Mastering Cocos 2D - Working with the Menu and Menu Item | Abhijith Wegar | Skillshare

Mastering Cocos 2D - Working with the Menu and Menu Item

Abhijith Wegar, Mr.

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2 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Welcome to the course

    • 2. Using Menu And MenuItems in Cocos2D


About This Class

This class is the secon from the series "Mastering Cocos 2D" and it covers how to use menu and menuitem in cocos2D. This video explains in detail how you could add different menu items and include it under a menu. It also covers how to customize the 'CCMenuItemFont' which we could use as a menuitem. Adding a label or image as a menu item is also explained in this section.

Join us today adn don't forget to join the other classes from the series to if you haven't already.





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