Mastering Drupal Views #1: Build a searchable database in one hour with no coding required! | Michael Nolan | Skillshare

Mastering Drupal Views #1: Build a searchable database in one hour with no coding required!

Michael Nolan, Open Source Software Developer and Educator

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11 Videos (1h 8m)
    • Series and Course Introduction

    • Views Module Concepts

    • How to Configure the Views Module

    • Configure a content type for the view

    • Create content for the View

    • Building the View: Initial Configuration

    • Building the View: Add fields + Initial Field Setup

    • Building the View: Final Styling for the Unformatted List Page

    • Building the View: Table Format

    • Building the View: Grid Format

    • Epilogue and Student Challenge


About This Class


Mastering Drupal Views

This class is the first in the "Mastering Drupal Views" series, which will take you through all the features of the Views module, and through many useful helper modules.

Course Objective

For this class, you will build your first View, the searchable list. We will be building this list in the "unformatted list," "table," and "grid" formats, and in so doing you will be introduced to the "left and center" of the Views admin panel.

During the course we will also look at basic styling of the view, using what is generated by Views itself. Additional styling will be covered in a later course.

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no-nonsense, easy to follow overview of Drupal Views with hands-on tutorials and exercises.





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Open Source Software Developer and Educator

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