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Mastering Dual Exposure : Photoshop 101

teacher avatar Shivangi Dubey, Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Photoshop Workspace Tour

    • 4. Selection & Masking

    • 5. Image Adjustments

    • 6. Dual Exposure Basics

    • 7. Color Adjustments & Touchups

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About This Class

How fascinating are the Dual exposure portratis - Looks everytime somehow new and captivating eyes. I am Shivangi - your tutor, here to help you guide all the steps from scratch to master the making of Dual Exposure Portraits in Photoshop. This CLASS IS FOR YOU!

If you are - 

a) Into learning Adobe Photoshop

b) Exploring everytime something new

c) Into Portrait Photography

Just JOIN IN Right now! 

After this class you will be able to merge and compose any pictures with Portraits.

In this class you will learn, 

  • how to work with masking¬†

  • how to work with merging and brush tool

  • how to work on adjustment layers

This class is suitable for pretty much any skill level. Just you need is creative mindset and urge to learn Photoshop. 

If you are absolute beginner to Photoshop try my PHOTOSHOP 101 series -  Photoshop 101 : Pixel Stretch Posters | Mastering the Selection

Also for Animation  check out my other class - Animation In Phtoshop | Platograph Making

I will be very excited to see what you can create! Join me in this class to make something creative and realistic out of your imagination!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shivangi Dubey

Graphic Designer


Hi, I am Shivangi - India based Graphic Designer & Digital Artist.

I graduated from 4 year design college in 2018. Since then, I have been freelancing and working all into digital world. Whether its Branding, Packaging Designs, Website & Online presence of clients - I worked it all.

I know how it feels when it comes to learning & applying those techniques & tutorials into real life world & building a business out of it. And trust me, it really really hard! If you are one you might be agreeing with me on this.

So, I decided to help you guys, who are finding it really hard to develop a skill in digital art and building up your portfolio if for a job or opt in for a freelance career. 

Really not taking much time I would ask you a few things - 

... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, I'm back the menu class on dual exposure in Porter Shop. In this class, I'm going to make you learn Step a ship about how do you choose any photograph for any such action founded in all the basic edits masking selection, Quick selection on, then choosing the correct photograph for mashing the image? Contrast colors all the ad. Just when do you need true simple lesson lesson process on. After this class, you'll be able to turn any moral photograph into our dual expose it for the rest just in minutes. 2. Class Project: before we start, do the process In class project you guys have to do choose simple water for the rack. Or you can check out some links or the attachments in the projector down here. Onda and turned the simple model for traits into our dual exposure for crates with the lessons and guides that I give it to do in this class on also upload them from original or , if you need any guide, our assistance in between. Then you can also choose to upload some screen shots off your process. On the final portrait off the do exposure in your files, your final outcome. Let's jump into the process. 3. Photoshop Workspace Tour: in this last. What will be using are few Jews off for the shop? So that's happened. Look on them opening for the shop screen and then open any canvas here. I'm moving any size of cameras. It's not funny bounding. Just don't make you understand the how the year, using the tools on other SEC bars, other adjustments or any other many for this duel exposure. Possibly we will be using these selection tools. You can see here like there is a market deuce in that it directly you can see all these options. Then there is this lasso polygonal s one magnetic vessel our selection and a quick selection and a magic oneto. I will be giving you guide off how to use them when we doing it with pictures. In some moments after, Paulson will be using a bit off refinish when sickly select Any part of your plan was on your screen. Then you have this visible in below the minimum. So just click on that refine egx new dialogue box appear or here like this, with all the different options. Basically, this in view, there is a different kind of you that you were having you could have, like on black and white, that the Selectric partisan right environ behind his black. It is having washing ants so that you can, where the parties selected on so on. And so far you can check out these. Howard's basically walking. We're going there is right. No, not apart off us because we are just working on a single layer, so it's not revealing all the layer. Also, there are many different radius Smooth Feather Contra shift as many different kind of settings that we will be doing according to our selection that we will be making in the further process due to you later then. Now the next do let reusing is Spain pressure. You can do control, ready for be selecting the selection. So then no selection of usable any more on the screen and just go to the door. Over there you can see brush to We'll be using just a blood rush to simple verse. Two. The different size or hardness even just use the hardness as low. So that is changing the nature of the Russians. So simple. Forced brush, very force pressure off 35 for the shop that is the soft round brush. Uh, you will be choosing different size or different hardness. You can use the writer lift rectangle rockets for increasing and decreasing size. And what are these options here? If you don't know the opacity like very low, you can see it's not right now many black anymore. Or if you decrees d flow like this that I'm doing right now, you can see it's mush more like not in a stuff, Louisville A. And also, it's very I really like. The 1st 100 is a lean back to normal with the new hardness on a total black color. What are these air cycles doing? You. If you are using any of our calm or any tablet, then you can use this. Always use pressure for rapacity. Are you? Can you sew church to other the crew options there card. If you are using any Ben or any Cabinet based product for making working in photo shop, also, we will be using some tools here in Liam a new once you go to the panel, then you will be seeing this begin solid color, just unfair. Aiken. So these are all the options. They're full of options here. So do you be using basically hue saturation solid Kyllo on many off them? We should be able be indeedy Laker this jump through the process and start making the beautiful dual exposer shakes. 4. Selection & Masking : no, As and how I have opened the gold trade. Thus, these files are there in the A pash in their dash in the project time, you can just download and use them to follow the steps. So this artist spoke shape. I'm going to select the background and then do the edit ings. As you can see, the Veronis wide plain bite on the face is in our means subject. But as the buyer on this plane, right, so easy to select the background first. So this is what I'm wondering by using. We're having a lots of option for selection, but I'm going to use ah, quick solution or a magic Corn has its to cleans. So I'm gonna use ah, magic warm selection to from then, just look any bill anywhere on this white screen. Just remember, you click on the white screen and the mayor should be in a back room in the bathroom. The letter should be the background. When only Or you can just do a duplicate off the background layer by control G so that it's easy to I mean, good travel original back. So just legal as I oh, hey. Oh, so you can see the marching ants are visible, which means that that white areas selected I will used to refine edge on the view more to marching ants. You can see all of the panels. I'm not able to view such exactly way. So I'm just sweating into marching ants on increasing the radios to four. You can see it has me seven things smoothed. Effect off the selection. We'll check on the edges by zooming in with control. Plus, also, if you're not happy with this result, than you can switch to some but more higher areas in size so that it will be walking better for your Porto breath. And then here looking, just click on this icon here in the layers panel, which say's add a layer mask. You can see nothing is visible or if you have just not to control shift I for the inward selection. Then you might not be visible with the opposite, so just use control shift I and then click on the Mass Aiken from the layers panel so that it's not visible anywhere. The background now switching the stool Next photograph, which is having a slight Grady in color background we're using the coup magic one selection on even check out the properties here as going to sample tolerances right now. 30 so you can see it's it's starting all the things up, so I'm just making it half near about 15. It's no better than that before you can see how smoothly we're just selecting up all the rials hopes. If you have just read what I did of, I should be selecting. Well, thanks, then you can just do Control said, and continue adding up for adding in the selection on holding shift on the keyboard and then adding clicking on the new A s for adding of this election. Are you confused? Active selection from there whose properties like here, some parties marched in the selection from the subject. I'm just using tricks election toe with the minus minus from the current selection so that I'm just using art. Or you can hold off on the keyboard U minus the selection bar on for adding you can use the shift from the keyboard and continue with the selecting areas you can see it's not so correct on the has her arms, so I'm just adding and then subtracting from the part that we're not wanting. You can go away now for ah, refine its selection. Now I'm using a four size radius, her pixel. You zoom in to the part where you are not so happy with the selection, so that you can see how the Refiners is working for zooming in. Just use control. Plus, you can see not working mush well here but there to strive for a lower number like you don't nine. It's better than before. So this is how we are making and before masking always remembered forced control shift. I saw the subject is selected and then head on are you can use masking or you can use the control G so that it's added in a new Leo without the background. Earn your original images also saved as the prior run 5. Image Adjustments: no, as we have done for the basic selection and masking, then now I'm gonna make some edits in the image size. For that, we'll be either doing a crop are we will be going to Hughes. Uh, actor Ken was, I'll be showing you both. First, select the crop. Cool from the tail Deuba on, then dragged the scrub mocks. So there, off which hide and which worth you want. It's up to you. Just drag and then heard Endo So you can see. It's added, if you want to add it with a canvas size, you can go to image and click and with size, or you can use all control. See if you edit, you can see it's changing, but the image our image is still in that whole place. It's not going, and here to the bottom are you up? So this is not what we on. I prefer to use it with the crop marks so that they're gonna just it mentally, are you? If you have any particular size to move it now, you can use the generous sizing do that just went accordingly and also remember that to select the Leo that you have just marks toe moved not to select the background one because it will then do not treat your subject clear as the base. 6. Dual Exposure Basics: Now we want a do the photograph for our dual explosive on. So just go to the place where you have any choosen nature are waterfall or any mountain pictures. Everyone toe makes wit and used a Rashed files from from the project resources Just drag and drop. Do the same canvas that you're walking or Leo with the model face and then hit. Okay, our pick mark off. Look enters. Don't use file and open because it will be opening in a new rockland and you are against drag and drop them. Do your walking fight now select Tatler in which you have just me selected and according image and just right click and select rest arise layers Now click on the cell to be our new 50 so that we are able to view the layer below Hold controller new keyboard and then split on the mask Come, Neil off the bologna so that you can see this kind off selection off the face is there You can do do this are just Rinat leaders there. You also are our preference. If you want, you can just do before when you are doing any adjustments. So what? I'm gonna do is select e initially. Er very want to mix it with the ball cred. Then it hold control on your people on click on the mosque company, like so that we have selected the face mosque north, the image the must and then and then click mosque ad must for I can from the layers panel like this, you have it on your screen. If three turn off the attachment. Playing between both, I could just don't the image and make it just according to the place that I want. Move you within the face like this hugging. Duplicate the below earlier, off the modern face with the control J, or you can go right. You can select duplicate rail and then dragged toe, though it'll no walking through the fill off that particularly on the top 1 to 50 Soviet visible with all the three layers right now. And use no selective brush to make sure in brush where you're doing the brushing. Then there is the If you have black and program that it means will be painting for hiring the features that we're having currently on the screen and also select Must Aiken mask Tom Neal from all the years. If I just paint over here, you can see it's black in the foreground color, so it's masking out all the colors from the current lier. I'm siding. We're Isabel. More with the below layers on now. Don't know the city or fill off the that currently, er 200 to see how exactly it is looking no statistical right to the four round and just thing no boom paint on the white areas. Just bring down a face weirdo. You warmed up color off the face visible. If you don't want such harsh or such a solid color to be visible, you can also play with the flow off the brush properties like here. As you can see, I've turned to very low so that it's just giving an idea. Oh, skin color. Through video like this, you can see and need her year or slightly visible and her chin part also in her next. Some parcels with villas, a skin so that it's inter mixing with them our image that our landscape image, the main 90 off mixing it is going to explode. The images very coherently now select Thesiger and layer that that is the landscape. Peonage don't so that the layer coming, selecting mask come you on. Make sure you have the right color and foreground and also you up your choice if you want to increase or praised the flow. Harding Lee And also make sure that they Office city all the fill off that color and clear is one in 200 so that it's visible exactly how we want. You can see it's so much. I just want clouds to be appear from her head like somebody like this, not the Borders once would have instituted the black color and pull around with Dex. And then we're into I'm just to even try. It's something that's too much for the image. Yeah, now it's suiting very natural. I could just make the fin. I can just switched off floor very little on Bengal here and deal for making it a very natural. Now it's I'm liking this thing. If you you can try some more, are you going to stop when you are happy with the results? So here we are, doubling exposed B six done Friday 7. Color Adjustments & Touchups: in long we had been the although B six things for making the images margin to each other. Now we need to add some image adjustments on colors, too and handsome. So just select all the layer started. Really? What? We were walking the ship by holding shift on the keyboard and selecting them and then control G for grouping them you country name and the group if you want. Like here I am doing dual exposer. We'll be doing that image adjustments and color adjustments to this group. Only now I'm going to use a solid color adjustment layer for base like overreliance. Just one. It also enhances our poultry. Now such a light background. Now select a group are Jews uh, use a hue, saturation color. I just mentally up Click on that and you have something This style of box open click on colorize You can see it automatically turned to a monotone Kind of. The brightness and saturation are all fine. All right. You won't go enhance it manually. You can with a huge situation, you can just use the handle there on. Then you can see how it's changing the hello bars down here. I'm just making this to make you guys learn how difficult some time it is like you can see , it's not speaking of, ah, image problem. It's just making d things more drastic. So right now I'm again sitting in back to color rice so that it gives us some one or more of a lot If think all in a single tone colors you can change even Hindu here something the lightness of rightness. Something that saturation just by dragging it, you can crack the Hubert also to change it from red to yellow or green or any other color. Now, this time for second are just men trail. I'm just using a color balance there. Here I'm going to choose some shadows, sending three things type our shadow highlight and midterms. Firstly for shadow I want more bluish in the shadows O r or something red and blue So just dragging on and living for something that I'm happy to with so in highlights Now I'm with change the whole holidays to sound and yellow to give, like brighter and four months and just to run the clip mask so you can see it has just I just did the colors for that face off. The hour being portrayed for both asks a grand the clipping mask. I know the strength of a Tory adjustment, Leo. I'm using here. Course you can see this. The input on this really white is black providers. Output for that mostly make marks on this line here. I'm making the center and viewpoints on the right and left in this Indo that house. What it's making is changing black on this side is changing the highlights that, despite you're making the Holodeck sprite and I dont come so bright in the bigger its summit don't as its invented Smith. You can see how it's changing standing to dive and extending Dwight New place. I'm not wanting to play so much us going. Go ahead and do a hydrant trial for that to see what looks best for your pork rates in Syria. Having with the three results that it's all enhancing our dual expose a portrait. So just go out and check your cultures on. Make some adjustment off such a dual exposer. Both rates Andi Suisham to the blast projector. I can't wait to see beautiful projects in my projectors to convert to see you in my next class. Just feel free for giving any feedback. Er, any suspicions on any topics and designing for the current class, or for any classes or any topics that you want to learn about, just let me know.