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Mastering Lightroom for Nature Photographers - 200 Level (Exciting)

Paul Hassell, Pro Wilderness Photographer

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8 Videos (57m)
    • INTRO

    • LEVELS - Don't edit like a 6th grade girl does makeup!

    • ND GRAD FILTER - Getting skilled with the most useful tool in Lightroom

    • ZION CANYON SUNRISE - Correcting distortion and other essential adjustments

    • HOODOOS AT SUNSET - Building skills and making impossible things possible

    • OKAY, TO WOW! - Oxbow Bend of the Colorado River

    • SLOT CANYON SUBTLETY - Let it glow!

    • GRAND CANYON SUNSET - Hopi Point


About This Class

What would you give to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Ansel Adams in the darkroom? To watch him wave his hand beneath focused beams of light as a reverse image of Full Moon over Half Dome burned into the paper's silver surface. No two prints would ever be precisely the same. He was as much an artist here as he was in the field.

As much as I love to keep my teaching focused on in-the-field technique and creative inspiration, at some point you have to address the other HALF of the art form. This is a course for wilderness photography enthusiasts dedicated to that other half of the craft. I hope this course is much like that experience next to Ansel might be. Except that in the place of a darkroom, we have a lightroom. Instead of Ansel, you have me.

I have been shooting as a professional wilderness photographer for the past 15 years. I've been published in Time/Life, National Parks, Nature's Best, and National Wildlife.

I'm a purist. I started my first decade in photography shooting with slide film. Photo clubs made sure you followed rules!

So, if you want the guy who will give 7,499 Lightroom presets to make your images look just like his (over saturated and artificial as they may be) then I advise you look elsewhere. This is for the aspiring outdoor photographers who wish to train their eye (and hand) at editing their RAW images with ease and joy. For those who wish to truly be artists in the room of light. And to do so with as much simplicity and organization as possible, so that you can get back outside taking pictures, since that's what caused you to fall in love with this in the first place.

I believe you will see that it isn't about having profuse knowledge of every possible trick in the book, it is about acquiring a skilled hand with just a few essential tools.

100-level 1st hour - The essential stuff you MUST know so that your digital life doesn't become a monster and try to eat you in your sleep.

200-level 2nd hour - This is the fun part. I walk you through recent images of mine made in the Southwest US demonstrating tasteful use of the essential tools you MUST know in Lightroom. I intentionally leave out plenty of tools for two reasons. One, I only use the ones that we cover here. Two, it does you no service to waste your time teaching you things you don't need to know.

This is everything you need to know and none of the other shenanigans.

See you inside the Museum of Art!

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A good overall introduction and the stress on being subtle in your corrections. Keep it real.
Good survey course to accompany the first course, 100 Level. The course touches on the basic editing adjustments in Lightroom very quickly.
This was awesome! I was looking for a super quick overview of the fundamental tools so I could edit some photos I took from a 2011 trip to Scotland. With Paul's apt analogies, patient teaching style, and thorough overview, I was able to get some really great results on some photos I kind of thought might be lost for good. THANK YOU!





Paul Hassell

Pro Wilderness Photographer

Paul has been published in National Parks Magazine, Time-Life, and Nature's Best. He has shot wilderness photography professionally for more than 15 years. For nearly a decade, he has instructed beginner and intermediate photographers on-location in Patagonia, Alaska, Africa and beyond, leading them quickly through the fundamentals of outdoor photography and launching them into the exploration of their own creative vision.

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