Mastering Hands Part 2: Painting Hands in Watercolor | Arleesha Yetzer | Skillshare

Mastering Hands Part 2: Painting Hands in Watercolor

Arleesha Yetzer, Watercolor Illustrator & YouTube Artist

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9 Videos (1h 4m)
    • Introduction

    • Watercolor Materials

    • Lightboxes

    • Mixing Skintones

    • Preparing for Your Project

    • Hand #1: Cold Press and Natural Tones

    • Hand #2: Hot Press and Opalescent Tones

    • Hand #3: Rough Paper and Molten Glow Tones

    • Wrap it Up!

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About This Class

This class will teach students to paint hands in watercolor. We will explore several different painting techniques ranging from realistic color schemes to more abstract experimentation!

Students will learn:

  • Useful watercolor materials
  • How to mix skin tones
  • How to use a lightbox/cheap alternatives
  • How to effectively utilize the natural luminosity of watercolors
  • Painting to create light and shadow

Students will create:

  • Three miniature watercolor illustrations… of hands!

This class is geared toward:

  • Artists with at least a basic understanding of how to draw hands/form (see previous class)





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Arleesha Yetzer

Watercolor Illustrator & YouTube Artist

Arleesha is a watercolor artist and YouTube creator based in the northeastern United States. Her work primarily features dynamic and whimsical representations of the human figure. Primary professional endeavors include her budding YouTube channel with a current subscriber community of over 49 thousand as well as this growing library of Skillshare classes!

Here, you'll find classes on anatomy, figure drawing, and watercolor techniques - all directed to help you improve your port...

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