Mastering Fabric Mockup : Photoshop 101 | Shivangi Dubey | Skillshare

Mastering Fabric Mockup : Photoshop 101

Shivangi Dubey, Graphic Designer

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9 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Masking & Selection

    • 3. Adding Real Shadows

    • 4. Re Coloring Fabric

    • 5. Displacement Mapping

    • 6. Smart Object & Filters

    • 7. Adding Text & Textures

    • 8. Bonus Lesson

    • 9. Class Project


About This Class

Are you in Pattern Design or Branding and Packaging but feels lack in representing the skills and design in a pro way - This CLASS is for you !

If you are - 

a) Into learning Adobe Photoshop

b) Struggling with Showcasing your designs

c) Want to understand Mockups and Editable Mockup files

d) Illustrator or Pattern Maker

e) In textiles and Fashion Design

Just JOIN IN Right now! 

I am Shivangi Dubey and here in this class I will go through the process of masking, layering,smart object and displacement mapping in Adobe Photoshop to create eye catching fabric mockups to place your brand and style on edge like a Pro. This can be used for various projects like texture making, pattern design and textiles, branding essentials and much more. 

In this class you will learn, 

  • how to work with masking 

  • how to work with displacement mapping

  • how to use smart object 

This class is suitable for pretty much any skill level. Just you need is creative mindset and urge to learn Photoshop. 

If you are absolute beginner to Photoshop try my PHOTOSHOP 101 series -  Photoshop 101 : Pixel Stretch Posters | Mastering the Selection

Also for Animation  check out my other class - Animation In Phtoshop | Platograph Making

I will be very excited to see what you can create! Join me in this class to make something creative and realistic out of your imagination!


1. Introduction: because I'm back with my new clothes this time mustering public, local and Photoshopped with this class, I'm going to really make you learn the simple trips and brooks needed for during any off your patterns. In going impactful presentation like you can turn your simple, you can showcase your simple patterns into the clothings are into the fabric just in no time. Also, if you are the person who is wondering off how to make such a mustering Markoff study, were able to see anywhere, whether it's on Ben Droz or it's on behinds or any other projector some of your colleagues are. Your classmates might be doing this, so don't worry. You are going to get a head off that just in no time. The classes structure is simple off, making the step by step process from masking and selection. Ending riel shadows your product on. Then I will be teaching you how to re color without any off to the texture or something like that. Also, you will be guided to this placement mapping on smart object in future like features off for the shop. So grab your device photo show and role in this class on Let's get started 2. Masking & Selection: masking and selection. First of all, take only of the photograph. Either you have clicked off someone on which you want to experiment. The mock up are you can take such photographs like this one that I'm having right in front of you from any stock photos. So this wrap that for the referent dragged from those holder to the photo shop screen so that it is opening like this you can are either go to file and open so that you get in selected particular file from the place so that it is open in the photo shop. Now, in this photograph, I want the background, but we omitted. I just want the person. So the good way off selecting it as we have many selection tool and photo shop I'm going to use here. The magic ran with the settings to be active selection. Either you can select it here, or you can use shift on the keyboard while you are selecting it. So that was getting added up. So addictive. So choose the magic one tool. Andi, I'm going to select the background first because it's a kind of blur it so it's easy to select it quickly on before selection. Just make a duplicate off the background layer like this with the control G and start selecting. Increase the tolerance from the properties off magic until, like 2 50 year I'm having. Oops, it's not a good so again, back to the 32 so that it's my only The background is getting selected like this. Fair enough. Now pay attention to the details also that everything is there selected Hope Sundeen, His Highness Select the now when I have done this. So I'm going to select the little rectangle mark you tool so that it is selected in no time . Like much, Pretty quickly. Also the side I'm doing the same on bare engine that the his properties off rectangle marquee tool is also do are the selection or Skillicorn shift While you were making this elections like this on now, Levin, This time I'm going to subtract it because the hand is in the selection. I don't want it. So I just click over there with a magic wand. And it is. But you can see there is much more things to do now. Now grab the polygonal lasso tool and I'm going to make the lining selection simply by clicking manually like this. I'm making being basically I'm making the border line. Yeah, don't worry. As a as you can see, I am selected even the far beyond from the canvas. It's OK any time and you can zoom in so you can do a pretty much good and clean selection nearby. The subject, I mean, whatever is to cleanly clear our select out our subject a little more Do deals here finished e Schaars. So just checked before you go to making any masking or any groping that you have, you are pretty much happy with selection that you are having like this and distinguished pretty much school. Do they control shift? I So now this is the object is selected, not the back room. And here from the mosque I can just click on that and you can see the subject is there in front and the Bagram this master Now, even if you want some things to be hidden or some things you want the shootings to be done after the masking, you can do it any time, either with the selection tool over the brush tool, the triggers with the mountain that for brush the White River eagles and black hides. So just quick like that Make the reveal potion on the Yeah, something like this. I have revealed something and I'm no has something hiding with the black leading full room . So now, as you can see, it is having some odd lines like the outlines here. I'm gonna smudge it with black color and foreground. Be sure that end of layer you have selected the mosque, nor the image. And also I would give a background color off black so that the edgy park's fringes are visible. Clearly. Whoops. No more killings on grain selected back to the mosque that you have created. Hello, dear. And yet smoothly what you want to hide and what you want this much I know I'm back with my brush tool and just making some masking again Now going back to us much just cleared out to just clear it out smoothly, I think is that was now pretty much better than before. Yeah, it's in she batting, not check wherever he needs some smudges, wherever the fringes are. Yes, a smudge it over a little because this picture was quite cool, not niche. It doesn't need much smudging and it doesn't have much fringes. Yeah, nice. Nice. His head side is also nice. Those Children's next. Some fringes. Yeah, now it's pretty much nicer than before. Hardly. There is any fringes on neck, but yeah, near his ears at all. But you can do with this any time. So now Goto in age, adjustment, brightness and contrast Use legacy. Oh, sorry. Selectee mask. Not the image from the layer. And then we're emission, energy, Swinton, brightness and contrast Creasy contrast I think it's hardly matter. So if you're 30 So this is how we can make any of our image grow from the bedroom on din and it smoothly away the fringes on everything Make it correctly in preparation as the source. This is like tutorial somewhere, getting into too much details that you for your work, you can go for a much do data. No cleaning. Everything are out that you didn't need in that way you can achieve are much higher Good resolution pictures 3. Adding Real Shadows: adding riel shadows. Now, once, then with the selection and masking, as you have already done, the background layer solid color here. So just you can change the corn according to the according to your choice and requirements like here, I used such a blue now in selector in each layer that you were working with the subject and make sure that is not whistling because if you regain re proportionate it. So it will be something like this. But knowing the link it there with the trash one doctor and then moving around so that it does not disproportionate anymore it is moving according along with the masking thing. So it's right big on the screen right now like a on the something like that. It's a good in focus. No. What about guarding the shadows? Yeah, Anything in light without any shadow is not possible. So just to placate the layer by control J and select a bologna this one smooth it a little on one side, right? This and then go for a hue saturation adjustment layer from let me know on then clip it like this little from here. Lower the saturation level. You can see it's now something like this and again click on us are solid adjustment layer. And then because a leak literally just ring clear and clippard here meet Booth will be julier the food off like 15. I'm happy with the 25 15 to 25. You can make a film person to be 25 person like this. He was even feel like this And then now place the initial according to the lighting off, the object like here is having the lighting on the left side of the space. So, um, going to make the shadows near some Really like here. This looks natural, I think, and as it having soft life so set your heart shadow is very, you know, natural selectively over that We were walking for this shardul purpose. And now we're do fiddle, then love you on and use caution. You can see, not know so big. But yeah, uh, that seven point is good to show you can ever anything check with which which for pixel is working for you. But I think you've been I think this allowing bun for is and you checked a preview to get the preview life on the screen so that you can understand which pixel is working for you and then had okay, when you are happy with it. So we're not with any real shadows when you're working any more cops like these. 4. Re Coloring Fabric: recovering the fabric. We have all said for thing from the selection, making the shadows, editing and things. No, I'm gonna select this. This show separated because that's a fabrication that I want to give. Make sure you are selected. You're selecting the above layer that well, that is object Lee and that we were having. I've been just really in the layer as object orbiting are clear view now with a magic oneto . You can see how selected over there, so I'm going to choose the quick selection mode. You can see it's working on what I heard it. Just clicking from one place and dragging it with the odd selection or shift to its has just electorate, the short bar. So as it's a quick selection, it does really quick. You can see some badge on his hand or some, I promise. Part of his bags also selected what I'm wanted. It was just re sizing it. Andi, here is everything is restless, Fine making the old or the subtract from the selection property. I'm going to say abstract his hand and back bar like very slowly and consciously. And he didn't if you think the brush size is pretty much bigger than you can just rearrange the brush size according to the subject. Now I'm going to choose this. Probably one of the lesser do to add here aren't so. Just remember when you were having to add any selection, then we with the shift and if you wander, want to so struck from the price election, just with the old on the keyboard and then select meet the selection. It's like a whole ship hold all and then make all the selection thing that making the point when dinner and then leave with the selection is not good. It's no pretty much nice. That would be modern wonder and just control J copied to the new Leo. No, for a solid color adjustment layer from the layers panel like this, and I'm going to select a red color. What I want to do is there. It's in between both the layers for organ click are You can right click on Me, created in Select Me clipping. Must the stand for Lear blending now for here, you can see there is a certain normal this click over there you can see it's having, and when you select regarding the normal and use the down a rookie from the people. It is changing the blending option. Hold on and see the other options that you're seeing like I'm having on the screen. Right now. You're in the soft light. It looks much natural than any other blandings. You can see how naturally the texture on the four lings and everything for the, um, mean fabric. The real profit that was in the picture is just really cornered. It's good for the thing that if you want to give any color options for your project. 5. Displacement Mapping: this placement mapping? No, I just dropped the salario and I'm having this My original subject. Leo, select a subject clear that we were talking earlier and will for a U N saturation on Justin Claire's and lead the saturation to the Lewis. Also make it to a clipping mask like this from here. Click on this and just make the situation will minus 100. So it's starting to do a black and white now, just if you here I don't want any brightness contrast are just re so I'm just going do control shift s course Eva's on Then rename the file as this is this guy's river resource and fine on now with the displacement maps. So I'm sure saving it and dwell or bs you. There's nothing but rupiahs. Refire. I just renamed It does this placement map. This is what does this list mint mapping 6. Smart Object & Filters: smart object can filters after we have seen that businessman Mom, I have, after all, when you have saved their displacement map file Now time Carvey who smart object this quick on that layer, we have replicated our subject, our issues, our fabric on high dio on this. Now, why does Luke which we have been the color adjustment? I'm just doses before my purpose. If you are having all thing ready like that Still, the election all fabric into a different Leo like this that we have been earlier. So for this I want anything that will be switched to this to be done and was smart after Marco. How could make it? I know you guys a wondering. Now let me get clear. You on it. No. Add a new live but then right click and creative living less. You can do that with the other thing that had told Aria No, I'm just painting. Issue the badan any Any Photoshopped bring it back. Turns on that looking so you can see how odd it looks. It's like it's something bashed over there. It is not any natural anymore. His T shirt is like, more bashed. Any duty subject. Megan. New adjustment Laid off solid color like blue. Here you can make ab just me to different layers to making show how to make them. And you said, selecting board the layers and now living up our convert less mark up trying to sport killers that that one worked loose. Mark option. You can see both. Deliver starting to one. Don't panic. If you were, you're thinking that you have lost anything out. Just double click on this. Come nail and you will see reading something like this. Like operating contents to see filed and save becoming the changes. Nobody believes what? Just heard. Okay, Right now, just control us. Never converse shipped us to any smart object files. Yeah. This is something that you must pay attention. So okeydokey. No, this is You can see it's open in a new as a PSB file. It's not BSD. It's a PSB. This is what is a smart object file and you can see here. I'm having my solid color earlier. My pattern Leo as two different layers. So you have never not not lost anything? Yes, it's the a new earlier this It's just a store into a new file are different files off the same size that you were doing there. So now I just change the color. You can change the color. You can do the adding more layers or anything like that. It's just fine walking as the origin. And after you have satisfied with the changes just food upon cruel s and no, Now go to the original find that we're working on Rio on this like this. The rooms I was working here, you can see the changes are applied. So this is what a smart object file do Just make everything into a new BSB file, which is working video original artwork files that we were working earlier. Now just go to select that seem that smart object layer on, Go to filter. To start this place, select this place like this. You can see you were here this filter to start this B dollars on other skills then and want to go through then stretch to fit and repeat edge pixels. The setting should be like this and then had Okay, go Google while wherever you have selected, you have saved the displacement maps. Fine. I'm just had open. You can see or know layer panel. There is the smart filter and then displaced like it is applied to the smart object as a smart filter. You say that I'm not seeing anything right now. What is happening? It's all the same. So don't worry, my friend. Just now you need to agree in layer blend as I have been earlier, the soft light again. Choose the softly. Do you can say hunting? You will see that Oh, you have already. We have already done this thing off in re coloring section. Look last in the that smart object file that where we have opened earlier. Now do the pattern or place any pattern that that we have created by your own and then do the controllers. Now you go back to the original file here you can see are you. It was such a bad cheating, and now it has stormed, blending with the original on when I have hit off the displace. If you can see it's again the patch eating and now just adding a little twist stern tone. It's hiring to the original feel off the texture off your clothing. Finally, if you are not happy with the hollow with the fiscal kind of pattern You are not happy with the blending so you can just ender anytime make the blending of into either multiply or any of the If you think you are confident off Thank you, Miss Physical is soft light Yeah, or like this time hard loaded also good. With this kind of pattern, you can switch to any off these according to your pattern and colors. Or if you want your pattern to be a much lighter on this, you can go for luring the fill Nord opacity. Lower the film percentage if you want. Rest is all fine as I look right now here to my subject. So we're really with our mock up file that we can use any time far just making the beautiful more cops off our patterns that we have created digitally are any product like for patterns Are motors anything right on the clothings, right? He like here you can do the same thing. Same process with any other textiles, fabrics 7. Adding Text & Textures: adding text and pictures. So we're done with the making basic. When we have this final base file night here what we have done with the some smart object and all things again, just double click on this smart object. Think some name and go to, and it will be open as PSB file goto file, Click open. Select any pattern that you have. Creator Any costume pattern like this Andi No dragged to the file psb file as a Sarah sandals. I want to rotate it. You can do it with control D or the show conform Short transform controls like in the properties drag and make it all this drag with shift so that it is in proportion. Onda head okay Or select the tick mark. New control s It might take some time a moment or do for selecting off for saving the things. Now go back to doors. You know, you can see he's again with a new funny kind off he should And this time I'm going toe also open my background color and all the shadows is also visible. Now with this smart object. If you think you want to change, you don't change it there. Send it over here if you want any pattern to be visible, like the sea red should be below. So just do it in the smart object file and then control this. Now go back to the you can see it is writing friend on his just earlier, it was like this. Yeah, Step forward. It's okay. No issues, and then go to the you know, just do we control who s you can see it's not working, so don't worry off in just double click on your smart object files. Close right, Make this It is opening. Now you can see this is the water you're now having. So just make in the changes and do control that. I think you are having the your T shirt back to that time that we have been earlier. So this junk or even you get anything like that You have lost something and stuff like that . Just control your on, open your BSB file there and you will find something like that. Now I'm going are some text Megan Giulio selector type tool from the toolbar. On the first time, it shows initializing bag bullets. It's very forward off the shop on. Yeah. Now just I'm dragging and making a next walks over. Hell. Selective form on size according to your choice and cardinal. Now I just click on this text properties, and it is open here. Here, Andi, I'm choosing the nine sp's as 400 on making it into the center we're seeing it gives, and then just the same thing. The control, lest received the thing. Now go to the original file that we were working. You can see Oh my God, It's such a big thing. But I don't want to such a big USB file and then edit this size. Well, next 200 just making an endo. Yeah, and also much pretty low into the control s and go to the original file. I ain't going to the same passes off controller sensing, so it's now much better than that. Just starting the positions Now, Now you live. It's the pretty much good. This is how we can add are any text or any custom patterns to those smart object files? Onda. We get anything, anytime on its place without losing anything 8. Bonus Lesson: bonus. Listen, after doing everything else from making the smart object discussing map of anything for making the mark mow cups. Now you are here or the bonus. So now in this promises and you're gonna understand, See? And now, in this bonus, listen, you're going to know Understand how to make this any colorful subject, like clothing. If I'm not having it been bite, then how can I do this? Something same color edit things. You would change the color off your original file. Like here I am having a red glow public in front. So I'm going to change it to a black go to select select color range. You can any time sound particles and then click on the screen to make the things selected according to the sample clothes. And he was left you and increase the fuzziness like this undoing here so I can see that how many and what the review I'm seeing is from Trump Review Black Match and you and your happiness Quick. Okay. I can see many things. I'm really not selected, but good fabrica limits character. They make the manual selection. You can make the manual selection for such do daily with the polygonal lasso toe as our near that you have selected your school for our dear and then control G. So they've done into one you will and just go for and solid color adjustment layer. I'm gonna make it a grey, and then they're blending changed the layer, blending toe Anything that you think offer you can just make the see what results is giving any blending options from any running option. Just hadn't wrong to a hidden drama thing. Now go for a new adjustment really level. And this just rank the middle key point and also, as you want just to the clothing. So right click and create clipping mask on I want you can see how it's working. If I am going through left side, it's showing you just going dried up. If I'm going to right side, it's going darker, like black. I like that. And if I go with both the layers, all the key points and hundreds are injured or hurting the photograph, so just play the central key point. You can either travel it toe being a writer or DACA, and now we make a second a distant clear that his ghost. Wasn't this that like this spot? Me too custom on now, in this custom, just you can see Quicken drive, so I'm just quick and cracking it. I mean, it's affecting the whole picture. So don't where you have just really work living musk. It's just affected on the big the fabric. So it's this is what her sneaking. It's making a darker as whenever I'm making it, it's going in, dog. You can see there is nothing happening. Just don't quality on. The basic thing is that I'm making the didn't rattle methods. And also like this, it shines docker the war, the hires a breaker. So as I want my things to be, go much darker. I lower the brightness level from the that high, going to just ah, below somewhere in the middle. So this is the result. I seem very happy with the results because it's giving the cruel, rich black color. You can also change and look out for rich layer blending option. You've seen the exactly feel of the picture and make sure that he ricin jundi, the Blair blending option off raw off the solid color. Just when clear again, I repeat the layer blending option from the solid color adjustment layer. And any time you can just choose the fabric all from that all, they with all the adjustment layers and group it. I hope you guys are now having your us over having fun in this school, I hope. Youll Edgell having fun in this class with me on If you want to check out for something other classes in photo shop off Mickey caricatures are making the some artistic efforts. Have the Lincoln description below, and you can check out my various Photoshopped pupil rials. Far ignores for animators on Hope Assyrian, My next class. 9. Class Project: in class project as we have, I have to keep you from everything from like zero level to all the end master level. So you ask us to recreate or reduction. Arise any off your product shot or the any reference picture that you look for. Showcasing your project are your patterns and designs in that you can see it's easier than you have long allow. So I hope you see Risch projects in the project Abalo. And also, if you have any questions or queries regarding this class, you can just ask me out there. I'm here ready to hear, help you with any questions, inquiries and also give give you feedback. Institutions will be happy to have it.