Mastering Filters With Photoshop CC - Create designs, effects, and textures using filters | Pradeep Mamgain | Skillshare

Mastering Filters With Photoshop CC - Create designs, effects, and textures using filters

Pradeep Mamgain, Founder at

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21 Videos (1h 7m)
    • Introduction

    • Creating a Design - 1

    • Creating a Design - 2

    • Creating a Design - 3

    • Creating a Design - 4

    • Creating a Design - 5

    • Creating a Design - 6

    • Creating a Design - 7

    • Creating a Design - 8

    • Creating a Design - 9

    • Creating Marble Texture

    • Creating Door Mat Texture

    • Creating Military Camouflage Texture

    • Creating Leather Texture

    • Creating Lattice Wire Mesh Texture

    • Creating Brushed Metal Texture

    • Creating Sand Texture

    • Eliminating Camera Shake

    • Sharpening Image using the Unsharp Mask Filter

    • Sharpening Image using the High Pass Filter

    • Adjusting the Mask


About This Class

Mastering Filters with Photoshop CC:  Your complete guide to create designs, effects, and textures using filters in Photoshop

Do you want to create cool looking backgrounds in Photoshop, do you want to create abstract designs, do you want to create various effects, do you want to create seamless  textures, do you want to create diffuse, bump, specular, and reflection maps for shading your 3D scene?

If your answer is “Yes” then this course is for you.

Photoshop is not just about retouching images or manipulating photos; it can be used to create variety of textures, backgrounds, and effects. This course explains the tools and techniques available in Photoshop to create textures, background designs, and effects using Photoshop filters. In addition, you will learn to create diffuse, reflectance, and specular maps for your 3D model texturing workflow. You will also learn to create seamless textures.

Beside lifetime access to course, you'll also get access to all Photoshop files, images, and any other resource used in the course. You are free to use these resources in your own projects personal or commercial. These working files allow you to follow along with the author throughout the Course.

I'll be adding content to this course regularly so keep coming back.

Note: If you want to follow along, you should have Photoshop CC 2018 installed on your system. However, this course is also compatible with 2017 version of Photoshop.

The key features of this course are as follows:

  • Background design creating techniques explained.
  • Texture creation techniques explained.
  • Image enhancement techniques explained.
  • Contains 25 plus standalone tutorials.
  • Tech support direct from the author.
  • Access to each tutorial’s initial and final states along with the resources used in the tutorials.

So why wait?

Enroll in the course and master filters in Photoshop CC.

Resources used in the class: To access the resources, click here.





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Pradeep Mamgain

Founder at

Pradeep Mamgain is a digital artist, author, coder, teacher, consultant, and founder of PADEXI.ACADEMY []. He is self-taught in computer graphics, Internet has been the best source of training for him. He has worked with several companies dealing with animation and VFX in India. He loves helping young aspiring 3D artists to become professional 3D artists. He has helped his students to achieve the best careers in 3D animation and visual effects industry.

He h...

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