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Mastering Business Analysis Requirements Documentation

Teresa Bennett, Business Analysis Expert

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13 Videos (2h 22m)
    • Vision Document Template

    • MBA Analysis and Documentation

    • Diagrams

    • BRD Template

    • BRD Example

    • Use Case Example 1

    • Use Case Example 2

    • Use Case Homework and Template 3

    • Report Mockups

    • Change Requests

    • Functional Design Document Template

    • BRD for Data

    • Document Review Sessions


About This Class

About This Class

Do you wish you understood how to use documentation to do a thorough analysis of your requirements to ensure they are accurate and complete?

Requirements must be documented in some way to hand off to the team so that a solution can be built and then tested. It's imperative that your documentation be clear, concise and complete.

Master Specific Documentation Techniques to Set Yourself Apart from the Growing Crowd of Business Analysts

  • Learn the documentation techniques you should be using to analyze and confirm the requirements you received from your stakeholders
  • Be confident you are creating strong documentation that reinforces the business needs
  • Provide detailed and accurate documentation to the development team to ensure the right solution is built

To get the most out of this course, you should have an understanding of what the business analyst job function is. I also recommend you complete the Mastering Business Analysis Communications course and the "Mastering Business Analysis Requirements Elicitation" prior to this course. While it is not required, it will set the stage for what you are learning in this course.

Content and Overview

You'll begin the course with an overview of a vision document (you'll receive a vision document template and an e-book on vision documents).

You'll gain an understanding of how analysis and documentation are tied together.

You'll learn multiple documentation techniques such as 3 different use case formats, and using BRDs, FSDs, Data BRDs - and receive downloadable templates and/or documentation for these techniques.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • 13 lectures and more than 2 hours of content
  • Understand the techniques to document requirements
  • Multiple downloadable templates and examples

Who is the target audience?

  • Current business analysts that are not confident in requirements documentation
  • Business analysts that are consistently missing documentation deadlines or missing information in their documentation
  • Individuals that want to move into the business analyst career


As of March 30, 2018, we will no longer participate in the IIBA endorsed education provider (EEP) program. The fees for this program have doubled in the last year and in order to continue providing affordable training, we have chosen to stop participating in this program.

Based on the guidelines from the IIBA, you may be able to use the course work from Skillshare to qualify for CDUs needed to maintain/recertify your current IIBA certifications. We encourage you to review the current guidelines the IIBA has published to determine if you may use your Skillshare coursework for CDUs.





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Teresa Bennett

Business Analysis Expert

Hello, I'm Teresa.

I have 20+ years working in IT as a business analyst.

My road to success wasn't always smooth. Because I fell into the roles of Software Tester and Business Analyst by accident, I had to learn on my own by trial and error.

I have developed a system to help you be successful without all of that trial and error business. I'll give you proven strategies for becoming a successful Business Analyst.

I offer my experience and expertise so you c...

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