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Mastering Graphite 4 - The Eyes and Nose

teacher avatar Kristy Besestri, Graphite Art

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. The Eyes

    • 4. The Nose

    • 5. The Eyes and Nose Closing

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About This Class

In this class we are going to look at our reference and focus on rendering the eyes and nose of our animal portraits in graphite

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Kristy Besestri

Graphite Art


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1. Introduction: Okay, so this course is gonna be a little bit longer and it's gonna be a little bit more in depth . We're going to start looking at rendering our animal. We're gonna work on the eyes and the nar's because they're the places that for generally emanates from the animal feathers as well. So that's gonna be Africa's for this class. You're gonna end up with something. But this and I haven't sped up any of the videos of me doing the eyes and the NAR's. I really want to try and give you a with the data all that I possibly can so that you can move into doing your drawing with confidence. So next up there'll be a video on supplies because you might want to get a few additional ones for the rendering. But if you can't get everything, that will be fine. As long as you have your pencil and a razor, you can get boy 2. Supplies: Okay, So before we start drawing, I just wanted Teoh. Point out a few tools that you might find handy to have so for the outline and that we really onion aid one pencil like a hatred HB. But as we progress in the drawing, you might find that handy to have a few different ranges of pencil here. And I'm pretty sure that my ranges here. Ah, double of what? Three hates three pencils and he But that's fun. I only have a hate or hate to. I hate to be a four bay throw. Got there this one here. Well, there's my hate there and, like a seven B or you could Herve instead of the four b you could have to be. I have so many pencils on my way is trying to get rid of some of them. So I am a mix a bit but aren't recommend like a hay H. I hate to be a 23 and like a six bay or something like that. Okay, now the other thing you might find handy. I've got this normal a razor, which come from Smeagol, and it's surprisingly useful, But one of these top of raises is fine and that great when you want to do large areas. So like when you want to get rid of all these lines around the edges, but you've got lots of other options as far as a razor's go. So one of the other main ones that are used is this stuff. It's called a blue tag. I don't know what it's cold in other countries, but you basically use it to stick up per citizen things on the wall. But it is great for just pulling a little bit off the darkness that you've putting out so it can help light in an area that you've done. And it's good because it doesn't smudge up or really affect the paper. OK, and it will. You can see there the graphite that is picked up Now you can use a normal artists, uh, notable a razor as well, and I have one of those just never get round to using it. Some people think that Bluetec leaves mark or grace on your paper. I've never really had that problem myself personally, but try it and three Texel a cheaper and I think for these learning processes, it would be just fine, particularly since, uh, a lot of times you can only get the naval raises from an artist store. If you are going to get in a double or ISA, sometimes you can get them in a little plastic containers, and that's really handy. I would recommend that if you can, it will help to keep the claim. If you can't no biggie, Um, I have a little plastic bag that I keep my Bluetec in, or sometimes when I do, we've got my little team here. I just store it up in the corner there, and then I can close my teen up. You just need to make sure that you don't start at this end with the lead with the leads where they're exposed because you'll get growth for extra graph right on your raises. So if you keep it down the bottom, you'll be fine. If that's if you've got a 10 or something, a couple of other rises that you want find really candy. I find this one really handy. It's These little ones are great. You can usually get quite fine lines in them and they can be court. You can put a little bit of pressure behind them. Um, they're not quite so. We believe what we use some of the other bigger ones can be. So they're great for a foreigner raising, and this is the last one that I just only just got Hold off. It's called a It's by Tom Bowen. It's among Are zero raiser. If you're going to get one of these to try and get the one that's got the round point on it , you can also get one. That's flat, straight cross, but I find around one more useful. Um, there's a great and you can actually pull out hairs with these as well, sir. And for this one if you like, If you're struggling Teoh keep your pencil shopping off because it is quite a small growing , I have to admit, Then you might be better off just using a pacer. All right, uh, lead holder, whatever you might call them, because these point here is going to stay. Court shop are you just weren't get the range, and also this one here is a 10.7, so it's quite thick. You might be better free. 30 standard sizes, maybe a 300.5 and then the really fun ones are 0.3. Are wouldn't bother with those too much until you move on and get to know what you're doing . Let's get started on a drawing in the next video. 3. The Eyes: Okay, So in this video, we're gonna look at the eyes. The eyes usually a really great spot to start your portrait because quite often, the hair on the animal a reach seems to like originate from the eyes and then move out over the face so it can really hopes to set the direction off way your hair is gonna go and have That's gonna work. So this is where the advantage of having a digital, our vision of your references handy. We can zoom right in here on her eye. So there's a couple of important factors to look at. First of all, your notice that there is a dark area here and that is like the inside part of their I lead . And that is almost always in shadow because it's locked a bit by this part of the eye and the eye rich. So there's that bit there. Then you'll notice that the top part of this I he's quite dark. And some of that ease, uh, shadow cost by the I lied. And part of that is also going to be They're people in there. Okay? And you'll notice the highlights are in that dock area and not sure if you can see the other eye over here. But it's also the case, so highlights are usually in the dark areas. That's where they stand out in their really obvious. So you want tonight that then you'll notice that it's a bit lighter here, but it's actually lightest in the middle. And then it gets a little bit. Doctor is it gets towards here and a little bit darker is it comes down towards the bottom of the highly day. Okay, these are all things that we're gonna pick out without drawing. But it's a good idea to notice them now, Okay, and then you'll notice that there's a little bit of a doctor line under here. Then it gets quite bright there, right on the edge. The is the Lord reflects on the very age off the eyelid. And that is quite often because, uh, it can be quite moist there as well. Then this little bit here is skin. The the for doesn't actually start until here. Okay, This year in here is all skin there, and then the first starts here, and it's going to go out in this sort of manner it's gonna be quite tight here. And then it like that. The circle the white comes round, it's quite tired. And then you notice that there's like a line there because that is where the ah for changes direction. So all these for originates from here, and it's gonna go around like that and you can see there's or take Bring this what actually goes like this. Okay. And then the third is gonna come around here. You annoyed? Oh, set the for from the nori's is coming around this way. Okay, And then in order for this hair to go from this way where it's originating from on high to up this way, you get like, this little swift of hair here and on this picture of you key, it doesn't stand out to pronounce because it's what. But quite often that hair is a bit doctor, and it is quite pronounced. You can see that swift really well. But this hair comes around like this, and this here quite often stands up a little bit from the hair that's coming straight down here. Okay. And then the hair is gonna go around the all I like that. Okay, and it's gonna go all the way down around hit over to ease. So in this part, we're going to focus on this bit of the I Okay, it's going to set up the hair direction here and here. And this little swift well said this little eyelashes say, Then after we've done this, I and this one, then we would move on to the nitrous. It then we can bring the hair from the NAR's nor is all the way up to here and join them together. Okay, so let's look at drawing this I now because this is a little bit dark and I'd like it to be a little bit lighter. I'm just going to roll over it with my Bluetec, okay? And you can see here. When I did my line, our drew in that bit of skin that goes in, he used to this dark bit that will bay, and also where there's another little dark shudder he cause there are bull is actually round okay, on the stock, it has a little bit of a different shape. So they come down and around here, and then I'm gonna come into be it because her eyelashes go over her are a little bit okay . Gonna doctor in a year now, remember, we don't want this to be like a huge master pace. Okay? We're just learning and trying to work things out. So we have that main highlight here. John believes there. Then I'm just gonna draw in the darkest but here. Okay, Now we know her pupil is gonna come down here being all right. Could see people is Randa's well in there. And then I know that this bit here is going to be Dhaka's. Well, okay, that's the bottom bit of the are they, then the rest is going to be a variation on that. So I'm gonna work out from the pupil like this, and that will give me a little bit of irregularity to the blackness of the people, which will help if you look at your own. I dogs Isa quite like our eyes. Then you can say that there's little tiny black bits that come around from you people. And that's because your iris has that kind of spongy type texture. Okay. And then from the bottom of the are where its doc, I'm gonna flicking. Okay? Don't worry overall to be dark at the moment, but that's OK. We'll work with that. Now. I'm just gonna try and get these eyelashes sorted a little bit. Talk in the speed up around the highlight and out here. Okay, Now, this little bit here as it comes out, it lightens. So this is where I'm gonna use my blue tack to lighten the slightly. Then I'm just going to ace up my pressures. I get out their way from the I Okay, now we want to draw in the I lied. I'm gonna do that court lightly, Okay? And then underneath the our lead, it's all skin, and it's quite light skin, so it's gonna dio a few little darker it lines along the bottom there. If the I lied, then I'm gonna during the skin now, because it's skin, it's gonna be a smooth texture. So try and get this a smooth as she can, and it ends. Comes out from the I had a even angle here. Okay? And then that is where the hair he's gonna start to come from, Okay? And I'm just gonna do little Strug's out from there to do the the hair trying to pay attention to where it comes from. Yeah, I'm gonna put a little bit more darkness into this bit here. And then you might say, Well, isn't that a bit too, Doc? Sure is what I'm gonna do to develop the roundness of the I he is. I'm gonna take my Bluetec and I'm just going Teoh lightly rub it along that are they And that will hope to lighten the middle part there of the I. Okay, then I want to put in this little line here, okay? He's a great cause. She can make them quite small putting Went up on a little bit. Botham there again. Okay, so next I'm gonna do so more of these for out here, and he's going Teoh, come around. Like I said from the are here, Okay? And then it is going to cover art round here. Okay, You meet quite a shop curve around until hits the spot here. That's a bit darker. Yeah, he's got a bit of a dark line here, which is the skin where the eyelashes here make the I lied. Before I get to these hair here. We just kind of putting in a bit more hair here. Something else you probably should have done. I should have done before. A side of was just rubbing out these lines here. We're working. So that shopping and during that that's OK. So now I just want to add a few more darks in, and I'm just going Teoh, he's out this area in Beit Grantee. So we've got proper corner. Okay? I just fixed up that hard. A lot of it. So we have a nice shape to her, are here and just gonna dock in that skin a little bit too. Emphasize, this is a line here, and I have the doc Inter I a little bit again. That's okay. We can pull That am okay. And the naval razor does such a good job off playing out. Does it, uh, you know, really even way without having a lot of shop edges, Especially if you're gentle and it leaves a really nice glory type of shape to the to that lot of part of the Are they okay? So totally worth using? Yeah. I'm just gonna try and get a little bit more dark into the for around the eye, okay? And I felt like it just be a little bit docket there now that gets between the hairs or anti year on this. Beat the toughs out quite often. These docker, then the gaps between the hair around here, it's generally only off the top here with a really dark and then The Hague. It's quite seek along here in those doc lines between the, uh, the hairs and not quite as obvious. So we just need to be a little bit mindful of that. Okay, So just gonna bring these Iran. So we have most of that little tuft, right? And then bring this around here and it is going to go. That he's been here is a little bit darker. It's not always Docker. Okay, just is on Yuki, but something's keeping an eye on on quite often. Eased docker. Okay, quite a little markings are there. Okay, So something else. I'm looking at you. Keys. Hair. He's quite what? And the markings over here, where she's got, like, this one are very on quotas pronounced, so I'm just gonna dem out a little bit of that graph. What day? Okay. And also some of her markings in here are not quite as pronounced either, because this is also what here on her Because she's old and gray, okay? And then also around here. Okay. And you can go back. And I had a little bit more or a little bit less so she is a little bit darker back here. Hey. And if you do dive out, you might just want to you go back in a 20 bit and keep the line go over. I'm trying at a little bit of variety to use tricks here. Okay, so we're really just flick, flick flick for this one. It's not gonna matter a huge amount. As long as you start to pay attention to the details there in your drawing. I'm going to do some more classes on particular different animals, eyes and for and all that sort of jazz be kids like horses. They don't have a very pronounced texture. Ah, lot of thesis. You daughter almost like skin, especially on their face. It's quite short until you get to the cheeks. Who are cats have a different shape, people. So the horses. So just try and pay attention to the details of the animal that you've got that'll. Do you still have the head? Pretty much emanate from their eyes, so it's still a good place to start. It doesn't matter what animal you doing in really with a portrait. If you get the eyes, Ryan, the rest of the portrait is going to come together. So if we have a look at the other I you sure you want here? If we have a look at the other eye the my infected, you're gonna have Teoh pay attention to Ah, these eyelashes here stick out from the are there Here is a want It's gonna be hard to shoulder, but so I'll probably do them just a lot of gray. But if they doctor out really easy to sure, if particularly when they're black, But they should come out a little bit from the actual I hear now, with the angle that this is on, you can actually see a little bit off the for behind her. I her eyes actually here. Okay. In the eyes that you don't have a full view of are gonna have a skewed shape. Don't try and draw them around. Okay? See, this one here is actually like, Oh, my so blown the dark. Better for I is gonna be the speed up here. Okay? And again, you can see that the I lead, he's here. And then there's a little bit of a dark a bit there. So this highlight on the island here is a little bit water bigger, more pronounced. And so is that doctor there. It's it a little bit, doctor. Okay, Now, the hair is gonna do a similar thing. We need to think about it from the fact that this eyes in a skewed perspective, Okay, because of where it is. So the hair is going emanate this way. What does? And then from the top here, it's gonna go around like he's okay around the I like that. Okay? And you can't really see this tuft on this side. You can see a little bit of it there at the bottom take. And it looks like the Nori's covers. Quite a bit of that change there. Okay, so the hair here is gonna pretty much discussed right up there. You can see a little bit with the NRDC year. How it's gonna go that all the way, so we'll just do this bit here. Okay? We have a look at the art here. Gonna go with Just get on Bluetec implant some of that gratifying because it's quite think . And then I'll do what? I should have done the other side and rub out the lines around us. Okay, I'm just gonna give it a large Rob, either because I didn't mind quite sick camera. Hopefully have ministered to yours a bit, Xena. So now I'm going to try and refine that shape. The I Like I said, it's quite oh belongs Slick Rand on the front here. Okay. And this bit here is gonna be darkish, and it's got a little highlight here. Then there is he our lead and come round here and this dark bit here, this really dark. But he that I'm doing is the i the upper eyelid, and I'm just gonna look at the eyelashes. They're gonna come out this way. Okay, then there's a little bit of hair that comes out this way. He's here is skin. Hey, I could spit up here maybe a little bit, you big death. We will be carried away. That's okay. So just some of them Yeah. Okay, so you see what? That dark pit there. He's gonna come around in there, Okay? It's worth noting that she's looking up. It's been here. Needs a bit of variation in here. So you can see the i Sifford from that ultra Doctor Day heavy. Now get this here, and I wanna putting that bit of water line I was talking about. And I'm just going to pull out some of these graphite as well. Yeah, there is a big dark as well, you know, because you're coming up to the edge of the actual face. Don't be afraid to have a few little stray hairs There is. Well, that putting out from your line. Okay, I said the heads to here are gonna kind of girl, Wilmar Straight down by looks of it, I should say it looks like they go straight down almost. And then that is gonna be the doctor bit, which is this bit here. Okay. And then on Yuki, this bit here is quite dark. And then it's going to go into quite light hair up he But what I'll do is all go through and duck. Lighten that off, Skacel. That hair is gonna originate from here and your I heard from a lot here and go appear. Okay, we'll do that there. I'm toe a noise, and then the few darker marks, the go from that skin there. Okay, just gonna Teoh to hear a little bit is get past these point where the nori's really comes in. And then because, like I said this bit above her eyes, a white hair I was gonna go through and take out some of that darkness. Say it doesn't need to be that doc, okay? She was just one or two bits that are a little bit darker. What do we do to try and get it to look like it integrates him with hair is if you look, you can see the marks that you've lied in there and you can just go through and dark in a few of those up. Yeah, he's eyelashes. Have a little long in there, okay? And I just wanna writing these eyelashes in here as well. Okay, so that's pretty good. Can be hard to get some of these data on a small east roaring, but I really just want you to focus on the fact that you're not trying to draw a masterpiece. You're OK. You're just trying to get your eyes starting to think about what's going on. Now. Another thing I want you to pay attention to is these highlights. Okay, So if I had just drawn that as a straight white box without the little bit of messiness on the inside, they look quite stark and unrealistic. Reflections on If I If I pull the graphite out of them now and it's gonna be hard because they already a little bit dirty, So it's not gonna be quite as obvious to you, but highlights don't work like that, okay? Because they generally are actually a reflection. Sorry. They will show a little bit of something in them. Okay, when you look at a reflection, someone's oy or your dogs are you notice that it's not just a warrant patch. It actually has a proper reflection unit. Okay? And they're generally not like a square Pactual something either. Okay, So try and give your reflection a good shape, right? And put a little bit of something in there that should be at least a little bit dirty. You could even go over the whole thing really lightly and then pull a little bit of it out with you. Blue attack that will. That will make it dirty as well. So it's not just like super Bryant. Okay, Some of these ones along here, they're not 100% warrant. Okay, so that's it for the eyes. A really great put pot to start off with. And next up, we're gonna have a quick look at the nori's. 4. The Nose: Okay, so next time I get to talk about the Nori's, because again, it's one of the men in places that a hair emanates from. Okay, So if we have a look at these Norris here, we can see a few main structures in it. There's going to be the two nostrils. Okay, Most European state too. Well, in these very but you're you have a look at your own reference and have a look. So with dogs and cats, the nostrils kind of have these whole here, and then they come out and this is all like a flat top senior. And here, Okay, so you're gonna have darkness in he for this void. And a bit of darkness around in here is, well, okay, because that's actually like avoiding there as well. And then dog's nose is a quite wet cats encore. It is wet, and horses don't tend to have thes quite as much either. But sometimes they do depends on the sort of work they've been doing. Lucky, Like I said again, have a close look at your reference because that's what really matters what's on your pizza . But because Dr News is at least quite wet. They tend to have thes quite bright highlights. Somewhere came There's another little 21 there, and that's a bit of a broad highlight there as well. Okay. And that's the water reflecting the lot off the noise. Another important structure to pick up is this line here. And it goes pretty well straight down the middle of the NYSE, um, on dogs, and then you can see he that the noise comes down, he like, thes, And has he sort of shape? Well, that dip here, he's actually lines up with that line, and it also lines up. We've This is deep here. Okay, So the dogs, uh, a pill Apia dips in a little bit to the nar's at that point as well. And you can see the leap here. Now you can see that you can't see the Sorry. You can't see the top lip that much. A lot of this year is the bottom lip There. Okay. And the hair from the top lip actually goes over the top of that. All right, don't be afraid to put these little heads sticking out. You can see there's quite a few little Hayes here that stick right out, okay? And then you can see the hair is going to go this way from here, and then you can see it comes at from the Nori's, like in these sort of Patton. Okay, Don't worry about the whiskey is too much for now. We're just gonna do the hair like this, and then it comes out quiet straight at here, and then a cognitive has a little bend on it as it comes around the league said okay. And the nerves he the hair here is gonna DC eight is the top of the nurse. It doesn't have any hair, and it's got quite a big reflection. It may or may not on yours. The reflection might be be different, but quite often the top alone or is he has a bit of a reflection. And then this hair here is quite short. Okay? It's not like proper flowing for like, this year. It's quite short. The author is gonna come round, and it will eventually crush into the artists he But we're probably just going to do this bit here, I think. Okay. Off the Norris here. Okay. So I have a look at my picture here. I'm going. Teoh, take out these lines again. We don't really need those bits anymore, right? You know the nerves here, the reflection gers up in doubt that comes out a little bit, comes round. There's a little bit in here Now that the nostril on the far side again, he's going to have a completely different shape to the one on that's closest to you. If your dog is in this 3/4 type view, it means a lot of the lines and shapes for it is gonna be quite short and tall, okay? And then is here. He's going to be longer. Okay, here, Shut her Graze on. Fannie comes down. It's getting her rand. Okay, Yeah, You're gonna have the doctor darkest part of the nostril. But it's actually quite a bit smaller than what you think. Probably now he's reflection on the here needs to be quite irregular in shape because the surface off the nose is quite dimpled. And then this year, my oldest doc and slowly now, getting this nurse shape right can be quite hard. Okay? So don't get too upset if you can't quite get it right. Particularly on this sort of you. Okay. Now I'm just gonna put a bit of torn down. Try not to be too messy. I know all these big here is gonna be quite dark. So one Teoh I see here on my reference that this bit here is still quite dark. But then I want you again gradually from that doctor to a lot of it. And Dan here is gonna be coin Dhaka's. Well, okay, you know, go on really lightly here at the top because I think what I'm gonna do is pull out some of this with my please check. Yeah, to go along with the doc shudder, which is a line. It is a little bit of a hard light here. Hey, in a little bit of a highlight here, sure. This is just to be thrown. - I was gonna keep looking at that. Here's quite dark as well. Comey he turkey. So I'm just gonna get this Tom Burnham on a riser and give it a little bit. Well, there and inside is a lawyer. Okay, now, remember what I said at hard lights are not perfectly warrant. Just gonna put a little bit of turn down here is a doctor again, and it's gonna be some dark haired there, a key and a bit of dark flicks coming from the Nori's most the Iran. No, this bit of hair here is going to be quite straight looking. Okay, Next thing I'm gonna do is getting just beginning in Italy, Pierre my duty. He's flick up from the leap, try and make some rivers. Why has so you that kind of look that those hairs are overlapping? The the p which say, uh, I'm just gonna shop Mike Pence looking. Okay. Yuki's court warrant under this chain, you know, not all dogs are. I'll go through enlightened that. Now these hairs here gonna come through. Here it is. Yeah. So when they say he's gonna take quite a bit of practice to get a nice finish, don't be too worried about it. Okay? - Now , if you do realize for some reason that you go to a little bit way would with some of your hair, just lighten it up a little bit. Media blew attack and go over the top. Okay? You don't need to fully raise. It is almost it's not stupid. Are compared to what you need because it's just gonna help build some old texture. Hey, Yeah, There is a little bit for the talker area once again that Teoh leave. They're so I'm just gonna trying to stagger those tops and bottoms, be it now, this is another part of the reason why the great it can be really handy because you can just basically work out to here. Really, If you want to get that beat established, he says they're going to go up a little bit and then down. Okay, try and remember, if your dose what short hair or your animals got short hair than you want little strokes If your animals go, doc, your hair. Uh, no, Doctor. Hey, Sorry. Got longer hair than you want slightly longer, Starks. Okay, now, when you key, this bit here is a little bit too dark. So I'm just gonna pull out some of these detail rather some of these, uh, darkness, because you don't really pull out the detail when you just talked with this NATO, Raisa, that's the great part about it. Still leave some of the data I'll behind, So that still looks like for now, if I have look under the nerves year is actually know what Right under the nice. So I'm just gonna get my pencil and lightly dark in this area. They might be like the occasional white hair, sir. Might leave a little bit of it, but not a huge a map. Particularly right up here. Nar's There is any, sir. Then that bit of darkness just emanates from her noise on the side as well. Okay. And on her chin, eight years, it will be a lawyer and under her chin. It's too dark. Now, the great thing about these is you can sometimes put in a little hair to you, particularly for a clean it that's a bit clean up. Okay, Much easier on a dark portrait. Uh, larger portrait. But it can be used in that way. Karen and I just go through and dark. And these bits in between that hopes are really sure. When they left a little bit of black up into any guy I saw, I probably could have done some of these a little bit finer. She's not. She doesn't have quite huh. Long hair, sir. Hes a little bit shorter, but that's OK. We don't even have to shoot for a super likeness here. All right, so next time you do the top of the NAR's, which is substantially lawyer, careful with your texture here in this little portrait. Yes, but he doesn't need a huge amount of texture. Okay, Is gonna draw. And where I think that, uh, lines he is. Yeah, when you he goes from black to grey. Okay, uh, like the water should say, it's getting very what near here are just gonna dio a little bit off? It's fine. Or text year. I mean, you have been to you are the talk, and I'm still trying to fuller the texture off the hair or sorry, the direction of the hair year. Yeah, we know this is in quite a bit of reflection. Sorry is gonna lightly devotees edge because that will help it roll over so you wouldn't try and help that rolled over type. Look, come in. Just trying to even up the texture of a swell that I just like Dana. Okay? I didn't more made of a dark patch. They and yeah, you get the occasional hair that might sneak over. Just not going to be many. That's all Yeah, You just find up scenarios you can. So, from these edges around here, I see that I've accidentally gone over. There is a bit of a perfection here. Oh, hi, life. - Hey , just refining my shape here bit. I wanted to bay, you know, decided that this, but he should actually quite a bit lighter. Didn't fuckwit little crumbs a You can pick them up with your razor. Heard. Do you take whatever you've decided to use Their You know, I'm trying to do is loyally Gary from he's there is trying to refine the shape here. What? I wanted to bay, Okay. And then he's years old. What a new key. So I'm just gonna pull a bit of that up here. Yes, but he should be quite a bit darker. - Security , this bit here slowing. Here, give me my crumbs. These ones here still going down to here? You guys. Yeah. I just want to give this a little bit more texture. It'll be able darkness in here. Oh, you're so that's the eyes in the nar's. And that is gonna be a really good start e portrait. So just take your time. Turned out to rush too much. So Like I said, That's the beginning of your portrait. Now I've done the hair here and everything a little bit too rock for Yuki. We want the optimal just said at the end, but we just want to get started. And like I said, it doesn't matter. This is what's important to not do your own dog if you can. It doesn't matter to May I know what I'm trying to any Matt. I'm not too worried about getting a masterpiece, just trying to stop thinking about getting those textures down, looking and observing my reference and deciding when a car okay, So if it doesn't, if the hand texture looks a little bit wrong for the animal that you're doing or whatever, don't panic. It's not really what we're focused on at the moment. We're just starting a process, learning where to go and how to get started and learning to observe a reference. Like I said later on, after I finish this course that I'll be doing another course, it's going to deal specifically with dogs and cats, and then horses end probably birds so you can get a bit of an idea of the most specific aspects of the animals. OK, so don't be too worried about the textures and stuff at the moment. We just trying to think about a reference. 5. The Eyes and Nose Closing: Okay, so that's it. So you should have eyes in your nose of your animal putting. Now, don't forget that all animals are different. So you want to make sure that you focus on what? In your reference, horses have a straight bar type People. Cats have a vertical slip type people. That's kind of like her little oval type thing. So they're all going to be a bit different. Ah, if you've done a dog, then they're a little bit easier. Um, their eyes particularly, are a little bit more like eso. Just have some fun. May show that you really pay attention to your in reference, though this is what we're working on is trying to get you to learn toe, observe all the little things in your reference that's gonna hope you're drawing to be more realistic. So I hope you enjoyed this course. Ah, after we finished the course entirely, So we finished this portrait. Then I will be doing some more specific classes on the particular animals. So people I at for virus and hopefully you'll be doing ah, larger and more involved. Portrait's by then, so you'll have a little bit more space to spread out in and really get those details in. So thanks for joining me in this class. Don't forget that if you like it, you shourd give it a little bit of feedback. That would be great. And I would love to see you project posted a swell which will just be during that you started out with with your nerves in in the mouth and the to our eyes. OK, great. Sir, I look forward saying them all. Don't forget If you got any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them. I'm happy to answer any questions that you might have.