button. I accepted a cool and the conversation started. You see, in the middle of the screen there is this share icon, and if you click on it, then you can actually share either your desktop or any other window that you are you think is in those areas. Open face. If you have a problem 0.5 or an Excel file open, then you can just choose which fight to share. If you are sharing your desktop, the other participants off the team school, you see everything which is on your desktop, and if we are switching between applications, teams will follow it. And actually teams we show your there, stop the fight. You select the other fags, direct and so on. If you are choosing to present all your power point presentation and you have changing it during the team score and switching to excel on your own, device teams won't follow it. It will keep focusing and sharing your Power Point presentation. So it is just key to understand what is the different between sharing your desktop, which shares whatever we were doing, which were applications, urine or sharing some other application, which will keep teams treading on the given application. Let's say if I'm sharing my Excel file, then you see this is part of the presentation and I can just stop sharing any time by clicking on the stop sharing icon. But see how it looks if my counterpart Jane share something, if James clicks on sharing and actually it takes a bit off the time to load. But then this is how I see their screen, and in this case, they're just shared a destiny. If they open any five, let's say the open a sales presentation from the rest stop, then it stays completely visible during the team school. So this is when Jane actually shared her less stop. And then why opening a new file? Actually, it is visible during the team school, and also, if you speeches, slides if she actually places this presentation back to a minimum, it still shows in the team school. She can also stop sharing her presentation by clicking on the on the stop sharing bottom. If Jane decides to share to the Power Point presentation directly, then this is how it lords. And then it is visible in the team school, and as long she stays within the presentation, it is visible. But then she actually switches to her death stop. The teams call Steer shares the power point, so it is not visible about Cheney's doing on the other screen. It is just good to keep it in mind. If I would like to share this sales review file, be chain, then you see if I scroll up with my mouth stories, the top off the screen, there's a president tradition layer popping up, and in this area I can actually give control to somebody else, and they can continue the presentation So it can be that I held a presentation or meeting and somebody needs president to slides. We would like to let's say, hold student meeting via teams, and you would like to give the students the opportunity to present their slides or their findings. You can just give them control. It lists everybody who is part off the call. In this case, it is Jane. So I can just click on give control to Jane Doe and in this case, she can actually share whatever she would like to. I can also cancer control. In this case, the control is back on me and I am present in my screen. You can also bean this whole control area and in this case it never disappears. Other rise. If it is an pinned and you are schooling away or are taking away, then it just disappears from the screen. You can also stop presenting by click on the stop president in guy Come. It has the same effect as clicking on the stop presenting icon in the bottom right corner. 6. Use chat in Microsoft Teams: in this section, we review how to best use chat feeling Microsoft teams You can actually always start a new chat. You are chest. If you are opening up Microsoft teams, you see this check icon in the top left area off the screen. You can right click on it and click on your chat. He's pops up in new chat area. There is a two section right on the top off the chat area. You can just start typing any name you would like to start the chat with, and this helps to bring up people from within your organization. And let's say I can just click on Jane If I would like to start a new chapter. Jane, I can also add multiple Calixto this chat. Let's say in this case I only would like to have a chat. Jane. I can also name it and create a new group chat by clicking on this arrow, which points towards down on the top right area and actually name these group chat. Let's say I would like to name it as James chat. I'm just freaking out from it and it has a name now. My chest region. I can also start a new chapter by clicking on the new chat icon. It will bring up the similar window. The new chatter. Aiken is a small, like on left from the search books actually on the top of the screen. Let's say if I would like to use this chat to start the conversation with Jane, it's quite simple. There is a type, a new message box in the bottom of the screen. Now it is a group chat, so I need at least one more people to be able to start a message. If I just start toe type in anything into the group, chat with only one people. Let's say if I start typing in hi Jane and he'd end there, it won't stand it or hit to the sand button. It won't send it. I need to add at least two people to a group chat. I can just add one. Now we have toe additional people in the group chat, and I can actually start sending messages. Alternatively, if I am in a private chat for Jane, which I already have open, or I can just click on the new chat icon and start typing in James name. You see, I also see James Chat is as a group chat where Jane and Wang are present. So if I just select Jane single chat and start typing in a message like, Hi, Jane, this is actually sent when I hit. And there overnight leak. Understand bottom. How are you in Greek? Understand button. It actually sends this message is to Jane. It's quite important that I can also format this message by former thing. Reach for Metin Get it or pops up, as you would expect in any type of messaging toe. With this quality, you can actually bold text setting toe italic underline. Strike through. You can bring any cool or it's a highlight color to the text. Select your phone color your phone size. Set your photograph. I don't think you will actually use the sophistication toe. Often normally chatting via teams is quieting formal way to contact people and contact colleagues. But this gives you the option to actually sophisticate your text. You can also set delivery option with standard is the default. It just sends the message. It's usual instant message you can mark it is important. This is something which requires attention, and it is more urgent. Also, the urgent message is something they're actually the receiving is notified every two minutes for 20 minutes that this is something they need to read. So this just keeps popping up for them. You can. My message is important and urgent. If you would like to really make attention off it about bear in mind. In some cases, it just better to call somebody call via teams actually called me a form. So I would say in many cases you were just use the stand, that message and the other recipients we'll actually see. That's an incoming chat message. You can also further sophisticate your message and that emerges. It's quite stayed for around. Obviously, you can also have a search for running more dream. There are actually range of a more just integrative reading teams, although in the profession of working environment, I don't suggest that you sent to many, many messages and the moderates in your chair, because it is not necessary the professional way it would communicate on the workplace. Obviously, if it is private or more informal, message done, it's perfectly fine to send Marjorie in it. You can also send gifts. So if I would like to insert a GIF, I can just select it and double click on it so that everything is after it into the chat. I can click on it to show the delete button on my keyboard, and this removes the gift from the chat. I can also add the sticker. In this case, I can actually actually customized the message. Hi, Jane Done, and I can just send it. It loves you to provide a quiet, sophisticated and personalized message. You can also schedule a meeting from this area. Also, you can send this place to people. I don't say you were. Use it often, but it allows you to send BEJ and select it and send it to given colleagues. There is also three dot further messaging extension option. If you click on it, you see that you can just integrate further replication into these teams chat. Let's say if I integrate but Wikipedia, I can just read it by clicking on that button, and it blows me to set something, search for something, click on it and instantly paste it into the team strength without ever leaving teams. So it can be quite useful to show what else you can do. You can always click on a given message and select on a mortuary and Eddie to the chance you can actually like vert five, which is inserted or like any given sentence, which I read it to the chat by other people. You can also, always at new people to the chance and kind of create a group chap from a private chat. You can just click on the Add People button, start typing the name, and this would add new colleagues to the chance. In this case, you can select a jury would like toa below them to see the history off the messages or or if the new messages in the chat you can also start video call now the oco from this area. If you would like to, you can actually add file to the chat. You can just click on attach. You can survive to upload it from one drive or from your computer. You can upload a given fight from your computer. That's a I would like to absolutely sales with you. Fine. Welcome and send it. In this case, this file becomes part off this chat, and you can actually open it from reading the chat by the book, clicking on it, and you don't need to leave teams. Basically, this is the main idea off Microsoft not not leaving things working here with your colleagues. You can just leave you with that commenced to it. Close it. And actually, the file is also available in the fire section off this chat. This is kind of like a SharePoint area where you can actually edit this file working together. Normally your own computer. Just get a share building. This is basically your chat about this file. You can work together on the same review file in this case. Also, one more useful thing during a chance. If you are actually calling Jane and you were in the same cool, you can always review the chet area likely conditional conversation. I come in this case. It brings up your previous private chat. You can actually at further chance to this during the coal, especially if you are having a meeting with multiple colleagues. Let's say you are having a training meeting for 30 colleagues who are sitting worldwide in remote offices, and you are receiving questions from them. You don't necessarily want to break the training, but you can just ask them toe pope their questions into the chat area. And in the last section off the meeting, you can review the chat that say, you can actually click on the conversation icon, show conversation, icon and read Load the questions from the different colleagues you received during the core and answer album. So I think it is quiet. Good thing to manage larger meeting and actually answer the questions off the participants at the end of the meeting. So this is how you can hide and you chat conversations during a cool again. You can hide the conversation from this chat icon in the middle bottom area off the screen , where you can just click on the closed right panel icon on the top off the screen to hide a chat. 7. Recordings and captions / subtitles of Microsoft Teams calls: in this lecture review How to record the meeting, How to switch on captures. You can just click on join the meeting, joined now and if actually also your counterpart joints. Let's say in this case, Jane also joined the meeting. So it is a to off us in the meeting. I can start recording the meeting by clicking on the more actions area. This is the three dots in the middle bottom area. You can just click on it and click on start recording. After the meetings can find this recording in a meeting chats or Microsoft Stream. I can just click. OK, basically, then you see these red dot. Basically, this means that somebody started to record the meeting. It's quite important to understand, because this is something which might affect you. If you don't want to record meeting there, it is not appropriate, and it's worked to notify the other counterparts also, that you have according a given meeting. If you on the more actions, then you can stop recording by clicking on the stop recording button. In this case, I can actually click on the stop recording to stop the recording, and it won't record anymore. from this meeting now for the sake of this video and turning it one. So I start recording again the previous recording being saved once the recording, this process and safe to Microsoft Stream to be ready to the meeting chat, sometimes it takes time to see the recorded version of the meeting in the team's shot area . Please keep it in mind by clicking on the more action again, I can also turn on life captures. This is in preview in English only. But just to show you how it works, I clicked on it. It also takes some time, but you see, it actually starts recording the captions in the bottom area off the screen. It's quite useful, especially if somebody has hearing difficulties. Or if somebody's native language is not English, you can just turn it on and you can also read. But the other parties are saying those so you can actually record what you are saying during the meeting. This can just be immensely helpful when you are creating captions from the meeting afterwards. I am just stopping the meeting now and see the recordings I speak. Stop recording, obviously fact become cancer. Then it keeps being recorded. I'm just stopping recording directly call to stop recording button and also hanging up the meeting so that we can review the recordings. Actually, it brings me back to the meeting area that I can join the meeting again, as Jane hasn't hang it up yet, cause urging hangs up now, and you see that there are two recordings here in the 1st 1 without captures on the second where I actually started recording and also switched on the captures. You need to understand that not everybody can record meeting. Also, Microsoft has some guidelines. If you just click on the meeting more options and learn more, then you see that it leads us to the support page. But there are further guidelines How toe record the meeting. This is just but we have discussed and also the reason area. There's a section to discuss who can start or stop recording of you, so you need to have the proper license for this. Also, you might need tohave license from your I t out mean if you're broken for Elijah organization, and obviously you need to be somebody from within your organization and not the guests. Speaker not somebody who is just invited from a different domain. But this just keeps us secure that nobody actually records meeting. We shouldn't do it from 1,000,000 teams. And actually, this recordings are saved online to the cloud to Microsoft Stream. So this is that you can review recordings later on. Keep in mind it might take time to create this recordings you will see even given recording is available. Then you see the play video icon. So my first according is already available. And the second, the steel loading to Microsoft Stream. Let us review the first video. I can just click on the icon and it will play the video. If I click on it, you see this pope a player and in the meantime, also the second video just here. I can stop it. I can't restart it. I commuted anytime. So this basically is recording the first according type created during the team school. When I click on this, you in Microsoft Stream icon on the bottom, right area off the scream. It actually brings me up Microsoft's team. I need to log in with my email address. Job looks like. Next. Provide my password. Click on the sign in bottom. This actually leads me to the stream application that I see the video and I can actually much it here on streams. At comments to it, it is visible that it has been created by Joe Blocks. Also, I can share the video by clicking on the share icon. There is a direct link to the video, which I can just copy, and this video will only be viewable by authorised users. I can also share it on the Amer. I can actually email it over. You'll be only beautiful buyout arise users. If I actually type in the email address is like I would like to be married to Jane. I can just select your email address. I can also remember the video selecting the size, which I would like to use. I would say I would like to Empoli's quite good quality. I can auto plate. Not I can make it responsive so that it accommodates two different devices that would be more by device, the PC device I can set when it should start. The auto play should start and the embed code is just here, which I can copy and based on my website or on any other Internet application. Probably this is very might use any pre recorded video. I can just close it as I have no intention to embed it now. Also, if you click on these three dots, you can actually see some more actions. You can add it to any group or channel that's a few created this video, and you would like to share it in a group chat, and you would like to share it with your team. You can just easily do it from here. Or actually, also, you can delete the video from here or downloaded to your desktop if you prefer to have an actual video file. 8. Create and manage Teams on MS Teams: in this lecture review how to create and manage teams within Microsoft teams. You see, there is the steams icon in the top left area off the team's application screen. You can just click on it and you can see your teams because I don't have any teams now. I got up a new teams I can always click on. Create teams icon. At least we'll enable me to be the team from scratch actually created from an existing office straight 65 group or thin. If I would like to beat a team from scratch, I can just choose the first option. I can't say whether I would like to create private team. In this case, people need permission to join. Let's see if I would like to create a team for the executive leadership team off the company. Obviously, this is not something we would like to low anybody else to join without permission. Or this can be a public team that safe. I would like to use it to make widespread announcement within the company. Let's say I would like to create company news team that everybody sparked off and I might wish to use a public team. I would like to make a public team in this case, but everybody can join and I can give the name for my team. I would like to give the names company new steam. I can provide a description off the team. It's not compulsory. It is an option of field. I can click on create button at the bottom of the area and the team has been created. I can add members to this new team, which is a company. Houston. I can just start type name off the colic. I would like to invite directory the distribution list so that I can add it to the team. Let's say I would like to invite everybody from the company and just start typing the names and it'll out toe pop up. I am reading Jane and rang. Click on the add button, and they are actually added to the team. I can select whether they should be a member or one owner of the team. I would let them be a member, I kicking on the close button. I see that the team has been created and I can start posting conversations at more people to the team create channels under the team and also open f he cues. There are five next to the post in the operate area. This is that I can actually store five, which might be relevant for everybody belongs to the team. It is like a SharePoint area. To be honest, I can just click on, create new and create a new four there. I can call it news you can create and I can actually safe ice within this further or create new folders s Irish. This is something which stores five generally belonging to the steam. I can also always manage this team back. Click on the more option area, which is the three dots next to the teams that come and then manage team. In this case, it shows that I am the older And if I opened down members and guests, I see the Jane and one at the members off this team. I can just remove them by clicking on the X icon next to the name of the given person. So if I would like to remove wrong from the team, I can just remove him like this and he won't have access to these teams anymore. Same way. If I would like at him back, I can just click on ADD Member. Start typing the name selected Con Ed and click on close Button. I added one back. And when one looks into teams, give, you see the same team under the teams I can reveal belong to the company. Young stain and you see it's content. I would like to create a second steam or a new team. You can always click on the joint or creating button, which is in the bottom left area. You can just click on it and it leads you back to the original page that you can actually just click on the create Teams come. And in this case, I would like to show you how to create a private team. I can just click computer team from scratch. Select private. They're actually people you need permission to join. Give a team a name, Let's say Executive leadership team. Well, you can actually give every department a team separate team like marketing team, your HR team for finance team that obviously you don't necessarily want any people from your organization to join the team or the finance colleagues who can be invited, and then you can control more who can see the existence off the team and who can actually join. I just added Executed Leadership Team is the name of this team. Click on the Create bottom, and actually, Microsoft teams started to create the team. And actually, I can just add colleagues or at members, this executive leadership team. I would like to add Jane, as she's the executive director of this company, had in candle click on Ed. She's actually a member off it close, and now I have two teams. I have the company New steam, which is a public team, which means anybody from the organization can find these teams by searching, going and actually can also join. I also have the executive leadership team, which is a private team, so even if somebody searches for it in the search area, they won't find it. Only the ones who have been invited can join the team because it is a private team and all the date of receipt. If I click on it, it is a very similar thing. You can actually post things in by more people, create channels under the teams you can just advise. It is a SharePoint area, so it's quite similar. You see, you can create new folders, Apple New finds, and it has its own storage space. So basically, you can store your finance related or age related fais under the given teams that you create for these departments similar before the Executive Leadership team, you might wish to create reports or whatever the leadership team works on and needs to have access to by clicking gold managed team. I can also see who is the owner who are the members of this team. I can add a new member from this area. Also, I can see pending request if somebody would like to join this team David repair here. If I see the company New steam and click on Manage team, I don't see any pending request here because anybody who would like to join actually can just join without any approval by The Executive Leadership team is a private team, so not everybody can join, so I can just click on manage team on the Executive leadership team and see which channels belonged to it. But the set things are you can absolutely customize it fully customize it, it seems picture that the E L would be changed. I can also just click here and set a picture. If you have any specific picture we would like to upload to your team. You can also change after boards. You can set the permissions, but we would like to low members to create an update, channels or create update private channels or delete on restore channels. Basically, this the to further customization off your team structure and what the members can do, how they can change the look and feel of the team you can also said guests permissions. If you would like to invite guests to the esteems, you can give them broader access. Like if you have no executive director who is from some other organization that like to include in this team, they can also further update or create channels within the team. By default. It is set to know. Basically, it is not ticked. If I take it, I love it. If I am, ticket is not alone, I can say if I would like to low mansions. Basically this is bare. You can type at and the team or channel actually a name off some colleague and a candle ovular this team can use mansions or not. This can also have the team called generator. Basically, this loves you to generate code. And if you share this cold, people can join the team directly in this case and somebody has generated court. You won't get join requests. They can join the team directly. But please note Guest on be able to join meter team called you can. Also set federally would like to enable this team to generate or to use emojis names or gifts. You can actually say that you don't want to enable it. In this case, it won't be part of the team's chest. If you remember, the school generation can be used. Then you go to join and create teams and the instead of creating a team, you can actually join the team bitter cold. You can use this kind of generated courts here to join given teams with the court. Otherwise, you can just select the team that you would like to join. If you have multiple teams, let's say you are part off 10 different or 20 different teams. It might be confusing to see how you can find the team you would like to join. So basically, there is this search teams button. You can use the search teams certain books by searching for teams. If you would like to see your things listed, you can always click on the managed teams. Akron, which is in the bottom, sparked off the screen by clicking groaning. You see the name off the team, the description, If there is any, whether you are a member off owner off the team, how many people are part off it? What is the team tired? Is it public for a private team? The very would like to see a hidden thing actually showed the team, and you also see the more options area for each team. So in the section, if you are, let's say, an owner off 20 teams. It might be hard to find a team you would like to work with for maybe hundreds off teams. You can always use the search team area to just search for any team that safe. I start typing in leadership. It actually few tears me down. Which team names have this leadership were. So basically I just found the executive leadership team that I can work for it now. Also, I can create a new team from this area just by clicking on the creative team pattern on the top right corner off the screen. If you would like to delete a team, you can just click on more options and select the little team at the bottom off the selection list. By clicking on it, you will be notified. This delusion would mean deleting or thighs, chat and channels which belonged to the team. So you need to think I understand that thing will be deleted. I need to click this cheque books and then I can get a team so constipated financially before you delete. Because this might impact other colleagues were actually using the team. You can just click on the dancing in this case. What other use footing? If you are reading the team, you can actually starved, meeting with all the team participants by kicking on the meat. Now button. This brings you the same page that would be shown. Then you actually create video call from a private chat 9. Invite guests, colleagues from outside of you organisation: in the section we review How to invite guests toe teams meetings. Obviously, in most cases you might work with critics from within your organization, but sometimes you might wish to invite somebody who is not part off your organization, like a client, guest or guest speaker. If you were looking at the university and would like to organize a lecture where somebody is invited, it's an external expert. In this case, you can invite colleagues as guests cover curses. Guests took teams meetings. Obviously, you can always organize meeting in Outlook in just adding any women address and adding a guest immune address and into the team's link, they can just click on the teams in computation and joints a guest. But you can also add them from beating teams. I can always at guests to meeting invites, also from the teams application itself. If I click on the calendar area off the team's application, I see my own conduct. And if I would like Toa organize new meeting than I can just click on any available time slot at the new title like guest meeting, I can actually get participant's from meeting my organization like I can add Jane Jane do. He spoke up, but I can also add the guest speaker like I would like to add books guest at gmail dot com . Actually, the invited speaker doesn't needs to have Microsoft account or any business account. It can be a simple Gmail accounts two or some other email address. I can just taste the email address and take on the invite talks guest at gmail dot com. It added to the participants, and I can just quit condescend bottom in this case. Actually, the meeting is prompting in or calendars and let me show you how it looks from a guest speaker point off you. I also have blocks guest at gmail dot com. Email opened in the fire for the pros are I'm just clicking on it. You see, that is a new email from Joe Blocks. Actually been a guest speaker clicks on it. The meeting invite is visible. Then it is happening who are invited but is the meeting subject. The guest can also see a link leading to the teams meeting, and if the guest clicks on it, they don't even need to have Microsoft account or teams account for the team's application downloaded. So by clicking on it, they can always choose not to launch the application. But join from Microsoft Edge to the own language. Ashinoff the team if they just joined from Microsoft Edge. Obviously, I opened it in the fire. Folks, they do direct me to Microsoft Age. The old invasion off teams opens up. I provide access to my microphone. I can enter my guest name, guest Joe Books. I can't decide whether I would like to turn my camera on or off. Turn my speaker on mute. I told myself a mute that my camera be turned off and I can justly come to join our button . In this case, the guest managed to join from the all nine passion off teams toe. The invitation to see someone in the meeting should let you in soon. It means that the guest are actually in the lobby. You need toe, admit them to join the meeting. If I, the meeting organizer, are also joining the meeting. I'm just speaking. One joined. Now join Now. I see that the guest is actually in the lobby. I can view the lobby view all the guests who are in it but I can just click on the Admit Bottom two alone, the guest speaker, the invited guests to join the meeting. Now we're likely control participants. I see that myself and also the guest speaker, who only has a Gmail address, has managed to join the meeting and can actively participate. This is just a great way to use Microsoft teams and actively collaborate with people from outside your organization and let them join into meetings and active collaboration by using teams.