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22 Videos (2h 42m)
    • My Introduction

    • L0 Update Camera Raw

    • L1 Opening Camera Raw Files

    • L2 Which Raw Format

    • L3 When Shoot Camera Raw

    • L4 Camera Raw Menu Overview

    • L5 Basic Actions Panels

    • L6 Camera Raw Workflow

    • L7 Lens Distortion Tab

    • L8 Achromatic Aboration

    • L9 Camera Raw Crop

    • L10 White Balance Color Correction

    • L11 Highlights and Blowouts

    • L12 Shadows and Balance

    • L13 Hue and Saturation

    • L14 Camera Haze

    • L15 Spot Healing Tool

    • L16 Clone Tool

    • L17 Getting Rid of Noise

    • L18 Radial Tool

    • L20 Correction Brushes Setting Save

    • L23 Film Grain


About This Class


Course Description

The Camera Raw plugin within Photoshop is one of the most advanced and underutilized crayons in the box.  Shooting Camera Raw on cameras that are capable of doing so not only allow for maximum creativity but also immense flexibility and repair if needed.  In this course I'm going to show you how to maximize your potential in working with Camera Raw, to jumpstart how you can become an even better photographer than you already are by shooting in Camera Raw.

With 3 Hours of content, I explore all the tools within the Photoshop plugin; I show you how each tool works and how it can be used to bring your photos to life and even add creativity to an otherwise lifeless shot.  I want to give you the tools to become an expert, to stand toe to toe with other professionals whom shoot Camera Raw for weddings and other special events on which their livelihood depends.

I designed this course to be packed with information but true to detail in that each step is explained and garnered to give you results in your quest for knowledge.  I hope you full enjoy this course as I have in making it, I welcome you now to Mastering Camera Raw and Adobe Bridge! Lets Begin!






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Scott Kaine

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My name is Scott Beowulf Kaine and my steadfast commitment to learning has earned me not only a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, but also two Masters' Degrees in Psychology and Marketing. I have combined these skills in the corporate arena into building a path to success that has been highly rewarding and very lucrative. The methods I am able to share here, I feel, are the blueprints of self sufficiency and financial security.

As a Corporate Marketing Business Consultant, I have over 10 years’ experience in training sales leaders in making their mark in their respected industry; furthering not only their personal careers but enhancing personal growth in the process. My forte is not only limited to the area of traditional marketing however; I have been a part of many online marketing and training programs along with graphic design and film production companies across the nation. 

My exposure to marketing and training, both students and professionals alike, spans across the United States from California to Nevada to New York to Oklahoma. I’ve worked with talents in London to New Zealand and have trained sales leaders and scholars who are trailblazers in their firms to this very day. Allow me to help you in developing your marketing or visionary talents and dreams into an exceptional skill for your future!

I look forward to teaching you everything I have learned, and with time, hope to pass onto you all the skills and inspiration you need to become a successful and independent entrepreneur or simply just more informed then you were yesterday! The path to financial success starts with a single step, as with anything, we all start somewhere and I would be honored if you started with me!